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My son Rheginos,  some people want to become learned. That is their purpose when they begin to solve unsolved problems. If they succeed, they are proud. But I do not think they have stood in the word of truth. Rather, they seek their own rest, which we (would define as as the rest we) have received from our savior and our lord, the Christ. We received rest when we came to know (how to activate) the truth and rested in it.

Since your pleasant question concerns what is the truth about the resurrection, I am writing you today to tell you. Many do not believe in it (as available today and look to a second coming), but a few find the resurrection (let alone the Ascension).


(Let us see how) Yeshuah proclaimed things while he was in flesh and after He had revealed Himself to be the Son of God (as something more then the flesh)? He lived (temporarily human) in this world) the cosmos that you live in, speaking about the laws of nature, which all lead to a death. And more (important), how the Son of God became a human (being) son (too). He embraced two sets of realities, possessing humanity and divinity so that He being the Son of God (and the son of man), would conquer death (of something )that was specific to the flesh first as being dead to (the unction of The Holy) Spirit, and, by being the human son too, (he was able to) restore the pleroma (another definition of actively living with the Holy Spirit) .  At the beginning the Spirit was above as a seed of truth, which existed before the cosmos came into being [and the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters], as in the cosmic structure (from the 6 days of the creation). (Since then), many dominions and divinities have come into fullness. (Meaning those of us who awaken and rise to our inheritance by acknowledging that YES, The Kingdom of God is at Hand.)


I know that I am presenting a seeming impossibility because of with the weakness with words, but there is nothing in the word of truth that is difficult (cumbersome or cataclysmic) other than understanding. After the solution appeared (your ability of believing in the Gospel), to ensure that nothing remain hidden and everything be openly revealed (to the elect, and that is,) there are two essential (outcomes of Gods word applied throughout time): 1. being the destruction of evil and 2. the revelation of the elect. (Then the world/cosmos ceases to exist (2 Peter 3.10). This solution entails the emanation of truth and spirit, and of grace bestowed by truth (in Gods Words).


The (message is, our) savior swallowed (up our) death. You must comprehend) this (to enter your rest. Hebrews 4). He laid aside the perishable world and made himself into an imperishable aeon, raised himself up (to show us how to do it), and (in this way He) swallowed the visible with the invisible, (showing us that) he (already) gave us our immortality. Then, as  the messenger Paul  said of him, “We suffered (past tense) with him, we rose (past tense) with him, and we entered heaven (past tense) with him (into Heavenly Places in Christ, in) the presence of the Father (who said that He would never leave us or forsake us).”  Now, since we are (still) seen in this world, we wear (our flesh) like a (disposable) garment. From the savior we radiate beams, and we are held in his arms until our own sunset, and our death in this life (totally safe and secure). We are drawn to heaven by Him, like beams, by the sun, and nothing holds us down (but fear and unbelief). This is the resurrection of the spirit, which swallows up the soul and the flesh. (The ascension to these truths is for those who have  ascertained these truths)


If you cannot believe, you cannot receive. My son, these matters belong to the (invisible) domain of faith Hebrews 11.1 and not to persuasive arguments, in asserting that the dead will rise (as though the flesh is the recipient because it is not).

Among the (many) philosophers in the world, there may be one who believes. Certainly that philosopher will rise. And let that philosopher here on earth not believe that he is returning to the self (in the flesh) by himself, and because of faith. We have known the human son (The Son of God became), and we believe that He rose (as the first-fruit) from among the dead (by faith). (Because of this), “He is the destroyer of death.” (To make the way clear into the Fathers presence without hindrances except in your ability to believe to receive).

The goal as well as its believers is great. And the thinking mind of believers will not disappear, nor will the mind of those who know. We are chosen for salvation and redemption, since from the beginning we were predestined not to fall into the folly of the ignorant. We shall enter into the wisdom (passed on to us of those who have known the truth (in this way). Those who have wakened to the truth cannot abandon it (because we are in the Fathers hand). The system of the pleroma is strong. A small part of it is what broke loose to make up the world. What encompasses everything, the realm of all, did not come into being. It (already) was. So never doubt the (eternal, nonstop reality of the) resurrection, my son Rheginos.


If you did not exist in flesh, you took on flesh when you entered the world. Why is it, then, that you don’t want to take your flesh when you rise into the aeon? What is better than flesh is what animates.  What came into being because of you (in the flesh, is it not (the new) you? Doesn’t it exist within you? But while you are in the world (in your carnal body), what are you missing? That is precisely what you have attempted to learn. (to put on these truths as you learn them as the new you in the image of the Son of God of who He was before He became one of us. He did this for the sole purpose for us to become one in Him, for we are members of His body of something that surpasses time and elements that get removed when our collective acquisition of these truths are complete.

After the birth of the body comes old age, which exist in corruption. But what you lacked, is (now your) gain. You will not give up the better part when you leave (but because flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom), The inferior part suffers, but it finds grace.  Nothing redeems us from this world, but we become members of the realm of The All (a phrase for the body of Christ) and are saved.  We have received salvation from start to finish. Let us think in this way, let us comprehend in this way.


Some ask whether one will be saved immediately, if the body is left behind. Let no one doubt. The visible parts of the body that are dead will not be saved. Only the living parts that exist inside will rise. What is the resurrection? It is the revelation (and elevation) of those who have risen. If you remember reading in the gospel that Elijah appeared and Moses was with him,  do not suppose that the resurrection is an illusion. It is no illusion. It is truth. It is more proper to say that the world is (the) illusion, rather than the resurrection that is because of our savior (and fore runner), the Christ.


What am I telling you now? The living will die.

How do they live in illusion?

The rich become poor and kings are overthrown.

All changes. The world is the illusion.

Why do I seem to shout?

The resurrection has nothing of this character.

It is truth standing firm. It is revelation of what is,
and the transformation of things,
and a transition into freshness.

Incorruptibility floods over corruption.

Light rivers down upon the darkness, swallowing obscurity.

The pleroma fills the hollow.

These are the symbols and images of resurrection.

They establish its goodness.


O Rheginos, do not lose yourself in details, nor live obeying the flesh for the sake of harmony. Flee from being scattered and being in bondage, and then you already have resurrection.  If you know what in yourself will die,  though you have lived many years, why not look at yourself and see yourself risen now? You have the resurrection, yet you go on as if you are to die (later and live in the very fear Christ came to deliver us from) when the only part destined to die is (the flesh 1 Corinthians 15.50). Why do I put up with your poor training? Many find the way, and there are many confirmations in Gods Words, to be released from the elements and not to (let the flesh) roam aimlessly in error, all with the end of recovering what one has had from the beginning. (Meaning before creation they/we are foreordained for this discovery to rest in).


These words I have received from the generosity of my lord, and Christ. I have taught you and your brothers and sisters (in Spirit/pleroma), who are my children, for whom  have omitted nothing that may strengthen you. If there is anything among these written words that is obscure, ask and I will explain.

Do not be worried about the approval of anyone in your circle who can help. They await what I have written to you, so I say peace and grace be among them.

I greet you and whoever loves you with the love of family, being The Body and the Life of Christ in a dying world. Amen

(The Kingdom of God is at Hand) in this way still.