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This writing is a rendition from the un-canonized and incomplete work of the book called “The Apocryphon of James”.

There are a few sentences that infer this text belongs to a coming class of believers. James had identified one epistle as pertaining to himself alone, and another epistle started with Christ calling James and Peter away and telling the rest to go about whatever it was that they were doing. This is essentially where most believers leave off in the faith waiting for God to do something else for them. They go about the affairs of their lives giving acknowledgment to the Almighty God, but then remain largely unchanged and in general unidentifiable from the culture around them. This Epistle does NOT belong to them but to “THOSE WHO WILL YET COME” as we quote from the coming text. This belongs to those at the end, for those we call “on whom the end of the age has come”. These old texts only make sense to them as “THOSE WHO WILL YET COME

Note; because this text was not for them at that time, and those in between them and us did not understand these things either, we have taken extra steps to ensure that this text fits into the progression of faith with the elect in mind. Not meaning that those up till now are of lessor value, but for those who are said “the first shall be last and the last shall be first” in regard to the measurement of the harvest and the obstacles that are faced.

This is obviously is NOT meant for those under the old covenant NOR to those in during the resurrection of Christ as you will read, but to a coming class of believers. We know these as those “ON WHOM THE END OF THE AGE HAS COME”. That as “the wheat and the tares mature together” and that “the first shall be last and the last shall be first”, that there are those who will be right on time. This book is for those “who have pressed in despite some greater obstacles and laid hold of why the Heavenly Father laid hold of them.

If you are not counted among those who endure, and if you don’t know, then you’ll want to find out because we may be on the precipice of the end of things as you know them. You’ll need to know what is-real and what is not, because with each concept of God, there are equally believable counterfeits. And with each new empowerment given to us, there is a greater responsibility (need to respond). It is here that you may opt out because after you discover whats next, if you are not meant for this empowerment, you will incur the wrath of God with the rest of the traitors and impostures or just lackadaisical throughout the ages.

Here is a key to all counterfeits.

The real is eternal and unchangeable. The counterfeits and deceivers are always changing and modifying their tactics to suppress the masses with distractions to keep them earth bound and looking down. Their intention is to keep you spiritually bereft and mentally earth bound and spell bound by your circumstances. However “the earth and all its works shall be burned for the Eternal to remain”, for Gods things to be without mixture, “so what manner of persons aught you to be in all manners of holiness and righteousness” (2 Peter 3″.

Meaning that we need to “lay hold of eternal life” now because that is all that is left in the end anyway. Everything else is for our development, enrichment, empowerment and our endowment, or instead just doubt and be about your distractions as Christ tells some in this coming text. It depends on what you do with yourself that determines your outcome on the other side of the vale because, The Kingdom of God is at hand!! Still


James writes (to the believers): Peace be with you from the source of Peace, love from the source of Love, grace from the source Grace, faith from the source of Faith, life from Holy Life!

 You had asked me to send you a secret book which was revealed ONLY to me and Peter Yashuah/Joshua/Jesus. Since you could not cease asking about it and I could not detour you, (YOU WERE WARNED). So I now send it to you, but I have written it in the Hebrew for greater secrecy and I’ve sent it to you, and you alone. (BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY)

Now that you are a (selected) minister of the (gospel of) salvation for the (perfecting of the) saints, endeavor earnestly to take care NOT to rehearse this text to many. For the Savior did not wish us to show it to all His twelve disciples. But blessed will they be who will BE COMPLETED (confirmed and empowered) THROUGH THE FAITH (EPHESIANS 4.13) and the application of this discourse. (Of those other than than the the remaining disciples).

Similarly I sent you another (private) secret book about ten months ago, which the Savior had revealed to me under the (same) circumstances. Regard that one as pertaining to me alone (lest you want to be judged accordingly), but this one (is for those who are yet to come nearing the turning of time).

(This is the text of inquiry which begins the separation process.)

The twelve disciples were all sitting together and recalling what the Savior had said to each one of them, whether in secret or openly, and putting it in (their) books. But I was writing that which was in my book and lo the Savior appeared to me while I was writing. (As He does to us who have the same practices).

Him having previously departing from us (Heaven bound) while we gazed at him (leaving). And (now it is) five hundred and fifty days since he had risen (not from the dead but rising meaning ascending to Heaven). So we said to Him, “have you (physically) departed and removed yourself from us (to leave us like this?) But He said, “No, but I went to the place from whence I came (to My place before creating). If you wish to come back there with me then come”.

