Jacobs Ladder

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Jacobs Ladder
One of the testimonies of the Son of God was the fulfillment of Jacobs Ladder, because He is that ladder and transportation device as seen here from John 1. “And I beheld the Angels of God ascending and descending upon the son of man” referring to Christs form of humanity and also meant for us. We see the parallel.
Meaning that the observant analysis of interacting with the “Christ ” was the obvious connection with the visibly unknowable Almighty God with His attache’ of dispensers called angels, a word also translated as messengers. Meaning delivery mechanisms for invisible things.
What is man that you are mindful of him or the Son of God that you visited Him upon us? For you have not put the realm to come in subjection to angels but what is man?
To complete the current, the missing link.
For you see the messenger/angels who deliver the goods from God in many cases are words (message, messengers) through the apostles and the prophets. For in truth the messenger angels were the prophets of God. For even the name “Malachi itself is the Hebrew word for messenger, and all the prophets delivered messages.
The main point of all this. Is that if we do our “due diligence” in God’s word, with the unction of the Holy One”, we too become messenger/angels. And a messenger angel is ONLY a conduit for the things of God, and have no ownership as though they are special other than the special one decided to use the vessel having been filled with a relevant message.
In truth, God can use anybody anytime including a donkey as seen with Baalem. But Our Father takes special delight in living vicariously through those He has etched His special character into He calls the Elect. As those who have put off the tools, wares and agencies of this age, of having any relevance.  But we have this promise “28 For I say to you, among those born of women there is [a]not a greater prophet/messenger/angel than John the Baptist; but those who are least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.” Meaning that those with the message of the New Covenant come with  greater degree of importance.
The modern media messages have no credibility for the purposes of God, “for that which is flesh is flesh, ye need to be born again”, meaning brought forth from above where all revelation comes. And the words from Christ in John from John 10.1, Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber“.
Messengers are also referred to as “Holy ones”. Not to be misunderstood as, pious and clean, other than that they are prepared and open vessels for the unction of God (Holy Spirit) to have its way. The angel, messenger and holy ones. Meaning they are wholly prepared and available as conduits from Heaven. For you see that there are very few that understand that God’s things are other worldly, only teaching aspects. And those who haven’t fully (wholly and holy) understood this, are unsuitable and unfit to represent (re-present) the “invisible, eternal, immortal, Almighty Living Gods messages because they always ground them out by describing them to be physical manifestations. All that does is mandates the Son of God to become a man again, which is an inversion of the gospel, because the gospel makes common people god-ly, meaning, like God. These are the sons and children of the Almighty God.
It is as we become “living stones, built up together a habitation of God in the Spirit” that creation itself purpose of “bringing many sons (and daughters) to glory”by bringing them into fruition, then this age will dissolve into a fervent heat, because it will have outlived its purposes. The other main purposes are to have full identified and manifested the enemies of God and collected them for eternal judgment of a never ending fire, to then have set aside others for other types of benevolence.
There is an innocence that has yet to be understood. these are the Mephibosheths that just never had a chance but also never offended the Almighty God. To us, they may appear undesirable and seem held back, but that their test. Even as the rich man looked across the great gulf to see the poor man, of whom the dogs licked his sores who also begged for scraps to eat from tge rich man who now is seen as tge beggar. He said “oh father Abraham, if you could have Lazerus just dip his finger in water and touch my tongue for want in this dry hot place.”  This gives you an idea of what to expect.
That we traded our old for new, sight unseen and have been rewarded a billion folfMeaning us who are perfectly attached to the Godhead body. Of whom Christ is the head and cornerstone, of which we are fitly joined together in One Body. The Body of Christ. And He is the one “who fills all-all”. Meaning, everything everywhere all the time. So, we are without restrictions except the abstinent and ignorant. Not to mean stupid, but those who ignore and reject.
Yes we can use electrical analogies because ELECTricity borrows vernacular from the spirit for the empowerment of the competing agencies of fallen angels, meaning, messengers on and of the ground.
