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*Like Adam, The Only Begotten Son of God has a Rib

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Like Adam, the Only Begotten Son of God has a Rib.

It was written in the Gospels that The Son of God spoke in parables “and without a parable spake He not to the people“. Meaning that everything He said was for disclosure purposes. Everything He said and did was a parable. For even ALL the law and the prophets we’re parables with Eternal counterparts. If this were not true, how could they be fulfilled and expired?

For you see in a proverbial way that “all the law and the prophets we’re till John the Baptist (back then) but now the Kingdom is preached (back then) and all are entering” (still). (Luke 16.16

The question is, have you? Because that promise was given by Christ during His incarnation. However we know Him as “The Lamb slain before the foundations of the world”. (Revelation 13.8 You see there was no afterthoughts or any addendums to the things that were  said.

We see in the gospel of John 3 states clearly that “those who have been born again can see the Kingdom of God” and that only “those born from above can enter the Kingdom of God”. So those who are waiting for another appearing of another kingdom and another Jesus are really quite confused because even when Christ was on earth in human form, he warned us of those who would talk of another coming in His previous fashion of the flesh.  “They will say, He is in the mountains, or look He is in the dessert. They will say look here and look there but DO NOT go after them because The Kingdom of God is within you.”

So unless you have made this distinction clear in your mind, that you can see and enter into what we are talking about, then please turn around here and go the other way because this is NOT for you.

You know that in the time of Rehab the 2 spies were redirected likewise to leave and go the other way. And when some were instructed to go find Elijah, he was only found in the fearful heights in the mountains and not in the low lands. This message is NOT for the comfortable the docile or the faint of heart. You must leave your comfort zone and take the challenge Christ gave to the disciples to “come up here” and “let us go up from here” and “follow Me that where I am ye may be also”not meaning Mount of Olives or Mt Zion because those too, are only parables of Eternal realities in Christ used to awaken your understanding. So if this does not make sense to you, it is not meant for you either. 

Paul has this to offer us in 1 Corinthians chapter 2

However, we speak wisdom among those who are mature, yet not the wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing. But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, the hidden wisdom which God [c]ordained before the ages to bring us to our glory, which none of the rulers of this age knew; for had they known, they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory.” We see here the owner and dispenser of the things of the Father to those who have received His things gifted to us as seen by being paid in full at the cross. This is our checkout line. Christ’s dying words were “it is finished” so what then are you waiting for?

9 As is written:

The human “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard,
Nor have entered into the heart of man
The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”

10 But God has revealed them (and made them available) to us by way of His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes even the deep things of God. 11 For who knows the things of a man except their spirit which is in them? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. 12  fortunately we have received, NOT the spirit of the WORLD, but the Spirit who is from God, for us to know the things that have (already) been freely given to us by God in Christ.

13 These things we also speak, NOT in words which man’s wisdom (schools or higher education) teaches but that whom the [d]Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with the invisible. 14 Because the natural person does NOT receive the things of the Spirit of God, because they are foolishness to them; NOR can they know the things of the Spirit of God, because they are spiritually assimilated. 15 But those (meaning us) who are spiritual judge all things, yet  they are rightly judged (or condemned) by no one. 16 For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.” He being The Word of the Father is our owners manual to implement and use the things God has freely given us as things the Father had and used before He ever said “let there be light”. How remarkable is this? This is our inheritance. God, God and more God, Amen!!!

So now that you have been properly vetted, just like Christ did when He  took ONLY Peter James and John up the mountain for His transfiguration. So you too can see some things just out of reach of carnal senses and reasoning because these things were written before our time for our glory. For us to be Glorified too. And not meaning like to just revel in, but the Glory we refer to is the very Glory God had previously possessed and gave to us as spelled out in His Will and Covenant for our retrieval. Are you getting this!!! These are given to us to put on and own as becoming The Saints and The Elect. Not speaking of a religious piety but our invisible element that is perfectly suitable to interact with the one who said “lol I am with you always, even to the end of the ages”. He is right here right now in a blazing burning Glory brighter than the mid-day sun.

