March 2012

8th Day

Posted on March 25, 2012 by ADMIN

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The Sabbath and the Lords day are different days. The Sabbath is the last day of creation signified by 7′s.

In Lev 23 at the conclusion of the 7th feast the people were given an 8th day. This was said twice marking the importance. The portrayal of the feast’s 1-7 had concluded it’s testimony. They would then repeat this 7 feast cycle every year, until?   Stick with me this gets good.
Joshua having entered “the land” and dividing it up had not entered the true rest only signified by the 7th day, for He spoke of another day, stated in Hebrews 4, hence showing “it is not of this creation” not of our world. Not available in this cycle of 7′s. He pointed to another, but the promise of the land was completed.
Solomon also having finished his portrayal of being “the King” in “the City” celebrating tabernacles the last feast, sent the people away on the 8th day. For Solomon was not the son spoken of, for the son was said to be eternal, so Solomon also referred to “another day” after the 7th day. And in Christ’s day, His new work, is why the true believers, seeing Christ on a donkey, knew He was what the portrayals represented, or pointed at, The true King. For they with faith looked past the value of the flesh riding on a donkey and saw One riding on a white horse.  The Savior.
For the law and the prophets could only testify to this, meaning they pointed to this day as the 7th feast concluded with, and the prophets spoke of another day and time, but that was only as far as they can go. But now the 7 feasts have been fulfilled, Christ has entered the tabernacle eternal in the heavens, not made with human hands, being our High Priest forever like Melchizedek, being the reality that all the feast’s and sacrifices pointed to Him, putting them to an end to never return to, Christ obtained eternal salvation. The series of 7′s have expired in Christ. Not just the Passover and Pentecost, for all the law and the prophets were until John who said “this is He” the Christ. Mt 11.13 Including the feast of Atonement and Tabernacles, or Christ has more work to accomplish in this creation, but He is done, henceforth waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. Can you accept this?
The feast’s pointed to this day, Joshua pointed to this day, even with David, “Today if you will hear my voice” then with Solomon as the King in the City, and many more like these all pointed not to a physical day, a physical land, a physical temple in a physical city, meaning not of this creation, the creation signified by 7′s, but the new creation cycle that has no day or night or physicality for the hour is coming and now is when you will will not on this mountain nor in Jerusalem worship the Father, for the Father is spirit and He is truth and He seeks such to worship Him. “TODAY” This is the creation we are called to, better yet born from. Amen?    For those who have ears to hear!
Again with the circumcision. All males shall be circumcised the 8th day. This too pointed to the “putting off of the flesh” after the cycle of 7 and putting the new man, as we are instructed to do by faith. Another portrayal pointing to “the 8th day” Meaning the new creation.
Here again from Revelation 5, the scroll sealed with 7 seals and all who looked on wept “because no one was found worthy to open it”. Enclosed and sealed within the feasts is the new creation, much like in a cocoon to be opened, and if Christ had not come to do His second work, His second creation, we too would weep today, but Christ at the cross removed the seven seals by fulfilling the requirements, hanging on the cross like an eternal billboard sign, an invitation to all humanity, taking away the hand written ordinances that were contrary to us, He opened up the scroll written inside and out, which is Him, the word of God. The veil, His flesh filleted, arms wide open inviting all who will accept Him.
As for those still bound by doubt in the Sabbath and feast’s? Paul addressed this with these words, “you observe days, months, seasons and years. I am afraid for you that I have labored in vain”.
Let us not “insult the Spirit of grace and count the blood of Christ a common thing”. And let us go on to maturity not laying again the foundation of dead works, baptisms laying on of hands and resurrections and this we will do if God permits.
So brethren, see how silly the arguments of a Saturday Sabbath verses a Sunday Sabbath really is? Christ rose on the first day after the Sabbath day, before the first light ray. Mt 28.1, Which is also the 8th day, being the first day of the new creation. And we are a new creation, 2 Cor 5.17.  This is the day we celebrate every day!!!!!!!