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End times 2

Posted on April 21, 2018 by ADMIN

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Fear is distrusting God. Adam said I heard your voice and I was afraid. This was the first time fear happened. God knew what Adam had done but ask him where he was anyway. God knew by Adams fear that a transition took place in his thinking in the spirit of his mind. Adam had to be redeemed and fear moved Adam away from God in un-belief, which is the act of the unfaithful, or spiritual adultery.
If you are fear-driven, you have mental constructs that you have built in your mind or accepted some protections for the “what ifs” in life that need to be dismantled. These are not the voices or the will of God for His people.
It was the Apostle John who said that “perfect love casts out all fear. He who fears has not been perfected in love because fear involves torment.” And for those of us who have been made perfect in love? We fear not, even of the biggest enemies and obstacles to humanity. God is bigger than these. God is in control. God has given us safe passage. This was the testimony of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo. They were not afraid of the king’s threat of fire, and they went right through the midst dancing with The Son of God. They came out with no hurt on them and so can we.
It is love, power, and a sound mind that trusts God. This dispels fear. It is love and power, but fear also has a power. The power that comes from the fearful mind is unbelief and distrust in God. This is anti-faith. It motivates you away from God. And this is what the end time gospel threats produce. A fearful mind.
It is the whole end times Concepts that is driven and developed by fear that people give their power to the enemy but God has meant it for our transition. And because God is teaching us to cloth ourselves with His transparency, it is so that we can go through these things without hurt too.
The arch rival with God is a current world system today operating in a vacuum void of this knowledge of God, governed by Satan. People run to thr Gods of this age out of fear for protection. In doing this they put themselves out of God’s reach in harm’s way. You went there all by yourself. Your fear energizes your enemy. God gave us the power, we just need to be sure we keep it and we use it and not rely on the various service providers to overide God’s gift, but you have to be alert.¬†
To go to scripture to find peace about end times and eschatology, is like going into a round room to find a corner. You will not find it.
The fruit of the spirit is peace, love, power and a sound mind. There is no consensus from anybody on end times. It divides the flock disperses and dismembers the body.
There are more denominations and more sects and Cults on this topic. End times is an abuse of scripture. It changes with every new wind of news. God does not change.
Scripture is given for our understanding God and our transformation for “we are being transformed into the same full image from the glory to the glory as by the spirit”. And we are to “renew the spirit of our mind” with these truths to more clearly associated with the Living God.¬†
This is the purpose of scripture and not and times. I repeat not end times. That is a dead end road. Even as the Pharisees ask Christ when his kingdom would come he said it would not come with observation. Then he promptly told the disciples do not go after them. It is the blind following the blind fall into the ditch and those who appropriate their faith by fear are doing just that.
So when you get together and talk about all the social ills of today, and government abuse, and secret societies, you energize the god of this age, the governor of fear, and instigator, satan. You glorify that God. You insult the true God that provided salvation from that mindset. 
God sent his son into the world not to destroy the world but to save it. John 3:17. And Christ prayed to the Father for those who are His saying “Father, I pray for those you have given me not that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from evil.” But this you just cannot believe. You fear another.¬†

But the Father spoke to Isaiah concerning these people saying “11¬†For the¬†Lord¬†spoke thus to me with¬†[i]a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying:

12¬†‚ÄúDo not say, ‚ÄėA conspiracy,‚Äô
Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy,
Nor be afraid of their [j]threats, nor be [k]troubled.
13 The Lord of hosts, Him you shall hallow;
Let Him be your fear,
And let Him be your dread.
14 He will be as a [l]sanctuary,
But a stone of stumbling and a rock of [m]offense

Paul the Apostle prayed that we would know the power that is in us each of us individually as those who have faith in Christ, that God the Father showed when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him far above all powers and principalities. Paul wanted us to know this power because that’s where we can go by faith and trust in the Living God, we can be resurrected by this power in us. But in so doing by rejecting this power that is in us we resurrect our own pho. And as well by speaking and fomenting these things, it’s that very fear and words that open up the bottomless pit.
Those who lead with the sword will be killed by the sword and those who live by fear shall have the thing come upon them that they fear most.
Love motivates, fear paralyzes. Love emowers fear kills. 
So you decide alege yourself with the Living God and use His power for such or alege yourself with the god of this age through fear and glorify him by building his case. 
If we approach scripture with a fear-based mind it gives us one message. But if we approach it with the love of God we get another message. We can use scripture to build up our concepts and understandings of which there are many. Or we can learn about God.
So instead of empowering the god of fear, let us align ourselves with the god of love. For after this day is over, after every end-time prophecy has been scoffed at, the only thing left to talk about is the Living God..
The choice is yours. The kingdom of God is at hand. Whatever is Noble whatever is just whatever is pure whatever is wholesome, think upon these things in the peace of God will be with you amen.