Now then. We had previously discussed how that after Adam named all the animals he wondered why he didn’t have a counterpart like all other creatures. But that he did. He just did not know it yet. She was hidden inside of him and introduced as ,”the rib”. That she was not made from another clump of clay. That in order for Adam to clearly see her, he had to be put into a deep sleep. Like any surgeon would do for such a thing, God put Adam in a deep sleep to remove that rib, and from that sleep all of humanity in turn would have a lapse of understanding. That because Adam was asleep and we are imaged from Adam, all mankind we’re adopted with this shirt coming. That is why we have scripture to unveil or reveal and make understandable some things because, natural man can not understand except by this type of explanation. That Adam too was just a parable himself of the invisible things of God. He was made in the image of God and the reason his image was split and the mandate was given “for this reason the two shall become one” meaning marriage, was to put the two halves back together. Not Adam and Eve, but the Godhead body to be re-assembled inside ourselves as we will show you here.

This is why in every age the invitation was proclaimed for the marriage of the Bride and groom, be it the Psalms, the prophets the Gospels and the book of the Revelation. Not just any wedding but the original all others only faintly mimic. And it goes like this…

A most peculiar thing took place when John Baptised the Son of God. He saw the spirit of God come down upon the Son of God and son of man as scripture says “in bodily form” and “alighted like a Dove” a white bird in flight. Meaning a form and a configuration to fit just inside of the Son of God. He was filled to the full.

That before this happened, the young man many call Jesus, was incomplete till this happened. Some may think that’s blasphemy, but then it could be said “in Him dwelled the fullness of the Godhead body”. And therefore when this happens to us too then it can be said of us “and you are complete in Him who is head over all principalities and powers”.

But when this happened to the Son of God and son of man the first thing out of the mouth of the Heavenly Father was “This is My only Begotten Son in whom I am well pleased”. And He said this because for the first time since Gods image was split in the Garden of Eden, there is a restored human with both halves put back together to represent or re-present God. This is why Christ is the new creation and to be in Christ is to be in the New Creation “old things HAVE passed away, all things HAVE become new and all things ARE from God”. So as not to fool you in to thinking your carnal body gets a do over but just a repurposing. (2 Corinthians 5..)

Well you say then what about the wedding feast we are invited to that scripture talks about? Well this is it. It is not a place in time but a sequence of revelations in understanding. A series of revelations one after another. So maybe this is your time and your invitation to be gathered into the wedding chamber, so that you too can enter that union as well and enter the Bridal Chamber. This is it!! When you can put the half’s back together, you don’t end up with the rib back inside of Adam, but you do end up with the hidden female counterpart back inside of Christ. But you yourself have had to accept them inside of yourself to be inside of them. That you become one, echad and Koinania. And that is the point and purpose of the whole gospel. If you got this? Welcome home. You are no longer a sojourner but a resident and recipient of ALL the gospel has in the here and now.

But you say, the wedding could only have happened if there was a best man and a witness. You are right. John the Baptist was that very man. This is why he said “I see the Bride with the Bridegroom therefore my purpose and my joy is fulfilled, they must increase but I must decrease”. And so he did.

John the Baptist knew that he not only officiated this event but he was also the witness and the best man at uniting the figures of the Godhead. This is the Union and The Wedding that all others mildly mimic and refer to. And that John as THE last of the prophets had ushered in a new era, the New Covenant era and the New Creation associated with that covenant. Otherwise the New Covenant has no meaning in the here and now if all things are not presented anew.

John did know that he would decrease but he did not know that he would be beheaded. But that was necessary because he was the last and the greatest “for there is none greater born among man than John the Baptist, but those who are least in the Kingdom are greater than he”. For this John was beheaded because as the greatest and the last among the prophets, all the law and prophets we’re fulfilled in application and expired in purpose and rendered unimportant with their replacement. That the head is the brain with the mouth and John had this final testimony and the reason he said “they must increase and I must decrease”. He knew his purpose was accomplished.

As scripture says that “of those born among humanity there is none greater than John the Baptist, however even those that are least in the Kingdom are greater than he” proving that all the components necessary to institute the New Covenant and open up access to “the Kingdom of God at hand” fully equipt with a King and His Queen and the city of our God. “Jerusalem the Mother of us all” (Galatians 4.26)

This is why the wedding parable said, come now! All things are now ready! Because they were, and they still are. However many made light of this and went there way. Do not walk away! Do you remember what happened to those who scoffed in that parable? Go back and read it. (Matthew 22) For there is certain retribution to those who come this close, to turn around and go back to their carnal comfort zone. You have been for-warned.

