Pt 2 The god of this age

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Christ said “the God of this age comes and has nothing in Me”.
Paul expounded on this saying “who’s coming is according to Satan with all lying  signs and wonders if possible to deceive the elect”.
The operative here is that “Satan is coming”. If we understand coming correctly we would know and understand that even now as Christ comes, so too does Satan, and we have a choice. Satan also comes to the spirit of our mind to the place of reason and understanding. This is why Paul said “ For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God”. Satan takes on the contrast of God being confusion and disorder having negative attributes. His favorite attribute is  fear.

Today terrorism is designed to empower satan to control the fallen, lower nature of the fearful masses and used by the god of this age to coral them around. Satan comes in this way. He offers fake safety and security measures to those who do not trust God. Government becomes god.
For us the elect we do not receive him for He has nothing in us. We see the big display and all the hoopla in the fake news. But even as Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the Book of Daniel made it through the fire, for “no hurt was found on them”, so we too are found the same way. We do not fear the threats of the enemy. Tribulation is not meant for us. Even as it says to those on whom the Tower of Siloam fell, that those who would not repent would receive the same thing. But we are of the repented and we need not worry about lightning striking us.
Catastrophes are not designed for us but those of the curse. Christ reversed the curse for us as symbolized with the crown of thorns at the cross. God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world to himself. God has reconciled our minds for blessing and not for cursing. For those who are afraid of the terrorists and these attacks and all the lies and the hoopla, they are empowering Satan and his minions to do so. Their darts and their wickedness lands on the fearful of heart because “he who fears has not been made perfect in love”. Fear draws a certain response. And even a dog can sense fear and prey on it. But Love stands still. We move about at will incognito and walk right through the midst. The fire of this age has no hurt on us.
Even as the Jews were seeking to kill Christ.  He walked right through the midst of them because His time had not yet come. When His time had come it was for us. He took on fear and  death for us. That He by the grace of God took on the fear of death for us. (Hebrews 4)
So Christ comes promising His provisions and covering and satan comes with his provisions for your fears. The comings are the polarities of spiritual light and the power of darkness which only has power on the fearful. We can put our faith and trust in Gods provisions for us described in His Word and take it at face value. Or? Trust in the God of this age.
They are opposite mindsets. This is the wheat and the tares maturing together that consume the same matter. Even as the succulent watered and fertilized soil enriches the elect,  the weeds flourish too. You will know them by their fruit? And as the gardener was instructed not to pull up the weeds lest you pull up the tares also, but to wait for the harvest. So for those of us who know the Harvest is in full swing. We who received the completion of the gift “receiving the end of our faith the salvation of our souls”, is that our souls are directed by the spirit of God which is the unction in each believer directed by love and trust and faith in the almighty God who’s in control of all things. We give no sway to the Enemy by being afraid of him. For nothing shall separate us from the love of God given to the elect who are in Christ.  Neither height,  depth, powers or principalities. In all these we are more than conquerors. Like Christ walked through their midst. We take no detours. We cower at nothing.  Even as Ezekiel prophesied with the wheels”they went straight forward in perfect unison.  We don’t break rank.
When Adam departed from the garden, he left his place of Dominion. And instead of having dominion over the earth and the elements, he was now subject to work the Earth to yield thorns and thistles. He was designed to be a ruler and became a slave. A slave to sin by thinking upside down and inside out. In this way He was exposed.  He became naked by His discourse with another and needed to be clothed. The fig leaf was a bandaid to the problem that fosters the infection.
There was a polarity shift in his thinking. God said to Adam “where are you”? God obviously knew where he was but Adam hadn’t processed this yet. And He replied “I heard your voice and I was afraid”. Fear was new to Adam and is now natural to the fallen man. The garden is not the place for the fearful. Thst is the wrong set of eyes.
To clarify something for the fearful. Those who think God will squash them like a bug. It is here God did not curse Man by saying so but was letting Adam know the new rules about creation  because of his behavior. Much like warning a young child not to run across the street because He would be going against traffic and get hit. So too the unrepentant are going backwards against the purpose of creation by fearing and giving into the sway of the wicked. The things They fear become self fulfilling prophecies. The Glory that is intended for God is directed to another through the motivating power of fear. Fear strengthens satan.
Satan is empowered in their mind and their behavior follows. They commit themselves to the beast by dressing themselves with His provisions. They dress their minds and assay their fears with the false provisions of the age. By viewing government as God and provider they allow these false hopes to assay their fear in vain and hear not the voice that said to Adam, where are You. Like the master of the house who closed the door and said to those outside. “I do not know you from where you are from. They remained fear driven. They did not enter Him who is Spirit and truth but using twisted concepts about God they trust another. The expected another to rescue them from the whoes of the age and not the testimony. The gospel is the power of God into salvation. This they reject and seek another. They want the visual. Like in the days of Samuel the Lord said to him. They did not reject you but they rejected me to reign over them. They wanted s visual ling and kingdom. So goes the lie and the counterfeit. The counterfeit has no value but to deceive.
This is why satan comes with all lying signs and wonders. A duplicate,  a counterfeit,  a wanna be and a mimicker. The wheat and rates process the suculence into different matter with a different fruit.
It is the adamic nature that comes from the dust that returns to the dust that is attached to the Earth. Because the light of life has departed from Humanity through Adam he empowered another. When he departed from God he didn’t get second or third-best he got the opposite and in himself received the curse. He traded his Blessing for a curse. He no longer ruled and reigned and went forth and had Dominion but was left to his lower nature that goes in reverse with backward thinking, the fallen nature, the inversion of every good thing given to us became corrupt. But by the spirit and believing the word of God we become rewired correctly through the gospel.  The power into salvation. The gospel is the conduit and delivery mechanism for the works of God in our lives and not the expectation of another man Jesus. He was the word of God who became flesh temporarily but returned to His natural habitat for you to follow Him there. We are in Christ. But to those outside. Those in Adam Gods says “Where are you?”
So we speak of the things that we have seen and testify to the things that we hear. For if we tell you Earth and things and you do not understand how can we tell you of the heavenlies. If you do not hear the things of Christ but another comes in his name and you will hear him you will hear. They both use the same name even the counterfeit.
If we understand that the world is reconciled to God in purpose by the blood of Christ, we see in the proof of it with him wearing the crown of thorns. Then we can understand that for us the curse has expired. He served it to its conclusion of death to bring us life.
So as long as we do not operate in the lower nature of fear and self-sufficiency and doing a huge hand grab to fortify ourselves against these things, which is none of then storing fig leaves, it is us that set these things aside and walk in the love of God. Not our love for him so much as his love for us. Even as it says in the Book of Revelation, here is the faith and the patience of the Saints. he who leads with the sword shall be killed with the sword. Meaning the very thing that you fear is the very thing that will get you. But we who are born again are recipients of a different reward for we know the love of God. And we are recipients of God by being joint heirs in Christ seated far above all that other garbage from the pit of hell that is trying to scare Humanity into submission whereby they give up their own dominion for safety and for provisions. These poor delusionalist believe that God is not in control but Satan is, and thereby the very power that is resident in each soul of every human of being made in the image of God, they turn this power over to another and in themselves become slaves. Slaves of the fears of their lower nature and working the curse of the earth to zap them of their strength and occupy their thoughts and in doing so they steal their soul. But we in our patience possess our soul.

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