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2nd Coming Knock Knock

Posted on November 29, 2014 by ADMIN

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Knock knock! Who is there? Hi Dad this is Jesus. Hey those guys you gave me? Well I told them about your mansion with many rooms. Well they asked me if they could come over. I told them I would prepare a place for them, and that I would come back and get them. Well they really have their hopes up, so I was wondering if they could come over? To this the Father said “No! Not in a million years! Jesus then trying to save face with his buddies bargains with His Father saying. Aw come on Dad, that’s a long time. How about just 2000 years, to which the Father says ;Okay!

So here you have the birth of two jokes. The knock knock and the second coming.
Here is the irony. In the discourse of John chapters 14-17 where the real account of this conversation takes place. There are a couple other things that Jesus said like “Until now you have asked for nothing in My name. Ask anything in My name (as if you were Me) and the Father will do it”.
How are we suppose to believe this promise if Jesus goes to the Father on our behalf saying “Father I desire that those whom You have given Me may be with me where I am. That they may be one, that as You are in Me and I in You, that they may be one in Us, that the world may believe”. And the Father denies that request of the only begotten? How are we suppose to believe that we have anything we ask in His name like He asked us to do, if we have to wait 2000+ years to get it?
Did the Father deny the raising of Lazarus? If my memory serves me correctly I think Jesus did that with a word. Like He does all His works, without a 2000 year time delay.
“For what the Father does the Son does likewise”. He creates with a word. The thing that was not, becomes the thing that is, with a word. This is the substance of faith. Faith is the invisible substance of the reality unseen. And what He speaks through the Son does not come into being of time and matter. No! Not now or at a 2nd coming. This world was finished in 6 days. From day 1 to the last day was spoke in the 6 days. “God finished from all His works, He rested from all His creating, this is the history (start to finish) of the heavens and the earth in the day it was made. And it is where He is, is where we are called to. (Hebrews 4.1)

Now then. Jesus said “If I go to prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself so that you will be there also”. And “You have heard Me say that I am going away and I am coming back for you. If you loved Me you would rejoice because I said I am going to the Father. And now I have told you so that when it comes to pass you may believe”.  (John 14.3+28-30)
If His coming back to receive us to Himself is a 2nd coming like some suppose, it would need no faith “so that when it comes to pass you may believe”? I mean really, if Jesus comes and raptures your body to the clouds leaving your clothes on the ground don’t you think that should be convincing enough? But He says “so that when it happens you may believe”? Because it too is a work of faith like all the gifts and callings of God.  (F.Y.I. flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom? 1 Corinthians 15.50 so your body doesn’t go, it returns to dust) 

You who have begun in the Spirit, are you now completed by a physical event? This persuasion does not come from Him who calls you. (Galatians 3.3+5.8)
Jesus promptly went to the Father and said these words “Father that they may be with me where I am, that they may behold my glory”, thereby fulfilling what He promised to His disciples. It came to be by a word, the tool of His trade. So it is true or He is a liar. And if we don’t believe, it is the same as calling Him a liar because you don’t believe the testimony He gave of His Son. (1st John 5.10)
Jesus being the way to the mansions/abodes /dwellings. Was this for them only? No! For He also said “I do not pray this for these alone, but also for those who believe in Me through their word”. Us! (John 17.20+)  This is Him coming back for you too, if you are able to receive it. Something many think happens during an end time scenario with a tribulation. But His coming is also a work of faith. And it is from faith to faith, all invisible as He is invisible. This is seeing Him as He is being with Him where He is. Any such physical manifestation is a lie because it is visible and not the truth. The way is the invisible word. The place is the invisible word. The word was with God, the word is God. He is the way the truth the light the path the place. This is “that which was from the beginning which we have heard, which we have seen, which we have handled concerning the Word of life. (John 1.1+)
There are those who wait for a second coming. But some of us rejoice and believe and receive now. This is following Him that where He is we may be also. As He said to the Jews “Where I go you cannot follow” Of which He said to the disciples “You shall not follow Me now, but you shall follow me after”. Do we follow or wait like for a second coming? Where are you? Sitting? Waiting? Wondering? When is He coming back? 1000? 2000? 3000? and counting. This is an abyss, and a great darkness of the unknown. But God is light and in Him is no darkness. We walk in the light and know where we come from and where we go. “If it were not true I would’ve told you so” John 14.2) 
Oh if you had faith of a mustard seed this mountain would vanish too. Did not Paul plead for us saying “Be ye reconciled”. Be ye one with? Isn’t it the same thing?

