Shiloh Prophesy and the Jews

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God’s people are Jews or Israelites?
The common thought today is that the Jews are the people of God. But somehow the other
11 tribes get overlooked.
                 Genesis 49
When the father Jacob who is also called Israel, was at the end of his life he said “Gather me my children and let me tell them what will befall them in their latter days”. He goes on to describe what would be the end times for the 12 tribes, their last days.  Their culmination, conclusion, completion and fulfillment. And when it came to the tribe of Judah, which is where the term Jew came from, he said that “the scepter and the law giver would not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes”. The thing is Shiloh did come because attached to that prophecy of Shiloh is that He would come riding on the foal of a colt as proof that it was their last days. And He did. Scripture attests to this.  This is what the Jews rejected when Christ rode into Jerusalem of old on a foal of a colt. He was Shiloh. The Jews refused to pass on the scepter to the new law giver. And in themselves by their own admission saying “crucify him. He is not our king”. They sealed the deal and cut themselves off from God. And they received damnation for doing so. The whole nation. “from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah shall be required of this generation.” And it was
Just like the parable of the wicked vinedressers. They killed the messengers so LAST  the owner sent His only Son and they said among themselves ” come let us kill him, and His Inheritance will be ours”.
The Son was the last one sent to the Jews.  “Therefore what will the owner of the vineyard do? He will come and destroy the vine dressers and give the vineyard to others.”  And so he did.  They lost favor with God. All the law and the prophets were till John. That’s all. “Now the Kingdom is preached and all are entering.”
And of the temple the Jews were in charge of? “The stone which the builders rejected has become the Chief Cornerstone”. Why?  Because they were suppose to be building with the souls of men and not with bricks hewn from stone. Because He is the invisible Stone and we are His living stones and not a thing made up from mortar and brick.
The great mountain Daniel described. “The kingdom that shall not be destroyed or left to another people” replaces the one that was condemned. The Jerusalem of old whose purpose expired saying “in the days of these kings God will set up His kingdom”.  The one that “cometh not with observation”. Christ’s whose “kingdom is not of this age”, the age of the Jews the lae and tge prophets.
The true Jew today knows these things and “knows those who say they are Jews, but are of the synagogue of satan”. Because that is why Jerusalem of old was condemned. Being a brood of vipers, sons of satan and whitener seplechers.
So those today who are looking at the new Jews as though they are something special are wrong. If God allows them to rebuild the city, laws and practises, it is because there is coming another damnation.  God is just and will treat them the same way. They wanted a man to be crowned their king in the city they made and reduce God to a Gene in a bottle. So who serves who? They recommit the same sin as the Jews of old. For “although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—
Because Shiloh came and expired that Prophecy and the end of the 12 tribes came as a means of being Gods instruments for salvation. This is why Jesus Christ said “all the law and the prophets are fulfilled” in him. Because he is all the prophecies wrapped up into one. He is the “Lo the volume of the book is writren of Me”. Not the Jews. The whole book describes Him. “You search the scriptures and in them you think you have life. But those are things written of Me” said Christ. He is the collection of all Gods things scattered on earth. But He collected them in Himself, in Christ. He is the gathering. He is echad. He was Shiloh. He is all the things the law eluded to. He replaced them with a New Covenant.
Paul in Romans refers to two different types of Jews, the circumsized in the flesh and the circumcised of the heart. That the true Jew isn’t the outwardly visible Jew but the circumcision of the heart, which is inward and invisible.
Of the physical Jew Paul said he wished he was cut off instead of them, acknowledging their demise. But he concludes with this saying about them “these also have now been disobedient, that through the mercy shown you they also may obtain mercy”. That is right. The exact same way as everone else. One at a time through faith with repentance. Not the city or the culture with its laws and practices. But each one individually.  Like us. No better, no worse.  Equal opportunity.  This us why before the throne of God are people from every nation tribe and tongue.  God is just. (Revelation 5.9) And Paul said “there is no longer Jew or barbarian, slave or free, male nor female”. These distinctions curry no favor with God but the one who has faith. This is the New Covenant.
The old Jewish purpose of salvation is just as expired as every other prophecy because Jews being of the tribe of Judah being one of the 12 tribes of Israel is expired.  All of the prophecies concerning the 12 have happened and expired their purpose. As we just quoted of Jacob, let me tell you what will befall you in your latter days. The end. That’s it. Start the New Covenant.  The old wine is not better.
