Daniel “The Most High rules in the kingdom of men”

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Daniel 4.17 :‘This decision is by the decree of the watchers,

And the sentence by the word of the holy ones,
In order that the living may know
That the Most High rules in the kingdom of men,
Gives it to whomever He will,And sets over it the lowest of men.’

   This was the mindset of king Belshazzar who was in power over His kingdom. That “God rules in the kingdom of men, gives it to whomever He will, and sets over it the most lowest of men”.   But he fell from understanding and ascribed his own power and was judged. He glorified not God and ascribed power to another as though God had to regain power. Having been given the heart of a beast to eat grass like an animal “till 7 times passed over him” until? Until he had a revelation of the living God. He went from king to beast and back to king through a series of sevens untill he came to know and believe that Gods dominion is an everlasting dominion, And His kingdom is from generation to generation. Daniel 4.34
     And this is what every one does. Being made in the image of God, we are created in His image to govern,rule,reign, set in order. To “go forth and have dominion”. As we walk with God he “always leads us to triumph”. And in this way Belshazzar fell in understanding. So did Adam and Eve, so do we. We are born in a fallen state and need to be renewed in understanding of our kingship. “For all have sined and fallen short of the Glory of God” but in Christ we arise. Before that we are like beasts being subject to our environment and letting our circumstances govern our lower nature and have power over us. And for how long? Till 7 times passes over. This is symbolic of the 7 times of scripture and the purpose of the gospel. To restore us to our rightful inheritance “In Christ”.
     Through a series of sevens we arrive at the rest of God. The Sabbath. The true sabbath. Not just the 7th day but we enter the rest of God from creation, to the place before creation where God is. And the purpose of the Gospel is for us to return there. Where? Where we reign being joint heirs with Christ being “seated in the heavenlies far about all principalities and powers”.  When Belshazzar came to himself his senses, he was restored his kingship. And that is what happens to us. It is the gospel that takes us by up degree to “attain why Christ laid hold of me “. (See series on Jacob’s ladder)
      And here is where the 2nd coming message fails miserably.  They say the world is out of control and that Christ must come back and do another work because the world is out of control.  So their world is out of control. And they like Belshazzar eat like a beast the things of God and interpret His word in a carnal way until they come to know that God rules over the affairs of men and puts in place those whom He sees fit. They will remain in their mortal confinements. They will never become rulers over their circumstances. They glorify Satan as ruler.
      Paul warned of them saying “why then are you subject to the weak and beggars elements of the earth? You observe days months seasons and years.  I afraid for you that I’ve labored in vain”. The second coming seekers have Gods work set out in sevens calling it a 7 year tribulation.  That the god man Jesus will come again in a carnal way to appease their sight sound and senses then He will be king. Then God will be in control. But we have senses of a different nature.  “To those who have ears to hear” and for us who are born of the Spirit saying “many righteous men and prophets have desired to see what you see and hear what you hear but have not “. And that is? Just like Belshazzar confessed.  God is not out of control wringing His hands waiting to send His son a 2nd time to come and save us. He already did that but you don’t believe the gospel.The gospel to be restored a king so do we. We are seated with Him in the heavenlies now. He has delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us to the Kingdom. “We have come to know and believe that God rules over the Kingdoms of men and sets over it the lowest of men’and reject the fodder of another coming Jesus. That God rules in any and all generations being “King of Kings and Lord of lords” and need not come back to do so. We who really know God and His Son know that God has come.
      They are looking for a carnal, cataclysmic intervention. And like in Daniel, if you don’t bow down and worship their understanding of scripture? They threaten that you will burn with the fire of a 7 year tribulation period. Much like Shadrach and his two friends in the fire? We call this the false gospel of hell and damnation and not “peace and goodwill towards man” of the gospel. They “know not what matter of spirit” they are. The forth man in the fire? Was the Son of God. It was the feeders of the fire who were mortally burned. And as long as you promulgate that message? You are not just spell bound but dead bound with the same demise. It was the wicked servant who said “my lord delays His coming” who was cast into outer darkness. So these are, darkened in understanding. Till when? Learn from Darius. Jesus does not need to come back to fight for this world for scripture says “the ruler of this world has been judged” and Darius confessed that “God rules over the affairs of men and sets in power whomever He wishes. And as it was said of the disciples of Christ. That after Christ was glorified they remembered these things were written about Him. Yes they are expired for “all the law and the prophets were until Christ, now the Kingdom is preached and all are pressing in”. Are you?