Jesus said “ye shall follow me after” Having endured the cross, the stone being rolled away, says to those at the cave. “Go tell the disciples that I have ascended to my God and your God, to My Father and your Father” as if to egg us on. Can you hear Him? “It is after, follow me!” Can you hear the voice that calls us from heaven? Refuse Him not! (Hebrews 12.25)
To be “in Christ” you must receive the word as though it is fact. This is faith. This is the walk of faith the old testament depicted to those who are called out of Egypt to be In Christ our invisible land and not to be idle in waiting but to obtain the promises as though they are of this creation. “To lay hold of why Jesus laid hold of you.
And you are “the called” which is translated church from ekklisia but means “the called out ones” not a building with a steeple but the gathering of the people. The gathering of us to the truth. And Jesus is the way and the truth, and the truth gets us there. Not a future physical Jesus.
For you have come to Mt Zion to the city of the living God, the heavenly (invisible) Jerusalem, to the general assembly and the called out who are the first born…. Heb 12.25  And this is true or Jesus is a liar. And it is true but not because you see it. But because He said so. Like He has been saying from the beginning “My Kingdom is not of this age” of 6 day creation of time and matter. No, not now or ever. It predates the 6 day word and is the word that was with God.
So then after Jesus had said that He would come back and receive us to Himself He said “now I have told you so that when it comes to pass you may believe. So have you asked in His name as if you were Him? Ask anything in My name to believe and receive that your joy may be full.


Currency and Keys to the Kingdom

Posted on November 22, 2014 by ADMIN

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The currency of our age is money. If you have enough you can go any where and do anything. Money is power for the things of this age.

But the currency of the eternal, invisible realm is word. Gods word. It is His word that grants us access. As different currencies display the icon of that kingdom, be it a king or a queen. It is the power of that one it carries. It is the assorted words that make up the gospel and re-assembled in us that displays the icon of our currency Jesus Christ. But unlike the artwork of an icon on a dead piece of paper or coin that bears an image to acquire things of that culture, our currency being the word of God has more than just a depiction of a man, but the very handiwork of God Himself being His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Word of God that the words of the gospel display. And this word is living and powerful for our transformation now.

So we who have faith “In Christ” carry about not a dead document called money with a picture of a dead man on it but God in Word form. This is what all those born of His kingdom have. To the one who has faith in Him, in His Word, they have God in Word form and the true impression or reflection and likeness of the Father is Jesus Christ being the Word of God, and the Word was God. (John 1.1) This is the very nature of God.
We partake of the Word of God being the bread of life. Which is food of the Spirit in the Kingdom of God. It is as we accept the testimony of Gods Son, the words in our inward person by faith and washed by the Holy Spirit that it becomes for us not just an iconic figure of a dead man, but the impression of God Himself. We take on not an impression like a tattoo on our outward man but His very nature and character in our invisible inward parts. We are of His kind. For even the angels in heaven behold the face of the Father in these little ones”. (Mt 18.10)
We don’t have to carry dead money in our pocket for our new culture. We have His Word stored up in our heart. These are the keys to the Kingdom of God “In Christ” for us in the here and now. We have the same measure of faith. We believe therefor we speak”. (2 Corinthians 4.13) It is the word we receive by faith that we speak that grants us access. So when we are instructed to follow those who through faith and patience receive the promises…? (Heb 6.12) This is that.


The promises are our currency and are not a dead  document or coin. When you inherit the promise, you receive the thing that is said. And it is said of Gods Son “Who shall descend into the deep to bring Him up? Or who shall ascend to the heavens to bring Him down? But what does His Word say? The word is close to you, even in your heart that you may hear it and do it”. And what is it that we will do not by human endeavor but by our work of faith? We believe and speak, but we do not bring Him back. We go up.
We ascend to the very heights of heaven to God Himself. The keys to His Kingdom are His words displayed in His Son being the bread of life broken down for our consumption, received, believed and re-assembling Himself inside of us through the gospel which repeats the Word already spoken, “for God in former times spoke to the fathers by the law and the prophets has in His final saying spoken to us by His Son” (Heb 1+) The Son is His final answer on everything that pertains to eternal life and god-like-ness. God has spoken. Now waiting for His enemies to become His footstool.