Then they all answered and said, “If you are telling us to, we will come.” He said, “Verily I say to you, no one will ever enter the kingdom of heaven if I have to tell them to, but because you have become full (you press in yourselves for this is The Kingdom always at hand)

Then He said “Leave to Me James and Peter so that I can fill them.” And having called these two, Christ drew them aside and bade the rest to occupy themselves with what they were doing. (To go about their daily lives, and the pressing issues of the day. Is that you?)


Then the Savior said (only) to the two of us, “You have received mercy to no merit of your own, but because you have persisted in your inquiries and you have fought through the distractions that were meant to try your intentions, and because you avoided getting distracted and persistently and honestly wanted to know what I have to say. You have coveted greatly to always hear more, do you not then, desire to be filled (in this way continually?)

When your heart is drunken, do you not then desire to be sober? Therefore, be ashamed! Because not waking (to more gifts in the spirit) or sleeping from these things all together (and going about the affairs of your daily life), remember that you have (already) seen the (Original) Son of Man (that Adam was patterned after in a physical way). And you have spoken with Him face to face (in an eternal way that is distinct from the carnal senses), and listened to Him from His original construct (of time eternal). Hebrews 13.8

Woe to those who have seen the Son of Man (in the flesh because (then) it’s hard to receive Him in another form. (Luke 24). But blessed will they be who have NOT seen the Son (in the flesh), and those who have NOT consorted with Him, and they who have NOT spoken with Him in that way, and those who have NOT listened to anything from him (in human form but you hear Him). Your (reward is eternal) life!

Know, then, that I healed you when you were ill, (to restore to you your sovereignty that was lost when Adam fell).

(But of others who have not?)

Woe to those who have found a (temporary) relief from their illnesses, for they will relapse (back) into illness (at least once a week). But blessed are they who have been ill (like that), and have known (a different) relief for their falling ill. This is the reward of the kingdom of God (free from the infections that made you ill and stole your sovereignty because you were still imaged like Adam, (ground bound and looking down.)

That is why I say to you, “become full (of Me), and leave no space within yourselves empty, for the coming one to embarrass you (and fill you will something else, Do not flounder back and forth).

Then Peter replied, “Lo, three times you have told us, ‘Become full’; but we (thought we were) full. The Savior then said “Because of this I have said to you, ‘Become full (and remain that way) so as not to be in want. It is those who are in (unquenchable) want (who fill themselves up with all sorts of distractions, these) will not be (fully) saved (meaning to be restored to their full maturation). For it is good to be full, and good to be in want (so you can continuously press in).

Those who are then in want, learn to become full (because of their persistence), and those who have been filled (by Me), they in turn attain gifts (made available through the gospel for the perfecting of the saints) for this cause (to come to the full knowledge of the Son of God, that brings us to a perfection, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; Ephesians 4.13)

That is why you must be in want while it is possible for you to be further filled to the full while it is possible to do so, so that you may be able to fill yourselves (all) the more (with spirit) while you have the body that causes the resistance. For without resistance there is no growth).

In other words, become full of the Spirit, and be desires of reason, for reason belongs to the soul. In turn, it is (the purpose of the) soul, (To be filled so as to not have gaps left open for alternatives that cause uninvited internal turmoil. That is the source your illness.)

So I James said to Him, “we can obey you if you wish, for we have forsaken our fathers and our mothers and our villages, and (we have) followed you. So grant us not to be tested by the devil (and life’s many distractions).

The Yashuah then said to James, “What is your merit of doing the will of the Father if it is not given to you during the time you can be tested to make sure there is a proper installation of your God given features?

Then if you are oppressed or persecuted, and do (the Father’s) will (by applying the new gift given in time for this testing of your new spiritual enhancement, will you not then become a greater you?)

I say that the Father will love you, and make you equal with Me. He builds you up in this way to have you become another beloved (joint heirs and co-equals). This is done through His providence and your own cooperation (to make your calling and Election more sure)

So, can you quit catering to the flesh and quit being afraid of sufferings? Or do you not know that you have yet to be abused and to be accused unjustly? And you have yet to be shut up in prison, and condemned unlawfully, and (you have) yet to be crucified or to be buried as I myself was? Do you dare to spare the flesh, for whom the Spirit is a (protective)encircling wall around you? (That God will only let in what He for-ordained for your development to become more like Him?)

If you consider how long the world existed (before) you, and how long it can exist after you, then you will understand that (the length of) your (carnal) life is a single day and that your sufferings are for a mere moment in comparison to all of time. (let alone eternity)? For the good (that I have for you), will not enter into this present age. (This is why I have drawn you unto Me.)