        So for those who are looking for a 2nd coming Jesus? They don’t know who he is. They know His works but they don’t know His ways for “in the beginning was the word and the word was God”. He only became a man for our redemption and restoration and salvation. That “He became flesh and dwelled among us” that he “being found in the appearance of man” that He “taking on the likeness of sinful flesh ” returned to His Kingship with the Father, the place of our calling. He returned to His natural natural pre-creation nature and calls us there as He prayed “Father that they may be with me where I am”.
          As shown in the parable in John 13 . Jesus was seated and taking off His cloak He took a towel and girded Himself. Having washed His disciples feet He laid aside His towel and stood back up. He put His cloak back on and sat down and said to His disciples “do you realize what I have just done?”. Jesus just showed them His Eschatology.  Nowhere was there a 2nd coming. The word became flesh  (a construct He is not naturally so why should He come back that way?) and dwelt among us.  And as the Holy Spirit now convicts and the words of Christ confirm “I go away to the Father and you see Me no more”. Why? Because His coming is the way it has always been, WORD. Before He became flesh He was WORD!  Gods Son in His natural composition is WORD. Gods word is spirit and life but many seek another Jesus who is not word but a physical thing. They don’t except Him as He truly is.
       So as long as someone eats the fodder of the 2nd coming gospel, as long as they see a 7 year tribulation and a future Christ to be king later, they are like king Belshazzar eating fodder and reject their inheritance of their salvation now. They are not “seated with Him in the heavenlies” but wait for another Jesus, another gospel and another coming. Didn’t the Jews do that?
       The Kingdom of God is at hand…. Still, as in the beginning. Come on in if you can receive it.

Define Carnal Christian

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Carnal Christian is a term typically used for a believer who is worldly minded not being hungry for things of the spirit.
   Some think the contrast of being a carnal Christian is to be religious by casting off earthly pleasures. To be given into to church and praying and evangelizing, but this is not so.
    It was the religious leaders of that day that the man Jesus chided with the most saying “you sons of Satan, brood of vipers and whited sepulchers. You travel land and sea to make converts and doing so you make them twice the sons if Hell as yourselves “. These were the biggest offenders in carnality and offenders of the faith. It was not the common folk who didn’t go to church like the harlots, tax collectors and wine bibblers that were chided. These were the objects of attention from Jesus and not the Pharisees and Sadducee’s, priests and scribes, these were the objects of scorn.
   A carnal Christian correctly defined is someone who interprets Gods word in a carnal way to appease their outward human senses of sight, smell and sound with disregard for the invisible things of God. They want something tangible. Like Thomas “show us the Father and that will suffice”. The Lord spoke of these people saying “seeing with their eyes they see not, and hearing with their ears they hear not for it is with the heart that one must see and here with to understand the things of God. It is said of Moses that “he endured as seeing Him who is invisible”. What about you?
   Paul the apostle said “The carnal mind is enmity against God. It is not subject to the laws of God and neither indeed can be so those who are in the flesh (using the human resources of sight and sound) cannot please God”. Why? Because they want to experience God with their carnal senses and reject Him who is immortal eternal and invisible in His natural composition, whom we experience in the spirit of the mind, the place of our transfiguration “.
  It is said in the book of Hebrews to those who want please God that” one must first believe that He is, and that He rewards those that diligently seek Him”. Yes, God rewards diligently and quickly.
   And here is the infraction of the 2nd coming seeker. They believe that the Sons 1st attempt at salvation was incomplete and He must come back after some 2000 plus years and appease their carnal senses of sight and sound by a spectacular event. That Satan rules  (Hebrews 2.14 Satan is destroyed + John 3.8 John 16.9) and Jesus must come back to fix this. They believe that Satan rules the world and in this way they resurrect and empower their own foe “the spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience” instead of resurrecting themselves.
