The Water and the Blood agree as one

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In 1st John he carries with it this enigmatic statement. That “there are three that bear witness [b]in heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit; and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness on earth: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and these three agree as one.

This is not so complicated if you understand the context from which it was spoken, scripture. The water refers to the baptism, and the blood refers to all the old Covenant blood sacrifices. That all the water baptisms and all the blood sacrifices have their fulfillment and expiration at the same point, which is “The Cross”. This is why The Cross is like our wormhole to Heaven. It is our access point to all the Father has for us and The Spirit bears witness of this. The three agree.

It was at the cross when the soldiers pierced the side of Jesus that scripture says ‘and immediately blood and water came out’ showing for us that something rather remarkable had happened.

That all the blood sacrifices of bulls, goats, lambs, birds and such  that that culture performed, as well as all the water baptisms from the beginning of time, including Noah’s flood and the Red Sea crossing and the baptisms of the last prophet John, they pointed to their fulfillment in the eternal One that hung expired on the cross, as the promised One these all pointed to. This is what the Testimony of all the water and all the blood spilt pointed to. In Jesus Christ all these have their expiration.

The truth is that even 1 oz of something eternal far outweighs all the weight of time and matter of the Six-Day creation, because after the Six-Day creation expires, the one whose blood was spilled at the cross remains in effect for all time.

For this reason the writer of Hebrews says “how much more shall the blood of Christ through the eternal spirit purge your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God” exemplifying this moment and eternal spectacle.

If Christ was not eternal, he could not have fulfilled what the blood and the water testify to. He would have had to play them out and do them over and over as well, but He does not.

It is not as though the cross was the time to impliment the promise. It was before creation when the Godhead looked upon the sin that would spread as an infectious disease and collaborated for a cure saying “who shall go and whom shall we send from us” that a plan was formed. He is called “The Lamb Slain from The Foundations of the world.

You see the fisure between God and creation was caused by a man, so a man had to fix it. This is why the Son answered at that conference of the Godhead and said “here am I, send Me”. It was the Son of God who became a son of man. For it had to be so to reverse the fisure that started with Adam and Eve. With the Son also saying “I have come to do your will oh God” having completed the task of reversing the fall that started with Adam, having reversed the curse and polarity then to rise. To assend to His former Glory thereby giving a clear direction to all would be believers, to follow the Son of God and Son of man to their original purpose.

For this reason Paul said there is only one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. The Testimony of the blood and the water refer to Him.

It was at that miniscule moment in time at the cross where the water and the blood was spilt, that all would be believers, past present and future were washed and cleansed from the things that separated them from God. This one saving act of God was His Christ for us, for us to appropriate by faith. That Christ who through the eternal spirit purges our conscience from dead works to serve “The living God.

The dead works are everything that’s associated with the Adamic nature that just cannot see God. Because of this, the cross is the one access point to the father. The Christ of the Cross was the singular substitute for each each human being for all of humanity. He was the substantiation for each one of us.

Substantiate comes from the word substitute, and we know that a substitute is a stand-in for an absentee. Fortunately for us we were the absentees at the cross and Christ was there on our behalf.

Isaiah says of that moment “on Him was laid the inequity of us all, and by His stripes we are heeled”. Scripture says Christ was the propitiation, or, the covering for the whole world meaning he’s got it covered. For us he’s got it. He’s got it so much in fact that we never have to face charges for any of our old stuff which is why Satan has no accusation against us and we can rest assured in faith that however floundering we may feel in our current situation that God has it covered. God has forgiven us in our struggles and shortcomings. “On Him was laid the inequity of us all” He doesn’t want us to dwell on that because that is the gravity that hold us down. We recognize and admire what was done for us at the cross. We realize what was given to us there and We change our fixation to the Glory given to us as our new focus. What you focus on is what you become, and the sin was taken from you so let it go. The exchange of cursing to blessing takes place at the croddy. This is why at our baptism we are mandated to “recon ourselves dead to sin to walk in newness of life” as our new purspective.

Elijah was able to toss a piece of wood into the water to purify it for drinking. But God stuck a tree in the ground called the cross to purify the earth and covered all eternity past and future, from start to finish. Christ is the covering of the whole earth.

The sap of that tree was the sweetness of God and the sweet victory for all who would pass through that moment. Which is why there are three that bear witness on earth. The water, the blood and the spirit. It is the spirit that testifies of the cross and the expiration of the need for a substitutional death on our behalf. And the water is representative of the washing of baptisms. That just as every blood sacrifice looked to the cross. So too all the baptisms. Why? Because the cross is our crossover point to the Father and not a physical death and why the Son of God said, whoever believes in Me has past from death to life”. Showing for us the proof we need to walk in faith and trust in something we have now. Full Salvation, washed in blood, crossed over through water. That chapter of our lives is over by that one act and not something we do but believe. This is salvation, a person called The Savior for the whole world. Because if this we are no longer counted in the old Adamic nature. We are considered brand new “in Christ”.

This is what the Spirit, the water and blood agree on, do should we.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. Amen!