Therefore scoff at (the threat of) death and take no thought for (preserving or saving) this life! Remember My cross and My death (as your death having been laid upon Me and not you), and you will live!” (Remember I took on your Adamic inheritance and curse of  death to set you free from such fears and mental infections that caused disease).

But I James asked Him, “Yeshua, do not mention to us the cross and death, for that was awhile ago (in your former fashion of the flesh. (2 Corinthians 5.16) ” Christ answered and said, “Verily, I say unto you, no one will be perfected unless they believe in my cross (enough to see their selves hang dead their too).

So those who have believed in my cross (in this way)? Theirs is the kingdom of God.

Therefore, become seekers (and prepare) for this kind of death, like the (walking) dead who seek for (a carnal extension for their) life; for what you seek is revealed to you (as you do so, if you have this mindset).

If you can receive this, what (really then) is there to trouble you? Because for you, when you examine death (in this light?) It will make you understand your Election (as not of this age and a selection of your choosing too!)

Verily, I say unto you, none of those who fear death (of the carnal body,) will have this kind of saving; for the kingdom belongs to those who (already) put themselves to death (in this way. (We’ve reckoned it to be so.  Do this before death comes knocking). Become better than I ; make yourselves an offspring of (the word and) the Holy Spirit!”


 I then I asked him, “Lord, how shall we be able to prophesy to those (the blind) who request us to (entertain and) prophesy to them? For there are many who ask us (to tickle their ears), and look to us to hear a (new) oracle from us.” (As though they had already heard and applied what they’ve already heard.)

NOTE: It is here that James and Peter demonstrate that what they were just told bounced of their heads and produced no real change.

The Lord answered and said, Do you not know what it means, that the head of prophecy was cut off with John (the Baptist? That Prophesy ended with My arrival with The Kingdom at hand). But I said, “Lord, can it be possible to remove the head of prophecy?” (To cap it as though it is finished and has no forward broadcasting relevance?)
The Lord said to me “When you come to know what ‘head’ means, and that prophecy issues from a type of thinking, (then) understand the meaning of ‘Its head was removed (to mean for you to quit thinking that something still has to happen according to the Law Culture. There is nothing new left to say but just repeat the gospel. The good news is that it is finished)

At first I spoke to you in parables, and you did NOT understand; now I speak to you without them, and you (still) do NOT perceive, (and you wish to go back to them like an adolescent returning to breast milk). Yet, it is even you who served me as parables for others yet to come (on whom the ends of the age have come) to learn from your mistakes and for that which is open, to remain open (for them who do not need parables to receive that which is theirs already as “The Kingdom Of God At Hand”, as their immediate empowerment as often as you need it for the cause.)

Now then, hasten to reach this place without being urged! Instead be eager of your own accord and if possible arrive there (at the right hand of the Father) even before I do. For this reason the Father will love you like He loves Me because He sees in you the reflection of Himself you’ve learned from Me though this discourse.

“Come to hate double mindedness and every evil thought. For it is doubt that gives birth to double mindedness, and double mindedness is far (removed) from truth.” (Because truth is one.)

“Do not let (your quest for) the kingdom of heaven to wither. Think of it is like a tree whose fruit has dropped down and filled the branches. They put forth leaves, and after they had sprouted, they caused their womb to dry up. (Meaning when it is over, it is done and time has expired).

So it is also with the fruit which had grown from this single planting (Christ). After the first fruits, then it had been fully ripened and harvested. Then the fruit being delivered to (the) all (of those who accept their Election and on whom the ends of the age have come).

This tree (cross Galatians 3.13) was certainly good, (and) if it were possible for you to produce new plants like this, you would find the full gleaning of the full gospel (is this fruit). Which is the fulfillment of ALL the promises from the Father to fill in all the gaps (in your thinking,) so as to NOT  have any empty spaces (gaps or lapses of His coverage’s,

“Since I have already been glorified in this fashion (as a way for you to follow Me to be so as well, that where I am, you may be also), in a form such as are specific (to you who have eyes to see and ears to hear of another nature (We call; the new you.) And this is the New you that cannot be touched, harmed or killed.) For now you know how to put Me on by faith. (This is your invisible response to the invisible Father whose made you like Us in this way.)

Why do you (continue to) hold Me back from my eagerness to go? For after My labor (pains at the cross), why do you compel me to stay (in limbo) with you here? And you do this for the sake of more parables, (when I told you I would speak plainly about the Father?)