It is now your doubts and fears that you lay at the feet of Jesus that are His enemies that kept you from the Kingdom because He paid your price. For it is by the cross that He has already defeated for you the god of the Adamic age and that He overcame sin and death and gave this to you. Jesus Christ dies no more for these, nor does He squabble or fight over them any more ever again. He defeated them publicly, victoriously triumphing over them. (Col 2.14) And He does not repeat Himself or have to come a 2nd time to become victorious as if He wasn’t powerful enough the first time for “God has spoken”.

It is as we know His word and have faith in the things He has said, that have been passed on to us in what we call the gospel, it is these very words given then mixed with faith that grants you the thing you believe.
If God said it…it is. If Jesus said it…it is. The two are one. “What the Father does the Son likewise does”. So when Jesus said “I go to prepare a place for you..He did saying ” that where I am you may be also”…He did. He Also said “I will come again to receive you to myself”. Who also said “Father I want those whom you have given me to be with Me where I am, that they may behold My Glory, that the Glory you have given me I have given them”…. and it is so.  Who also said “I speak not to just these here today but those also who will believe their word, (the gospel) that they too may be one”.  He said it…and it is. Believe it or not. The choice is yours.

He creates everything with His word and His word creates. He does not speak in jest and He does not repeat Himself as though the thing that He said is not true yet. He healed the sick and raised the dead how? With His word. With a word. He does not speak 2000+ year time release capsules. And He does not need to be said again or performed by a second coming Jesus. And it is not as though you need to see it with human eyes for it to be true “for we look to the things that are unseen. The things that are seen are temporary but the things that are unseen are eternal. Like it or not. His words not mine.

This is why Paul could say that we are seated together with Jesus Christ in the heavens. He believed in His heart and spoke to receive the promise being the keys and currency of the Kingdom of God in Christ to whom belongs eternal Glory amen!

Now then you who were baptized into His death, what was it that you saw when you became dead? You were raised by faith to new life having come up out of the water. What was it you saw then when you were resurrected? So why is it that you started by the spirit that you are to be perfected by something you see? And why is it you are waiting to be resurrected at a second coming when you already went through baptism? Did you not believe? Who told you this. This persuasion cometh not from Him who calls you to His eternal Glory through the Gospel. Believe the gospel. That which is from the beginning. Not that which is coming as though it is not yet.

The Son has spoken. The Gospel re-iterates what has been spoken for each generation to experience the gift of God in Christ Jesus, being God the Father. God does not repeat Himself. The scriptures do and we do. This is what becomes alive. This is our living. Our eternal life now. This is the faith once and for all delivered to the saints (jude..)

God said through His Son “let there be light” for the first creation and it was so, spoke by His Son in these last days, His final say so on the matter who made a bridge for us to the new creation saying (John 17)”Father that those whom you have given me may be with me where I am”. And who are those with Him where He is? “To them He gave power to be His children, even to those who believe in His name who are not born of flesh but of Spirit”.


This is His inscription and His likeness. It is at that point our soul is stamped with Him. His name is stamped on our forehead by a renewed mind according to His word. It is here that we carry not a dead iconic impression on a dead piece of paper or coin but the living word in our heart is our currency.
This becomes for us more than any currency or money of unrighteous mammon and even more powerful than a passport holding you spell bound and idle waiting for a 2nd coming promise for another Jesus. Oh no no no. There is nothing dead or in limbo or waiting about the word of God but doubts fears and deceptions. It is these things that are  the enemies of God. Why? Because God already gave you the victory over satan sin and death at the cross. You just don’t believe it yet. You don’t have the thing that has been spoken. You have not received the promise.
It is not you that are the enemy for He is the propitiation for the whole world. But it is your wrong thoughts. This is why the gospel says that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God, pulling down arguments, strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against this knowledge of God”. If you are still fighting against satan sin and death you don’t understand the gospel or the power of God. You must battle with the word of God, the sword of the spirit in the upper echelons of your mind.


