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The life source is in the blood

Posted on December 28, 2019 by ADMIN

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The life source is in the Blood.

Have you ever poured hydrogen peroxide on an open wound and marvelled at the bubbles? Well the hydrogen peroxide is excited to interact with the blood. The bloods main purpose is to deliver, and the primary thing blood delivers is oxygen. Without oxygen you will die.

Hydrogen peroxide has 2 parts oxygen and 2 parts hydrogen whose abbreviation is H2O2. Water is H2O. Water has one less oxygen molocule. The blood gets oxygen from the lungs.

Scripture says that the life source is in the blood. Think about it, if someone chokes or drowns, it is because of a lack of oxygen, primarily in the brain, that they die.

There is no cellular regeneration in the human body without oxygen and wherever there is a sick or dying cell, oxygen is necessary for the creation, repair and renewal in all mammels.

The bubbling you see on an exterior wound takes place inside too. Like fire, our cells need oxygen to burn.

In a body that is oxygen poor, that person is more susceptible to cellular break down and disease.

Think of the difference between the air in a hospital verses the great outdoors. Hospitals and air restricted places are prone to being contagious.

When you are in the wild and need water, you are told to get it from the fastest most tumultuous moving water. Why? Because it has a greater amount of oxygen from it’s interaction with the air. Conversely if a pool or body of water is stagnant, it is ripe with bacteria, moss and stench because it is poor of oxygen. Like a laguan.

Also in nature we understand that rain water is rich in oxygen with greater amounts of hydrogen peroxide, unless of course the air below the rain cloud was dirty. That too is the purpose of hydrogen peroxide or H2O2. It cleans and purifies by bonding with contaminants, do in the case of rain, it cleans the air

That is why hospitals and hotels use cleaners with H2o2 instead of bleach for their laundry. They  both clean and kill germs and viruses. The bleech is actually bad for you but the peroxide is not. There are brands of cleaners that promote oxygen additives that work great without damaging skin and eyes.

Once again, the reason the mixture of blood and H2O2 bubbles, is because of the cellular regeneration and it’s disinfecting action. When the hydrogen reacts it returns to a gas. The source of life is in the blood… As long as the blood has oxygen it has life in it.

Just as a side note, the Greek word for both air and spirit is pnuemas. This is the reason industrial air tools are called pneumatic tools. They run on air. With a human body when the air is gone from the blood, you could say that the spirit is gone. Meaning, without oxygen it is dead, because spirit, pnuemas and air are synonymous.

Oxygen is found with hydrogen because hydrogen is a bonding agent for delivery. H2O2 un- bonds in our blood stream to carry out their individual tasks. The oxygen molocules tag a ride with blood cells seeking to rescue dying or lifeless  cells. These are like little ambulances roaming around through the bloodstream waiting to be released to go and rescue the sick and dying cells.

There are however plenty of people who call these roaming oxygen cells “free radicals” notice the name makes them sound dangerous. Because these oxygen cells operate on their own, they appear to go against the understanding of the physician so they think they are enemies. They seek to eradicate them. But “the life source is in the blood” and the life source is the pneumas, the oxygen and spirit. Their thinking is backwards.

Think about professional sports persons. They use a procedure called blood doping. This is a process where more blood cells are injected into the athlete before competition. Why? Because the more red blood cells you have in the body, the more oxygen molocules the blood picks up, for faster and fuller burning of energy and for metamorphosis to take place, insuring strength and rejuvenation of tired or damaged cells, because. The life source is in the blood. It is the delivery mechanism for cellular renewal.

Another benefit of Hydrogen peroxidein the blood is that it removes soft metals from the brain that are the cause of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other brain malfunctions. Think of it like this. If you take a hand full of aluminum foil, was it up and stuffing it into a PC motherboard what would it do? It would short circuit a lot of terminals and wreak havock. The same is true with metals in the brain. And just as a combination  of oxygen and water breaks down metals in nature, so too with the brain with sufficient supply of hydrogen peroxide.

These single atoms of oxygen roaming in your circulatory system have great healing and cellular regenerative abilities. They should not be thought of as free radical destroyers. That is absurd. The life source is the blood, as long as the blood has “The Pnuemas” the air and the spirit.

This author adds drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to water and beverages to increase oxygenation. It may not be as immediate as blood doping but safer.

The life source is in the blood, and the body without the spirit is dead.