It is written of them that “Satan is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, experienced by our brotherhood in the world”. Yes they are in the world using their carnal senses and drawn away from the true faith by this. But “we testify to what we have seen and report what we hear”. Us who have ears to hear.
    The is the fulfillment of “when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet, Let him who reads understand “? Run from that gospel. A man named Jesus will not rule planet earth from Jerusalem.  That is the abomination that kills your relationship with God and grieves the Holy Spirit. “For although they knew God, they glorified Him not, and turned the Glory of the incorruptible God into the image of a man”. That is the infraction. It  is you letting Satan rule through you for you are “taken captive to do His will”. But it should be said of you “you are the temple of God” and not a piece of real estate in Israel. That is a carnal interpretation of Gods word and it the very “enmity against God”. We are the temple of God. This is what is keeping Gods salvation from you and keeping you out of Heaven, Gods ubiquitous, ever ready Kingdom of God “at hand”.
   And you overcome that abominable beleif that “makes desolate” by being renewed in the mind. “Whom the Lord consumes with the breath of His mouth (word) and the brightness of His coming”(revelation by the Spirit) through the gospel “once and for all delivered to the saints “.  How? By applying His word by faith, the word of His mouth. “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal (visibly tangible) but mighty through (the invisible God) through pulling down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God “. And so we do. We pulverize thst lie.
   You see Jesus does not need to come again because “He is the same yesterday today and forever ” (Hebrews 13.8)  and He appeared once at the end of times to put away sin once and for all”. But this they deny.
 ” We have been given everything that pertains to life and god-like-ness according to knowledge of Him who calls us by glory to virtue” which is us putting on His attributes. “For in so doing you will be given abundantly an entrance into the kingdom “(2nd Peter 1)
If Jesus came back in the way they suppose He would not do something for them He has not already done. And He doesn’t like to repeat Himself. We repeat Him by speaking this gospel saying “Father I pray not just for these but also those who will believe in Me through their word “. (John 17) So we do.
  It was displayed at the cross that Satan was judged by nailing our condemnation and death there as a public spectacle. That all who believe may receive eternal life. “God sent His Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh” to respirit a people and put out of business the carnal senses of sight and sound for relating to God. “To those who have ears to hear” and a different nature than carnal.
    “To those who have ears to hear” is a biblical phrase to those who have been respirited with Gods Holy Spirit  to relate to Him that way “for the time is coming and now is when you will no longer worship God in Sameria or Jerusalem but in Spirit and truth. For God is Spirit and seeketh such”. (John 4). He wants your invisible part. That’s what closest resembles Him of
being flesh of My flesh (of invisible attributes seen in Christ) and bone of My bone (of being sound doctrine).
So a carnal Christian clearly defined is someone who thinks God must become a man again and do another work and another saving in a way they can see with their eyes and in doing do they reject Him who is invisible, who is the same yesterday today and forever. (Hebrews 13.8 )
 And this is why the 2nd coming gospel message is enmity against God for they say “look here! And look there! But Jesus said  “do not go after them!”  Why? Because “it cometh not with observation” of the carnal senses. (Luke 17). The second coming message is exactly the same as the message of the Pharisees.  “When does the Kingdom of God come?”
The Kingdom of God is at hand. Active and perfecting saints, even in our day.

Polarities of creation Pt 2 Creation serves God

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In previous posts we explain how creation now pleases God in the way that it was designed from the beginning. To raise His offspring showing that by contrast light from dark good and evil eternal vs temporary. It is by these contrasts that man can learn about God. “Eternal life to those who by patient continuing of doing good seek for glory, honor and immortality but to those who are self seeking? Indignation and wrath”. (Rom 2.8) We learn that God is light in the contrast of darkness we learn that God is good in the contrast of evil. God is invisible but we live in time and matter. These are the boundaries for our transfiguration and the polarities that define our choices.

