Incogneto Part 2. The watchers and the Holy Ones

  2. WORD
  3. Pt 2, Time sensitive spacial creatures
  4. * Incognito part 1.
  5. Incogneto Part 2. The watchers and the Holy Ones
  6. Christ was born King, and many other things.
  7. Consumation and conclusion. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’
  8. Melchizedek King of The city of Peace. Heavenly Jerusalem
  9. The Kingdom is preached and all are entering.
  10. The Abomination of desolation and the Son of Perdition
  11. New Covenant Kingdom
  12. The Inheritance of Faith, Our Stock in the Eternal
  13. *Echad. God is One. 4/27/17
  14. *The Unction of the Spirit
  15. Interphasing with God
  16. *The only righteous act
  17. The Beast Part 2 Blasphemy
  18. *The Beast Part 1
  19. The Son articulates the Father
  20. The truth, patterns and impersonaters part2
  21. We are Complete in Him part 1
  22. The ruler of this world has been judged part 1
  23. The Lamb is the only Savior
  24. Woe to the inhabitants of the world
  25. *The Shield of Faith*
  26. Spiritual Adultery
  27. Jacob and Esua, Praying in the name of Christ,
  28. *Our glorious new body
  29. *For the Elect. The Elect in Glory. The completion of the Gospel
  30. **For the Elect. Revelation, The Manifest Children of God.
  31. * * For the Elect. Completing the crossover. Our Baptism.
  32. The True Father’s of Faith. The Covenant Besides The Law. Deuteronomy 29
  33. All things ARE Restored
  34. * The People of “The Way”
  35. The Wedding Feast is Now Ready
  36. * Resurrection was The Gift. The Ascension is our Journey
  37. Appropriating Our Benefits Package
  38. * The Elect coming in Glory.
  39. * The judgment of God, according to their works.
  40. ** In Your Patience Possess Your Soul
  41. * Being kept from the trial that comes on the Earth.
  42. * Father of Glories. A plurality
  43. * Foundations, Transformation to The Spirit, Lessons from the Old Testament
  44. **Hierarchy’s and Sub-Archons, Plateau’s in The Spirit
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Ephesians 4.24. We have put off the deeds of the old man and have put on the new man who was created according to God in true righteousness.” In the image of God, in the likeness of God.

We have accepted God just as God is. Thought, Word and Breath. This now is what we the elect are in our true persona. Just like the One we see in the mirror of His word.

We are “in Christ” the origin and originator of “all things”. We are spirit and truth. We accepted God and God accepts us. “He who receives My word, the Father will receive. We will come to them and make our home in them.” And so they did. This word is fulfilled in us. The gospel has a conclusion. The word is accomplished, the rescripting and recreating is complete. We are in Him this is true. And if this is true for you, you have reached your destination. The thing that you have hoped for is within and not without. The living word worked and made us alive. It accomplished the will of the Father. The reconciliation is complete. Our journey has ended, our pilgrimage is over. What We hoped for we’ve attained. We are at home “in the beginning”. Since we are in Christ there is no better place to be. Another place will not be made available later to supersede Him.

John 4. “The time that is coming now is “. Our wait is over

He has perfected us in an eternal way and need not do another work. He who is waiting for His enemies to be put under foot has no enemies in us. “The God of this age comes and has nothing in us. Having been “sifted as wheat” we have passed through the strainer. Gods wait in us is over. He sees in us just a reflection of Himself. “But let faith have it’s perfect work that you may be full and complete lacking nothing”. And so we did. The gift given us has been received. “For even the angels in Heaven behold the Fathers face in these little ones”. And so they do. They honor the Father in us. They serve us too. All things are ours. Weather things present or the things that come to us from beyond the void. We are heirs of “all things”. The void has no dominion over those seated in the heavenlies in Christ. We accepted the invitation and reached beyond the void.

We are in the origination of “all things” with the designer, fabricator and controller of “all things. For “by Him all things were created and for Him all things exist”. We are the possesors of all things. We need not ask anybody for anything. We need not beg borrow or steal for “all things” are ours. He is our sufficiency. He is the owner and the distributor.

Even as He said to Abraham “I am your sheild, your exceedingly great reward”. We too have God in this way. The impenetrable protection at the source of all control. His very essence and persona given to us. The exactitude of who He is, is in us.

One may look at us and say, but “you are just like me” but they are wrong. They may raise a lip and insult appearance but that is not who We are. We are His flesh and bone that supercedes Adams. That’s just a paper bag and a rag. The flesh returns to dust. But we walk in cogneto. “Not a hair on our head will be hurt”. We are complete “in Him” who is the head of all powers and principalities. “To as many as receive Him, to them He gives power to become His Children”. And so He has. We co-rule and reign now with Christ as His word has promised. To the overcomers. And “who is it that overcometh the world but he who believes the Christ has come in the flesh”. And need not do so again.. There is not another overcoming. As He said “I go to the Father and you see me again no more”. At least in a carnal way.

