Fallen Angels and Nephilim Alive and Well Today?

Posted on August 25, 2022 by ADMIN

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Are Fallen Angels and Nephilim Alive and Well Today?
 Genesis 6 said of the giants and the sons of god, that they were  “mighty men of re-noun”. Renown comes from the word “know”. Or to   know over and over. It was the men of renoun who re-habitated humans. That these hybrids That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.
And in this way over rode Gods system of Natural selection.
The question to answer here is that for them to bypass the process of natural selection, did they put together a gene combination that did not have a God given soul allocated to it? That these “mighty men, men of renoun” or “re-known” over and over fallen angels could occupy these entities they begat?
We can also understand from Galatians that says “now that you known God, or rather you have been known by God (like Adam knew Eve) why do you seek the weak and beggarly elements of the earth” because being born again of the spirit, we are taught to “therefore seek the things that are above where your Father sits” as our heritage for our new being. But the fallen fell from there.
 So we have the same corporal body with a rebirth in the spirit through a knowing, as do those who are left open and out of contract with the living God who covenants with us as seen in scripture and gives us the Holy Spirit inside of us. And that is what Satan and his minions covet and clamor after through their never ending series of contacts, permissions along with “terms and conditions”. These are all designed to slowly take over your will and be subjects of their will by needing their products. Yes like the Apple in Eden, they are all pleasing to the eyes and desirable to make one wise. Like with the tree in the Garden of Eden. Hmm? No wonder the apple logo is an apple with a bite out of it.
This is why in Timothy it says of some, that “they may come to their senses, having been taken captive by Satan (or associates) to do their bidding”, or waging resources and efforts for the cause of those fallen an inverted in purpose against God and His image (us). “You will know them by their works? Just don’t adopt their views “to know as they are known” and become one of them, for their empowerment’s are many to control your universe, which is Latin for “one (by one) turn into a whole”. Presumably a body of believers, or those likeminded, who all re-scripted one by one to serve the whole.
  So we know their were giants, nephilim and fallen angels of which they can take on many forms “for it’s no wonder because even Satan can transform himself into a minister of light”. He may not be able to transform the flesh so much as he can transform a minister or other able, open body especially one without the protection of headship “in Christ” as a covering and a deterrent. (Interesting point here is that the word used for “daughters” is “bath” and is the exact same word used for groups, villages, towns, cities, and CORPORATIONS.
 That being said, nephilim and giants likely had physical features. But now they find solace in modern corporations who are legal persons as seen in the second link.
The disturbing thing about this is that since the United States changed and is now registered as a corporation, it no longer is subject to the embodiment of the will of its subjects. It owns them and gives them a temporary appeasement and appearance of power through “elections” but the corporation of the u.s. is subject to another spirit other than the one outlined by the now ceremonial relic called a constitution for a republic “meaning public of people” by the will of the spirit “that now works in the sons of disobedience” because the fallen angels, having no corporeal body of their own, they have something much better because their new bodies are a body of beliefs, their own constitution.
 Meaning a make up of short term ceremonially elected directors and constituents of right and left, that still tend to erode everything Godly, decent and good as seen by our track record. Things keep getting worse, and because they give us elections and news (more corporations) they bounce the citezines back and forth, here a little, there a little till they are snared and caught and fall backward”. This is nothing more than the Hegelian dialectic of controlling the masses by two choices they present and seen by the rigged outcome. Why are their two Polk all parties and why are their two basic news choices? For even some of the news clips have a millisecond view of a disclaimer saying their news is for entertainment purposes only! This they do to protect themselves legally from liability.



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