The Abomination of desolation and the Son of Perdition

  2. WORD
  3. Pt 2, Time sensitive spacial creatures
  4. * Incognito part 1.
  5. Incogneto Part 2. The watchers and the Holy Ones
  6. Christ was born King, and many other things.
  7. Consumation and conclusion. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’
  8. Melchizedek King of The city of Peace. Heavenly Jerusalem
  9. The Kingdom is preached and all are entering.
  10. The Abomination of desolation and the Son of Perdition
  11. New Covenant Kingdom
  12. The Inheritance of Faith, Our Stock in the Eternal
  13. *Echad. God is One. 4/27/17
  14. *The Unction of the Spirit
  15. Interphasing with God
  16. *The only righteous act
  17. The Beast Part 2 Blasphemy
  18. *The Beast Part 1
  19. The Son articulates the Father
  20. The truth, patterns and impersonaters part2
  21. We are Complete in Him part 1
  22. The ruler of this world has been judged part 1
  23. The Lamb is the only Savior
  24. Woe to the inhabitants of the world
  25. *The Shield of Faith*
  26. Spiritual Adultery
  27. Jacob and Esua, Praying in the name of Christ,
  28. *Our glorious new body
  29. *For the Elect. The Elect in Glory. The completion of the Gospel
  30. **For the Elect. Revelation, The Manifest Children of God.
  31. * * For the Elect. Completing the crossover. Our Baptism.
  32. The True Father’s of Faith. The Covenant Besides The Law. Deuteronomy 29
  33. All things ARE Restored
  34. * The People of “The Way”
  35. The Wedding Feast is Now Ready
  36. * Resurrection was The Gift. The Ascension is our Journey
  37. Appropriating Our Benefits Package
  38. * The Elect coming in Glory.
  39. * The judgment of God, according to their works.
  40. ** In Your Patience Possess Your Soul
  41. * Being kept from the trial that comes on the Earth.
  42. * Father of Glories. A plurality
  43. * Foundations, Transformation to The Spirit, Lessons from the Old Testament
  44. **Hierarchy’s and Sub-Archons, Plateau’s in The Spirit
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The Abomination of desolation and the Son of Perdition warned about in scripture is the re-collection of all the shadows and images of the things of God displayed in Jerusalem of the lae and the prophets that were expired in Christ. That culture was selected to show the things of God  that were designed to show by contrast the things of the heavenlies but built on planet earth for explanation purposes only. To understand the invisible and eternal with temporary things. The “all things” displayed in the law and prophets and ministered by the priests with sacrifices on feast days were discriptions of invisible things that have been fulfilled in Christ. To be sown physically and raised in the spirit of our minds.

It is the representation of these things  being rebuilt today, denying they were fulfilled by Christ, they seek to recreate and re-present another fulfilling of scripture and they call it another Jerusalem of a second coming to replicate the things the Jews were  condemned for.

This is “the dillusion with all lying signs and wonders if possible to deceive the elect”.  And just as Christ was rejected in that day, so these likewise do. To the Pharisees of that day who were looking for the Kingdom to appear? Christ said “do not go after them”. But many are going that way again in our day.

The expectations in Israel today of a Kingdom of God being built for the Messiah is as blantant of a rejection of the Son of God as the Jews of old and will receive the same demise. Which is?  “Not one stone shall be left upon another”. Why? Because they too have rejected the Chief Cornerstone for an abomination that brings desolation at the coronation of their king. They too reject that “we are the living stones assembled for God in the spirit”.  They reject that scripture and this” now we are fellow citizens, saints and members of the household of God” and need no physical address or recreation on earth for this to be true. Why? Because they, like their predecessors, “seeing with their eyes they see not, and hearing with their ears they hear not. Because it is with the heart you must see and hear to understand the things of God. Even as the Son of God, when he temporarily became a physical man “and dwelled among us” said to the Samaritan lady at the well, “the time that is coming NOW IS when you will not worship the Father In Jerusalem, but in Spirit, this is truth”.  So todays Jerusalem in modern Israel is a lie and not Spirit or Truth and is therefore of Satan’s  Dillusion.

The message of another Christ is a false christ. A mimicker a wannabe, a look alike and a deceiver. Another coming called the 2nd coming, a phrase not found once in scripture.

