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  4. * Incognito part 1.
  5. Incogneto Part 2. The watchers and the Holy Ones
  6. Christ was born King, and many other things.
  7. Consumation and conclusion. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’
  8. Melchizedek King of The city of Peace. Heavenly Jerusalem
  9. The Kingdom is preached and all are entering.
  10. The Abomination of desolation and the Son of Perdition
  11. New Covenant Kingdom
  12. The Inheritance of Faith, Our Stock in the Eternal
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  17. The Beast Part 2 Blasphemy
  18. *The Beast Part 1
  19. The Son articulates the Father
  20. The truth, patterns and impersonaters part2
  21. We are Complete in Him part 1
  22. The ruler of this world has been judged part 1
  23. The Lamb is the only Savior
  24. Woe to the inhabitants of the world
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  26. Spiritual Adultery
  27. Jacob and Esua, Praying in the name of Christ,
  28. *Our glorious new body
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  30. **For the Elect. Revelation, The Manifest Children of God.
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  32. The True Father’s of Faith. The Covenant Besides The Law. Deuteronomy 29
  33. All things ARE Restored
  34. * The People of “The Way”
  35. The Wedding Feast is Now Ready
  36. * Resurrection was The Gift. The Ascension is our Journey
  37. Appropriating Our Benefits Package
  38. * The Elect coming in Glory.
  39. * The judgment of God, according to their works.
  40. ** In Your Patience Possess Your Soul
  41. * Being kept from the trial that comes on the Earth.
  42. * Father of Glories. A plurality
  43. * Foundations, Transformation to The Spirit, Lessons from the Old Testament
  44. **Hierarchy’s and Sub-Archons, Plateau’s in The Spirit
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    The Beast Part 1

In the very beginning of creation God made contrasts, light from dark, wet from dry, Heavenly verses earthly. You get the picture.

In the Book of Genesis it says, “The spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters looking for a reflection.” The face of the deep being murky and dark as a contrast to the calmness and transparency of the Holy Spirit. The Holy “Spirit hovered over the face of the waters” to see a resemblance, but the deep and the dark portrayed something sinister and diabolical.

We see these contrasts more fully developed in the Book ofThe Revelation of Christ, where a Beast rises up out of the waters. The murky deep delivered a distorted reflection of the things of God because it saught to imitate Him by counterfeiting a godlikeness for usurping power for glorifying himself and His cohorts.

The Beast, explained in short, is the contrast of God, a polar opposite. The deep and the dark saw something from the above and made a dim, ugly, reflection of it because that’s the best it can do.

John 1 “The light shines into darkness, but the darkness does not comprehend it.” In its’ disturbance darkness sought to imitate what it could not comprehend. That which is holy, just, pure, Noble and good, appears ugly, scary, freaky and strange. This is the reflection of the deep and dark. This is the best portrayal the troubled waters could muster up. We call it “The dillusion with all lying signs and wonders if possible to decieve the Elect” we are warned of in scripture.

These troubled waters could not engineer something so holy, pure, noble and good. What the muddy waters presented to humanity, became a competition. Not that it could compete against all that is good, except in the fallen, unrepentant, darkened mind, the place of deception, the only place the murky thrives.  “All things are open and exposed in the eyes with whom we have to do” so we can make perfect sense of the distortions.

How is it the beast comes from nothing in the dark and gets its’ power to exist, to manifest itself?  That is simple,through people’s fear. Our first father feared when he trusted someone other than God. God called out and said, “Adam where are you?” And his reply? “I heard your voice and was afraid.” Fear is seen as a wince on the forehead. That was the sign of Adams departure.

In this way Adam gave his crown and soul, his dominion, his decision making processes and personal power to another. He forfeited his crown and the gift of being made in the image of God. Bowing in fear he empowered the author of that fear, Satan, to control him. The power that was resident in Adam to become like God, having dominion and rule, was inverted and he became a slave. He was given dominion over all the earth, but now works the earth with a curse that yields thorns instead of lushious fruit of the Spirit.This was his demise.

We call this the fall because it is an inversion. Imagine a parrot on a perch becoming sleepy and slips with his grip, not falling but flipping upside down still holding on to the rod. What he now sees is completely upside down. So are those who are hypnotized by trusting what they hear and see with their carnal agencies.

