July 2021

Eli Eli lama Sabachthani

Posted on July 29, 2021 by ADMIN

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Eli Eli lama Sabachthani,

These were the words of Christ on the cross right before His carnal body went limp. It was here He took Adams place and posture of separation from God and certain death. In the day you eat you shall surely die? Yeshua took that death to its conclusion, conquered it with all its darkened enemies, retreaved the Crown that Adam lost, and returned it to all who would come to the cross. For on Him was laid the iniquity of us all and insurrection stricken was the shield that protects us of all the ill consequences of living forever in the absence of the eternal God called Eternal death, of being cognescent of one thing. God is not here. And since He is the source of all that’s good, this should scare you into His loving arms open wide still, saying “I forgive you, let’s forget about it”.

If you could imagine a large extra-yerrestrisl object hitting planet earth, and upon impact it broke and scattered into fragmented particles of invaluable microns, that when reassembled becomes everything.

Well this is what Yeshua the Messiah did. He brought to us not just the secret riches from God, but the very escence of the Father. The boulder that collided with earth was the man Jesus/Yeshua.

If you understand that what is in a name, is the very ingredients of the person it describes. We once knew Christ according to the flesh, but henceforth know we Him that way no more.

He was introduced in two parts saying “you are the Christ, the Son of the living God (in contrasts to their illusions).

He was introduced as Christ first as a title of a job He must do, but more accurately He was “The Son of the living God”. He came in the name of the Father” and “in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead body. His name broken down are His very ingredients and make-up.

This is what collided with planet Earth we call Savior, the restorer of the breach, our bridge and crossover point to the Father.

People are looking for the God particle? Blasphemy! God is the collection of all that is goodly, pure, wholesome, loving, forbearing…

His particles are here we know as scripture, parchments, fragments and testimonies. It is as we ponder on these we can gleen from. Like fruit from a tree of scrumptious tidbits of Spirit and Truth. As we eat these and reassemble them inside ourselves, He then sees a reflection of Himself in ourselves He calls His own and we are reunited. We are one, echad, coinania, ekionos. We find that we too are particles for reassemblidge of the things He has said.