Since “we have been given everything that pertains to life and godliness” and “we have received ever spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places” and “we are complete in Him who is head over all” and “of His fullness we have all received”. How could you possibly go back to the old sit and wait for another, any other event from God to come and do anything more.

As it says in Hebrews 12

22 But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, 23 to the [j]general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, 24 to Christ the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.

Hear the Heavenly Voice

25 See that you do not refuse Him who speaks. For if they did not escape who refused Him who spoke on earth, how much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, 26 whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, “Yet once more I [k]shake not only the earth, but also heaven.” 27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we [l]may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. 29 For our God is a consuming fire.

But don’t think we are done yet because there is more. God willing next time we will unveil Kurio and Kurios.

The Kingdom of God is at hand, operational and active especially now ad “the wheat and the tares mature together. To get a head count just look at the numbers before the throne of God in Revelation 4. Glory, Marvel, Praise, repeat!



**Does The Godhead have Feminine Attributes?

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Does The Godhead have Feminine Attributes?

That question may seem strange but really, in reading scripture, you see few references relating to the female as important in comparison to the males, so much so in fact one may think eroniously of females being inferior. The “he” and “him” in scripture are far more prevalent  than “she” and “her”. This could affect how we view God and humanity in general. But as we look a little deeper into this we can see how this happened.

So first, let us go back to the beginning to the creation account where God said “let US make man in Our image and Our likeness”. And that’s what God did. He made man and called him Adam, and “in His image made He them (both) male and female made He Them”. (Genesis 3)

So you can see that the hyarchial structure that was divided into male and female counterparts, is not a matter of importance or preference of gender. And we know this to be true because Eve was not created as an afterthought but was hidden inside Adam in the beginning because of her importance and Adam didn’t even know it, or he would not have questioned why there was no counterpart for him like all the animals had back when Adam was naming the creatures.

Gods answer to Adam was but of course He had a counterpart, however she was inside of him, just behind the veil of human perseptions. From there she needed to be reveiled, or un-veiled for that question to be clearly understood. However God did NOT use another clump of clay to form Eve like He did with Adam.

She, meaning Eve was Adams first revelation (unavailing or revealing) of something Adam had but he did not know her yet. Like all of Gods gifts and revelations to us are but she was something that was within reach, as all of our giftings from God are. That is what “at hand” means. Eve was totally invisible and out of view from Adams outer carnal perceptions. But because Eve resided in Adam, she had not so much the outer person, that came next and she was introduced as “the rib”. But like all women do, she had inner perseptions, an intuitiveness, as well as inner cognitions and unctions the are uniquely feminine. She had things that the male counterpart did NOT have. For this reason Gods image was halved into equally important parts, “male and female made He them in His image”.

This relationship mirrors the Godhead and is to be used for demonstrative and learning purposes about the Godhead as we further discuss here.

The point here is that both the male and female attributes and persona’s, co-dwelled together and are unified in one body called the Godhead and only dimly portrayed in Adam and Eve.

From the Hebrew text Eve is called Havah and means the same thing inside out or by being read forwards and backwards showing Her continuity and purity, which points to the one who can penetrate and permeate all barriers and spaces. She can come and go as She pleases and none can stop Her or figure out Her ways. But we can know She is a cohesive partner and persona of the Godhead body.

Side note: This is why when Abram was tested he earned the name change of AbrAHam. The AH was added because he successfully obeyed the HavAH of God called the Holy Spirit, the thing Adam lost. This was Abr-ah-ams ahah! moment. Instead of having intel inside he was joined to the one Havah portrayed as being the affections of God.

There are many names with “ah” in them and even most countries have the “ah” added to them as well. Like Asia, American, Scandinavia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa, China, Korea, Indonesia, Nova Scotia, Argentina, and more reminding us that “the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. However the battle of the last age and the hyarchial structure that “now works in the prince of the power of the air that works in the sons of disobedience in our day as the wheat and the tares mature together. So you need to grasp these Heavenly realities we present to you today lest you get caught up in all the distractions. Now back to Heavenly matters.