   We explained that the contrast of evil was foreseen as part of the plan as is evident by God’s words when after Adam and Eve ate from the tree their carnal eyes being opened, “God said the man has become like us to know good and evil”. Had they ate of the other tree they would have a different set of eyes. This is re gifted to us by rebirth being able to see and enter Gods ever present kingdom at hand as explained in John 3.3-5. For those who have ears to hear? This is not of a carnal nature.
   So any redemption of creation does not to take away contrasts of good and evil, renewal and decay, light and dark.  Creation itself does not transform, but we do between the polarities. In this way “we are a new creation in Christ ” as quoted from 2 Corinthians 5. 17. It is that there is a polarity shift from being cursed to being blessed that creation now responds favorably to the redeemed. To those who are “a kind of first fruit of His creation”.Us!  And this takes place in the spirit of our mind for “God is spirit and God is truth and seeketh such”. Such are we. Creation had no cataclysmic event when man fell and left the garden.
   The redemption once again is in the firmament of the mind, which is a greater expense than the sea, the Earth, and all the visual heavens . At conversion a polarity shift takes place whereby we choose blessing and trusting God rather than cursing and doing our own thing. That we are set out “for good works that we made do them”. Christs words were “Father I pray not that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from evil. And this is totally possible if you have faith in His words. The curse of evil is removed and the polarity shift is complete for those who believe. Scripture also saying “he who has the Son has life, he who has not the Son has not life. It’s that simple. Just like when God said “let there be light” and it was so? So too these words are more concrete and substantial than any of this emc = square stuff.
   This is shown in the Exodus which pictures baptism where the angel of death passes over the first fruit as first born, then destroys the first born in Egypt symbolizing all our enemies. It is shown again when the water parted at the Red Sea to save the elect but then turned to destroy the enemies. This shows the two polarities and it is participated in by personal choice for us as it was for Adam and Eve and only shown as cataclysmic pictured at the Red Sea for our understanding. It was only a picture of what happens in the spirit, for that is the element that supersedes all creation that the humanly visual creation only displays by contrasts for our learning. “Till we all become to the stature of the Son of God, a perfect man”. And we do by understanding”. Not by a cataclysmic event.
   It is God who in the last of these days has spoken by his son”. He is no longer to speak or create something new as though something is not yet. All things were created by him and for him and function just fine in their current condition. It is as we apply His word in ourselves that  we appropriate and receive our salvation through understanding the words in the gospel, recieving the end of your faith, the salvation of your souls. (1 Peter 1.9)
   This is Christ “the bread of life that comes down and gives life to the world”. And He did. This is that cataclysmic event for our transfiguration and not a second coming. This is how we put off the old and put on the new man. Colossians 3.9 “you have put off the old man with his deeds, 10 and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him”. This is “the faith once and for all delivered to the saints” that we are to contend for. This is as Paul said that “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation” and He need not jump start it by doing something cataclysmic for your hardened heart to see and believe, and it is “from faith to faith”. This is the words  at the cross “IT IS FINISHED”.
 There will be no new speaking by God. There will be no new battles no new fighting from heaven for “God in the last of these days has spoken to us by His Son”. He is “seated waiting for his enemies to become his footstool”. The fighting and battling is now ours as we appropriate His word in us. This is what pleases God and He showed us how to do it at His temptation saying “for it is written …” And this is how we show that we are his first fruit of His creating”. His off spring in the here and now.
   So the purpose of creation is to present to us a blessing or by cursing depending on our choice. By murmuring we appropriate curses or praising we glorify God and appropriate blessings  It is our choice on how we use our words. It is God’s purpose in this way to bring many sons to glory as we appropriate word like God. “We believe Therefor we speak”. What we believe is his word regardless of the physical findings. And this is not a new speaking of a new thing but repeating through ourselves the word already spoken. The gospel. “For it is written”.  And this is the good news. Romans 10.6-10 modified ” For where is the cataclysmic event from the sky? Or where is the upheaval on the earth like the second coming purveyors suppose? No the word is very near that you may hear it and do it. If you believe with your heart and confess with your tongue that Christ was raised from the dead, you will be saved”. This is how you hear it and do it. This is the salvation of God. Word. Word reiterated.