It was enough for some (to listen) to the teaching and understand (the parables of) ‘The Shepherds’ and ‘The Seed’ and ‘The Building’ and ‘The Lamps of the Virgins’ and ‘The Wage of the Workmen’ and the ‘Didrachmae’ and ‘The Woman.’

Become earnest about the word! For as to the word, its first part is faith; the second, love; the third is (invisible) works; for from these comes life. For the word is like a grain of wheat; when someone had sown it, he had faith in it; and when it had sprouted, he loved it because he had seen many grains in place of one. And when he had worked it, he was made whole, because he had prepared it for food, (and) again he left (some) to sow (for future reaping). So also you cannot receive the kingdom of heaven unless you harvest it as such and receive it through (growing in) knowledge. Or else you will NOT be able to find it.”

I say to you, be (spiritually) sober and do not be deceived! Many times have I said to the all (meaning all disciples), and also to you alone, James, be completely saved! And I have commanded you to follow me, that where I am ye may be also. And I have taught you what to say before the archons. (Get behind me, then ignore them or they will beat you down.)

Observe that I have descended and have spoken and undergone tribulation, and carried off My crown after providing a saving for you. For I came down to dwell with you, so that you in turn may (learn how to clamor up through the debris of the ages to) dwell with me. And, finding your (body) houses un-ceiled and open minded?

I have made my abode in the houses that could receive me at the time of my descent.” (Behold I come by stealth as a thief to give or take depending on your focus. Therefore be alert (lest I leave you poor blind and naked!)

“Trust in Me my brethren; understand what the great light is. You see it is the Father who has no need of Me, for a father does not need a son, but it is the son who needs the father – though I go to him. For the Father of the Son has no need of you.”

“Hearken to the word, understand knowledge, love life, and no one will persecute you, nor will anyone oppress you, other than you yourselves.”

“O you wretches; O you unfortunates; O you pretenders of the truth; O you falsifiers of knowledge; O you sinners against the Spirit. Can you still bear to listen, when it is incumbent for you to speak (more clearly) about My things from before time? Can you still bear to be asleep to them when it behooved you to be awake from the beginning, so that the kingdom of heaven would receive you?

Verily, I say unto you, had I been sent to those who listen to me (before I put on human form), and had I spoken with them, I would have never come down to earth (to prove to you that the Kingdom of God was already opened). So then, be ashamed for these things.”

“Behold, I shall depart from you and go away, and I do not wish to remain with you any longer, just as you yourselves have not wished Me to go away. Now, therefore, follow me quickly. This is why I say unto you, ‘For your sake’s I came down).’ You are the beloved; you are they who will be the cause of life in many (to be called the Elect). Invoke the Father, implore God often, and he will give to you (more of Himself). Blessed are those who had seen you with Him when He was proclaimed among the angels, and glorified among the saints, for yours is life. Rejoice, and be glad, as sons of God. Keep his will, for your saving to have it’s conclusion. Accept reproof from Me and be saved yourselves. I intercede on your behalf with the Father, and His forgiveness continues to abound for you.

The Disciples went on and said,

And when we had heard these words, we became glad, for we had been grieved at the words we have mentioned before. But when He saw us rejoicing, He said, “Woe to you who lack an advocate! Woe to you who stand in need of grace! Blessed will they be who have spoken out and obtained grace for themselves (for theirs is The Kingdom.)

Liken yourselves to foreigners; what sort are they in the eyes of your city? Why are you disturbed when you cast yourselves away of your own accord and separate yourselves from your city? Why do you abandon your dwelling place (in the flesh) of your own accord, making it ready for someone else who wants to dwell in it? O you outcasts and fugitives, (don’t you realize this is a parable of you?) Woe to you, for you will be tripped up! Or do you perhaps think that the Father is a lover of mankind, or that he is won over without seeking Him? Or that He grants remission to one on another’s behalf? Or that he bears with one who asks (then heard, forgets) and walks away? – For He knows your desire (before you ask) and He also Knows what it is that the flesh needs! – (Or do you think) that it is not this (flesh) that desires the soul?

For without the soul, the body does not sin, just as the soul is not saved without the spirit. But if the soul is saved (when it is) without evil, and the spirit is also saved, then the body becomes free from sin (as well). For it is the spirit that raises the soul, but the bodies (desires) that kills it. Verily, I say unto you that the Father will not forgive the soul that sins by any means, nor the flesh the guilt; for none of those who remain in the flesh will be saved. For do you think that many have found the kingdom at hand? Blessed are those who have seen them self as a fourth one in heaven!”


