New creation part 6 All Things

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1 Corinthians 1.30 Christ has become for us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. 

Many see these things as separate, to be acquired individually. But they are part and parcel of the greater picture of the gift of God for us “in Christ” Jesus. He has become for us ascended seated in full glory too for all things have their fulfillment “In Him”. The gift of God is one. It is however described as many different things but it is one. God is Echad (Deu 6.4). You cannot divide the gift of God into portions. You have it or you don’t. And if you have the gift of God in Christ Jesus, you have him in His entirety, and you do.
You cannot be saved to later become righteous or vise versa. You cannot be redeemed and not be risen. You cannot be seated in the heavens and not be Glorified “for “In Him” dwells the fullness of the God-head body, and you are complete “in Him” who the head of all principalities and powers”. Everything He has is yours, if you are His.
Eph 4.4+ there is one body (Christ) one spirit, one faith, and one baptism. When we are baptized, we are baptized “into Christ”. Into His death and resurrection and seated in Glory. He is seated in Glory and we are “in Him”. This is the body of Christ. And we are to grow up “into Him” who is the Head. This is putting on Christ. We do not wait for our own carnal experience for that cannot be. Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom, but faith does. Your invisible response to the gospel to believe is rewarded this.
The reason the gospel uses the assorted terms is for our understanding. That through understanding we may grow up “into Him” who is the head. To understand the same thing from different perspectives. Love is patient, love is kind. Take away patience or kindness and it is not love but God is all these. Love is an attribute of God. Patience and kindness are characteristics of love. They are all the same thing. They are part and parcel. So too with the gift of eternal life. It is not sub dividable or it is not eternal life. It would need to be completed and be disqualified from being eternal for it has not yet become complete. But He is the same yesterday today and forever. 
So too with the gift of God. It is complete in perfection and holiness, seated in Glory with the Father. We see Jesus there, we learn to see ourselves there. Not because we are righteous but because He is. Not because we are holy but He is. Not because our body is resurrected but His is and we are “In Him’ this is true. If we are any of these several things on our own it diminishes the gift and Gods glory. His gift is complete so we are complete.
All of our righteousness is as filthy rags but the Glorious aspect is all our shame has trade in value. And this we left at the cross. We lay down ourselves and get Him. This is rags to riches. “He has become for us wisdom for we have the mind of Christ. He becomes righteousness because He gave us His. And it is the Father who sees Him in us that He is pleased with. We are complete “In Him”. We see Him there, we see Him as He is, and we become like Him. 
Well until you look in the mirror in the bathroom. But this is not where you put Christ on at. It is as we see Him in His word by the light of the Holy Spirit that we see Him and put Him on. Yes all His several attributes are ours. The package is un-dividable. We see His death, we accept His death and are baptised. We continue and see His resurrection, His ascension, Him being seated in Glory. He has become for us sanctification, holiness and love. He has become all things for us. He has gifted Himself to us in His entirety. He is only chopped up into words for our understanding, for Him to be reassembled in us as our mind is renewed. This is our transformation. This is the old things have passed away and ALL THINGS become new. Our old has trade in value. 
The “all things” that are new are really just one thing seen from many different views and angles for descriptive purposes only but they are totally one and un-dividable. “For all the promises of God are yes and amen in Him who is the head of the body. One baptism, one spirit, one body. The body of Christ that supersedes us.
They need to be received by faith in your understanding. They are not gifts of a second coming. “All things are now ready” (Mt 22.34) And “all things are new” and “ye are complete In Him”. If this were not true Paul could not have said “Old things have passed away, all things become new”. It is the ALL THINGS that define the One
He who spared not His only Son but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not also freely give us ALL THINGS? Romans 8.32

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