Subscriptions and Coverings

Posted on December 27, 2019 by ADMIN

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To subscribe to a thing is to be subordinate. To place oneself underneath another. To empower them to represent you on your behalf to a view, belief or responsibility.

To subscribe is to put oneself under. To subscribe to a view means to splice it in to your own. To place yourself under as it being authoritive for you. Your authority is not yours you gave it to another. You did not author it, but you accepted it, it becomes authoritive to you. That you reference it for arbitration and settlement of your opinions. In this way it has authority for you over you, you put yourself under that authority because you subscribed, meaning to a accept and agree. You gave permission now it makes decisions on your behalf. It arbitrarily becomes you. It speaks on your behalf.
You had an underdeveloped portion of yourself and spliced in a development of another. In this way you empower another, the other becomes you on your behalf. It arbitraits for you and becomes you. In this way the other has control over you because you sub-scribed. You are subordinate to another.
This is what Adam did when he learned he was exposed. He became naked. He had an undeveloped view of himself. Instead of going to the source, in his embarrassment he grabbed the first thing available to cover the blank spot called shame. They call it a leaf. The garden had many trees to pick from to cover themselves, but for their exposure they applied the first thing that came along and sold themselves short. Instead of splicing in something God gave them, because they were caught off guard and motivated by shame, they panicked and were put under the power of another. In this way they subscribed.
When one rejects God they do not get the next best thing but the opposite. God’s warning of the apple tree? In the day you eat of it you shall surely die. God gave Adam life, but life without choices it is not life but more mechanical. Instead of fully dubscribing to the author of life, they went to the competition and subscribed to another and lost himself. He was no longer an individual sovereign but a slave. By becoming subordinate to another, by subscribing and splicing in a provision for his soul elsewhere he became tainted. He lost self for servitude to another. He spliced in and subscribed to something that was an easy plug-n-play. Giving portion of responsibility to another by giving them permission keeps stifled your growth and self sovereignty for the sovereignty of another.
Because you subscribe and  place yourself under another, they are over you. They cover you. They provide coverage. In this way they become your head. To the degree you subscribed and placed yourself under, you have a ceiling to block other coverages.
Paul talks about coverage like this: I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God. He was not talking about hats and hair because he said “we have no such customs”. He was speaking of invisible, spiritual things. He was talking about a flow of provisions and blessings from God through Christ to humans as being our covering, having subscribed to be subordinate. Having placed our self under a provider they gave us a provision and become our Lord in that topic.
The point for all this jargon is for you to understand the legaleeze that separate you from the living God. Your subscriptions become your gods. Your providers become your gods. Anything you are subordinate to is a god you place yourself under. Adam and Eve did it once but today people are accepting terms and conditions almost daily with signatures and taps of s button, and with each one, a patchwork of coverings is separating you from the ability for the one true God to help you. God is a God of laws and Satan knows this.
People give themselves away and put themselves outside of Gods help until they seal these holes in their souls through repentance, the direction of the Holy Spirit and the power of God. Many people call on God to help them and they think God is going to work through their chosen providers but He is not. You cannot partake of God’s table and the table if demons. They laid out a feast for you and you are. Just like Adam and Eve in the garden, you are placed out the provisions and the care of God.
Isaiah 26.13 O Lord our God, other lords beside thee have had dominion over us: but by thee only will we make mention of thy name.” Yes because they return to the Almighty as their provider and refuse to glorify their previous lovers by even mentioning their names. Prior to this they were unfaithful to God. They broke faith in God. They trusted Him not, but trusted in others, multiple providers of all sorts of services and coverages. Internet coverage, all the assorted insurance coverages. The nomenclature today should be alarming but they love it. These are their lovers. The object of their love and affections. In this way they are taken care of but not by the Creator God. All lower case Gods, that are not gods. The power they have they get from their subscribers who pay for their subscriptions because they will disappear when you quit paying for your subscriptions and services.
When Christ says to come out of her (mystery Babylon, mother of harlots) my people lest you partake of her sins and recieve of her judgments, he does not mean a place or a thing because there is nothing that she or they own that they did not steal. When we are instructed to come out of mystery Babylon we are instructed  un-subscribe from her delicacies and her wares. Sounds Scarry. You will be left without coverage. Or will you? No! Scripture says the Christ is the covering for the whole world. (1 John 2 1) That is right, He has it covered. Ha has the whole world in His hands, not another. He is “The Good Hands”.
Every time the God of this age offers you coverage in some sort, you end up giving up a portion of yourself and empowering another on your behalf. In this way you reject God’s gift and godliness give it to us through the gospel for a false form of self-preservation and safety. you will find out it’s the thing that you subscribed you is the very thing that you opened for harm. The very thing they promise to protect you from is the very thing that is going to get you. “You will know them by their fruit”? Why? Because they come in the form if benevolence, but steal, kill and destroy. Who authors that? The enemy if God and man. The same snake from the tree in Eden.
This is the reason why the healthcare industry is growing so huge because they actually make people sick. Instead of going to God to be made whole, you go to the God of this age to be portioned out like victuals in a frying pan to be eaten by a host of demons as they devour our savings, earnings and future potential with debt, you are enslaved
That’s what happened to your personal sovereignty you gave it away to coverings of another.

