The signature of God

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A son where is the father’s name. Christ came in the name of the father. A named in the world is a pronunciation in a spelling. But the name of the father is the father. When the sun came in the name of the father it was not the spelling or the pronunciation so much as it was the character. Christ said I and the father are one. Christ said he who has seen me has seen the father. He was an exact representation and the exact image of the father. And in him dwells the fullness of the godhead body.
When one comes in the Name of the King if he Bears the king Signet his word is as if the king is standing right there. Whatever law or document or decree that is stamped with the King Signet are the Kings words and must be fully enforced. The gospel bears the signature of the Father. His signature is His Son. In the beginning was the Word. The Word wss with God and the Word was God”. He said “I and the Father are one” This does not mean they are just in agreement but the two are inseparable. “He who has seen Me has seen the Father”. And “he who has the Son has the Father also.
So the signature of the Father cannot be reduced to the dotted line on a document because it is still being pronounced today in what is called the Gospel. The Word has gone out to all the earth, even to the end of the ages.


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♦In previous posts we have talked about “in that day”, “the day of the Lord”, the “Sabbath day”, and “the Lord’s rest” are all descriptives of the same day that has no 24 hour increments. This is the day of the Lord that is the light of the Lamb where there’s no need for the Sun or the Moon. Why? Because the lamb is the source.
We had spoken how John the Apostle was on the Isle of Patmos for the testimony of Jesus Christ and that he was “in the spirit on the Lord’s Day”. It was John who was simultaneously in a hellish hole on Earth and also at the very place where every believer covets to get to. Which is? “In the Lord’s Day”. I too am in the spirit on the Lord’s Day. Here is how.
When Christ chided with the Pharisees he said that “Abraham rejoiced to see My day. He saw it and was glad”. Hmm. Abraham and John both encountered something every Christian would like to. Some call it a 2nd coming. It was “the Wicked servant who said my Lord delays his coming”. But His coming is even now. We call it “the day of the Lord”, “in that day” and the Lord’s Sabbath”.  We are “the called “. “Let us strive to enter His day, the Day of His rest”. (Hebrews 4)  The Day with no beginning or end. Where the Father is.
This day that we are talking about is not after every day 24 hour day has been expired when time is no more then the Eternal day appears. No we are speaking about the day that pre-existed the days that the 24 hours mimic that exists even now. This place we are talking about is a constant. It is eternal. The place where when “God rested from his works” He is there.  The place of his belonging, where “God is light and in him is no darkness at all nor shadow of turning”. The place of “spirit and truth”.
So this day we are talking about is the day that has no mornings or nights. It is the Eternal day that has no beginning or end. It is a constant that shines even now, and it is to this day that we are called to. When? “Today if you will hear His voice, today is the day”. Today is “that day”. And where does this type of light shine? In our heart. “Till the day dawns and the morning light shines in your heart”. This kind of light supersedes and precedes the sun you are familiar with.
Let’s look at John 11 were the report of Lazarus being sick and ready to die is delivered to Jesus. If the death of Lazarus had been a problem for Jesus, it was when He first heard he was sick that he should have cried, and then he should have dropped what he was doing and run to his friend to keep him from dying.
But Jesus remained another two days to make sure that Lazarus was good and dead before he exclaimed that he was going to visit Him. And the reason he remained two days? The death of Lazarus was “for the glory of God to be revealed”. Death for Him is no obstacle, and Gods Glory is our gift. Scripture saying “he who has the Son has life” and “he who believes in Me shall never die”. Do you believe this?
 You see it is to the glory of God to show power over death for us to receive life. The glory was to show us that Jesus Christ did not come to Earth to obtain a resurrection for it was Jesus Christ who told Mary “I am the resurrection” and He proved it by raising Lazarus. He did not have to earn the ability to raise the dead for He is the resurrection and the light. This is how he is the same yesterday today and forever. His day has no beginning or end. If we are in Him, we are raised up to the last day and not like at the last day of earth. All the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ. The place they are all fulfilled and not delegated to a point on planet earth.
The point here is that the Day of the Lord and the resurrection is a person and not a place. The “I AM”.  He told Mary “I am the resurrection “. And even as the resurrection is not an event but a person. All the descriptives of the Eternal Immortal Realm are elements of God broken down for our consumption for us to assimilate by reassembling them in our mind for us to become godly saints. They all define Immortal Eternal elements not restricted by time or space .
 We consume the word of God to be like Him. In this way He is the bread of life come down from heaven.  You cannot lay Him out on a timeline to assimilate Him as a series of events happening on planet earth.  No you can only actualize by faith  in understanding him one revelation at a time in the spirit of your mind. This is your Transfiguration. (2 Corinthians 3.18) “as by the spirit into the self same image. From the Glory to the Glory”. But you have to see this glory to transform to the glory. It is not carnally acertainable.
This is why Paul prayed that the eyes of our understanding would be opened, that we may know the hope of our calling, and that we would know the great power that dwells in us that God demonstrated when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him far above all powers and principalities. For those of us who have experienced this power we too are seated far above all powers and principalities  because we are Resurrected in that day. The day that has no carnal entanglements. “Where if even a man or beast touch it he should die”.
So the day of the Lord is not an event but a person. And that person is described in Heavenly Jerusalem as “the Lamb of God” where there’s no need for Sun and Moon “for the lamb is its light”. The Lamb is the focal point and not another soon to become king called Jesus. He was born King saying to Pilate “you rightly say I am a King. For this reason I came.” He doesn’t need to become that either like the false gospel supposes.
