*Scriptures Rules of Interpretation

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Scriptures Rules of Interpretation.

Many people go to scripture to find answers for many things. Scripture speaks to us on many levels. Some to practice, some to ponder, some for growth in ourselves and enrich our relationship with the Father, others for family or entertainment. But if we overlook the main purpose of God’s scripture, it may be one of many teachings you go to, but there is a level in scripture not found by many. Do you understand what it means that “The Kingdom of God is at hand? Or was that a passing phase? Or maybe it’s later. This is a critical question because you will be judged on how you respond to the call to “The Kingdom of God at hand”

The person of Jesus Christ made His debut appearance healing all manner of diseases, raising the dead and casting out demons. Many marvelled and wanted to see more. “How spectacular”!

But this is NOT why the Son of God appeared. He did NOT come to perform and be cheered on like a form of entertainment, but He came to search out and collect, to seek and save the lost. He did this for our return home to God the Father thru Him and He has left us sojourner a map for our return. We call it “The Gospel” for in it are the instructions and tools for you to return to from where we fell collectively through Adam and Eve. And our return is to a vital relationship with God as Father, each one in their own birth order through Adam’s replacement known as “The Christ” of those who are born again. This is the reason scripture calls Jesus “the last Adam” for this cause.

As Paul pleaded for you to; be ye reconciled to the Father. For He made Christ who committed no sin, to become the sin we committed and our just reward of death, to enable us to become the righteousness, (meaning right way of doing things) of God in Him”. Which includes our permission to approach the Father. Our approaching the Father is the proof of our ascention and the primary purpose of the gospel, and not another encore presentation by Gods Son who already made all this possible thru the cross.

His purpose on earth was NOT to entertain with miracles. As a matter of fact miracles are for the dead in faith. Looking for miracles and proofs does not please our invisible Father. Miracles are resuscitation devises for those who are dead in the faith and have no real connection to the invisible living God, other than to ponder His existence. He is the One who is ever ready to save and help you transcend your lower carnal nature that keeps you fixed on your needs and perceived wants driven by a vast variety of distractions that appeal to your carnal senses and appetites.

This should give you a clue to one of the first things you should master, because that’s where the gospel takes you. Into a mastery. Not like with the arts sciences or a doctorate, but learning from the Heavenly Father to do what He teaches and does. This is our mastery, that “when we see Him as He is? We will be like Him. These are our credentials because for some of us that has already happened.

That’s why the invitation goes out that “The Kingdom of God is at hand” even now! Meaning it is attainable and enables us to be seated at the right hand of the Father as Ephesians 2 describes, and graspable even now. But you need to know what the Kingdom is, and what the gospel really offers. A circus show of miracles is NOT what God is about. And a parade like freak show from Heaven should not be your focus either. Christ has already come and done His marvelous work, whose grand finally was the time frame of the Cross, the resurrection and the ascention. From where Christ calls us to be reconciled to the Father by following Him there. This is us transcending. When scripture says that “,He comes with the clouds and every eye will see Him”. There is no indication that He comes any closer.

It’s like this, since all the earth and all that’s in it will be burned, why is it necessary for Christ to come back and renew something He has already put an expiration date on. Don’t you know that we are in a evacuation process? That is what the gospel supplies because  “flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom of God because Gods Kingdom does not associate with such? “For God is Spirit and God is truth and seeketh such”?

We are to transition into a form like Him. This is what it means to “put Christ on”. He doesn’t want to become a human again. That’s an unnecessary redundancy. Everything He’s already done is to try to elevate you to Himself, and the resurrection through baptism is a first step. Now you have the ascention, which is largely overlooked in our day. Miracles can not help you with any of this because all of Gods giftings happen by faith. Meaning that if you are waiting for another visible work of God or another Christ to appear, you are still grounded from flight with no ascension to the Father. That is a faithless place to be, but do not be insulted by this observation because you still have the opportunity.

Hebrews 11 teaches that “Faith is the (invisible) substance of things hoped for, the evidence that there are things unseen” (as are ALL of Gods things). Meaning without faith it is impossible to please God because “one must first believe that He is, and that He diligently rewards (with invisible things) to those who seek Him”. Meaning as He is and from where He is from. This one’s works are valid, primarily because it is NOT a work of the flesh but the work by the spirit. And why do we say that? Because it’s not of your person, and it’s not with tools that associate with anything physical. Do you believe that He is? And that He rewards this kind of diligence in seeking Him? Then why would you suppose He should do another humanitarian effort on earth as though sending His Son was insufficient?

Think about it like this, if someone’s heart stops, you can bounce on their chest or give them an electrical shock to give them a jump start. That is what a miracle does. That is ALL that it does. Because if the heart stops again soon after the jumpstart, at some point the doctor gives up on plugging that person back into the power source over and over to resuscitate them and let’s them go. That’s why Christ told the onlookers, “lest I show you miracles will you not believe?” Meaning He was loosing His Patience because all they wanted was a geek show.

For us who know Him, we don’t want the miracles. Why? Because we have Him because “we are complete in Him” who completes Himself in us. And because all of His things are invisible, the only way to show you what we have is to describe it. That’s what the gospel does and all it does. The rest is up to you.