If you believe that the words of God are I.O.U.’s to be activated by a second coming Jesus when he comes to defeat satan sin and death, that is a powerless place to be. You must defeat that mindset now by the word of God in the upper echelons/heavens of your mind. These are the things that keep you out of the kingdom now. Not satan or sin but unbelief and deceptions. It is these that must be put under foot for the word of God to be fulfilled in you, not for Him to come back and do that. He did that.
This is what Jesus meant when He said “The Kingdom of God is at hand” even back then. He also said that “the Kingdom cometh not with (carnal) observation”. But this is what every 2nd coming seeker cult does. “Look here or look there”, but Jesus said “do not follow them” (Luke 17 20+). Apply the words God already spoke by His Son and defeat that crap. Put it underfoot. Lay it at the feet of Jesus where all His enemies are like satan sin and death.
Everything that stands between you and God the Father today is an enemy and an anti-christ, but not satan sin or death. This is why Paul pleaded “be ye reconciled (to the Father)n for He made Him who knew no sin to become our sin for us to become His righteousness in Him”. This is our inscription. This is our currency.
Come thou good and faithful (Full of faith) servant. Enter the joy of the Lord.



New Creation Part 7 Eternal Life

Posted on November 9, 2014 by ADMIN

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Eternal life is thought of as something to experience when Jesus comes back to renew planet earth and we all live happily ever after. From that time on. Old heaven and earth pass away and all things become new and restored to what God had spoken in the 6 days of creation followed by His Sabbath. The 7 days of creation. This is partially the reason they can’t except the new creation now, but Paul said that we are the new creation, old things have passed away and all things become new”. Is this true? Not if you believe what we just described. I mean you can’t have an old earth and a remodeled earth at the same time. So what then is the new creation and what is eternal life?

Eternal life is generally tied to this view of the new creation. That when Jesus comes back He will make all things new. That we will see Him new and we too will become like Him new. That the big clock in the sky will be reset to time zero and that we will commence to live eternal life from that moment forward.
That view however humanly logical it may seem has holes in it. It is still associated with time having a beginning and is thereby disqualified as being eternal. It also associates with a renewed composition having physical properties of matter that is subject to breaking down and deteriorating, but Hebrews 12.27+ describes the removal of all the things that are made so that what is eternal may remain. The eternal things already are. They were not made and have no beginning and can have no end. That is what eternal means. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything eternal is already there. And Gods gift to us is eternal.
Eternal life therefor is not connected to time and matter of any sort. It is associated with that which is before time. God only, and this is what is offered publicly through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hence”enter the kingdom prepared for you from the foundations of the world” Being pre-existent, separate from time and matter. The only thing that precedes all time, matter and creation, be it visible or invisible is God. In the beginning there was God, and only God, nothing else. Only God is eternal. And in God was the Son (unspoken) and the Spirit (un-breathed). We can understand God like ourselves in this way. Thought produces word and spirit/breath. It is the word and spirit that came forth from thought and created. “In the beginning God said… and the Spirit of God brooded” Genesis 1.1+2
It is This timeless, eternal, non-elemental pre-existent God that is our gift of eternal life. Everything else has a beginning and is not eternal. He is pre-existing. That is why scripture says of Jesus that “He comes and His reward is with Him to give to each one”. To give what? Himself. This is the true God and eternal life “In Christ”. And if you are “In Christ” you have Him, and you have eternal life now. And this is not associated with anything that has a beginning or an end.