This is why Christ said “time is fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is at hand “. And He wasn’t talking about that Jerusalem.He made no provision in that statement for anything else to be done. “It is finished” and not intermission for popcorn as you wait for another event.  There is no 3rd covenant.
There is therefore no need for a city on earth for God or His people for the kingdom of the New Covenant is at hand. There’s no need for a visible people for we are the children of God who worship Him in spirit and Truth, which is His proper Home “For the time that is coming is now when you will NOT seek God in Jerusalem”. Even back then. So we don’t. (John 4)
The faith chapter speaks of those who seek a homeland. That if they call to mind the old one they came out of they could return, but they desire the Heavenly one. The invisible one. And so we do. That’s why God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared the city for them.” (Hebrews 11.13-16) A heavenly one and not of earth.
There is  also no need for circumcision in a carnal way either as there is no need for the sacrifices to start again. The book of Hebrews says “if those sacrifices would have taken away sin they would not have been repeated however Christ himself now appears for us on our behalf not in a carnal way but in heaven not the physical temple but the one Eternal with God in heavenlies”. The one the physical was patterned after. It was a model for instructive purposes only.
To try and re-establish the old ways spits in the face of God and despises the blood of Christ. They reject the expiration and the fulfillment of the old. He has completely abolished sin in the flesh and it’s visible sacraments. For by that one offering He has perfected forever in an eternal way those who come to Him. We dont use the old. The old is a containment till faith comes.  It served as a contrast being bondage and death to be exchanged for the covenant of freedom and life.  He who the Son sets free is truly free.
The old ways are condemned. The temple was split from the top to the bottom, the earth quaked and the rocks were split”. (Matthew 27.51). How are you suppose to fix that?  It was demolished and put out of business. Like an unsafe building are all the instruments of the old covenant.  Hence it is old, expired, fulfilled and torn down till “not one stone shall be left upon another”  to never be rebuilt.
Paul seeking about the law said “if I rebuild the things that were torn down I make myself a transgressors”. Or better put a defector.
The old things are to be sown physically to be raised spiritually in your understanding. The temporal for the eternal. A trade takes place and all things become new, the old have passed away. The law written on stones have no bearing for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. Amen!
So a physical city a physical kingdom and the physical Jews with physical sacrifice and physical temples all had their purpose of only mirroring and mimicking with shadows the Eternal original counterpart they were patterned after. As Moses was instructed “see that you make all things according to the pattern”. And the pattern is a shadow, a contrast of things Eternal in the heavens being “the kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world.” The original. “In that day”. The day the ones of 24 hour increments mimics. It had no start. All of the elements and aspects of the characteristics of God are Eternal being flesh of his flesh bone of his bone of no flesh and no bone, but exactly like him in composition and design of spirit and truth as that being “from the beginning”. From before God said “let there be light.
Our bone is sound doctrine. At the cross there were no bones broken for this cause. And our flesh is our garments of His righteousness. And for those of us who have overcome? We are pillars in the temple of our God. (Rev 3) because we uphold these truths.
Just as the Heavenly Jerusalem comes down of God from Heaven being composed of His invisible matter. The Heavenly Jerusalem who is the Mother of us all” who are born from above of Her composition. (Galatians 4.26)
If you are waiting for a new Jerusalem on earth, who is your mother? And of whom are you born again from? Are you made with visible bricks? Or assembled to the chief cornerstone.
The second coming notion is comprised of expired and fulfilled scriptures pulled off the shelf to need to be redone with events for carnal satisfaction for those who want to see to believe. But it is a wicked and adulterous generation that needs these signs to receive the Kingdom because they just cannot believe it has existed from the before time.  They are a generation in whom there is no faith. Just like the Jews of old.
But there are many of us who have joined the family of faith who looked for a city whose Builder and maker is God, whose composition design and features are of God himself. And we found Her. For those still looking for a new Jerusalem on earth?  They are not entering and are not allowing those who are trying to do so because they want to see it.  They are the competitors.  With all lying signs and wonders. But we know better.
God said “yet once more I shake not only earth but heavens and earth. Yet one more indicates the removal of the things that are made so that the things that are Eternal May remain. So why wait for that event? Even now the eternal remains. But then it will be without competition. But the invitation will have expired.
So what shall happened to Judah in their later days? Their later days has happened. They are gone.
It is us that know those who say they are Jews and are not. They are of the synagogue of satan. Can you see them now? The antitrust is coming? Yes the counterfeit is looming. And “they came out from among us”? Yes. They use scripture to but in a bad way to delay your transfiguration.
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The God of this age comes and he has nothing in me

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The God of this age comes and he has nothing in me.
