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For God to be All in All. Now or Later

Posted on April 16, 2015 by ADMIN

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1st Corinthians 14.22+ “In Christ all shall be made alive (quickened) each one in their own order. Christ, the first fruits, afterwards those who are Christs at His coming (as He comes), after the last enemy death is defeated, then comes the end when He delivers the Kingdom up to God”. And vs 28 the purpose being “that God may be all in all”. And this passage is generally seen as an event dispensed through time, to be accomplished by another coming Jesus to happen in time and matter.
The writer of Hebrews talks about this from Psalms saying
“you made Him a little lower than angels, You crowned Him with Glory and honor, You set Him over the works of your hands, You have put all things in subjection under His feet.
Even though we don’t see
filling all in all, and played out on earth, it is an (eternal) fact. “He was made a little lower than angels for the suffering of death that He by the grace of God would taste death for every man, agreeing with 1st John that He is the propitiation for the whole world”. The price is paid the way is paved. He is the way and the truth. And it was by this that the last enemy death was defeated.
Hebrews goes on to say this was done for “bringing many sons to Glory” that “He who sanctifies, and those (being added each one in their own order) to this sanctification are all one” and equally entitled.  That it is a timeless eternal gift.
These passages are commentaries on Christs prayer in John 17 “Father, that they may be with me where I am.. to behold My glory, that the glory you have given Me I have given them”. And it is timeless saying “Father I say this not only to these who are here today, but to all who will believe in me through their word. “That they may be with us, Me in you, you in Me, I in them”.  (may we add “each one in their own order”).
And here you have the agency of His word, the gospel to be re-iterated throughout time that the hearer of the Word mixing it with faith may receive the thing that is said “each one in their own order”. Can you believe this?
So here is the main point of what we are saying, Hebrews 2.14+ that Christ through His death destroyed him that had power over death. That Christ through the cross defeated Satan sin and the last enemy death. That this battle takes place not in the atmospheres and heavens of the creation of time and matter to be rescued by a second coming Jesus, but in the heavens of your mind by Paul saying “casting down arguments and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God”, by appropriating His word. For every enemy is defeated by “the Breath of His mouth and the brightness of His coming”. And His coming is not physical but word for God is Word. (Jn 1.1) These are the assorted revelations we experience in our time on earth to bring us into a richer degree of His presence in the here and now. This is His Kingdom at hand.
He already fills the heavens and the earth is full of His Glory, but it is the heavens being the upper echelons of the carnal mind that is a great void that must be filled with the knowledge of God for Him to be all in all, everything every where. This is our transformation Rom 12.2 the re-newing of your mind.
From Ephesians
Here is the second part in understanding what Paul only partially understood in 1 Corinthians 15. He more clearly understood it in Ephesians saying “This mystery I wrote before in just a few words” that when you read you may understand my knowledge of the mystery of Christ”. Paul having had current revelation and new understanding says something different than he said in 1st Corinthians about “filling all and all”, which was thought to be a carnal event he said to happen after Christ delivers up the Kingdom.
Paul now says of Christ In Ephesians 4.10 “He who descended is also He who ascended far above the heavens to fill all things”That he no longer sees Christ “reigning” meaning fighting, to defeat death and to deliver up the Kingdom for the Father to be all in all like he said in Corinthians, but now He sees Jesus through the cross having defeated the last enemy death, He is seated far above all powers and principalities in any age, all being subject to Him as the gospel says “I have been given authority over all flesh”. That “the ruler of this world has been judged”. The ruler of this world is cast down and whosoever lives and believes in Me shall never die, do you believe this?”  Death no longer has dominion like Romans 6.9+.
Jesus Christ defeated Satan and sin. That death is swallowed up in victory. That “the sting of death is the law” and Paul in Colossians said the law was nailed to the cross through which Christ made a spectacle and a mockery triumphing over them.
A carnal linear time dispensed gospel message is in direct competition with the Spirit of God who by the gospel when believed dispenses the gifts of God (Eph 4.8)
So the last enemy death is destroyed by appropriating the gospel of the Christ of the cross through faith as I just demonstrated. It is not reserved for a Jesus who is still fighting being detained from His Glory. “For ought not the Christ to suffer these things to enter His Glory?” And He did. “It is finished”. It was finished when He said so.
It is the true gospel that carries out the work of God, not a second coming Jesus. He does not repeat Himself. The gospel does, and we do. This is the faith once and for all delivered to the saints.
Heb 1.1 “God has spoken to us by His Son”. Christ is resting, seated with the Father, the place of our calling, for the eklisia, meaning the called out. The called to, that “where He is we may be also”. Seated in the heavens at the right hand of the Father ‘In Christ” now to the hearer of the Gospel.
So God forbid that any of us stand before Him for offering to the people anything short of the full gift the blood of Christ who through the eternal spirit paid for our eternal redemption. Let us not think the blood of the covenant as insufficient or a common thing and insult the spirit of grace. To expect another Jesus to save us from planet earth is a slap in the face to Him whom it was said “Yah save now! Hosanna! Blessed is He who came.
For every spirit that confessed that Christ (the saving one) came in the flesh (and saved) is of God. Everyone that confesses that He must come again to save is not from God. This is the spirit of anti-Christ that is already in the world. But Christ came and saved if you believe.
It is the second coming Jesus who is cloaked in expired scripture fulfilled in Christ at the cross that blinds the mind “lest the light of the gospel of the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ shine upon them”.
The Kingdom of God is at hand.