This is why when God rested on the 7th day He rested from His works. Away from things that have a beginning and an end. And this is the place of our calling, to enter His rest saying “therefor there remains a rest to the people of God…Let us fear lest any of you come short of it, for the works were finished from the foundations of the world”. It is this place outside of time matter, being before time and matter to which we are called.
This place of rest is where we are called by Jesus saying to follow Him that where He is we may be also. This is the purpose of the true gospel “For the gospel was preached to us as well as them, but the word they heard did not profit them , not being mixed with faith. (the ability to see the invisible) “for we who have believed have entered that rest”. And where is that rest? Pre-existent with the Father. From where the Word and the Spirit of God came from. The very thought of God. That which is from the beginning where the thought and the Word of God are at rest. The finished work of Jesus Christ, the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Him who is seated in the heavens.
Now if you got all that, then you can see why the 2nd coming Jesus gospel is another gospel, “a strong delusion to believe the lie if possible to deceive the elect”. It proclaims another creation of time and matter. Another physical experience. “But God is spirit and seeketh such”. 
The gift of eternal life is In the Son, “In Christ”. Those who are “In Christ” are in the non-elemental, timeless God, the gift of eternal life now. The place called God. He rested from creation “in Himself” and Jesus said “All the things the Father has are mine” This is “In Christ”. He who has the Son has the Father, he who has the Father has the Son. They are One.
John 17.5 Jesus said “Now Father Glorify Me together with Yourself with the Glory I had with You before the world was”. And if we are “In Christ” as we profess, then we are in this place of rest in Glory. His very thoughts, “for we have the mind of Christ”. We have entered His rest. This is the true God and eternal life. (1st John 5.20)
Now I pray you can see and understand that the second coming gospel is a completely different message. It siphons people away from this truth to divert them down a different path into a cul-de-sac of confusion waiting for another Jesus to reset time and start over so they can get on with eternal life. They are idle in the spirit.
You cannot believe both of these gospels at the same time. You must choose. Is our gift “In Christ” now where the God-Head exists? Where only God exists? Where we are complete “In Him”? Or is the future not ours to see, que-sera-sera?
Eternal life is a gift which has no beginning or end like those who live there. Thought, Spirit and Word (John 5.7). We receive the word, incubated by the Spirit to return to Thought which is the Father for our reconciliation (2 Cor 5.20).
Didn’t the Lord say “My Word shall not return to Me void but shall accomplish all My desire”? This is not the old creation of time and matter that deteriorates but that which never fades or wanes or deteriorates for it never starts it already is and always will be Glorious, exactly the same brand new every day because it is the only day with no night having no darkness for God is light and In Him is no darkness, no variance nor shadow of turning at all, and we walk in the light as He is in the light for He is the Light, the eternal light. This is the “day of the Lord” The eternal day. Christ’s day. It is from the beginning our days are modeled after. His was first. 
The 2nd coming gospel offers a different message of a day that is not yet but will be when Jesus comes to planet earth to defeat His enemies and save us, the same things He fought at the cross. Then we will start eternal life. This is a false gospel of that which is not yet.
So is it that which was and is and always will be? Or the satanic version of who is not yet but will be King, Jesus of the future? 
He stands at the door and knocks and His reward is with Him. So be careful how you answer. because He is right here right now and need not become anything for He always is. He is God. It is we who are transformed into His likeness. Not the other way around.
The Kingdom of God is at hand.


