New Creation Part 7 Eternal Life

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Eternal life is thought of as something to experience when Jesus comes back to renew planet earth and we all live happily ever after. From that time on. Old heaven and earth pass away and all things become new and restored to what God had spoken in the 6 days of creation followed by His Sabbath. The 7 days of creation. This is partially the reason they can’t except the new creation now, but Paul said that we are the new creation, old things have passed away and all things become new”. Is this true? Not if you believe what we just described. I mean you can’t have an old earth and a remodeled earth at the same time. So what then is the new creation and what is eternal life?

Eternal life is generally tied to this view of the new creation. That when Jesus comes back He will make all things new. That we will see Him new and we too will become like Him new. That the big clock in the sky will be reset to time zero and that we will commence to live eternal life from that moment forward.
That view however humanly logical it may seem has holes in it. It is still associated with time having a beginning and is thereby disqualified as being eternal. It also associates with a renewed composition having physical properties of matter that is subject to breaking down and deteriorating, but Hebrews 12.27+ describes the removal of all the things that are made so that what is eternal may remain. The eternal things already are. They were not made and have no beginning and can have no end. That is what eternal means. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Everything eternal is already there. And Gods gift to us is eternal.
Eternal life therefor is not connected to time and matter of any sort. It is associated with that which is before time. God only, and this is what is offered publicly through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Hence”enter the kingdom prepared for you from the foundations of the world” Being pre-existent, separate from time and matter. The only thing that precedes all time, matter and creation, be it visible or invisible is God. In the beginning there was God, and only God, nothing else. Only God is eternal. And in God was the Son (unspoken) and the Spirit (un-breathed). We can understand God like ourselves in this way. Thought produces word and spirit/breath. It is the word and spirit that came forth from thought and created. “In the beginning God said… and the Spirit of God brooded” Genesis 1.1+2
It is This timeless, eternal, non-elemental pre-existent God that is our gift of eternal life. Everything else has a beginning and is not eternal. He is pre-existing. That is why scripture says of Jesus that “He comes and His reward is with Him to give to each one”. To give what? Himself. This is the true God and eternal life “In Christ”. And if you are “In Christ” you have Him, and you have eternal life now. And this is not associated with anything that has a beginning or an end.
This is why when God rested on the 7th day He rested from His works. Away from things that have a beginning and an end. And this is the place of our calling, to enter His rest saying “therefor there remains a rest to the people of God…Let us fear lest any of you come short of it, for the works were finished from the foundations of the world”. It is this place outside of time matter, being before time and matter to which we are called.
This place of rest is where we are called by Jesus saying to follow Him that where He is we may be also. This is the purpose of the true gospel “For the gospel was preached to us as well as them, but the word they heard did not profit them , not being mixed with faith. (the ability to see the invisible) “for we who have believed have entered that rest”. And where is that rest? Pre-existent with the Father. From where the Word and the Spirit of God came from. The very thought of God. That which is from the beginning where the thought and the Word of God are at rest. The finished work of Jesus Christ, the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Him who is seated in the heavens.
Now if you got all that, then you can see why the 2nd coming Jesus gospel is another gospel, “a strong delusion to believe the lie if possible to deceive the elect”. It proclaims another creation of time and matter. Another physical experience. “But God is spirit and seeketh such”. 
The gift of eternal life is In the Son, “In Christ”. Those who are “In Christ” are in the non-elemental, timeless God, the gift of eternal life now. The place called God. He rested from creation “in Himself” and Jesus said “All the things the Father has are mine” This is “In Christ”. He who has the Son has the Father, he who has the Father has the Son. They are One.
John 17.5 Jesus said “Now Father Glorify Me together with Yourself with the Glory I had with You before the world was”. And if we are “In Christ” as we profess, then we are in this place of rest in Glory. His very thoughts, “for we have the mind of Christ”. We have entered His rest. This is the true God and eternal life. (1st John 5.20)
Now I pray you can see and understand that the second coming gospel is a completely different message. It siphons people away from this truth to divert them down a different path into a cul-de-sac of confusion waiting for another Jesus to reset time and start over so they can get on with eternal life. They are idle in the spirit.
You cannot believe both of these gospels at the same time. You must choose. Is our gift “In Christ” now where the God-Head exists? Where only God exists? Where we are complete “In Him”? Or is the future not ours to see, que-sera-sera?
Eternal life is a gift which has no beginning or end like those who live there. Thought, Spirit and Word (John 5.7). We receive the word, incubated by the Spirit to return to Thought which is the Father for our reconciliation (2 Cor 5.20).
Didn’t the Lord say “My Word shall not return to Me void but shall accomplish all My desire”? This is not the old creation of time and matter that deteriorates but that which never fades or wanes or deteriorates for it never starts it already is and always will be Glorious, exactly the same brand new every day because it is the only day with no night having no darkness for God is light and In Him is no darkness, no variance nor shadow of turning at all, and we walk in the light as He is in the light for He is the Light, the eternal light. This is the “day of the Lord” The eternal day. Christ’s day. It is from the beginning our days are modeled after. His was first. 
The 2nd coming gospel offers a different message of a day that is not yet but will be when Jesus comes to planet earth to defeat His enemies and save us, the same things He fought at the cross. Then we will start eternal life. This is a false gospel of that which is not yet.
So is it that which was and is and always will be? Or the satanic version of who is not yet but will be King, Jesus of the future? 
He stands at the door and knocks and His reward is with Him. So be careful how you answer. because He is right here right now and need not become anything for He always is. He is God. It is we who are transformed into His likeness. Not the other way around.
The Kingdom of God is at hand.

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