   That is the purpose of the Gospel active now only during the age that time and matter and contrasts exists. So the purpose of this creation operates the way that it is being “good very good”. Once it is stopped and recalled there will be time and matter no more for “we are receiving a kingdom that is unshakable”. We are receiving an eternal kingdom that has no beginning and no end. This is why in this age, and this age only, is the work of salvation unto completion “into a perfect man” being redeemed and restored to partake of the glory of God as designed from the beginning. As it says in 1st John “if that from the beginning abides in you”. And “that from the beginning” is that which predates the creation of time and matter, EMC equals square Big Bang stuff.
   Romans 3.23; All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. But for the redeemed? Those who follow Christ that “where he is there we may be also”? We reign with him in the heavens far above all powers and principalities being a co-ruler and co-reigner with him even while we occupy our human body. Like Christ who “came in the likeness of sinful man, being found in the appearance of man” so are we. “let this mind be in you that was in Christ, who thought it not robbery to be equal to God” (Philippians 2) So we do. Blessed are those who here and keep the word of God”? So we do.
   The message of the Christ of the cross is peace and goodwill towards man. Not death and tribulation that the 2nd coming purveyors suppose. They “know not what matter of spirit they are”. Humanity in general is in a spiritual slumber awaiting a “time of visitation” of the spirit of God. Even as the Jews missed their time as scripture says “for they were better off not to know salvation then to know it and turn from it”. Or as Christ said to the Pharisees that “I came and did the work that nobody else did therefor their sin remains”. And as it says in 2 Peter that “they would be better off not knowing the gospel then to know it and turn from it”. From Romans 1 “although they knew God they glorified Him not as God nor were they thankful professing to be wise they became fools and turn the glory of the incorruptible invisible God into the image of a man” to be made visible. And that is what a second coming gospel preachers seek. Another saving of another day through cataclysmic events and judgements. That today is not the day of salvation and completion but maybe tomorrow or 2000 years or something.
   So it is the religious order of the day as they turn from righteousness are even called “sons of Satan” and “brood of vipers” as in any other generation, just as Christ spoke to the Jewish leaders. Wasn’t it Christ the man Jesus who was seen with wine biblers and tax collectors? But of that religious order all the way up through the law and the prophets and quoted by Christ and by Paul saying “this wicked generation and stiff necked of heart always resisting the Holy Spirit” These too are “clouds without water, twice dead pulled up by their roots.
    It is the 2nd coming seekers who cannot see or enter the Kingdom  (John 3.3-5) who promulgate another kingdom and another savior. These people like in the days of Lot, groped around blindly looking for the door saying of the Lord “bring them out that we may see them and know them”. So too are the works of that gospel. That is the very works of the visible city of God “which is spiritually called Sodom and Gomorrah where our Lord was slain” (Rev 10) So these people do.
   That’s why “we must pay closer to the things we hear this we should let him slip four of the word spoken to angels proved steadfast and every transgression and disobedience received its just reward what makes us think that we shall escape the same judgment?” It is in the here and now that we are pruned to bear more fruit or cut off to wither. For those who hear the message and reject it? Die in the wilderness and don’t receive the promises as did those who rejected the spirit with Moses. In that day it was said “TODAY if you will here His voice , today is the day of salvation “. Or like in Samuel the Lord said ” the people have not rejected you from reigning over them but Me”. Those people rejected the invisible God so He gave them Saul. Likewise for the 2nd coming seekers? God gave them another, a choice.  An illusion with “all lying signs and wonders”. Why? Because they are those “who came out from among us” to manifest another coming”. They do not receive the message of “TODAY” but a 2000 year old lie. They call it “the second coming. And they rob you of your inheritance by their enticing words.