This is why before the Law was given, the testimony was that “The Lord our God is One God”. (Deuteronomy 4.9) The Hebrew word for One is “echad”. That is why marriage was given as a means of a restoration and a completed image of God saying “for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. This is how the two to become one. That is why nestled inside the Godhead is a female. Not just any female but Thee original that all others are patterned  after.

So now that you got all that, we then ask, then why is scripture so male centric?  Well technically it is not, at least not in God’s eyes or it’s original Hebrew and Greek renditions as we will demonstrate. We will also point out here that God referred to Himself as a plurality of persons by saying of Himself as “let US make mankind in OUR image and OUR likeness”. And also Why the only Begotten said that “I and the Father are one”, referring to Exodus 4.9 “Echad” Who also said that “those who have seen Me have seen the Father” a claim Adam could not truly make because of the separation of the components where the sin got in.

Hopefully this doesn’t make things too complicated , but to simplify the term “the Godhead body”, it is another phrase for a describing God as being a united plurality of persons. Meaning more than one of several co-equals. We explain the Godhead body into their common law co-equal members and at the core are three. All co-equals, equally important and equally powerful, equally eternal, forwards and backwards with no buttresses or divisions other than in vernacular for our understanding. Kind of like walking around an object to see its multifaceted features, but the same object.

Now as far as humanity being made in the image of God. The Godhead is a head such as we have, at least figuratively speaking because we can only know God figuratively with physical constructs to explain the invisible realities. And through our adoption and adaptation by us who become one with them by rebirth into the family of God (John 3)

In this way we can know, like Adam knew Eve, Gods Word and Spirit to call Them our own, we too become co-equal joint heirs of the things of God by our co-union and communion as those of the body of Christ. We are the children of God.

This is why the promise was given in The Revelation 3 that; To him (those) who overcome I will grant them to sit with Me on My throne, just as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne”.  Meaning that this is a co-union of many members who are cohesively “in Christ” called “The Body of Christ” also defined as “Heavenly Jerusalem” and Yaru-shalom, the Mother of us all”.  “according to the measure of a man, that is, of an angel”. (Galatians 4.26 and Revelation 21.17) Meaning us who are co-owners and active participants in “the Kingdom of God at hand”.

That is what ALL the law, the prophets and the New Covenant are intended to do. To make  visible invisible things of God, without taking on any real importance to themselves other than they were just teaching tools to convey invisible realities “in Christ”. Even King Shalomon (peace) with YahruShalom (city of peace) we’re for instructive purposes only for you to know more clearly the family and hyarchy of God in whom we reside. This is what it means to be “in Christ” and the family of God.

That is why when Christ was on trial for admitting He was King. He replied to the Jewish leaders “you have rightly said that I am King, however My Kingdom is not from here”, referring their Jerusalem that became an adulterous notion because they forgot and taught NOT about the Heavenly counterpart they were suppose to apply their affections to.

This is why the Female persona of the Godhead in Christ said “oh Jerusalem, the one who stones and kills ALL the prophets who were sent to her. Oh how I would’ve gather you as a Mother Hen gathers Her chicks but you were not willing! Therefore this destruction is upon you”. And further verified as scripture commands “by the mouth of two witnesses let a thing be established and Christ confirmed this to the disciples saying “Oh Jerusalem, not one stone shall be left in you that shall not be thrown down till not one is left upon another” as history (His Story) confirms.

That teaching tool with all the law and the prophets we’re expired in purpose and left in writing only for discovery purposes only and a testimony of how not to do it because we have “The New Covenant” that testifies against the old. As we are told, you cannot put new wine in old wine skins” so leave them be. Out with the old, in with the new.

That is why Paul said “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Meaning that Jerusalem on earth was a silly little play thing whose purpose was to instruct people on Heavenly truths. Referring to our maturation in understanding the things that are invisible by way of carnally visual substitute teachers.