The shared Glory

Posted on November 8, 2014 by ADMIN

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God is God every where all the time. We are not to seek physical events on planet earth as isolated fulfillment’s of Gods will and His word. His words are spirit and they are life (John 6.63) For it is a wicked and adulterous genome that seeks after a (physical) sign (Matthew 16.4) It is wicked and adulterous because it takes the things of God and weds, or mixes it with the things of this world, meaning of this creation. But God is not of the created and He does not create Himself for He already was. He only “put on flesh and dwelt among us (John 1.14)” temporarily to save us from being bound by time and matter, to restore us back to “That which is from the beginning” before God ever said “Let there be…”. For this He has left us the Gospel as we espouse.


It is the carnal mind that imagines (images) God to be a man to be bound by events and time and a series of happenings as their form of “idol” worship. (Romans 1.23)

It is not  just a coincidence idol and idle are pronounced the same. It is because when someone is given to idol worship, they are idle and stagnant in the faith. There is no Glory in that.
Gods creation of time and matter is a testimony to His existence, but He does not become the created for He would then present a false image of Himself, a lie, and God cannot lie nor be one Himself. “God is spirit and God is truth and He seeks such”. This is our calling and His purpose for the gospel. We go to Him through Christ, the word of God that where He is we may be also.
The only sign given them was as the prophet Jonah was in the belly of the whale 3 days so too Christ would be in the belly of the earth and that has happened. As 1st John said “Jesus has come in the flesh”. To come that way no more. 2 Corinthians 4.16 we once knew Christ in the flesh but we know Him that way no more”. The incarnation has happened. Any other such expectation is just a carnal illusion sent by God to distract those who reject the truth of the gospel of the true Jesus Christ. (2 Thes 2.11)
As Jesus confessed the good confession to Pontus Pilate, (Jn 18.36-37) that His kingdom is not of this age, not of this world, not of the creation of time and matter, or He would send legions of angels to fight for it. Everyone who is of the truth hears this voice. But there is a far greater place of our inheritance that can never fade or wane in glory. To this we are received to through faith in the renewing of the mind. The spirit of our mind. “For god seeketh such”.
The same mouth that spoke creation “let there be light” spoke another light of another place. He spoke His son who is the true light of an eternal substance that shines in the heart of every man, The Son is the spoken word, the gospel. The gospel is the word already spoken. The gospel is the DNA of God, being the never fading or waning creation for our metamorphosis, our transfiguration, our transformation in the here and now to the always there ever ready Kingdom of God through the Christ of the cross.
You see God has spoken by saying His son. (Hebrews 1.2) He is not still speaking. It is this spoken word that “is alive and powerful”. We ingest it spiritually and it, He lives in us. “For all flesh is as grass but the word of the Lord endures forever, in every generation. This is the gospel of truth, the gospel for the transformation of the soul. As new born babes desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow. 1 Peter 1.2-2.3.
A second coming Jesus gospel message of another battle speaking Jesus offers no new solution over saton sin and death that the cross hasn’t already provided. That message is an unnecessary redundancy. Re-read your scriptures and see. Jesus Christ is not coming back again to do what He already did as if His first doing did not work. As if He must come back and repeat Himself. For “God has spoken” and “the word of the Lord endureth forever” and “the word has gone out to the ends of the earth” “God has spoken”. . For then He would have to die often to defeat saton sin and death. But He appeared once at this end of days to put away sin by sacrificing Himself. He now appears a 2nd time apart from sin for salvation to those who are watching. (Heb 9.28)
But this too is not a second coming Jesus who does this at an event on planet earth but a gift of the cross made known by revelation through the gospel. It is realized through the word already spoken for “God has spoken” and need not repeat Himself. 1st Peter 1.9 “receiving the end of your faith the salvation of your souls. When? At a second coming planetary event? No, through the gospel that is alive and powerful now at work in those of faith for transformation, “the power of God unto salvation” (Rom 1.17) The gospel is from faith to faith, the whole package in the Word that was spoke, contains all we ever need including the Glory. “God has spoken by His Son”
Heb 1.+ God has in these last days spoken through His Son, of whom He said “sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool. 1.13. He is not coming to speak or fight another day as if He needs to finish something for He said “it is done” at the cross. 1 Cor 10.4 for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God” as we appropriate the living word of the gospel of truth in our lives, the gospel found on the pages of scripture lives.
He has overcome the world with all the obstacles that detain us from reaching Him. It is this word that has been spoken, that the gospel re-iterates throughout the ages, this word that takes form on the pages of scripture, to be ingested by our spirit to renew our very mind to receive His Glory. To be partakers of His Glory through the gospel already spoken. This is the inheritance of the saints in the light. The glory is not a product of a 2nd coming but the word of God already spoken and proved by the cross.
2 Cor 4.6 we see the Glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ
2 Cor 4.17 His work in us produces His Glory in us
2 Cor 3.18 as we see His Glory, we become that Glory
Eph 1.17 God is the Father of Glory, this is what He begets.
Eph 1.17 we are to know our inheritance, His Glory gifted to us through the gospel already spoken.
Heb 2.10 it was fitting for Jesus to bring many sons to Glory”, Gods Glory
And this Glory is actuated by faith in the renewed mind of the Spirit. It may be put on full display for all who ever lived to see in the manifestation of the sons of God when we are revealed with Him, but the Glory is as much a gift of salvation as being seated with Him in the heavens. It is part and parcel of the gospel message, the word spoken, the power of God unto salvation. The gospel is not a mid point as though we are held back to resume at a second coming. The gift is the full package unto Glory, Who has blessed us with every spiritual gift in Christ Jesus. Eph 1.3. Including the Glory
The word has gone out. And with the words of God who cannot lie and He does not repeat. These words bring His very genetic code, His very D.N.A. it is His word in us, that we are known by God, that we seek not a 2nd coming Jesus who is subjected to the weak and beggarly elements of this creation (Gal 4.9)
It is His work in us now that is our transformation as we adopt these truths from scripture that we are proved His offspring by His Glory “in that we bear much fruit He is Glorified in us and the fruit we bear remains This is for us if we really seek Him who is above and seated, for this Jesus spoke these words not to have to be repeated by His mouth but by the gospel, and brought to you not by a second coming work but the word already spoken and believed at assorted times by various people through out the age in their time of visitation. Is this yours?
It is here Jesus defines His gift as His Glory;
John 17 3 And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent. 4 I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You have given Me to do. 5 And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was.
John 17 20 “I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will (me and you) believe in Me through their word (reiterated);21 that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. 22 And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: 23 I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

24 “Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me; for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.