That is the main purpose for scripture. To write things on your hearts. As Jeremiah said of the days that were coming with the new and final covenant that “after those days, says the Lord: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and these shall be My people.” This is completely done outside of human perception, other than a change in the mind and heart, the invisible part that affects behavior. This is to be born again.

Scripture says of the Christ, Christ being His first task as a human because Christ is a title for a job that He needed to be do, but does not accurately depict His totality of purpose. And when He is done and for some He already is, the saving may continue but He surely is not on the cross and He’s obviously still not dying.  Christ means “the one who saves”, and that’s just a task He did for us through His substitutional death to jump start us to lay hold of eternal life, but He is not still dying on the cross. After you have been brought this far, He is no longer a Christ for you but a brother. And because of this we share the Father too.

He is not limited to the act of saving or by the title Savior, but the title “Savior was associated with something He did once for all time, and not who He is because He was around way before a saving was needed. Even as the Godhead conferred in Isaiah of Christ who volunteered saying “who shall go and who shall We send from among Us, and the Son said “here I am, send Me”. So the Godhead did and He was sufficient for the cause. He became a man for that task, then promptly went back to where and who He already was before creation, being “the same yesterday today and forever” (Hebrews 13.8). That is why He was born a king. He didn’t have to become something, He knew who He was, He was incognito. For had the powers that be had known, they would not have slain the God of Glory.

Just because man was made in a likeness of Gods image. Man may have had similarities , but man is a far cry away from His God given potential, and the need for one among the Godhead to put on a human form because man fell, so a man had to reverse that trend because the repair was in the thinking of humans, in the spirit of their minds , and the reason the Son of God had to put on a body such as we have, to replace Adam and give us a do over as though we hadn’t fallen with the first carnal father.

So the miracles are designed to awaken us from inside. For us to turn inside to the gift within and see that everything you really need is within you (Luke 17.22). That is where a miracle can jump start someone’s faith in the invisible, or disqualify such a one, to let them go about themselves and hopefully have another scheduled time for another time of visitation,,, if Grace allow.

Even as Peter said for some that “they may glorify God in the day of visitation” because His visitations are many throughout time, but of a certain number for each person, so don’t think you have unlimited opportunities, because “today is the day”  of this kind of saving, tomorrow may not be. And of the Jews “who knew not their day of visitation”? Or that their timeframe to turn and repent was over? For them their time in grace was over, expired and that whole culture was recalled as having failed. So don’t expect you can linger too long to respond to the full Gospel message of Gods Holy Son, lest the same thing happen to you. And however miracles are important for some, they are distractions for those who are already saved “while we look not to the things that are seen but the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are temporary but the things that are unseen are eternal? Meaning that once you get them, you keep them.

Miracles are NOT for the faithful. Miracles are for those who are dead in the faith. Much like electrodes on a dying patient can jolt them back to life, but once they are made alive, another shock just might kill them again. So don’t follow the miracles. And because “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things that are not seen”. (Hebrews 11). Once your faith has been jump started by a miracle, you need to stay in “the substance of things not seen”.  “For without faith in (the invisible) God, it is impossible to please Him, for one must first believe that He is (because we can’t see Him) and that He rewards this who diligently seek Him” as the ongoing byproduct of a vibrant relationship with Him who did not show you Himself to you in a physical way when He saved you.

And so we do, and we share our rewards. Freely we’ve received and freely we give. Besides whatever we give out, we receive back, some ten fold, some a hundred some a thousand fold and more. So why wouldn’t we? Besides, the early apostles chided some who thought that God could be bought and they replied “you money perishes with you”. That’s because we have our own reward on the inside. Remember? “The Kingdom of God is within you?

To help you understand this Truth, we go to Christ’s debut appearance which took place after He went through His 40 day testing to Satan and retrieved what he stole from us. Which is the gift of godliness given to the first father Adam, which he promptly lost. This is why scripture calls Christ “the last Adam” because He started a new assembly line of those reimagined like God the Father. Yes Adam and Eve (Havah) were made in the image of God and lost it. The result is humanity would be limited to serving and seeking to fill themselves with some sort of satisfaction, all of them temporary of course. But for those who press into Christ to get the gift of godliness spelled out in the gospel? They’ve become “wells of living water”. (Last great day of the feast John 7)

The parable of sowing (or planting) seeds was given to us by Yashuah to teach us internal, eternal principles. We are taught that “He only spoke to the people in parables and without a parable spake He not”. Meaning that the instructions from scripture are not to be taken literally. Not that they can’t be factual or physical because in many cases they are that too. But if the expectation is to have another Christ in human form and one miracle from Christ after another, you’ve found yourself a really good genie in a book and then who serves whom? And He would need to be NOT transformed like we’re suppose to do, but sub-formed, meaning to be put back underneath who He truly is.

The purpose of scripture is for your transference from old to new, from the old you, to a new you. A you like Him in His element. To claim the image that Adam lost and the man/God Yashua who retrieved it. And because the fall and departure of God happened in the invisible realm of faith, that is where the fix has to take place too. Then naturally the rest of Gods giftings for our inheritance follow accordingly for those who “diligently seek Him”.

Escentially, you pick back up where Adam and Eve got off course. To “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”.  What does this have to do with miracles? Let us go up from here.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. Amen!