We however have “the Unction of the Holy Spirit” as our tour guide and teacher. So the Godhead simple put is an intellect with The Word of God and The Breath of God inside as our Intel inside of us on standby for dispatch. Much like how we have a head with similar features and cognitions to speak and do. Like God in the beginning said “let their be light”, we are still speaking it today as being “The Body of Christ” and His members “from whom each joint and ligiment receives nutrition”.

This is how we as humans are made in Gods image. But that is where it stops because humans take on a physical members and methods and God does not. Gods physicality in New Testament terms is intended to convey an inheritance like all “Will and Testaments” conveys to the heirs things to be owned and instituted after a death of the testator, which happened historically with Christ at the cross, but was also known as “The Lamb slain from the foundations of the world”. Because the Son is eternal, He saved humanity in an eternal non-linier way. For us to put in effect the truths that we know to become members of the Body of Christ, the family of God as being Their physical members and representatives as we re-present them today as They we’re from the beginning “Echad”.

We said all this to show you that the female, God’s female, is hidden inside of Him, just as Adams hidden female was first announced as his rib. But it is not that Gods hidden female is hidden inside of Him. Oh no, for She was seen as a co-creator from the beginning as the one “who brooded over the face of the waters” as the impetus of word, being the Breath of God and a co-creator. But just like everything about God, They do not manifest Themselves to our outer receptors, but to our heart, mind and inner unction called your spirit.

As scripture says “For it is with the heart that one must hear and see with to understand the things of God”. Yes like with us when we speak, without our wind/air or spirit, our words would NOT come out of our mouth or be made manifest for others to hear these truths.

And another truth to be unveiled is that when God speaks, oxygen does not come out of His mouth but His Holy Spirit/breath does. So when Adam was told “in that day ye shall surely die” Adam did not die because he quit breathing oxygen but because the Breath of God called the Holy Spirit departed from him and he became dead to the things of God. Luckily for us when we are born again, We receive the Holy Spirit, We get what Adam lost and become alive again and pick up where Adam and Havah left off. Back to things being “good, very good” as God described His creation. And mankind was His crown jewel of His works, “male and female made He them in His likeness”. It was creation that was made to serve man because man was the object of God’s creation you could say mankind is Gods creation. Everything else that is made is really unimportant. If this were not true Peter would not have described the time where “everything that is made will be burned with a flaming heat for the eternal to remain”. And the writer of Hebrews would not have written that “all things that can be shaken will be shaken for the eternal to remain”. So hold on loosely.

As can now see that God is emphatically male and female and spoke in a plural form, “let us”. Like with Abraham and the three entities. Only two of them proceeded to Lot in Sodom, “let Us go down…”, showing us from what  direction they come from, up above in the regions of your mind.

So this should make it pretty clear the importance and the equality of both female and male and we would like to apologize for the mix up from those who translated these things without really knowing Them more clearly when speaking of The Godhead body. They had not had these revelations, meanings un- veiling. They were just trying to wipe the dust of time away from their view point as do we.

Scripture has been translated into several languages, and many of the translators did not understand many things because their decisions came from committees. We know how well that works because the eleven disciples in the beginning drew straws to replace Judas with whatever his name is. This was about like playing rock, paper, scissors. But Paul was God’s choice. So too, King James may have authorized a version but not with Gods consent but man’s, like the trick with the straws.

With this being said, we can take just one translational error and oversight from the Greek scriptures and turn nearly 3800 times a word was translated into “he” and “him” in scripture, to correctly re-interpretate it to “they” and “them” to include she and her. And it goes like this.

The Greek word “auto” is a gender neutral word and in scripture it has been translated into “him” 1952 times and into “his” 1084 times and into “he” 252 times and only used for a female 242 times???

Where is the rib? Where were the women when all this happened?

Here we show you the official stats for the Greek word “auto” directly from the Strongs Concordance.

KJV Usage: him (1,952x), his (1,084x), their (318x), he (252x), her (242x), they (121x), same (80x), himself (58x), misc (1,678x).
Occurs: 5785
In verses: 3774

As seen here out of the 5785 times the translators chose to make the word “auto” masculine over 3300 times. But they also realized that in 242 times the word “auto” had to translate into the feminine “her” because the surrounding verbage mandated that. There were plenty of other times “auto” should have been rendered “they” and “them” but they simply did not do that. This causes great consternation to women who should be regarded as equal in importance and value, that in some cultures they are regarded as less important. But in Gods economy they are to be highly regarded and protected as a preservation of a species.