 Even as the Son of God said when He came to be “the Christ”, get behind Me Satan for you are not mindful of the (invisible) things of God but (the carnally visual, provable) things of man. “For the carnal mind is enmity (an enemy) against God. It is not subject to (the laws of the Spirit of) the things of God, nor in deed (a form of action) can be, so that those who are in the flesh? These (human perspectives and efforts associated with such) cannot please God. For one must first believe that He is (in this form we are talking about), and that He rewards those that diligently seek Him”, in a way and a form that pleased Him, “in spirit and truth”. No carnally visuals allowed.
So then we being the body of Christ, joined to the head by several members, are perfectly capable of relaying, not just the descriptions of the things of God, but the very things of God. Even as the Son told the woman at the well. “The time that you think is coming, is already here because God is Spirit and God is truth and seeks such”, He has laid the groundwork out on how to have access to all the benefits available to us through the gospel.
And as scripture says “For my ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts”, so are His results more grand than anything you could dream up. And because His things are higher, if you continue to expect physical answers manifest to what you ask. Then we have to ask, who served whom. If he does as you ask, he is nothing but a genie in a bottle. But if your focus is on your transformation and not your comfort. Then whatever you ask you shall receive because He said “if you ask anything in My name, I will do it”. The things in His Name are things of His inheritance from our Heavenly Father, of which “we are joint heirs of the things in Christ” not later, but as we learn of what we have, where and when to use it. That “we have been given everything that pertains to life and Godliness”, and we are held back from squandering our eternal inheritance for temporary things of the earth. For where a person’s heart is, there their treasure will be also.” But to continue to fight in this age, for this age with this age’s welfare in mind, disconnects you from the will of the Father, your sanctification, which is your safty and provision zone. Meaning that you have an impenetrable barrier between the visible and the eternal for they do not mix.
So, if this does not appeal to you? Go back the way you came. This is not for you .
If you are feeling challenged or deceived right now because of sincere intensions. Maybe feeling missed in your understanding. That you’ve experienced to many heart breaks and losses. It may be because you have not made this distinction. Then you may not understand the love of a Father. For every time you’ve struggled and lost, every time you’ve invested and did not capitalize, every time you sowed and you did not reap, and every time you built something up to lose it? You have misunderstood, for if your Heavenly Father allowed you to capitalize on physical things, He would violate His own laws of “sowing (planting) in the flesh to be raised in the spirit, sown corruptible, raised incorruptible. Planting in this age to reap in the metamorphisis. That is why “if in this life only we have Christ, we are the most pitiful of all men” because we haven’t much to show for it. But for those with the right intensions “where your heart is so shall your treasure be”. That you were able to work in this age that fades, for things that don’t. That for a work of a short time, you will be rewarded with things that do not fade, discolor ware out or break. That’s the best deal ever. “For in due time we will reap our reward if we DO NOT FAINT”. This is the faith and the patience of the saints. For those who have ears to hear. And in truth, just because it isnt physically visible, doesnt mean you cant access it now. Wasnt our invitation that “The Kingdom of God is at hand”, meaning, within reach?
For this reason He is the Father of Glory’s of those who have made it through the vail of the flesh. That we are “born again, and “borne from above”… “Do not fear little flock (the few that can hear) it is The Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. But anytime you try to associate with the carnal, ypu ground it out. For as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are My way higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than yours”. But more importantly is that the time you think is coming later, is right now when we worship God in spirit and truth. And because God is spirit and truth, these are the elements we are to become to enjoy His humanly indescribable gifts.. That a Father is most happy to see His reflection in His children. And we like the “prodigal son, waking up in our despotism first, to turn towards home and see the Father waiting gleefully to have you back, by us returning in our mind. To then be seen in your right mind
There is nothing you can loose here. There is nothing from there you can appreciate here. And there is nothing anyone or anything can take from you here, that doesn’t have an insurmountably greater trade in value in Heaven. Even as with Steven. As He was being stoned? He felt nothing but the Glory of God and the love of His Son who stood up with a hand out to ensure that this transition was immediate and painless.

Kingdom at hand