This is the need to be born again from above. To get a do over. The darkened gravitation pull that causes the inversion must be neutralized by trusting the other voice inside. The still small voice. Discard the murky for the calm. Trade in your fear protected by the illusion you created, for trust in the living, loving, waiting spirit of God, to pull you back up. We call this “The Resurrection”. Jesus Christ who took our death to the cross, then put it in a cave presumably to decay. Then to remove the grave cloths, then roll the stone away. He walked away unscathed.

He is the only one qualified to do so. Check and see. All other holy men presented to mankind today, are still in their graves. They died hoping for a resurrection they assumed was a new human body. But the resurrection is simply a new way of thinking, being fortified by scripture by learning from God’s holy writ. By being transformed by the renewal of the mind, we get our do over.

And because God said of Adam and Eve before their fall, or inversion, that they were “Good, very good”. And because the inversion that made them immediately bad has been reversed, fear being neutralized by faith, we pick up where Adam and Eve left off of being “good very good”. So now we become more godly and good while we experience this life on earth.

Because of this, creation responds differently. The curse God explained to Adam of serving creation in toil and sweat yeilding thorns and thistles, is also inverted. We see our new identity of life in the spirit as being extremely fruitful. Think of the twelve spies who went into the land of promise, bringing back grapes the size of grapefruits. They however disbelieved the testimony and retained their little apartments of fear. Stop. Remove from here back for a new related post.

He lost his faith and trust in the Living God and gave his power to another by fearing that other. The murky, freaky and strange found a soul to roost in. To see what Adam saw, and hear what he heard, but made it Scarry instead of warm and inviting.

The gospel message was given to, “release those who all their lifetime were subject to the fear of death and subject to bondage.” Hebrews 2.15

Butin the beginning there was really nothing in the darkness to be afraid of but fear itself. The unknown; the concept that God might be wrong was entertained and Adam began to unravel. Fear started the downward spiral of anti-faith of the fall that has no bottom.

Fear is an expanse in the spirit. The only expanse that God did not create but Adam did. He harboured a spot in Himself to keep God out and the darkness found a home as evidenced by the disturbance Adam felt.

If Adam fell in a carnal way, his broken bones could be mended and his cuts could heal. But he fell in the spirit of his mind, the place that entertains the deep and where the saving must take place.

Creation continues to serve mankind by responding to their internal promptings. That is why scripture says in Titus, that “To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure; but even their mind and conscience are defiled.” This pretty much describes the expanse that Adam built in his mind, where he empowered his nemesis. This have all those of the lineage of Adam, and the need to be born again and become of the liniage of the new man we call Christ.

Yes we do have creative powers and this is why Satan fills people’s heads with his distortions. And because Satan cannot create, he can only distort. He relies on humans to empowered his distortions. You see if people do not disbelieve God, satans plans would not come into fruition, but humanity is doing that and he gets the credit. You see Satan and his minions have no bodies of their own to carry this out, and why they need bodies to work through to carry out their plan. That is why him, and those who knowingly cooperate with him in his hostile takeover, recieve the harsher and stricter judgment. Eternal unquenchable fire.

Mark this word: their plan will not come into full fruition, for the creation serves the Creator, not them. They are the murky deep distortion designated to help separate the wheat from the tares.

There is however a Savior for this. We turn from dark to light, from murky, troubled waters to the pure, calm and un-turbulent by an act of faith, which is our unseen response to the invisible God, now being bone of His bone, flesh if His flesh if glorious Spirit and Truth.

Just as simple and immediate as the fall was with Adam and Eve, so is the cure. It is called our confession of faith, the contrast of fear. In that day you believe and confess you shall live. This is our Vortex to the Father.  (Romans 10 5-11)

When Adam turned from God, he did not get the next best thing,  he got the exact opposite. Death. “In the day that you eat you shall surely die”. His spiritual separation from God was his immediate death to the things of God.  His body remained in parabolic form for instructive purposes only in hopes that he would come to his (spiritual) senses, of things we are showing you here.

Adams death to the invisible things of God was carried out the day he ate from the (proverbial) tree.  His departed from Eden was to keep his new disease and new disposition of fear from infecting things there.