These reject the saving of the cross in pursuit of something more fanciful. They take all the law and the prophets that were fulfilled in Christ and say “no they are not! The next Jesus/savior/Messiah  does this”. Professing to be wise they become fools and turn the Glory of the eternal, immortal, invisible only wise God into the image and expectation of a man. Romans 1

Even as Paul had said of these deniers “11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness”. God purposely gave them a back door. By diverting the use of scripture to reconcile us to God, rejecting God they re-purpose scripture to un-deify God and make Him a construct of time and matter. As if God could be a subject of and be limited by His creation but “even all the heavens cannot contain God”. He cannot be assigned to a locality in a city on planet earth with a zip code. Why? Because He is the “lol I am with you always, even through all the ages”. It is Him who fills everything everywhere all the time. It is “in Him we live and dwell and have our being”


It is on this page and in every article on this website using scripture to present to you the message first from Christ, given to the disciples, read more clearly through the New Covenant writings (in contrast to the old Covenant and Kingdom) that all the law and the prophets were till Christ, the old being fulfilled and expired He provided “a new and living Way”  to the Father. That message is? THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND.

The abomination of desolation was seen at the judgement of Jerusalem saying “on you shall be laid the guilt and condemnation of all the bloodshed from righteous Able to Zechariah”. This is to be repeated at the end of this age when the reconstruction is complete. Both the Jerusalem of old and any such modern day reconstruction are copies, images and shadows of the old expired covenant, that then was used only to image the eternal, but when left to themselves to be the objects of adornment become adulterous and idolatrous. Just as the destruction of Jerusalem of old started with Christ on the cross when the temple was torn from top to bottom to where even an earthquake split the bedrock on which it was founded . Condemning that Temple now becomes an artifact. That judgment continued “till not one stone was left upon another”, Jerusalem was razed to the ground unrecognizable. Contrary to Common belief that the Wailing Wall was some portion of that City. There was “not one stone left upon another “
But there are many still today who believe that another Jerusalem has some sort of ceremonial value.
Any such earthen object thought to please God by trying to re-fullfill scripture denies the fulfillment already taken place and becomes a counterfeit, a mimicker, a wannabe their of the affections and admirers of God. “Professing to be wise they are fools and turn the Glory of the incorruptible God into the image of a man”.
Even as Moses was instructed to make all things according to the pattern shown on the mountain. The things shown on the mountain were the real and not the things that were made. They were added till faith came.

The Abomination of desolation and the Son of Perdition is The false gathering. When Paul talked about the “gathering together in one all things in Christ. Whether in Heaven or on earth.  Where? In Him and not on earth.
It was because the expired covenant and the Jews were trying to do just that, that they were condemned.  They viewed the things of God to be manifest in the physical and for this reason Revelation 11 calls Jerusalem on earth Sodom and Egypt.
They old covenant and it’s Kingdom physical Jerusalem portrayed by contrasts the eternal. They were fleshy commands given to a specific people in a specific place with a specific language on specific days and God came in Christ Jesus and expired all the specifics. For there is no longer Jew nor Greek, bond or slave. And as the Holy Spirit departed from Jerusalem of old, all the people from every language, tribe and dialect were seen speaking the Glories of God at the feast of Pentecost.
So no longer was Jerusalem the designated meeting place. No it was too specific. Now the Holy Spirit is seen “where two or more are gathered together in My name”. And this new meeting place also expired the commandments written on stones of old of “thou shall not’s”. The New Covenant says “I will write my laws in their hearts and imprint them on their minds”. And in this way jumping over the laws the prophets and that kingdom, going back to the promised to Abraham,  Isaac and Jacob, God fulfilled the promises referring to the gentiles, meaning, all people’s “that in you all the nation’s of the earth shall be blessed”.
By instituting the new covenant the old are left as just relics and memories of a bygone age being artifacts that served there purpose of explaining heavenly things in  by earthen contrasts with specifics.
So for those who reject this reject Christ because this is what He came to do saying to the Father “sacrifice and sin you had no pleasure in, I have come to do your will oh God. Christ took away the first to establish the second. Seeing these contrasts is “rightly dividing the word of truth”. This is why learned to call the old covenant law the gospel of death engraved on stones, verse the gospel of life written on the heart. The specifics were replaced.
Any future re-establishment of the old artifacts and relics just spits in the face of our Lord who tore them down. So much so in fact  that for this reason it is called the abomination that makes desolate because the Holy Spirit departed from there to never return. To re-establish Jerusalem of old is just a reunion of the faithless, “with all lying signs and wonders if possible to deceive the Elect”.
You who revel in modern day Israel will get your wish when God is done with the harvest. “When you see the abomination that makes desolate, being a re-enactment of the hope of the Jews of old, of a god-man ruling in their city on earth,  let them who read understand. You have beryn forewarned!
For God is “the blessed and only [e]Potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords, 16 who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see, to whom be honor and everlasting power. Amen (1Timothy 6.15)

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