The question to ask is, well then how many  times could’ve or should’ve the translators just made the word “auto”, meaning “that one” gender neutral like they did nearly 1800 times in scripture anyway.

So there were plenty of times that there were no accounts of females spoken of as being present, but that does NOT clear up the imbalance from the translators.

The same is true of the word “son” as shown here from the Greek word “teknon” which is in reference of a child including a daughter as well, but was chosen to be male 77 times out of 99 and 21 times as child and 1 time a daughter. Where is the rib?

And so this is with all gender neutral words they were predominantly translated male unjustly as seen here.

Greek: τέκνον
Transliteration: teknon
Pronunciation: tek’-non
Definition: From the base of G5098; a child (as produced): – child daughter son.
KJV Usage: child (77x), son (21x), daughter (1x).
Occurs: 99

And here we have the same blunder with what was translated as man, really means any human being. So anyone of them could have been “women” too, but they selected NOT do do so even once as seen again here;

Greek: ἄνθρωπος
Transliteration: anthrōpos
Pronunciation: anth’-ro-pos
Definition: From G435 and ὤψ ōps (the countenance; from G3700);
manfaced that is a human being: – certain man.
KJV Usage: man (552x), not tr (4x), misc (3x).
Occurs: 559
In verses: 504

Here we have the Greek word translated women that should’ve been translated as wife, a thing a man can’t be. They couldn’t mess this one up

Greek: γυνή
Transliteration: gunē
Pronunciation: goo-nay’
Definition: Probably from the base of G1096; a woman; specifically a wife: – wife woman.
KJV Usage: women (129x), wife (92x).
Occurs: 221

And here we have the husband. No questions here either, all male.

Greek: ἀνήρ
Transliteration: anēr
Pronunciation: an’-ayr
Definition: A primary word (compare G444); a man (properly as an individual male): – fellow husband man sir.
KJV Usage: man (156x), husband (50x), sir (6x), fellow (1x), not tr (2x).
Occurs: 215

Now if this is not enough to make plain the oversight and obscurities installed by the translators by ascribing nearly ALL gender neutral verbage to being male-centric by seeing this proof from the Greek New Testament. The same is true of the Old Testament Hebrew as well, but you should verify these things yourself.

Now we get back to our starting point and the real purpose for this expose’. Like Adam had an expose’ with the rib he named Eve, that expose’, or better yet, that revelation or point of revealing for Adam was really made for us to question; who is Gods Female? Who is the hidden one?

Well She “brooded over the face of the waters at creation as we’ve already stated. She also said as being in Christ as the one who brooded over Jerusalem saying “oh how I morn for you. Oh how I would’ve gathered you as a Mother Hen gathers Her chicks”. She was to never be exposed like Eve. Except that Eve was Her revelation. Oh yah, and the book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ culminated with the “Heavenly Jerusalem come down of God, and from God, out of Heaven” with a Heavenly Glory” as being “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, His hidden Rib and the title and purpose of that book and NOT the catastrophes. The catastrophes and calamities in that book were given to disperse the disenguous seekers. Like when Rehab sent the spies out another way. But We know what the book called “The Revelation of Yeshush/Jesus Christ is All about. His Hidden Rib and counterpart “Heavenly Jerusalem, the Mother of us All”, who are born of Them.

The one whom is referred to in Galatians 4.26 as “Heavenly Jerusalem The Mother of us all”. Meaning all of us who are “in Christ” because that’s where She is, we see Her perfectly as The Son of Gods hidden component. So we who are hidden in Christ are in “Heavenly Jerusalem, and our Mother, Comforter, Teacher and other parent because we were not left “orphans “. (John 16)

The last instruction Christ gave at the cross was for John the beloved to take care His earthen mother, he said “mother behold your son, son behold your mother. So His earthen mother was taken care of. But for us on the other side of what’s veiled from human perceptions, we hear “children behold your Mother. We know Her as Heavenly Jerusalem come down of God from Heaven”. Because we reside in Her and unlike John who was told to take care of Christs mother, we are taken care of here,. For those of you who get this? Welcome Home!!