Fear therefore is the enemy of God and man because that is the point and the epicenter of our split, or spiritual divorce of being spiritually adulterated, tainted and unclean.

Mankind was made to choose between contrasts like light and dark, good and bad, pure and murky. And so this is a contrast for us to exercise our reasoning factors like God has, by choosing God and His associations, we exercise our choice to become godly through the resurrection of mind, where the fall took place. (Genesis 3) By neglecting this, mankind continues to spiral to a place that has no bottom called Hell, which is the total absence of God. They become more and more savage. This is in contrast to the Resurrection and Ascention of believers.

You can be standing next to people in Heaven and Hell at the same time because it is a location in the spirit. This is why those who are re-spirited by faith, associate with God for fruits of the Holy Spirit, the true garden of God. This place is locked from whoever lives or loves a lie.

To not choose God is to be asleep to the invisible things of God and neglect our duty to transform in the Here and Now. 2 Cor 3.18. Paul also pleaded with us through the gospel saying “be ye reconciled to the Father, as a task that is ours. He made him who knew no sin, to become sin” for our safe return. By which we arrive by faith to where God said of His creation, that “it is good, very good”. The curse was nailed to the cross. That is where we exchange our curse for the blessing. But each person must represent themselves at the cross, for the exchange to take place to grow in godliness. These are the Redeemed, and those who pick up where Adam was derailed.

The Dillusion

The term Beast is clearly understood as being the antithesis of God. God did not make this. That is why it is called a beast and not a creation. Their perception of heavenly things, they assemble in a physical way. They steal the concepts of God and call them their own. We call this blasphemy. To repurpose God’s things and call them your own. The collection of these things is “the delusion,with all lying signs and wonders if possible, to deceive the elect. This is the ultimate blasphemy.

Instead of design, it is chaos, instead of life it’s death. It is this Beast that rises out of the deep and presents something to humanity in competition with God, however; it is the contrast. You see that it has a mouth of a lamb, but it’s works are of a lion. Among its tools are murder, theft, apartheid, apostasy and imposters.

It is the inhabitants of the Earth being fearful of this Beast who through ignorance and separation from God, being unaware of their spiritual capacity and their ability to transform through faith, they reject and empower the deep and dark to take on its’ form. Through their ignorance they become implicit in this blasphemy, and will receive the same treatment as all others who have gone before them.

Fear is the motivating factor of those who are carnally minded, because that is what their first father Adam did. By default it is passed on to humanity as a motivating source in the absence of faith in God. Because, “he who fears has not been made perfect in love because fear involves torment.” Fear was the proof that Adam was unraveling.

The book of Isaiah, in chapter 8, describes an aggressor that would, “fill the land of Emmanuel.” By impersonating God with replicas, it consumes those with carnal notions of God, and they remain blind to the one who wisks about them.

This enemy would cause great, great destruction and great fear to fill everything that was good and godly. This is the maturation of the murky reflection of the perverted  likeness of God of things made on the Earth.

This is pertinent today for us the elect to understand our calling. The Lord told Isaiah of these people, “Do not walk in the way of this people saying”conspiracy”. Do not be afraid with their fears and do not be dismayed by their threats and at what they see, for they will look at the Earth and see great Darkness and be afraid.” Showing here the mindset of those who have fallen. They run from one fear after the other.

This is what the End Time Gospel presents. It feasts off the non-stop distortions of truth with new end times theories that scatter the sheep of God by confusion. Who is the author of that? Satan. Woe to them.

These people present new fears to adorn and glorify the “fear of all fears.” The end of the world. End times prophecies.” All the prophets were till John the Baptist, Stop! Now the Kingdom is preached and all are entering. But end times seakers speak of another coming kingdom with a future crowned king. He who, “is the same yesterday, today and forever “was “born king” and needs no inauguration on planet earth to implement that Eternal reality. More blasphemy.

Even as Christ said to Herod at His inquisition, you have rightly said that I am King. But my Kingdom is not from here or else I would fight.

So what is God’s exhortation and advice to us about the end times mindset? Again from Isaiah chapter 8, “Let Me be your dread, let Me be your fear. Do not fear those things.” We do not fear those things primarily because it is the very fear that gives life to the beast. The fearful feed it, and empower it, not God.