Did not John the Baptist say “here comes the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world”? He did not have to become a lamb for his own personal gain but for ours. Everything Christ did was for our gain that we may believe. He did not show us something He was going to be but demonstrated who He already was. We need to learn to believe Him. He is “the same yesterday, today and forever. To Him be the Glory.
 Mary was given into a not now but later, next time view, like the false gospel concept look at the Lord. She was looking at Him in a flesh covering and said that he was the Christ who was to come into the world, meaning later. She did not “endure as seeing Him who is invisible”. He was the word who became flesh. A construct that is not natural to Him. Mary was looking to a future event saying “yes Lord, I know you will raise him up at the last day. Meaning future. And after Mary repeated this three times, that Christ was rejected because He wanted to interact with Her in His construct. In His home. In His self. “In Christ”. It was then that Jesus wept. And once again the weeping wasn’t for the death of Lazarus or Christ would have done that when he first heard Lazarus was dying. The Weeping was because Mary could not be convinced that he was the resurrection and to raise Lazarus up to the last day was to raise him in himself. If she couldn’t see it she wouldn’t believe it. She was looking at it (Him) but couldn’t have it because she had no faith to do so. She wanted an event to experience and did not receive Him in her heart. The invisible place for His abode.
This is what every carnal Christian wants. Just the facts. But “flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom” because it is not of this world, not of this creation but a thing of the heart.  As Christ said ” O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken:. And so they don’t.
Gods day is simultaneous and inseparable as are all the descriptions of God. To be “In Christ” is where all Gods invisible elements are. That Jesus was the resurrection and is the resurrection. This is what the Christ does because this is who He is and not just something He Is going to do later.
So This is the mistake that Mary made as do many of us. We look at “that day”, we look at “the resurrection” and we look at these various descriptions of the work of God in us and we view them as events to behold to the naked carnal eye. In this we error greatly, for as scripture says “seeing with their eyes they see not, hearing with their ears they hear not, for it is with the heart one must see to hear and to understand the things of God“. So some of us do.
For those who see with their carnal eyes and hear with their carnal ears and expect to get something that way? For them it must be precept upon precept and concept upon concept, line upon line, here a little there a little. Why? For them to fall over backwards to get snared and caught. Because the carnal mind is enmity against God  in this way so then those who are in the flesh cannot please God because He does not appeal to our senses but our reason.
 We are those who “live from Faith to faith, and not by visual events. Rather we transform by the many consecutive revelations one at a time and not a first and second coming. Why. Because we are in that light. The place where there is no darkness. “He who walks in darkness lies and does not do the truth”. We are not confused.
For Isaiah also said of the Christ “with my dead body they shall arise”. And so we do. This we can only do by faith. We profess this at our baptism that we are raised “in Christ”. But then we look for another? Hmm. He says “I stand at the door of your heart. Open up that I may sup with you and serve you with these eternal, invisible delicacies. What you eat you become. This is to partake of the body of Christ and not a wafer.
Paul reiterated these saying “there’s only one baptism one resurrection and one spirit”. And as we’ve stated in the post of Echad that God is one. (Deuteronomy 6.4)  Meaning that God is Not defined by a series of events to happen on planet Earth, but a series of Revelations for us to understand him. These revelations are laid out in his word and we call it the bread of life that comes down and gives life to the world”. How? Through the word of God which is the son of God, and not a man. Our food for our spirit. His words are spirit and life. Eternal life.
It was with Lazarus that the Christ showed His resurrection status before he went to the cross. He said “Mary I am the resurrection”. And it is here we say, He is also “the last day”. He is the Lamb of God that gives a light to that 24-hour day as being the source of the radiation and illumination of “the light that shines in the heart of every man”.
As Peter instructed we pay attention to the scriptures “as to a light that shines in a dark place. Till the day dawns and The Morning star is raised in our hearts”. This light that “shines in our hearts to bring to light the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” takes no other form. He is that light and it shines in our heart, our place of transformation. He is the Morning Star of the new creation. Which creation we are if we are “in Christ”. In Christ all things become new” In this wy and not another.
So it is here we show that whatever hellish hole you may think you are in, this may be your Patmos, and this too is “for the Glory of God to be revealed” so that you too can be “in the spirit on the Lord’s day” at the exact same time as were Abraham and John and many others like us. We are “The spirits of just men made perfect”.
Christ is “that day” we are talking about which has no clock with no tick tock and no 24 hour increments on 365 day cycles. The place before He said”let there be light” This place we are talking about is not reserved for an end time event or waiting for you to finish off your days on Earth. That is what Mary thought and why our savior cried. To be “raised up at the last day” and not to “the last day”. You see if Christ is seated in the heavenlies and you are with Him and “in Him”, there is no other place to be.
So this is our full sum,  duty and purpose to God as we sojourn here. To reassemble these truths, and assimilate these revelations, the true reality inside ourselves in what we call the circumcised heart. This is our place of transformation. To fulfill the request that Christ made to the Father. “Father, that those whom you have given me may be with Me where I am” and so we do. Did the Father reject that request? Did not the Christ say “Father I know that you always hear me”? For “He who spared not His only Son, how shall He not freely give us all things?” And He does. All things “in Christ” are ours now. The very things He enjoys now are already given to us. What a blessedness. What a joy. “My joy I give you not as the world gives, I give you. And in that day no one will take that joy from you” Why? Because you will have arrived to your destination if you are willing to receive it. To be “in That day, the Day of the Lord, the Lords Rest. If you just got this, welcome home. You are the elect.
And from Hebrews 12.22  “But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, 23 to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect”. If you allow it to be so.
It is in this way that “The kingdom of God is at hand.” From the foundations of the world. This light is shining and transfiguring even now. The disciples were sent out to preach this Kingdom and God never recanted This message to implement another.
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