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June 10, 2023 – His Kingdom At Hand

June 10, 2023

Manifest Destinies

Posted on June 10, 2023 by ADMIN

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Manifest Destinies

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Whatever is more than this is from the wicked one.

Yes, there is power in our words and “a perfect person can bridle their tongues”. God manifested Himself through what He said. That “we understand by faith that the things that are, came from (seemingly nothing) the things that are not”. And this (seemingly nothing) was word. And this Word was God. This is the manufacturing plant of all the originals, and each one of us are originals as being different but the one thing we all have in common is word, our words. And with our speech we can convey powerful ideas. For this reason deception, being the perversion of thought, is the most wicked because of what it manifests by presenting ideas in a perverted way.

Words are the basic building blocks used by God, and why the Only Begotten Son of God is called “The Word of God. John 1.1. In the beginning was the Word, The Word was with God, and The Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. And without Him (Word) nothing that is made was made without Him”. All things were made by Him and for Him.

By this we can understand the power of our words as being Gods replicas. We have been given this carnal experience to manifest our thoughts, even as when the disciples asked “shall we call down fire from Heaven?” And Christ replied “you do not know (yet) what manner of spirit you are”. They were practicing their trade as do we.

Again from the only Begotten to the Elect, “whatever you ask the Father in My name (in My stead), it shall be done for you”, And “greater works shall you do because I go to the Father and yuo see Me again o more”. And if we are with Him and “in Him”, “in Christ”, and He is in and with The Father as His Testimony says. And “whoever’s sin you forgive, so shall I forgive also”? These are huge aspects that were specifically attributed to the Father. But before we are fully vested Christians, a word that means of the generation and genome of the Only Begotten who “became flesh and dwelt among us”. For us to in turn “put on the spirit” to dwell more clearly with Them in the here and now. But as long as we have our physical members too, we have our testing grounds.

It was in the beginning before word was ever spoken for creation to come to be, that God had already planned for His offspring’s coming to be. Not that we were not, but that without the contrasts of this age, we were lacking discernment. That there would be a plethora of proverbial look a-likes of Himself. Not so much of height, skin color or other similar features. No, that does not define the Father or His look-a-likes, but of vernacular and communication skills all varying in individuality but none the less all in His image. For Him to copy Himself had nothing to do with the physical other than that God created an alternate reality for His offspring to manifest themselves as to what manner and sort they were. Not of good and bad, but a manifestation of their gifts as their contribution as a member of “the body of Christ”. Even as we are called “living stones, built up a habitation of God in the Spirit”, because we being “the body of Christ” are one body according to scripture, and Christ is the head and the Chief Cornerstone.

And what manner and sort we all become, had to do with the spirit. That God first is spirit and truth and we last put off the flesh as His full manifestations and become His replicas and re-representatives. That through creation each one would be tried as to what manner of offspring they would be. And through trial and error, we hone our accuracy to the point that we could be mistaken as The Only Begotten Himself.

That is what happened with the Book of The Revelation of Christ. That angel (a word for messenger as are we) was thought to be by John the beloved as Christ Himself. (Revelation 22) When John heard the testimony and saw that one then bowed, he was told “see that you don’t do that for I am (just) one of thy brethren of those who have kept the testimony of Christ. Worship Him”. So we really need to understand that most identify with being “in (and of) Adam and Eve’, or “in (and of) Christ” as being “the New Creation”. Not as though it was just made, but that it is always regenerated and new, whereas the creation that was made for Adam and Eve, wears out and has an expiration. Good thing for us that the invitation still stands that “The Kingdom of God is at hand” and proverbially within reach to the re-spirited mind of faith, as having to do with the new creation, as being forever new in any age and every age. However the invitation has limited time and seating.

As for as this time of creation God could’ve restricted our choices by restricting the evil, but in doing so He would’ve minimized the outcome. That without the contrasts, light would not be truly light and dark would not be truly dark and we could not be truly completed without experiencing contrasts of complete opposites with maximum effects.

For you see as with God, we being made in His image, are given this age to choose to manifest ourselves with the tools He gave us, of reason of logic and of a sound mind, but we have had to cooperate by choosing to do so. In this way we are His offspring. And whereas God thought some things and spoke them to be, if He did not create a scenario for us to learn to do the same things, He would not truly have offspring but programmed puppets.

For this reason we have choices. We are put into the world to choose our own outcome. And this is our choosing and our proving grounds because since our thoughts manifest through our words, be they spoken or written, have power to become the thing that is written or said. Yes, ideas past on by being repeated verbally or by mandates and contracts and terms with conditions, these are creative, controlling powers.

And because of all this, there is a contrast of darkened spirits who chose that for themselves, that co-habitate in humans much as Gods Holy Spirit does because in each of our developments we have to make that choice. And for one to choose the evil spirits all one has to do is defy and consistently reject Gods Holy Spirit. And just as detrimental as that is to never awaken to that voice within that we call “the unction” of the Holy Spirit 1 John…” . These are the dangerous outcomes of granting everyone their own outcomes based on their own choices by participating in their own salvation as a journey of habitually doing so with faith and patience, or by consistently rejecting, avoiding or simply ignoring their potential.

And because there is a Spirit of Truth, there is a Liar. “With all lying signs and wonders if possible to deceive the Elect, as those who know their duty and responsibility to become godly by putting on Christ. He was Gods chosen image for ourselves to pattern ourselves after for the outcome of being like God

With every truth there is a lie, and there are counterfeits and contrasts of salvation “with all lying signs and wonders”. The enemy of your soul knows that if He can captivate you by fear, he can keep you here and detain you from your eternal potential. He just has to keep you occupied on anything but your personal development.