   As Christ said to those who were seeking a future coming kingdom in that day “they will say look here and look there but do not follow them”. These are the blind leading the blind and will get you nowhere. Receive the gospel that says “today if you here His voice”. Allow God to re-spirit you for blessings and “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” that you may enjoy the inheritance gifted to us now. To Him who has given us richly all things to enjoy. Christ died so we don’t have to. He died for us to experience heavenly blessings. You see “it is Gods good pleasure to give you the Kingdom”. Have you received it? Or was the cross unsuccessful? Your choice.
                           “The Kingdom of God is at hand”

Polarities of creation. Pt 1 From the beginning

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In the beginning God made man in a polarity between heaven and earth saying “Of the ground God formed man from the dust, and God breathed into man and he became a living being”. After his tenor on earth his flesh would return to the dust and his spirit, meaning Gods breath, would return to God.

     Man was made in the image of  God and was installed on planet earth to become Godly. His purpose was to through trial and error learn of who he was. It was as he lived between contrasts, light and dark, hot and cold, wet and dry, decay and renewal etcetera, that he would put on godly attributes, to learn to discern good and evil. To choose godliness or follow the inclinations of his lower nature. He was made with the capacity to reject or reflect Gods glory and likeness from the beginning. And that was his value and the value of any human and the reason for the word to become flesh.

     It wasn’t until Adam had sinned by distrust and disbelief in God and believed in another, in the contrast,  that the plurality of God said “man has become to be like one of us to know good and evil” that the mechanism we call creation was completely set up to develop these new creations, to aspire the likeness of the living God, aned that was said when he sinned. If Adam and Eve had not chosen the tree, they would not “become like one of us to know good and evil.
     The fall was in full view to God from the beginning. When the choice to disobey and to disbelieve God was made by man, God was not caught off guard. For when God looked at His work after the 6th day when He created man He said that “it was good” then He paused to think of all the possibilities. Like a big chess game He knew all of humanities frailties and moves and then said of His creation that not only was it good but it was “very good”. Just as it says that God created all the herbs and trees, scripture also says that “God had not caused any of the trees to grow because “there was no man yet to till the ground”. He was demonstrating that all of creation was made to serve man and of creation from day one to none, all the provisions had been made for all of humanities probabilities for this is the responsibility of God, that when man went forth, the provisions would then be available.
     The creation of time and matter was complete and needed no future intervention as though He was surprised and needed a plan B. All the possibilities and probabilities to contain man were set in place. God was not surprised at all, nor was there anyway that man could ruin Gods sovereignty and plan. So the fall of man and the redemption were complete from the beginning, and this is the polarity we live between to become godly, or God like. And it was part of the plan. Like 1 John says “that which is from the beginning abide in you”.
     So this all sounds reasonable enough but we define this as such because there is another gospel message in our day which is not “from the beginning ” but an “end times” we need to be aware of. Many man made messages say the world is out of control, and for man it is. For God it is not and never has been. God does not have to do another work for another redemption or restoration to return creation back to another form for “the whole earth is full of the Glory of God” and “the world is kept in store by the same word who created it”.
     For what? For all the earth and its works shall be burned for the eternal to remain “.  (2Pet ) Meaning there will be time and matter no more.
    It just as creation is understood in contrasts like light and dark, so too it was Gods original plan for decay and renewal, heavenly and earthly to be part of the original plan of “bringing many sons to glory”. So any supposed restoration like from decay is not a renewal to that from the beginnin because decay was there saying “from dust you are and to dust you shall return..
  So it is to “be renewed in your mind”  which is our heavenly matter (Romans 12) because God is in perfect control being. Even as it says of the Son that “all things were made by Him and for Him”. And they are. When God is done with this creation and His work of His offspring then “all that can be shaken will be shaken for the eternal to remain” and “the earth and all it’s works shall be burned”. That’s it. No more time and matter.
     The redemption of creation and the return to Gods initial plan is not played  out like the 2nd coming purveyors suppose as though God is not in control. It is that creation reflects to man the condition of his own heart as creation was designed. And it is to the tried transfigured and trued redeemed person that creation treats favorably.