This is how The Kingdom of God is at hand. Can you see Her???


Scripture, Scribing and Pre-Scriptions

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Scripture, Scribing and Pre-Scriptions.

The root word of our topic is scribe “to write down as a direction, law, or rule,” from Latin praescribere, to write before, prefix in writing; ordain, determine in advance,” to prescribe.

The root word for prescribe is scribe and we have the scribing of scripture whereby  reading, contemplating and ruminating Gods scriptures in our hearts, soul, mind and spirit, is for the purpose to change us and make us new by scribing and writing on our hearts and minds eternal truths. It is to offer ourselves willingly in this way to be re-mapped and made into the image of God recorded in scripture, to be what we were foreordained to be in the beginning before the fall in the garden of Eden. That is the origination point for our mix up.

Romans 12 tells us “And do not be conformed to this world (which is our natural outcome): but be ye transfigured (and transcribed) by the renewing of your mind (as an active cognasent participant) , that ye may prove what is that good,  acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” It is in our minds and hearts where God writes, and “scribes” His very first principles, ordinances, prescriptions, concepts, and eternal building blocks and ways of thinking to make us new. That we are cleansed from our carnal heritage passed on from Adam in exchange for our re-imaged personal copy (of authorization of writ or scribe of a new way of viewing yourself in a way) of godliness, meaning God-like-ness. This is the gospel.

There is another type of scribing, first principal and building blocks that do not make us new, but advertise to keep you healthy and maintain you with their prescriptions. These are scribings of others authorizations in writing called prescriptions, generally signed by a physician and filled out by a pharmacist, taking basic building blocks of matter and chemical compositions containing industrial waste (Read the M.S.D.S. Warnings on handling their products as proof this is true) NOT to make you new, or renewed, but to preserve you in a state of being sick and dying for their profit and population control.

These are impersonators of benevolence “who left their first estate (and inheritance) written of by Jude, in regard to those whom “The Lord comes in His Saints to excecute judgment”. We are pointing out our obstacles and  opposition for discovery purposes. That you may “come out from among them My people lest you partake of their sins and recieved if their judgments”. These  promises are given for us to do our part in sanctification because our Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to get hurt by them, and He doesn’t want us to get hurt with them as His judgment is played out. You’ve been warned!

Prescriptions are competing scribings offering similar promises of a healthy life as the gospel, when in reality mankind is getting sicker because that’s what their intentions are, for profit and population control.

If you look real hard, you can see contrasts in purpose between scripture and prescriptions. You can be re-scribed and re-written in your mind first by way of scripture to become a new mental construct and fulfill the scripture (like a prescriptions get fulfilled). With scripture it is written that “old things have passed away and all things become new and all things are from God” in this way,,, or you can get a pre-scription to try to preserve, make well and maintain the very thing you have that you can’t keep forever anyway. Your carnal body called the old man who was to be buried with Christ by the workings and oporations of faith, in compliance your vows at Baptism. And to further put this in perspective “flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom of God” but the re-newed, re-scribed mind of faith does. This is what makes you whole, faith in God makes you well. And when the end of ones pre-scribed time on earth is over, why would they allow others to detain, entertain, and obtain you  from the prize, the reward and your inheritance you have just on the other side of your human cognitions?

Collosians 2 puts it like this ”

20 Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the basic (building blocks and) elements of the world, why, as though living in the world” (why in the world would you subject yourself to them?) “Do not taste, handle or touch because all who do such will perish with using according to the pre-scribing of men”. (Colossians 2…)

Basic elements are chemicals for prescriptions and they are elemental because they are basic building blocks re-enginered or re-arranged (GMO) for reasons the creator had not intended with unintended consequences. And further more from Colossians 2,

21 (Touch not; taste not; handle not;  22Which all are to perish with the using; after the commandments (writings and prescriptions) and doctrines of men?” Can you see the corolation?

We specifically highlight “the basic elements of creation” because that is what most prescriptions and medications are. A “recombinant” is a re-combining and a synchronizion of miscellaneous DNA parts that the Creator had not intended not authorized.