These were the words of Christ to the disciples. The two ages are diametrically different.  One visible. The other invisible . And so are the comings. The God of this age comes one way and Christ comes in another. The Pharisees were expecting a coming, and Christ told them it comes not with observation, meaning to the carnal senses. They wanted a physical coming and kingdom. They were looking without for that which is within and in this way rejected Him who is invisible.
Christ said “My Kingdom is not from here”. And so many persist even today in seeking a coming in a visual way. If God honors The 2nd coming seekers desire of a kingdom coming with observation, then He needs to apologize to the Jews for condemning them for the same thing  “till not one stone was left upon another”. They expect the same thing. The leaders of that view, the Pharisees, were called brood of vipers and sons of satan for spewing such garb. So be careful what you believe. What is the difference between the Jews view of the coming King and the second coming seekers? Why should one be condemned and the other rewarded? Is God unjust?
Are you expecting a 2nd coming and a physical battle to ensue to take over planet earth? Then you have the wrong Jesus. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God, pulling down strongholds and everything that exaults itself against the knowledge of God. This is our battle in the spirit. We started in the spirit snd accomplish nothing in a carnal way.
He who said “Let there be light” in the beginning could say “Let them be gone” and it would be over. But His purpose of harvest is not over and the wheat and tares mature together. All these things serve Gods purpose perfectly even the god of this age by providing the contrast. Light and darkness in a spiritual way.
Christ said My Kingdpm is not from here or my legions would fight. But a big battle is expected from the 2nd coming seekers. However Christ is seated with His enemies put under His feet, waiting for us to arrive there. It is finished for some, others must learn to appropriate this. The victory is given. Do you have yours yet or is satan still nibbling on you. Satan is experienced by the brotherhood in the world, but we are in Christ where in Him is no darkness at all.
The coming whose according to satan with all lying signs and wonders” is because it comes with carnal observation. It takes the invisible things of God and makes them of the elements of the carnal age. The God of this age comes and has nothing in Me, because it comes with observation. Creation itself is altered in purpose by that mindset. Instead of being used for God to birth His children into glory, it is perverted to make a man out of God. The creator becomes the created. But God is Spirit and truth and seekers such to transition there. This is our transfiguration. Such are we who know the truth. We know the way and the truth and we went there. From Him who said “no one comes to the Father except through Me”. And so we did. He also said “whoever serves Me let him follow Me to where I am that they may be also. And so we did.
The parable where the Master of the house rises then closes the door to have some on the outside saying Lord open up to me. The Masters reply was “No. I don’t know you  from where you are from.” If the Master had known them it would be because when He knocked on the door of their heart they opened up and Christ came in and supt with them. “I don’t know you where you are from “. They are earthen minded and did not cross over into the Spirit. They did not enter in to Him who is invisible. They stay seated in their lower nature waiting to see the next Jesus. The first one rode into Jerusalem appearing to be a pauper on a donkey fulfilling and  expiring all old covenant concepts. But some saw the contrast and worshipped. The others were  offended. And what about You? How will you except Him?
We accept Him as He is. His carnal coming already came and fulfilled all things. We have come to know and believe that God has sent His Son Savior of the world. We are those who confess that Christ came in the flesh and completed His works.  We are of God. (1 John) He does not appear that way again. “I go to the Father and you see Me again no more”. (John 16.9ish) as a carnal concept.
 Those who do stay outside by seeking the things outside when “the kingdom of God is within you. They could not take the visuals given for instructive purpose only, and expire them in the spirit of their mind. They want a physical manifestation and persue the illusion. A carnal unveiling. A physical revelation He is not. Paul said his understanding did not come by man but by revelation. The creator does not become the created. We become godly. Godlike.
So when the Master of the House rose up to close the door, there were some within and some without. Some on the inside, and others that didn’t make it. Those on the outside were enthralled with the things here on planet Earth and another coming man and never translated them into the spirit. These who are deceived wait for a physical translation but those of us who believe and know the truth know that “we have been translated into the kingdom of the son of his love”. We are those who are within and not those without because we opened up our heart in the king of kings came in. The Kingdom some are looking for in a carnal way, we see and we know and we have. We have the delicacies of who He is.  He who has seen Me has seen the Father. And so we have. What are you looking for? And how does he come? “The God of this age is coming and he has nothing in Me” said the Lord.
So there are those of us who see Christ with unveiled faces who are being and have been transformed into His self same image from the Glory to the Glory and in ourselves become Glorified.
The God of this age comes and has nothing in me because I am in Christ.

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