Christ was walking with the disciples to the temple and upon there enter that were asked to pay tribute. He looked at the 12 and said ““What do you think, Simon? From whom do the kings of the earth take customs or taxes, from their sons or from strangers?”
26 Peter said to Him, “From strangers.”
Jesus said to him, “Then the sons are free. 27 Nevertheless, lest we offend.. And they paid with s coin from a fish. They were walking in cogneto.

Even as beggars looked upon the disciples hoping to receive something. And the reply? Silver and gold I have none, but such as I have, in the name of Christ rise up and walk.” From the “more enduring treasure in heaven” they made a withdrawal without diminishing the balance. Who would have known this could have happened to peasants. But they were walking incognito. Possessing all things they looked like beggars.

If we know who we are, we do not need to beg, borrow or steal. Christ was “given authority over all flesh”, this is ours. And “the ruler of this world has been judged”. This belongs to us also as the true heirs. The demons are subjected to Christ and we have that too. We however do not alter the things that were set in place in the 6 days of creation, for that is an insult to our Father and shows lack of trust. And even as Lazarus died for the Glory of God to be revealed in that Son, so we too have our visitations like paul who saw the light 7 times brighter than humans can see . The Son was manifest like that and “as He is, so are we in this world”. Not as He was when “the Word became flesh and dwelled among us” as a man for that was temporary, but as He always is in His natural composition of Spirit. His words are spirit and life. This is what we become even while we are incarnate. Eat this and live. Become this for this is who we are.

So those who look for a carnal reckoning of all things on earth, they don’t realize things are opporating just fine. This world works as designed from the beginning with the contrasts being “good, very good”. The wheat and tares are maturing together. The contrasts are so obvious. The light and dark are very distiguishable to us who have been trained.


To talk as such some may think we are pompous or foolish. It is us who receive the gift. A high price was paid for this cause with the blood of Christ through the eternal spirit. We have been gifted everything that is in Christ Jesus according to the knowledge of him who is called us to His glory by virtue.  And to think of these things as foolish or pompous is to deny the gift and insult the Giver. For “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom” and so He did to those who “are able to receive it”. And us being Worthy is not of our carnal or human endeavor but of faith in spiritual acknowledgement of who he is.


“What must one do to do the works of God? Believe on him who was sent”.  “We come to the light to clearly see that ehat is required of us is done in the son”. And so we do. When the Father sees in us His Son, His work in us is accomplished.


The book of Hebrews teaches that an heir receives nothing until after the death of a testator. And He who wrote “The Testament” bore our sins on the cross for us to enjoy what He enjoys every day. He who is complete in himself and needs no other has gifted us Himself and therefore we are complete in Him.


As we see Christ at the cross there with a crown of thorns displaying our fallen nature of working the curse of thorns and thistles. And it is because of this we see the exchange take place a crown for a crown a blessing for the curse. There Is no illusion there to another time of another saving of another curse exchange. The price was paid and some receive, but many more wait. Some are growing in this, others look for another.


It is us who understand that God is the source of all that’s good. And because he’s the source and as James puts it every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of Lights. It’s because every good and perfect gift that we get is just a breakdown of what he is. For anything and everything that’s manifest in a carnal way has a beginning and an end and therefore whatever blessings we enjoy on Earth are just pictures and mimics and models of the real in spirit and truth. So for those of us who are “in Christ”, we understand these things. When Christ who is our life appears then we shall appear with him in glory? Some look at this as a future event of a carnal nature. But carnal God is not. Jesus Christ said “he who has seen Me has seen the Father” and we did. And when we see Him as He is, we see ourselves “in Him”. We see Him in glory and we receive that glory. That victory and overcoming. That is why scripture says we are being transfigured into the self-same image from the glory to the glory as by the spirit and not a second coming. I repeat not a second coming. There is an acquisition of Gods perfection in this way that all the law and the prophets could only allude to. That is why “all the law and the prophets are fulfilled in Christ. But for us we experience Him in this way. He who has the Son has life he who just looks forward to these things has not life. For they think He is coming later. In this way they error greatly.
To the naysayers we say.  The whole purpose of the Gospel is to bring us to this thing that we are talking about here with you now. As Paul said for us in Ephesians 4.13 for us to all come to the realization and the perfect understanding in full knowledge. To be a duplicate like Christ according to God. An exactitude made up if the same composition, same elements of non elements of invisible spirit and Truth. For the father seeketh such. Amen

This decision is by the decree of the watchers, And the sentence by the word of the holy ones.

We are the watchers and the holy ones who walk among you. We walk incognito.


The Kingdom of God is at hand.


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