*Creation Only Glorifies The Creator

Posted on July 27, 2021 by ADMIN

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We the elect are of the amalgamation and the consummation of the One, the congregation and the general assembly of the firstborn, the Confederacy of faith. We, the many are of the symposium and the consortium of the spirits of just men made perfect.
If you are getting this, we applaud your arrival. Don’t let anybody take your crown, and don’t let anybody instruct you to cover your image of God, your face. Remember, you are made in His image and your distinguishing features and primary communications comes from your face. From your smile to a frown, and the looks in your eyes, to the angle of your brows, you are always communicating whether you talk or not.
The word crown is synonymous with corona, a word which could be understood as being the  ring around the earth eclipsing the sun. The radiant ring around the earth during an eclipse of this sort is a crown or a corona, same thing. The earth would be darkened but the sun being larger­ would still radiate a ring.
In the same way, it is the demonic forces today that try to block the light of God being our Sun and the light of the world is His Son. He is our radiance, crown and our glory. He is our corona and coronation. This is what they want to steal from everyone. They are enemies of God and His image.
For those who don’t understand this, maybe you don’t have it yet because you are blinded from The Gospel  Message of Jesus Christ.
As scripture says “all have sinned and fallen short of the (crown and radiance called the) Glory of God”. Not everyone has this radiance.
And again in Romans 2 “eternal life to those with a continual patience of doing good by seeking Glory, honor and immortality”. So we do.
It is because of this indictment of falling short of of Gods Glory (radiance and crown) by every human being, that it is the purpose of the Gospel to mend that breach and restore each ones crown and coronation, or corona. These are all similes. If you have accepted this Good News, that’s what Gospel means, then you can grow in understanding the Glory as something God shares with us now. To be gifted with his victory at the cross and freely given through the gospel, is your crown. And this you can acquire with a continuous patience of seeking God for this. This is the upward call of God in Christ Jesus that scripture beckons us to Himself.
He has made us unique and a one of a kind of His kind. We are a kind of firstfruits of His creation”. If they can block His light from you they steal your crown, being our God given sovereignty of being made in His image. This is restored to us as prescribed in scripture.
This is why Adam tilled the earth with the curse and did not “go forth and have dominion”. The concept of godliness was hidden from him and Eve, as it is to all that are imaged like them. To those who are still in their fallen nature to work and serve the fallen powers, hidden in places of authority, who control the popular opinions through wizardry and mediums. Yes all the agencies who gather your personal information to sell you things, control your beliefs and attitudes in this way. They call it the bee hive mentality. Even need are subject to invisible signals to instruct their obedience.
The other crown, or corona, or rather total eclipse of Gods glory is to amalgumate or cluster people into fear and abject slavery to serve Satan’s cause. It is because it’s a total blackout of the Glory of God given for us to behold for our transfiguration, (2 Corinthians 3.18). This is a judgement on those who reject the gospel message of Jesus Christ and seek safety and sustainence elsewhere. They become GMO’s of being modified from their God given purpose.
They use the virus in this day to do just that. It’s an identity killer. People loosing their God given sovereignty, they become “eyes without a face”. Such a disgrace to be led about by terror. Terror is fear on steroids, and the fear struck mind cannot hear Gods Holy Spirit because fear involves torment. That’s not the intent of God.
It is human beings that were created to house the holy spirit, now having this void and empty. They are exposed for a filling of another sort. They call it human 2.0, which is just humans infused with A.I. or the spirit of the anti-Christ, “the prince of the power of the air that now works in the sons of disobedience” not being oxygen but the air waves as understood like 5G+.
Some are excited to become human 2.0, which means a combination of two powers. In this case not Gods Holy Spirit but the spirit of the internet. To be a collective singularity and conscious is exciting, however that one is the counterfeit and the enemy of those whose 2.0, or other component is Gods Holy Spirit. Gods Holy Spirit completed us and not that foulsome thing.
The people who are receiving the chip that enhanced them call that day their “psyborg birthday”. A new creation of a new humanity of a collective consciousness. Instead of using external prompts like a keyboard, they are linked direct.
But we the Elect are part of the original these imitate. Because “we have been given Gods Holy Spirit that we may know the things God has freely given us”. That “we have an unction (a prompting without a keyboard) from the Holy One and we know all things”.
This they seek to immitate, as a replacement of God’s inner unction for ourselves, for the control of another. You can be sold out to God, His Word and Holy Spirit,,, or the plan b. These are the wheat and tares. Who, or what have you mind melded with? There is a reason one plans logo is an apple with a bit or bite taken out of it. This is a sort of blasphemy to those who have a sensitivety to Gods Holy Spirit. The apple was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden for this reason. It is those of us who refuse to infuse with the gods of this age by giving them permissions.
It is because of this that “we are seating far above all principalities and powers”, we are at the command center with insite and oversite of all they do. And it is taught of first in the first book of the Bible called Genesis, a word that means beginnings and firsts.
Our oversight is what they try to immitate as well. However “the prince of the power of the air is quarantined in the lowest heavens called the atmosphere via satellites and such, they are trapped. As scripture says “woe to the inhabitants of the world for Satan has come down to you having great wrath”. This is not for your good. But because “God has not put the realm to come of which we speak in subjection to angels, but redeemed persons from among humanity”.
It is for us, the Elect of God, to be completely unified with The Godhead because “we are complete in Him who is head over all principalities and powers”. Yes Gods Throne is a place we are familiar with. We look on and observe the various sub-sectors knowing their time is short, because God has pulled the stops and let them rush headlong into their own trap, and through their haste and greed to enter the internet to succeed, they have fallen into their own trap. You know why? Because they cannot get out. They wove the internet for our entrapment, but being enamoured with the results, they’re sold out for the cause with “mutual imprecations”. (Enoch 6)
It is because their hopes appear to be reachable, they are in full stride for the goal. Which is the theft of the creation from the Creator God by their modifications. By this they’ve played right into Gods will wil plan perfectly. Their supposed new found freedom has all to do with the temporary creation from the first 6 days of Gods physical creation. And we play a part in this plan from before time began
Our inauguration sneaks up on them. The fullness of time applies to both the wheat and the tares, however their dream will only come into view, but shall not be realized. Like a phantom a ghost or just a dream, poof, it will be gone God will not have His creation glorify another. That’s the trap, and they shall not escape because “Babylon has fallen and become a snare and a trap for every foul and unwholesome bird” meaning fallen angels.
The time is near when the command is given and “The Lord comes with a plethora of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.”
You have to ask yourself, were you invited to the event to come out? Have you acknowledged and excepted to participate in the separation? This is your sanctification. Have you received your training by separating yourself from the counterfeits of the day and put on the originals they try to copy?
The scriptural warning was “whose coming is according to Satan with ALL lying signs and wonders”. That there would be a godlike entity with appearant duplication of Gods things with a false sense of godliness. This is Mystery Babylon and a revisitation of the pyramid people,
Zionist and free Mason’s, for that is their logo.
The light triangle that hoover’s above the stone pyramid is the www. Eye in the sky. And the society of (free) Mason’s is the stone builders and kingdom the prophet Daniel spoke of saying “And in the days of these kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom shall not be left to other people; it shall [n]break in pieces and [o]consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.”
In the beginning God made man in His Image and likeness, to do as He does and say what He says. This is the purpose of creation and Gods word gets fulfilled in this way with The Elect. We are living stones built a habitation of God in the spirit on standby.
With all these things coming into fruition at the same time we call this the culmination of the age and the fullness or fruition of time, and it is on time. Not a minute to soon or too late. And because this was all foreordained, there is only one, that One who started it all, ends it all, who has also had His gleanings all along the way to reach the perfect number. And you know what? He calls them all by name because if God didn’t name them and us, we could not exist.
In these ways creation can only do as foreordained by the orchestrator. Till now and forever Glory to God the Almighty and our Heavenly Father. We love you soon much. Thanks for thinking of us.