*To purify as He is pure

Posted on April 7, 2015 by ADMIN

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The resurrection of life is available now and the new creation is available now. The transformation by the Spirit from glory to glory is available now, and putting on Christ is available now. This is true godliness, or God-like-ness.

Anyone looking for another coming one to save us from planet earth to change you in a carnal way cannot receive these things because for them it is later. Their heart is hardened and their mind is darkened by an expectation of this age from the God of this age with all lying signs and wonders. For they neither see it or know it with carnal senses. Like the wind so is everyone born of the invisible Spirit. I know this is in me.

We have by faith now what the second coming seekers want as fact. But faith is an invisible substance, Gods substance, Gods reality. God is spirit and truth and seeketh such. This is why without faith it is impossible to please God. It is the carnal mind that is enmity against God. Why? Because it interprets scripture into time and matter and they call it the second coming. God is not these.

From John 3.1 Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God![a] Therefore the world does not know us,[b] because it did not know Him. 
That is right. The world does not know us because it cannot see the born of the spirit man with human senses. As Jesus said “He who has seen me has seen he Father”. And He was not talking about a robe and sandals but His invisible attributes. This is what we become.
These are what He portrayed about the Father. These are things to be seen with the heart and not the carnal senses that can never know God. But we know Him and have seen Him. Jn 14.7 + I Jn 3.6 It is the invisible attributes they do not recognize. As it states in 1 John 3 that we His children, purify ourselves as He is pure.
Yes, we become pure as He is pure, we become transparent even as He is transparent, we become holy. This is why we are called saints now, speaking of our invisible part. We see Him transparent, transfigured and pure and we receive this (I Cor 3.18). We absorb His fullness. His invisible power and Godhead.
We are not like those who it is said, although they knew God, they glorified Him not as God but they turned the glory of the incorruptible eternal invisible God into the image of a man (in their mind) that must come back to save us in a carnal way to appease the carnal senses. They think He is a creature bound by events subject to time and matter. They refuse to accept Him as He truly is for it is He “who alone has immortality dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man can see not will see”.
And of this? It is by “the appearing of our savior Jesus Christ who has abolished death and brought immortality to light through the gospel” and no other way. And this is how He appears to us, through the gospel, by revelation. It is not delegated to a second coming one, but by the blood of Christ through the eternal spirit.
“For He who is coming comes and He does not tarry. Now the just will live by faith but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him”. (Hebrews 10.37)
He is not waiting for 2000 plus years or His Kingdom would not be at hand. So do not draw back into the 2nd coming physical appearing gospel. For “the just who live by faith” enjoy the full benefits of God in the here and now. How? By His spirit. It effects the physical but physical He is not but spirit and truth. John 4
Yes, so we see Him as He is through the assorted revelations in our walk in the here and now, putting on Christ one revelation at time until we come to the measure and stature of the fullness of Christ, a perfect man. (Eph 4.13) So we too can say “the god of this age comes and he has nothing in me”. For even as with the Jews who were out to kill Christ, “He walked right through their midst”. And He did this before He displayed resurrection status at the cross. Like He said to Mary with Lazarus. “Mary, I am the resurrection”. He did not have to become anything He already wasn’t. What He did was to proove who He already was.
Even as Paul spoke of Christ being in the form (embodiment) of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God. Him taking on the form of a man, temporarily adopting an image He naturally is not, Having satisfied His mission, John says He returned to the Father and you see Him no more.
The form of a man He keeps no more. He divested Himself of those perishable rags. His mortal body was sown corruptible, raised incorruptible. Sown in weakness, raised in strength. This is why Paul says that “We once knew Christ according to the flesh. Henceforth know we him like that no more”.
This is why the testimony from the Holy Spirit about Christ says He returns to the Father and you see Him no more. Meaning in a carnal way. Meaning the second coming Jesus man is not of the Father but of this age. Jesus said His kingdom is not of this age. The one of time and matter but the next Jesus is.
Jn 12.45 He who sees Me sees Him who sent Me.
Jn 14. He who has seen me has seen the (invisible transparent) Father