This is the gospel message that all believers are called to partake of in the here and now. Any other objective of the gospel but for your spiritual maturity and aspiring your full potential of experiencing the Glory of God in the here and now being in complete union with the Father and His son, is a distraction. Any message or gospel that stops short or detains you from the shared Glory of God and puts this off for a second coming is anti-Christ for it is against the purpose of the death of Christ to raise and ascend to the Father to show us the way. He is the way the truth and life now. This is the true gospel. Jesus came in the flesh not to do so again. So is He the coming one? Or do we seek another?
From the pages of scripture.”Today! Today is the day if you will hear this voice.



New creation part 6 All Things

Posted on November 6, 2014 by ADMIN

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1 Corinthians 1.30 Christ has become for us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. 

Many see these things as separate, to be acquired individually. But they are part and parcel of the greater picture of the gift of God for us “in Christ” Jesus. He has become for us ascended seated in full glory too for all things have their fulfillment “In Him”. The gift of God is one. It is however described as many different things but it is one. God is Echad (Deu 6.4). You cannot divide the gift of God into portions. You have it or you don’t. And if you have the gift of God in Christ Jesus, you have him in His entirety, and you do.
You cannot be saved to later become righteous or vise versa. You cannot be redeemed and not be risen. You cannot be seated in the heavens and not be Glorified “for “In Him” dwells the fullness of the God-head body, and you are complete “in Him” who the head of all principalities and powers”. Everything He has is yours, if you are His.
Eph 4.4+ there is one body (Christ) one spirit, one faith, and one baptism. When we are baptized, we are baptized “into Christ”. Into His death and resurrection and seated in Glory. He is seated in Glory and we are “in Him”. This is the body of Christ. And we are to grow up “into Him” who is the Head. This is putting on Christ. We do not wait for our own carnal experience for that cannot be. Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom, but faith does. Your invisible response to the gospel to believe is rewarded this.
The reason the gospel uses the assorted terms is for our understanding. That through understanding we may grow up “into Him” who is the head. To understand the same thing from different perspectives. Love is patient, love is kind. Take away patience or kindness and it is not love but God is all these. Love is an attribute of God. Patience and kindness are characteristics of love. They are all the same thing. They are part and parcel. So too with the gift of eternal life. It is not sub dividable or it is not eternal life. It would need to be completed and be disqualified from being eternal for it has not yet become complete. But He is the same yesterday today and forever. 
So too with the gift of God. It is complete in perfection and holiness, seated in Glory with the Father. We see Jesus there, we learn to see ourselves there. Not because we are righteous but because He is. Not because we are holy but He is. Not because our body is resurrected but His is and we are “In Him’ this is true. If we are any of these several things on our own it diminishes the gift and Gods glory. His gift is complete so we are complete.
All of our righteousness is as filthy rags but the Glorious aspect is all our shame has trade in value. And this we left at the cross. We lay down ourselves and get Him. This is rags to riches. “He has become for us wisdom for we have the mind of Christ. He becomes righteousness because He gave us His. And it is the Father who sees Him in us that He is pleased with. We are complete “In Him”. We see Him there, we see Him as He is, and we become like Him. 
Well until you look in the mirror in the bathroom. But this is not where you put Christ on at. It is as we see Him in His word by the light of the Holy Spirit that we see Him and put Him on. Yes all His several attributes are ours. The package is un-dividable. We see His death, we accept His death and are baptised. We continue and see His resurrection, His ascension, Him being seated in Glory. He has become for us sanctification, holiness and love. He has become all things for us. He has gifted Himself to us in His entirety. He is only chopped up into words for our understanding, for Him to be reassembled in us as our mind is renewed. This is our transformation. This is the old things have passed away and ALL THINGS become new. Our old has trade in value. 
The “all things” that are new are really just one thing seen from many different views and angles for descriptive purposes only but they are totally one and un-dividable. “For all the promises of God are yes and amen in Him who is the head of the body. One baptism, one spirit, one body. The body of Christ that supersedes us.
They need to be received by faith in your understanding. They are not gifts of a second coming. “All things are now ready” (Mt 22.34) And “all things are new” and “ye are complete In Him”. If this were not true Paul could not have said “Old things have passed away, all things become new”. It is the ALL THINGS that define the One
He who spared not His only Son but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not also freely give us ALL THINGS? Romans 8.32