Included among them are gene mutations which is the sin in the time of Noah. Noah had the only clean genome (gene-gnome) being “the only righteous in his generation . A reconstruction of cellular design, being man-u-factured  or demon-factured, supposed “cures” to save you from sickness desease and death. Isn’t that what the gospel promises you? “Healing all manner of sickness and desease”?

And if the medical community today, represented by a logo of a staff or a pole with a snake wrapped around it (think of Moses and his staff with a snake wrapped around it). If the medical industry uses that symbol and names like Kaiser Permanente which means king eternal, and the name “providence” as if someone else can control yours, and the colored cross and shield, to name a few, bearing in mind that all these manmade for profit organizations are all about monthly payments serving mammon and money. What the hell have you gotten yourselves into? What about the healing of the cross of Christ? You insult the Spirit if grace by your departure and ignorance of His New Will and Testament that outlines your coverages from Him for protection from another. This is why people get sick. When you reject God you don’t get the next best thing but the opposite and here’s your proof.

You exchanged the ultimate gift of love being a life for a life. His life in exchange for yours, then you take yours back and offer your life for another type of saving? Who has you covered? That is spiritual adultery, that is sin. That is why sicknesses multiply.

You were warned of last day counterfeits, provisions and (health care) providers, savings and saviors “with all lying signs, wonders and propigations if possible to decieve the elect”. We know what we have. “Do not touch handle or taste for all who do will perish according to the doctrines (another word for prescriptions) of man”. How much more clear can scripture be? (Colossians 2)

The unfortunate thing for the masses is that the pharmaceutical industry is protected from scrutiny by the powers of this age. All one has to do is take the name of your FDA approved drug and look up the M.S.D.S. info, meaning the Material Safety Data Sheet, and read the precautions and handling procedures therein, along with the symptoms of exposure to them, and if you have to wear body protection of any sort, you should not be putting them into your body. You will likely find that the side effects of their drugs usually match the very “symptoms” of the disease they say they are trying to cure. Meaning as the symptoms get worse you are given more and the more you take the more the symptoms worsen. But the professionals don’t see that. No because they were brain washed by passing the MCAT exame to pursue their career. To pass you have to associate a drug with a symptom. Natural remedies are not part of the program, just their molecular modifications. And they are better than the natural or lifestyle changes?

Part of the problem and delusion is that in order to be a doctor of any sorts, you must first pass the M.C.A.T. test which is really just an indoctrination of correctly associating certain drugs to certain symptoms to pass the test. Think about it. Do drugs cure everything?  Well if you said no, you just failed the MCAT test. That’s how they get you.

Two more points. Do you know that pharmacy comes from the Greek word pharmakia and means whichcraft? Do you think that is just a coincidence?

And why do we have an FDA? A food and drug administration? (Administer means: dispense or apply a remedy or drug).

To administer what? Drugs, law and agency protected for financial gain drugs, chemicals, and to recycle industrial waste back into foods and medicines. (Good and Drug Administration) They are the ad-ministers of death for profit and population control. They get you coming and going.

There is only one saving one cure and one remedy over the fear of sickness and death of this life, the Gospel of Gods Only Begotten Son. For God so loved the world that He sent His Only Begotten into the world that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”. This is our prescription for you, and it’s free. (Isaiah 55)

What do you suppose the “pharmacia” witch doctors are trying to do? So you may ask “you mean to tell me that all the doctors are bad. No but many are and many more are decieved. They cannot practice (a word that means they sre not a professional) without passing  the MCAT test, which is an indoctrination of assigning drugs to symptoms for cures first, before they can enter, NOT the medical field, that is where they hide. But the whole health care system. It has been hijacked.

We were warned of a coming time of deception of epic proportions “with all lying signs and wonders”. We are in a thicket of lies from the main stream media. Media is a the root word of “mediums” we’ve been instructed not to seek or use. Isaiah 8 and Deuteronomy 18 and Leviticus 26 to name a few.

The word “salvation” means to fix up, restore and return to original. To redeem and save from harm and injury. If you can believe that. But remember. You cannot serve God and Mammon, and you cannot partake of the things of God’s and His enemies. You have to make a choice.

The Kingdom of God is at hand and starts with a confession.