Faith is the antidote to that enemy. Faith is the vaccination to squelch all fears. God is light and in Him is no Darkness at all. If we are in Christ, we are in this light where there is no dark. It is like waking up from a bad dream to understand that which disturbed us.  Fear is really nothing. God did not empower this, but He knew that mankind would. So God made a containment for this. They shall be burned with all the elements of creation. (2 Peter 3.10+)

That is why this Beast exists. People give it power by glorifying it. God’s promises and provisions are more real than they. Why? Because He who said, “Let there be light, and there was light,” said so. Now it’s your choice.

It is man that was made to be good, holy and godly but man has  become frittered and fearful.  They see the the boogeyman behind every shadowy image presented by the false prophet of today called the media.

The Book of Revelation also talks about, “those who say they are Jews but are not. They are of the synagogue of Satan.” Why is that? I mean, how could the Jews, God’s people, have someone parallel them that is of the synagogue of Satan? It is really quite simple when you understand that all the law and the prophets were fulfilled by Christ. That none of the prophets of the Old Testament have anything forward speaking to us today. (Hebrews 1.1-3)  But those who take scriptures out of context from being fulfilled, take them off the shelf of their expiration, breathing new life into them, repackaging them, which induces carnal fear. They present a distortion called Jerusalem today,  stealing the things of God for the,”delusion if possible to deceive the elect. (2 Thes 2).

Much like the golden image in the days of Daniel, they must fear the image or be thrown into the fire. So they bow. For those who don’t? They are seen dancing in the fire with another “whose appearance is like the Son of God”.

This is how the bottomless pit gets opened. God didn’t open it. Their fear empowers it. The enemies, whom Christ defeated at the cross, are empowered once again in the same way. Through fear, ignorance and faithlessness, men become cowards, so they cower to something that is not God. Satan is their new god.

You see the true Jews know that their land is with the Messiah, not the other way around.They don’t look for, and work for, the land in  hopes of their  messiah’s return. “They look to the city whose builder and maker is God.” (Hebrews 11) “Whose composition and design comes down from above and not of earth. Not of hewn stone for that is defiled.” Exodus 20.25

The Orthodox Jew knows this. It is the Zionist Jew who controls others by fear and secrecy, who have stolen the things of God and called them their own. They have stolen names from God and reassembled them in a way that fits them. That is why it is a beast and not a god. It is of their creating, not God’s.

Very much like some tribesman on a desolate island, who puts together branches and wrap them with straw and leaves, packed with mud to make a figure of an airplane, then taking this figure presenting it as god to the rest of the tribe to drive them by fear because they think seeing these things fly in the air, then trick people into serving them because these people think that is what they saw flying in the sky. But, that concoction is a beast, a murky distortion of a true airplane.

That is what today’s Jerusalem is. It is in competition with “that which comes down of God from heaven” whose composition is “accordingto the measure of a man, that is, of an angel.” (Revelation 21) Of us who are “living stones built up a habitation of God in the spirit,”  “Having been built on the foundations of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ the cornerstone.” 1 Peter 2.5, Eph 2.19

You see,the King of Kings and the Lord of lords has never relinquished His power. He who set the course for the stars, and set the boundaries for the waves, has set limits to what this thing can do. These lies from the murky deep can only persuade the murky deep and  darkened heart driven by fear with such a monsterous concoction.Woe to them.

But we know Him who said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” And, “Lo, I am with you, even to the ends of the ages.” And, “What shall separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus? Neither height, nor depth, nor powers, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come shall separate us from the love of God that is in Christ. We are more than conquerors through all these things.” Amen


If you expect to see a fish or a boat you would look in the water. For a bird or an airplane you would look in the sky. For a dignitary coming to town you may look for a man in a parade. But for Christ you are looking for a man in the sky? How silly.He comes to us in the spirit of our minds.

Even now He says, 20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. 21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame andsat down with My Father on His throne.”

What more are you waiting for? A different Jesus? If anyone comes to you teaching another Christ, let them be accursed. So you decide. His kingdom at hand? Or the second coming Kingdom. God’s reality, or the strong delusion. The truth or the lie.The Kingdom of God is at hand in this way. This is the one-time, public offering that expires when you don’t need faith to believe.