New Creation part 5 Heavenly Jerusalem

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The carnal man interprets Gods words into time and events to come into being for the carnal senses. Something that is not yet but will be. They call this prophesy. But prophesy is just the speaking forth what already is and always will be that is to be revealed, or unveiled. We are instructed by scripture to look to the invisible. Not the future. 2 Corinthians 4.18

It is like a pioneer who travels lands for new discoveries. There are many who have traveled to name new lands mountains and species for each new discovery they find. But what they discover did not just come into being the moment they found it. Other peoples had names for these things according to their culture. But a new people forage through the land and come across something they have not seen before and call it new. It was only new for them. It became new because they just found it, but it had already been there.
This is the way it works with what we call the new creation in scripture. It is what was there from the beginning (1 John 1.1+). So it is not new in the sense of just now come into existence for God is not that. It is that you just discovered it.
Even like today some talk of having a new house or a new car, but somebody had it before them. This is the way it is with things of God. We don’t wait to possess them later but to discover. We don’t wait to be with Him later as though He is not yet for He said He would never leave us. He is like a vast land with innumerable treasures for you to discover about Him for the first time as you sojourn with Him in the here and now. This too is the Kingdom of God.
Think about with Columbus giving his first account of the new land. It was old for the Indians. Or some of the early travelers coming back with news about a new culture and a new tribe or city they discovered. It was only new for them because they had just experienced it for the first time.
This is the way it is with the “New Jerusalem come down out of Heaven from God” (Revelation 21.10). It is not new in the sense of it just being made or Jesus would not have said to the Samaritan lady at the well “the time that is coming now is when you will no longer worship the Father on this mountain or in Jerusalem (on Earth), for the Father is spirit and seeks such to worship Him in spirit and truth”. The city that comes down out of heaven is spirit and truth.
And this is the new city in the new land, the promise land “In Christ” where the promises have their fulfillment. Which is the reason why in all the new testament there are no references to the land as though it is future for in Christ is the fulfillment of all things. Not Jesus the man but His invisible eternal self. Not in time and matter but spirit and truth. All things are In Christ and all the promises of God are yes and amen In Him. 2 Corinthians 1.20. They are actuated In Him.
So if you are looking forward to an event in the future to see the Kingdom of God having the New Jerusalem with buildings and a temple with the Holy of Holy’s on earth you are seeking something that will not be, and missing out on what already is because it is not of this age of this creation “For Christ entered not the Holy place made with hands, but into heaven itself now” And as long as this place on earth to come into being exists in your mind you are closed off to the heavenly one (Hebrews 9.8) to a greater more perfect temple not made with hands, that is not of this creation (Hebrews 9.1+24) The one at hand.
This is why the final unveiling in the Book of the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” is “Heavenly Jerusalem come down from God”. Maybe the book should have been called “The Revelation of Heavenly Jerusalem”. But then you would not understand that she too is “In Christ”. She is spirit and truth and not of time and matter at all.
However amazing it is that she is listed as the last revelation may be, Paul the apostle knew Her, Heavenly Jerusalem as our origin saying; the Jerusalem above is the Mother of us all”. (Galatians 4.26)
So did John know her as the beginning or the end? Was his testimony of something yet future? Then why would he write this? 1st John 1.1 That which was from the beginning which we have heard which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon which our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life” And 2.7 I write no new commandment but the old one from the beginning”. Not a new reality as though it is not. It is just new to you at the beginning, at your beginning. And 2.24 Let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father”.
So He doesn’t point to a future event for our focus but that which already is. This is our discovery.
First John goes on to say 2.26 these things I have written to you about those trying to deceive you”. Yes they teach of another Jesus. A future one, like a second coming one and a second coming city, not that which is from the beginning. 
2 Corinthians 5.17 If anyone is In Christ they are a new creation. Old things pass away all things become new. And all (New) things are of God”. Yes in spirit immovable unshakable pre-existent truth. Hebrews 12.27 “Yet once more” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken as the things that are made (time and matter) so that the things which cannot be shaken may remain”. (the eternal). And this too is not a singular event in time but a process that happens to each one of us.
So each one of us in this journey for new discoveries should seek this city from God. (Colossians 3.1) Not as a construct of time and matter but “The Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matthew 25.34)
The Kingdom of God is at hand.