When we heard these words, we were distressed. But when He saw that we were distressed, he said, “For this cause I tell you this, you need to know your new selves.


For the kingdom of heaven is like an ear of grain after it had sprouted in a field. And when it had ripened, it scattered its fruit and again filled the field with ears for another year. Likewise you must hasten to reap an ear of life for yourselves, in order for you to be filled with the kingdom!”

And as long as I am with you, give heed to me, and obey me; but when I depart from you, remember me. And remember me because when I was with you, you did not know me. Blessed will they be who have known me; woe to those who have heard and have not believed! Most blessed will they be who have not seen Me, yet have believed (as though I am standing right here).


“And once more I prevail upon you, for I am revealed to you building a house which is of great value to you when you find shelter in it, just as it will be able to stand by your neighbors’ house when theirs threatens to fall. Verily, I say unto you, woe to those for whose sake’s I was sent down to this place; blessed will they be who ascend to the Father (without needing to see Me in a carnal way for yours is the Kingdom!) Once more I reprove you,for you are to become like those who are not, for you to be with those who are not.”

“Do not make the kingdom of heaven a desert within you (but tend it like a garden). Do not be proud because of the light that illumines, but be to yourselves as I myself am to you. For your sakes I have placed myself under the curse, for you to be saved.”

But Peter replied to these words and said, “Sometimes you urge us on to the kingdom of heaven, and then again you turn us back, Lord; sometimes you persuade and draw us to faith and promises of life, and then again you cast us forth from the kingdom of heaven.”

But the Lord answered and said to us, “I have given you faith many times; moreover, I have revealed myself to you, James, and you (all) have not known me. Now again, I see you rejoicing many times; and when you are elated at the promise of life, are you yet sad? And do you (again) grieve, when you are instructed into the kingdom? But you, through faith and knowledge have received new life. Therefore, disdain the rejection when you hear it, (it is not directed at you) but when you hear the promise? Then rejoice the more (because that is your key to come on up). Verily, I say unto you, those who receive life and believe in the kingdom without the negatives, they will never leave it, not even if the Father wishes to banish him.”

“These are the things that I’ve  told you so far; now however, I shall ascend back to the place from whence I came. But as for you, when I was eager to go, have cast me out, and instead of accompanying me, you have pursued me. But pay heed to the glory that awaits me, and, having opened your heart, listen to the hymns that await me up in the heavens; for today I must take (my place at) the right hand of the Father. But I have said (my) last word to you, and I shall depart from you, for a chariot of spirit has borne me aloft, and from this moment on, I shall strip myself of your likeness, in order to be clothed in my original self.

But give heed; blessed are they who have proclaimed the Son before his descent, so that when I do come, I can ascend (again with you in Me). Thrice blessed are they who were proclaimed to be before by the Son before they came to be, in order for them to have a portion among them.”

Having said these words, He departed. But we bent (our) knee(s), I and Peter, and gave thanks, and sent our heart(s) upwards to heaven. But when we heard with our ears, and saw with our eyes, the noise of wars, and a trumpet blare, and a great turmoil (was in between us, Abraham 15).

And when we had passed beyond that place, we sent our minds farther upwards, and saw with our (other) eyes and with our (other) ears we heard hymns, and angelic benedictions, and angels rejoicing. And heavenly majesties were singing praise, and we, too, rejoiced.

After this again, we wished to send our spirit upward to the Majesty, and after ascending, we were not permitted to see or hear anything, for the other disciples called us (as if you wake from a trance) and asked us, “What did you hear from the Master. And what has he said to you? And where did he go?”

But we answered them, “He has ascended, and has given us a pledge, and promised life to us all, and He revealed to us His other children who are to come after us, after bidding us love them, as we would be saved for their sakes.” Of those on whom the ends of the age have come.

And when they heard (this), they indeed believed the revelation, but were displeased about those who were to be born. And so, not wishing to give them offense, I sent each one to another place. But I myself went up to Jerusalem, praying to obtain a portion among the beloved, of those who will (later) be made manifest, (that the Lord kept talking about.)

And I pray that (which is in) the beginning may come from you (meaning you who are reading this as of those who come later), for thus I (James) shall be a delivery mechanism of salvation, since they will be enlightened through me, by my faith and words conveyed by me through anothers (faith) that is better than mine, for I would that mine be the lesser. Endeavor earnestly, then, to make yourself like them, and pray that you may obtain a portion with them. For because of what I have said, the Savior did not make the revelation to us, but for their sakes. We do, indeed, proclaim a portion with those for whom the proclamation was made, for those whom the Lord has made His Elect.