Of all these you may freely eat

Posted on April 14, 2018 by ADMIN

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God spoke to Adam in the beginning in the garden and said of all these trees you may freely eat. There was one precursor, and that was the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil. In the garden everything was free except for the one tree that would take them to another plane. When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree, a whole other existence appeared to them. A whole nother View. A view of contrasts of the gift of God.
This is how mankind fell. There were no cataclysms there were no broken bones no screams no bouncing on the ground when them fell. He fell in the regions of his mind but occupying it with something other than the things of God displayed in the Garden of Eden.
The whole concept of biblical salvation is to save man from this fall. A catastrophe took place but it was an invisible one and needed an invisible patch in an invisible solution.
John in his first epistle said of the things of this world, that he who loves them the love of the father is not in him. 2DS things that make us wise and beautiful to behold are things of the world in this is that other plane.
So man kind of slipped from the plane of existence by lusting craving and Desiring another substance and this is the fall. The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil was a wormhole to one plane, in the tree of the cross in the blood of Christ is the Wormhole back to our original plane of existence of things being good very good.
The good thing for us is that the salvation process is in full swing. And just as with any Earthen catastrophe, be it a hurricane or a tsunami, there are meeting points for people to gather cor refuge and to get out. And at these places they have water food and shelter and provisions with transportation to safety.
And this we have in any place the gospel of Christ is preached. This is your Refuge your hope and your salvation. And because God is everywhere, our departure happened in our mind. Our mind closed off to God and now we think of Him as being somewhere else. That He needs to come back, but He never left.
Salvation processes on Earth are small breakdowns of what salvation in Jesus Christ means. Through one tree of knowledge we fell and buy another knowledge of another tree of another fruit being the fruit of Christ we arise.
15¬†Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.¬†16¬†For all that¬†is¬†in the world‚ÄĒthe lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life‚ÄĒis not of the Father but is of the world.¬†17¬†And the world is passing away (It is going to hell in a hand basket), and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever”. We return to the plane of existence Adam lost.
This is why you must eat of the tree of the cross. Saying “cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”, and Christ hung there that we may hang our old self there as well to become new in Christ. This is why at baptism we are told that we go into the water to wash off the old, to come back up a new creation.
He is our safety and our respite, he is our deliverer and savior from planet Earth
We don’t need to know what the devil is doing. We need to know what Christ did.


The keys to the Kingdom

Posted on April 6, 2018 by ADMIN

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Christ said “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” also said “I have given you the keys to the kingdom”.

The purpose of the Gospel message is our cross over back to God. This is our Passover. As pictured with the Israelite’s at their Passover when the angel of death passed over them. That scenario was carried out physically for them to understand what happens invisibly. This is what our physical existence is about, our crossover.
We have another Passover symbolized by baptism. This is also symbolic of what happens to us invisibly. Unbeknownst to our carnal perceptions. We go into the water to put off the old and come back out to put on the new. We go in having been slaves to the kingdom of Satan whose reward is death, and we come out being free in Christ for “he who the son sets free is truly free”. We now are fellow citizens, members and saints of the kingdom of God at hand.¬†
So then it is scripture that Maps out the kingdom for our participation in God’s Kingdom. We have the map and the keys whereby we can go there. Christ said I am the way the truth and the life. He said to follow Him where He is. He is whom we follow to the father where He awaits our arrival.
God says his word goes out and accomplishes all his desire, that it does not come back void. It comes back with us.
The unfortunate thing is scripture contains in it more then just the keys to the kingdom of God. God’s word has built into it distractions for the carnally minded. The place that we are called to is not for the carnal man even as Paul said flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom. They have an appetite of a difference source.
In the gospels Christ said that the kingdom of God is like a great tree in whom the fowls of the air nest in its branches. Confirming that there are many distractions, not to confuse the elect but to sift through the threshing floor to gather into His barn.
And even as the Garden of Eden had choices of contrast, the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil in which you shall surely die, so too the scriptures portray the same Concepts.
So when someone goes to scripture there forethought of expectation and what they go there for is what they will be fed. And if somebody wants to know more about Satan, God will oblige them in that cause. But to go to scripture and use it to map out Satan’s kingdom, and figure out traits of that father, is an abuse and a misappropriation of scripture. Scripture is not given to glorify Satan. As a matter of fact and time Seekers looking for signs and symptoms and delving in to understanding Satan and his minions, have fallen from purpose. Christ came preaching the kingdom of God is at hand, and with the map and the keys present, to this we must give ourselves.
But it is the fearful minded that wants the details of end times and end times events, and the works of Satan and his kingdom. And by doing so we insult the spirit of Grace who has already given us the victory why? So that we do not have to fear these things.
Christ said the God of this age comes and has nothing in me. Meaning they have nothing in common. And I myself will not insult my God by a scribing some kind of power to Satan because I have understanding of his word. And if we read the words in the things that are said, it behooves us to believe it. And my scripture says the God of this age has been judged. So however you make it out and however you want to say Satan is rampat, in so doing you insult salvation. You deny the savior. For God sent his son into the world not to condemn the world but to save it. He does not come back again later to save it. The world is working just fine but you don’t believe it so there by you reject the words of God. But even as 1st John confers that we have come to know and believe that God has sent his son as Savior of the world. There is no other saving act than the cross. And if it’s not appropriate in the Here and Now and you don’t find your salvation in this day then you will be found as a denier in a unbeliever
The Kingdom of God is at hand.