    You see God did not curse man or creation, but just explained to him what happens when your actions take you away from Him. Much like swimming against the tide. Also like driving your car across lanes of traffic instead of between the white lines of trust and faith, there were negative consequences accidents and death.
     So yes the fall was in the Spirit of the mind. Even as the Son of Cain said “I will be repaid 70 fold” God did not say that. This is why “if our heart does not condemn us we will ask anything and receive it because God is greater than our heart. This is the place of redemption and restoration.  The heart, mind and spirit.  It is our own plurality that is restored being made in His image.
     And for those who look for another savior? Well the fall happened without lightnings and earthquakes and cataclysmic activities because it happened in the mind of man, in the spirit. And this is the place of redemption. This is our Galgatha. The battle field of the mind. To overcome the “spirit that now works in the sons of disobedience” which we once were. “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, pulling down strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God”. You get that? It takes place in the heavens of the mind being greater than the heavens of the 2nd coming purveyors. Being the “greater is He who is in you” and the kingdom in you that cometh not with carnal observation.
    This is where Adam and Eve failed. This is the place of redemption. Not a new physical heaven and earth but a way of thinking saying “Be ye transformed (transfigured) by the renewal of your mind”. God is spirit and God is truth and so is our redemption for the things of this creation just mirror and teach in contrasts to get us there. But when that which is perfect has come, that which is in part is done away with “. 1 Cor13- We overcome.
    So weather or not Adam sinned, God had all the variables worked out. Is He not the King of kings and the Lord of lords?
    Since these things are so, we need not wait for a cataclysmic event called the second coming,
with fire and brimstone to judge humanity. Wasn’t the message of the Christ child “peace and goodwill toward man”? This is currently Gods posture toward humanity. God is in perfect control, and the plan of creation and redemption works just fine now just as God planned from the beginning . “To each in their own order” 1 Cor 25
    It is through the cross that all the curses of creation are reversed and we are redeemed. It is as we learn and appropriate this that we are victorious over negative thinking that brings curses. The cross is the spectacular event to look at and not a 2nd coming as it says in scripture. That God redeemed all things to Himself through Christ, weather things in heaven or on earth, powers or principalities “.
     1 John 5.  Who is the one who overcomes the world? The one who believes that the word is the Son of God”.
     Yes! No earthquakes, no rapture, no tribulation, no cataclysmic event but belief. The thing Adam and Eve gave up and believed another. It’s that simple, if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth you shall be saved “. This is the saving and the right savior.  As we are re spirited at baptism and re-pluralized by receiving “the unction of God that abides in you” that we are allowed full fellowship with the living God. As Paul said “be ye reconciled to God the Father, for He made Him who knew no sin to become our sin for us to become His righteousness “. So we are. And we learn to till His garden of the spirit. We reap the fruits of the spirit which are attributes of God Himself for us to be more godlike, meaning godly. Like Him. A child of glory. Begat by glory by the “Lord of glory”. 2 Cor 3.18 This was mans calling and purpose before the fall and the need to be re spirited with the breath of God like Adam.
     We are saints which comes from the word “holy” which is a word that means the carnal mind is washed clean and dressed with the invisible attributes of God. It is as Jesus said “he who has seen Me has seen the Father”. And of Paul that “we were circumcised from the sin of the flesh by Gods invisible hand ” and not a future rapture or death.
     It is the second coming mindset that is a belief system of denials for believers who cannot except the gospel message that says that “God was in the Christ reconciling the world to Himself”. And also that “He has redeemed all things through the blood of the cross, be it powers or principalities or things present or things to come weather on earth or in heavens. It is by the blood of the cross, which is His final act of saving, meaning salvation, by the message of the gospel that repeats these things in every generation. To Him who is seated waiting for his enemies to become his footstool” as you believe and appropriate these truths.  This is the power of Gods word, the saving through the gospel and no other. Your enemies can be your footstool too if you can receive these things learn what an overcomer is. Does not scripture say that “we are partakers of the divine nature “?
     Do not fear little flock.  God has given you the kingdom.
“The Kingdom of God is at hand “.