This is us being “transformed into the same full image from glory to glory by the spirit” in the here and now and not another. Salvation and transformation is now. Today, if we will hear His voice! We become pure as He is pure, transparent as He is transparent, transfigured tried and true like His true self which is spirit and truth. We become like Him. We see Him as He is. That which is born of flesh is flesh, but we are born of the spirit. Define that in human terms. This is why flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom. It cannot comprehend this.
This is why “the world can neither see us or know us”. This is why the world doesn’t know Him or see Him. This is why it is said of the spirit “whom the world cannot know or see, but the spirit will be with you and in you”. I know the spirit and see the spirit. 
As Eve was drawn out of Adam and exposed, so too are all from that creation. In contrast the Spirit is hidden “In Christ” as are all that are born there. Ubiquitous, invisible, immortal. This is what those of the world can neither see or know, but we do. And it is this spirit, the comforter, the helper, Heavenly Jerusalem the mother of us all.. That is for us who are born from above. Or else who are you born from? We see her and know her. She differs to Her Head and as Christ said “the spirit will take what is mine and declare, manifest it to you”. And so She does. This is the new creation. This is the Heavenly Jerusalem our Mother (Gal 4.26)
Unless you think Heavenly Jerusalem is being built, then who is your mother? From whom are you born again? But Heavenly Jerusalem is invisible and ubiquitous, as are all the elements, articles, utensils and buildings of the Kingdom of God in whom we reside. That now “we are fellow citizines, saints and members of the house hold of God” in the here and now, and not withheld for a second coming saving event.
I reside with Her and in Her who is in Him. She is my mirror where I see the Glory of the invisible God and I am transformed by the Glory to the Glory into His same full image in the here and now to fulfill what Jesus said, who cannot lie or slow down His word for a moment let alone 2000 years.
He said “Father, I want those who you have given me to be with me where I am, to behold my Glory”. Who also said “Father the Glory you have given me I have given them”. And He did. If not what glory are being transformed by? It is this glory shown by the spirit of God, our Mother and the Bride of Christ, this Glory she shows us transforms us into the same full image of the invisible eternal God. We can only show it to you in word form but God is word, and that word is sufficient. Jn1.1
This is why “we are begotten by the word of truth to be a kind of first fruits of His creation” in the here and now and not a second coming. And this what the world cannot see or know. As it can neither see or know Him, they cannot see or know Him in us. 1st John 3.1
So it is here “in Christ” that the Kingdom is. The Kingdom of God is at hand. The kingdom of God is complete and never was in the making for as Christ said My Kingdom is not of this age. It is in its unchangeable eternal Glory as the Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world” the one before time and matter. Not the one being made for a future event called the second coming. That is a carnal fascination that keeps you at odds with the truth as it is in Christ Jesus
The gates are opened, the tables are set, a feast is prepared the festivities have commenced. It is here in the embellishments and feastings on the word of God that we partake of all things.  “All things are now ready!” There is no need for the sun for the Lamb is its light. For we walk in the light because He is light. The sun is a cheap replica of the true light that shines in the heart of every man.
Go into the streets and by-ways and invite as many as you find invite to the wedding. The banquet is now ready. The Groom has the Bride John 3.29 This is the true gospel message. This is the good news. 
1 John 1. That which was from the beginning (not the end time) which we have seen, which we have heard and handled concerning the word of life. That we declare to you so that you too can have fellowship and oneness with the Father and His Son and access to the Kingdom of God, Heavenly Jerusalem come down from God. Feast on this, in this, In Christ.
That other Jesus people talk about? He has been building his kingdom for 2000+ years? Then He must come rapture/rescue and resurrect and put away sin then defeat Satan? That God needs to Seal vision and prophesy? Anoint the most holy? Wew! Poor guy. If this is true, what good was the cross?
Too bad that jesus can’t rest form his works like God did from His. Maybe he should hire some contractors. It would be quicker. Maybe He should call down a legion of angels and they would fight for him. Oh ya, He said He wouldn”t do that because His Kingdom is not of this age. And the Holy Spirit teaches that the ruler of this world has been judged so Christ already dealt with Satan. Heb 2.14 + 1st John 3.8 If you can believe His word.
The Kingdom of God is at hand being the city of God. Why do some seek another coming and another city?