Jeremiah has this to say;11 Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit.

12 Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the Lord.

13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.


The residual work of Christ is the Gospel

Posted on December 21, 2019 by ADMIN

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The residual work of Christ

In 1st Corinthians 15, Paul said that Christ must work until he has put all his enemies under his feet then God will be all in all. This shows us that Paul was earlier on in his walk because in Ephesians he declares that he who descended also ascended to fill all in all, as an expired event. Paul displays two contrasting views, which he does quite frequently. Paul didn’t see Christ’s work as being accomplish and “fulfilled” yet because he still had some Pharisee in him. You see the Pharases expected a carnal kingdom , of which Christ told them at His inquisition “My kingdom is not from here” and My kingdom does not come with observation. (Luke 17.20) Paul was still in transion and did not yet believe in the finality of the completed works of Christ that “all things are fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is at hand”.

It was the writer of Hebrews who opened up with the concept that Jesus Christ finished His work and is now waiting for His enemies to become His footstool, meaning He is done with the battle that is still being played out with Him being the Victor, without leaving His throne. Maybe like an athelete  who is able to throw an object, then turn and sit down to receive the trophy while the object is in the air.

Unlike Paul who believed there were still tasks to be done for Christ to fulfill, to “fill all in all” However by the time he wrote Ephesians he had more revelations, a better understanding and saw more of what Christ had accomplished at the cross with the sacrifice of sacrifices, of which Christ publically announced with His last carnal breath “it is finished”. In other words, mission accomplished, salvation is secure to all would be believers, no additional work need be done for salvation but for us to announce, believe, and to learn to appropriate it, in this day and every day of the known creation that “today is the day of salvation” that today is the day to receive the salvation of God and sit with Him there. This is the good news.

If you remember, Paul was a Pharisee and son of Satan, participating in the killing of Christians as is evidenced by his participation of Stephens death. From this he needed to be saved.

Upon that initial encounter Christ told Paul that “for this reason I have appeared to you, for you to testify of what I have shown you, and what I will yet reveal to you” showing that Christ has multiple visitations, not just 1st and second comings. “He appeared once at the end of the ages and put away sin in the flesh. That salvation is a work in progress. Fortunately for us, it’s culmination can be activated this side of bodily death, with our invisible tool we call faith, which is our imbellical cord to the living God.

You see Christ could not return to the father if He did not finish his work.  And what was His work? It was His name. His name traced back to the Hebrew means “salvation “ because that was the job the Father gave Him to do, that was the name He wore. His name was His title.

Under the Salvation umbrella are His works of awakening, resurrecting, renewing, building up and seating with Him to fullfil the verse for us to be with Him.

But because people think salvation means to only be saved from the fires of Hell, they are trapped in their old man waiting for another saving from another Jesus, presumably the same Jesus a second time, they overlook the real purpose why the Son of God became flesh and dwelled among us. He came to deliver us. Not by a jet or a train but by the Holy Spirit.

He did not come here to accomplish something for Himself, because He is unchangeable. No, He came here to show us the way to the Father. This is the Heavenly Calling.  For this reason He is “the way the truth and the light”. Who also said “follow Me that where I am you may be also” inferring that we could accomplish this in our lifetime, during our human pilgrimage. This is all part of the salvation project. And His name means Savior, deliverer and restorer. From what to what? From where you fell to where you belong. Which is?  “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” because Gods Glory is the capacity of each human, and the benchmark by which you are judged, so it should also be your pursuit.

