The term “AT HAND” means immediate.

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The gospel message is “The Kingdom of God is at hand”. But what does at hand mean? Jesus Christ said that. The disciples were commissioned first with that. (Luke 11)

Revelation 1.3 Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time at hand.”
John the Apostle in the Book of Revelation began and finished that book with that phrase. He wrote about some things “that must shortly take place for the time is at hand”. (Rev 22.. 6+10) This term “shortly” is also interpreted as “immediate” elsewhere from the Greek in the scriptures and is here attached to the phrase “At hand”. So when John was instructed to “write down these things that much shortly take place for the time is at hand” he is referencing the things he just wrote in the book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”.
It was when John was concluding the testimony of Jesus Christ he was told “seal not the Prophecies of this book for the time is at hand.” But many look to those things “AT Hand” and “not to be sealed”, beinh the things “which must immediately take place” and still look for a fulfillment them and they call it “a 2nd coming” when the book will be enforced.
But we tell you a timeless truth. “There are some standing here today that will not taste death before they see the Son of man coming in great Glory and power in His Kingdom”. That some then and now would not experience the physical reality of death before they knew this truth. The truth of his kingdom and his power “At Hand”.
We see the term “AT Hand” defined in Gathseme when Christ spoke these words. “Let us go from here my betrayor is at hand,  and while he was still speaking Judas appeared.” Hmmm. Imagine that Jesus spoke the word and it was fulfilled before his words hit the ground. Kind of like when he said let there be light. And there was light. You see His words are relevant and true when He says it. You just need to learn to believe. This is the walk if faith.
John in Revelation was writing of things that were taking place as he wrote them, in his lifetime, and not speaking about events to happen some 2000 plus years later. Once again “write the things that I show you for the time is at hand, the things that much shortly take place”. the book was then concluded saying ‘seal not the prophecies of this book for the time is at hand.
The Revelation of Jesus Christ is not a first and second coming, but a constant. One revelation after another untill you absorb His Fulness. He said “this is My body. Take and eat all of Me”. And “of His fullness we have received,  grace upon grace”. This revelations piled up one upon another. For how long? Till we all come to a full understanding and stature, to a full measure of Christ”. Do not be like “the wicked servant who said “My master delays His coming” for He dors not delay His coming to those who watch and see Him in His original construct of invisible attributes and not as a carnally tangible thing. You just need to see Him in His immortal construct and not as a man bound to events on planet earth. As Paul said “you observe days months seasons and years. I am afraid I have labored in vain. I labor to have Christ formed again in you, but I have my doubts”. This is the the vail of the second coming.
So the term shortly, immediate and “at hand” which all come from the same Greek text are misunderstood today. For somehow we overlook at the introduction and the conclusion of that book and think that somehow it’s not shortly taking place. It is not that the book is sealed and must wait 2000 years to open it. The Book of Daniel was sealed and  speaking of future events, but the Book of Revelation was not.
And this isn’t the only place “At Hand is misunderstood. For when Jesus Christ sent the disciples out stating “the kingdom of God is at hand”, this flew in the face of those who wanted the Kingdom to appear on earth.
It is a current belief that the Lord’s return is imminent, thinking always later and not now. But imminent in English means now. Imminent is a Latin word and is meant as “third person, present and active. Present and active. Who is that?
Imminent. That is what we are talking about. It is that “At Hand” is right now. It is immediate. It is shortly. But if you supposed to see him coming in a carnal way he will pass you by like the thief. For he’s who eternal Immortal and invisible who dwell in immortal light, does not need to appear in any other way to satisfy your carnal illusions. It was the wicked servant who said “my Lord delays his coming”. And it’s James who said “the coming of the Lord is at hand”.
When Christ was first introduced He said “time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand”. This statement was never retracted. But “all things have been fulfilled. They have expired. “All the law and the prophets were until John” the baptist. “Now the Kingdom is preached and all are entering”. But some define the Kingdom as a future event. That the Kingdom is not at hand it is future. They deceive you and offer another Jesus and another Kingdom. One that is not “At Hand”. It was the wicked servant who said “my Lord delays His coming”. And so they do wickedly offer a delaid version of scripture and they call it “the second coming”. They twist the word imminent, immediate and the phrase “At Hand” to mean later. To mean the word is sealed for a 2000 plus years later and subvert the true gospel.
Matthew 23.13 “But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites and 2nd coming purveyors! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in. They quite obviously cannot speak about the Kingdom at hand for they believe in another Christ. An anti-christ. The counterfeit. A physical one instead of the invisible.