October 2013


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Our New Citizenship
We are card carrying members of the Kingdom of God. Not written with binary code on a magnetic strip on a piece of plastic, but having the word of God written on our circumcised hearts with the finger of God.
We are the true Israel of God. As plastic credit cards allows privileges in society, our citizenship is heaven and we have certain privileges.
From Galatians 6.15, What avails heaven, or grants access now for us is this new creation in us. We can now go boldly to the throne of Grace anytime. We can go in and out and find (food) pasture anytime. We have a city whose gates are always open to its citizens (fellowship). A place where there is no day or night, no sun or moon, but the lamb is its light, for He is the true light that has come into the world. Where those who are sorcerers, murders, and idolaters and whoever lives or loves a lie cannot enter. Where flesh and blood cannot inherit this kingdom. Where those who go can only go through faith.
Hebrews 12.22-24 paraphrase.
For we have come to Mount Zion,the city of the living God, heavenly Jerusalem, to the general assembly, to the called out ones, the firstborn, those who are registered in heaven, to God the judge of all, to the place of just men made perfect, to Jesus the mediator between God and men with the New Covenant being in force because the blood was already spilled which the blood of Abel testified to.
The False Gospel of Another Day. One yet in the future.
You cannot partake of this Kingdom if in your mind it is yet future. That if you believe that Christ still has to fulfill Danial 9 and finish transgression, make an end of sacrifice and sin, that He must seal vision and prophesy and anoint the Most Holy. If you believe these havr to be completed in the end times and eschatology you are not entering in. Like the Pharisees who thought the kingdom would appear before them, Christ said to them “you are not entering My Kingdom and you are not allowing those who are trying to do so” either. Of those leaders He said “it is better for you to be tied off with a millstone and drowned then for you to offend any of My little ones”. You are a denier of the true Christ and offer a counterfeit kingdom in Satans realm.
Satan showed Christ all the kingdoms throughout time and offered them to Him. Christ rejected them, all of them. And again with His words “My kingdom is not of this age” meaning of the creation of the big bang of time and matter.
The word of God is not constrained but your thinking is. He is looking for those to worship Him not in earthly Jerusalem but “in Spirit and truth” now. (John 4) His Kingdom is found “In Christ”. The lack of thinking in faith keeps people out. The carnal mind is enmity to God and thr veil that blinds people to His Reality. Or is it to be fulfilled in our lifetime? At any point in time? In this age at all? If you answered yes the god of this age has blinded you and robbed you of your reward, your inheritance. To be “In Christ” is to grow in understanding of Him and His Kingdom. The one that’s “at hand’ even now. “Do not seal the prophecies of this book for the time is at hand!” Rev 22.10. At Hand now today and 2000 years ago.
Paul begged those who were in Corinth to understand this. We are ambassadors from Christ as though God was pleading through us because of the work of Christ. The heralding call was ” be ye reconciled to God’. To recieve the atonement, meaning at-one-ment now.
Like Adam and Eve before the fall. As workers together do not receive the grace of God for an unfruitful purpose. For God says “In an acceptable time I have heard, and of the day of salvation I have helped”. Behold now is the accepted time! Now is the day of salvation! Why in the world do we look for a second coming as though that is the solution? The great doctor has seen our illness and our affliction and has given us the diagnosis, the treatment, the solution and the saving. Him who spoke a word and the lame walked has spoken to us and it is not the second coming. For on Him was laid the chastisement for us all and by His stripes ye are healed. When did that happen? The new covenant is in effect and is only for the new creation,
There cannot be a king without a kingdom or He is just a dreamer. And this kingdom has a capitol city and a time. In this case anytime you are able to accept it by faith. Then you would be citizens of a Holy nation of Kings and priests if you have been there.
Are we not seated in Heaven according to His word? Then as ambassadors from that place we too offer the same invitation as our Lord. Repent, believe the Gospel. The Kingdom of God is At Hand. Enter into the true union and full blessings of being “In Christ”.
Welcome home:)