The salvation package takes us from the fall to the glory restored in us to be considered completely saved, salvation project done, while you are in your human body. Just look at John in his Revelation 22. He saw someone looking so much like Christ Himself. Upon that person perceiving John’s confusion said “Do not worship me for I am one of thy brethren of those who keep the testimony of Christ. Worship Him”. Showing us that this is not a second coming concept or an aquisition of something after bodily death. This is all part and parcel of the salvation process gifted to those who follow Christ. That is our God given destiny. As He prayed to “Father I want those whom you have given Me to be with Me where I am. And Father, I want them to behold My Glory, and Father, the Glory you have given Me I have given them. And Father, I speak this not only to those who are with Me here today, but to all who believe in their word. That they may be one with us that the world may believe”. Meaning us if you are listening.

Can you believe this? Can you have this kind of faith? This is the gift given and your challenge and responsibility to aquire this side of bodily death and judgement because “today is the day of salvation” for the time is coming when the door will be closed and the books will be opened and each ones work will be manifest. What you did with your hands will vanish. What you did in the Spirit of your mind is your eternal reality. Send your efforts forward.

A salvation project includes many procedures for saving, washing, rebuilding and making sure everything works as designed and everything is on order. That is what a salvation process does. That is what Christ does with us. And if Christ returned to the Father before salvation was fully performed from the fall to the resurrection, all the way to Glory restored, He could not be glorified but He is. And because He is, we to can participate in His Glory.

This is a term easily understood with sports. Until the last game is played and there is a champion, there is no glory. If there is left one foe standing, the battle continues, but Christ was victorious over Satan sin and death and gives that to us even now.  How. Through the gospel, our air dropped package from Heaven.

With this in mind, What then becomes our posture and purpose.

We then as saints and the Elect of God, have been given a residual work. Not that we conquer any enemies of our own devising, but we recieve the victory Christ obtained during His tenure on planet Earth in human form, having neutralizing them at the cross then He gifted it to us to share in the victory celebration.

So then the residual work of Christ to be done in every age by His people who testify that ­We are of the brethren who keep the testimony of Christ, worship Him. The testimony is “it is finished”. Then we help them learn to appropriate it. This is the shared victory and Glory of God.

His work is so eternally done that He need not repeat anything. If he has to come back and start another work he wasn’t finished either because he said to the father to return to him the glory he had before we came. And in order for him to have that Glory, there could be no enemies left to defeat. Scripture says he defeated Satan sin and death and therefore the only enemies now our enemies of unbelief. Each person has to deal with unbelief one by one, each in their own order. (1 Corinthians 15)

So like Paul we ask ourself well how is it that we still see wickedness abound and people need to be saved and Christ is finished with his work? Well this is now the work of the saints. When God  does work He does it once and Christ does the works of the Father once and He is finished. This has been past on to the saints now. It is called the gospel. The gospel is the residual work of Christ, and Jude says to contend earnestly for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints, us. Others have worked and we have entered into that work. Unless you are part of the crowd who sits and waits for a presumed second coming, and you are found AWOL.

You see it like Christ last discourse with the father while he was in the flesh he asked for some things. He asked the father to keep us from evil any ask the father to give us the glory. And to make sure that the disciples didn’t mistake it just for themselves he said and father I pray not only for those who are here today but those who will believe on them through their word. Showing for us a baton pass. Showing that us the elect as we reiterate The words of Christ oh, it’s as if the words of Christ back then come to life today for you. Meaning that everything Christ prayed in that section of the Gospel, John 17, is available for you to activate for yourself today.

This is why Jude said that we must contend earnestly for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints. Because Christ is not coming back to renew it. And because Christ already dealt with Satan’s end in death, the ruler of this world has been judged,if we do not believe this, and we believe Christ has to come back and do another work, then we become despisers of the Christ of the Cross and do not believe that was powerful enough to save. And we find ourselves in the same seat as Jews of old who rejected the Christ of that day.and because Christ who shed his blood through the eternal spirit and entered in not a temple on Earth but into the Holy Holy of Heaven now to appear on our behalf, and has delivered to us the ability to enter the throne room of Grace to find Mercy in time of need, then let not anyone think that they have been left without help. Even a scripture concurs that in the day of salvation  I have heard you I have helped you! That today is the day of salvation today is the day to be saved, today is the day to be resurrected and reconciled to God the Father to these practices in this way.

This shows us that Paul the apostle was confused about Christ having to do another work. He didn’t realize the baton pass yet that he was supposed to continue on the task as well as all that would believe in his words too.

so we followed Paul through his overcoming his obstacles in his day, and again in ours so that we too can say “ Today is the day of salvation “ and that today “ The Kingdom of God is at hand.