This was first seen in the Garden when after Adam experienced the contrast, he felt naked and bought into the enemies plan. God asked Adam “where are you”. Not as if God didn’t know but as a reality check for Adam. For you see Adam experienced something that God did not give him. That is why when God and His Son show up on the scene to save, they say first “do not fear” because fear is the destructive response that we must ignore because it puts us on the defense. And when we are on the defense, we are on our own because fear is satans byproduct. He controls by fear. Not just any fear, but every fear that makes you question the veracity of the promises in scripture, to think that you need to fend for yourself. That was the fall of Adam and why God had asked him “Adam! Where are you? But we have the promise from our Heavenly Father that “I will NEVER leave you or forsake you”. And because of this, the only time you can hear the enemy is when you are faced the wrong way, and why Christ at His test in the wilderness said “get behind Me satan for you are not mindful of the things of God but man”, defining for us what our posture should be. That you have to have your backside and blind sides covered, especially as it pertains to the unknown and falsely known. As Paul asked “how is it that after you have known God and been known by Him (like Adam knew Eve for a gen transfer), how is it you go back to the week and beggarly elements of creation to be in bondage”.

And for you. Do you know who the god of this age is? What his tools are and how He implements them? That is not our battle. However many still wrestle with that reality because of what they see on earth. But if that was not so, that they are seated and waiting, then scripture could not say of The Son of God, that He “is seated at the right hand of the Father, waiting for His enemies to be put under foot”. So your outcome is ensured. And if you can receive that, then as you ignore any attempts that indicate otherwise, you will find out that just as you ignore a spoiled child’s demands, that they give up, so too with satan. Your engagement with him and his minions fade like the end of a movie on a screen.

As believers we are not here to save the world. That is reserved for One, and things are operating just as they have planned. That “the wheat and the tares mature together”. And “the first shall be last and the last shall be first”, because we do so with greater challenges. And one of the greater challenges is for us not to be little saviors. This time is about a harvest. Even as the workers asked the field owner, “do you want us to pluck out the weeds/tares? And they were told ‘No! Let them grow together and at harvest we will gather the tares together in bundles to burn, and gather the wheat last”. For us this requires much patience because we want to call fire down from heaven. And those who asked that were told “you know not what manner of Spirit you are”.

We all have participated in this to a degree for our development.  Focusing on earth as a means to calibrate your thinking that WILL initiate a response to it. For you see you are responsible for doing that. And what is that? For initiating and feeding fear. At the moment you should’ve used your tools of faith, you instead repeat the fears you here and participate with the instigator of fear, Satan, as one of his emissaries. When Christ said “the God of this age comes and has nothing in Me”, He was defining our borders of association. We are in the world but not of the world. When you realize this, the allegations from your enemy fades. Your lack of responce to him and his is what neutralizes them from you. And that is the point of “salvation”. It is to “each one in their own order’. (1 Corinthians 15)

Now think about it. If we being made in all ways similar to the creator God. And Gods main representation of Himself is word. Then we are our words too, and our words breed what we say, and if we repeat the enemies manufactured fears and present them to others? Not only are you implicit in spreading half truths, rumors and lies, but you become an instigator of such by promulgating bad news, you are employed by the gods of this age. That these half truths rumors and lies influence others? You are working for the enemy by propagating his none sense. And if it was innocuous, that is one thing but all humans manifest their words. This is our creative power of persuasion that “as a person thinketh in their heart, so they are.

Are you manifesting fear or faith because those are your only two choices. Do you serve Christ, the Son of God whom we are to emulate? When people are carried about by the latest designer fears, manifest through the media (a word from mediums which are middle points, interceptors to keep people from faith in God. And they have a carefully woven net of lies to trap, snare or just temporarily occupy you. I know that if I have someone occupy my home, that is not a good thing. So re-think the idea that you want to be occupied by the new fashion fears of the day because in occupying you, they detain you from what is really important, being the antithesis to fear, being our faith. And more importantly, if you find yourself so occupied by the medias to spread their gospel (gospel means good news) of fear. Not only are you detained and enter-tained and occupied, now the person or persons you presented the fear to, has joined you into promulgating the half truths and lies. This is the bad news as the antithesis of the Good news and the Gospel motivated and founded on faith, the opposite of rear.

With fear, you are working for Satan himself as a mouth piece and a spreader, or broadcaster of misinformation founded on half truths equates to destructive lies. Destructive why?  Well, you will figure that out when you learn that the time you should’ve been putting on Christ one truth at a time, as your primary function for your short stint in this age is over. That the illusions you helped to blow up disappear and you see only God. That the scripture will then be in effect that “let the righteous be righteous Rev 21.

Oh the hellish feel of burning sensation of lost opportunities. Then those who remain, will be judged according to their works (fear verse faith)”. And we ask, what part did you play in promulgating half truths and lies that only temporarily tickled your fancy bone. Fancy that. Especially if you fancied all that under the heading of “end times”. Yes, the motivating doctrine of the Devil, the gospel inverted to promote another coming Jesus to save when the cross is sufficient to save you from all the boogie men by silencing fear, satans gospel.

Think about it like this. SatThe truth be told, if everyone quit talking about the fears of the day the fears would all die because they cannot live without you breathing new life into them by repeating them. Remember being made in the image and the likeness of God, infers that we create with our words too. And if your advancement into spirit and truth happens in this life only. That is your choice and by-product of your life. Remember, satan was defeated at the cross (col 2) if he is rampant today, how do you think that happens? Your lies and embellished news gave him new life. People unknowingly put themselves on the south side of the cross of our saving by re-empowering their foe.

On the north side of our profession we have no dealings with Satan. You do, he is underneith, put under foot. We are from above because that is where our instruction and empowerment comes from. Amen!!

In this way, The Kingdom of God is at hand!! Still.