The God of this age comes and he has nothing in me

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The God of this age comes and he has nothing in me.
These were the words of Christ to the disciples. The two ages are diametrically different.  One visible. The other invisible . And so are the comings. The God of this age comes one way and Christ comes in another. The Pharisees were expecting a coming, and Christ told them it comes not with observation, meaning to the carnal senses. They wanted a physical coming and kingdom. They were looking without for that which is within and in this way rejected Him who is invisible.
Christ said “My Kingdom is not from here”. And so many persist even today in seeking a coming in a visual way. If God honors The 2nd coming seekers desire of a kingdom coming with observation, then He needs to apologize to the Jews for condemning them for the same thing  “till not one stone was left upon another”. They expect the same thing. The leaders of that view, the Pharisees, were called brood of vipers and sons of satan for spewing such garb. So be careful what you believe. What is the difference between the Jews view of the coming King and the second coming seekers? Why should one be condemned and the other rewarded? Is God unjust?
Are you expecting a 2nd coming and a physical battle to ensue to take over planet earth? Then you have the wrong Jesus. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God, pulling down strongholds and everything that exaults itself against the knowledge of God. This is our battle in the spirit. We started in the spirit snd accomplish nothing in a carnal way.
He who said “Let there be light” in the beginning could say “Let them be gone” and it would be over. But His purpose of harvest is not over and the wheat and tares mature together. All these things serve Gods purpose perfectly even the god of this age by providing the contrast. Light and darkness in a spiritual way.
Christ said My Kingdpm is not from here or my legions would fight. But a big battle is expected from the 2nd coming seekers. However Christ is seated with His enemies put under His feet, waiting for us to arrive there. It is finished for some, others must learn to appropriate this. The victory is given. Do you have yours yet or is satan still nibbling on you. Satan is experienced by the brotherhood in the world, but we are in Christ where in Him is no darkness at all.
The coming whose according to satan with all lying signs and wonders” is because it comes with carnal observation. It takes the invisible things of God and makes them of the elements of the carnal age. The God of this age comes and has nothing in Me, because it comes with observation. Creation itself is altered in purpose by that mindset. Instead of being used for God to birth His children into glory, it is perverted to make a man out of God. The creator becomes the created. But God is Spirit and truth and seekers such to transition there. This is our transfiguration. Such are we who know the truth. We know the way and the truth and we went there. From Him who said “no one comes to the Father except through Me”. And so we did. He also said “whoever serves Me let him follow Me to where I am that they may be also. And so we did.
The parable where the Master of the house rises then closes the door to have some on the outside saying Lord open up to me. The Masters reply was “No. I don’t know you  from where you are from.” If the Master had known them it would be because when He knocked on the door of their heart they opened up and Christ came in and supt with them. “I don’t know you where you are from “. They are earthen minded and did not cross over into the Spirit. They did not enter in to Him who is invisible. They stay seated in their lower nature waiting to see the next Jesus. The first one rode into Jerusalem appearing to be a pauper on a donkey fulfilling and  expiring all old covenant concepts. But some saw the contrast and worshipped. The others were  offended. And what about You? How will you except Him?
We accept Him as He is. His carnal coming already came and fulfilled all things. We have come to know and believe that God has sent His Son Savior of the world. We are those who confess that Christ came in the flesh and completed His works.  We are of God. (1 John) He does not appear that way again. “I go to the Father and you see Me again no more”. (John 16.9ish) as a carnal concept.
 Those who do stay outside by seeking the things outside when “the kingdom of God is within you. They could not take the visuals given for instructive purpose only, and expire them in the spirit of their mind. They want a physical manifestation and persue the illusion. A carnal unveiling. A physical revelation He is not. Paul said his understanding did not come by man but by revelation. The creator does not become the created. We become godly. Godlike.
So when the Master of the House rose up to close the door, there were some within and some without. Some on the inside, and others that didn’t make it. Those on the outside were enthralled with the things here on planet Earth and another coming man and never translated them into the spirit. These who are deceived wait for a physical translation but those of us who believe and know the truth know that “we have been translated into the kingdom of the son of his love”. We are those who are within and not those without because we opened up our heart in the king of kings came in. The Kingdom some are looking for in a carnal way, we see and we know and we have. We have the delicacies of who He is.  He who has seen Me has seen the Father. And so we have. What are you looking for? And how does he come? “The God of this age is coming and he has nothing in Me” said the Lord.
So there are those of us who see Christ with unveiled faces who are being and have been transformed into His self same image from the Glory to the Glory and in ourselves become Glorified.
The God of this age comes and has nothing in me because I am in Christ.

Good day.
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