The life source is in the blood

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The life source is in the Blood.

Have you ever poured hydrogen peroxide on an open wound and marvelled at the bubbles? Well the hydrogen peroxide is excited to interact with the blood. The bloods main purpose is to deliver, and the primary thing blood delivers is oxygen. Without oxygen you will die.

Hydrogen peroxide has 2 parts oxygen and 2 parts hydrogen whose abbreviation is H2O2. Water is H2O. Water has one less oxygen molocule. The blood gets oxygen from the lungs.

Scripture says that the life source is in the blood. Think about it, if someone chokes or drowns, it is because of a lack of oxygen, primarily in the brain, that they die.

There is no cellular regeneration in the human body without oxygen and wherever there is a sick or dying cell, oxygen is necessary for the creation, repair and renewal in all mammels.

The bubbling you see on an exterior wound takes place inside too. Like fire, our cells need oxygen to burn.

In a body that is oxygen poor, that person is more susceptible to cellular break down and disease.

Think of the difference between the air in a hospital verses the great outdoors. Hospitals and air restricted places are prone to being contagious.

When you are in the wild and need water, you are told to get it from the fastest most tumultuous moving water. Why? Because it has a greater amount of oxygen from it’s interaction with the air. Conversely if a pool or body of water is stagnant, it is ripe with bacteria, moss and stench because it is poor of oxygen. Like a laguan.

Also in nature we understand that rain water is rich in oxygen with greater amounts of hydrogen peroxide, unless of course the air below the rain cloud was dirty. That too is the purpose of hydrogen peroxide or H2O2. It cleans and purifies by bonding with contaminants, do in the case of rain, it cleans the air

That is why hospitals and hotels use cleaners with H2o2 instead of bleach for their laundry. They  both clean and kill germs and viruses. The bleech is actually bad for you but the peroxide is not. There are brands of cleaners that promote oxygen additives that work great without damaging skin and eyes.

Once again, the reason the mixture of blood and H2O2 bubbles, is because of the cellular regeneration and it’s disinfecting action. When the hydrogen reacts it returns to a gas. The source of life is in the blood… As long as the blood has oxygen it has life in it.

Just as a side note, the Greek word for both air and spirit is pnuemas. This is the reason industrial air tools are called pneumatic tools. They run on air. With a human body when the air is gone from the blood, you could say that the spirit is gone. Meaning, without oxygen it is dead, because spirit, pnuemas and air are synonymous.

Oxygen is found with hydrogen because hydrogen is a bonding agent for delivery. H2O2 un- bonds in our blood stream to carry out their individual tasks. The oxygen molocules tag a ride with blood cells seeking to rescue dying or lifeless  cells. These are like little ambulances roaming around through the bloodstream waiting to be released to go and rescue the sick and dying cells.

There are however plenty of people who call these roaming oxygen cells “free radicals” notice the name makes them sound dangerous. Because these oxygen cells operate on their own, they appear to go against the understanding of the physician so they think they are enemies. They seek to eradicate them. But “the life source is in the blood” and the life source is the pneumas, the oxygen and spirit. Their thinking is backwards.

Think about professional sports persons. They use a procedure called blood doping. This is a process where more blood cells are injected into the athlete before competition. Why? Because the more red blood cells you have in the body, the more oxygen molocules the blood picks up, for faster and fuller burning of energy and for metamorphosis to take place, insuring strength and rejuvenation of tired or damaged cells, because. The life source is in the blood. It is the delivery mechanism for cellular renewal.

Another benefit of Hydrogen peroxidein the blood is that it removes soft metals from the brain that are the cause of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and other brain malfunctions. Think of it like this. If you take a hand full of aluminum foil, was it up and stuffing it into a PC motherboard what would it do? It would short circuit a lot of terminals and wreak havock. The same is true with metals in the brain. And just as a combination  of oxygen and water breaks down metals in nature, so too with the brain with sufficient supply of hydrogen peroxide.

These single atoms of oxygen roaming in your circulatory system have great healing and cellular regenerative abilities. They should not be thought of as free radical destroyers. That is absurd. The life source is the blood, as long as the blood has “The Pnuemas” the air and the spirit.

This author adds drops of food grade hydrogen peroxide to water and beverages to increase oxygenation. It may not be as immediate as blood doping but safer.

The life source is in the blood, and the body without the spirit is dead.