Oh King we have NO need to answer you!

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Oh King we have NO need to answer you!

These were words in Daniel 3.16  that  Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego said to the king who threatened them with death. They did not physically respond to the threats of the king because they considering their riches from God to be immeasurably more safe and of greater value to keep them from being concerned about being thrown into the fire or the lions den. But more so showing us that they considered the provisions from God to be a strong tower against their threats.

As scripture says “And our God is able to make all grace abound toward you, so that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, to have an abundance for every good work.” And however scary it may have been for them to be threatened with death by the ruler of that kingdom, they still took control over the situation by employing their confidence in the promises of The Almighty God. So you can be certain that those who stand firm in the word of God? THEY DO NOT STAND ALONE!!

This account like all accounts in scripture has eternal value for us. To fortify our mental and spiritual resolve, to hold on to the assurances of the gifts from God “in Christ”. Which is our new selves re-modified and re-fitted by scripture with His word. Meaning, Gods Son called “The Word of God”. This is the genetic information we need to be like God, then broken down into pictures, pieces, sound bites and parables, for us to understand, assume, assimilate and put to use as co-owners and “joint heirs” of the things of God “in Christ” as outlined in scripture, being things from “The Kingdom of God at hand!”

It is for us to understand, and to receive assistance from the Holy Spirit in our endeavor to be modified by such to become more and more godly. This is how it works. What would Jesus do? This is it. This is our Savior and saving process because this is how we learn to appropriate what is cryptically splayed out in scripture and given to us for our retrieval as becoming saints. And then by the power of The Holy Spirit to implement what you’ve discovered. Here is your empowerment!!

This is how the trade off takes place, Old for New, speaking of covenants, promises and natures. And just as Adam felt naked and exposed and took the first offer to cover himself for the “just in case” with fig leaves, so too, many cover themselves with all types (as adulterers and idolators). It is because of papyrus and contracts, and authorizations of writ, by subscribing authorizing and even paying for services that come freely with salvation and revealed to us from the Gospel. Just read the accounts in scripture of those who were healed, helped, saved and made victorious in various situations and learn to believe too.

Christ would not bow down to such demands and neither should we because “as He is, so are we in this world”. Then that means what you may be thinking that He takes care of later, that later is NOW! Let Him be your dread, let Him be your fear, let Him be your only provider, Because “Today is the day of salvation” of your full coverages in all His various forms, placed over us like Gods tent or tabernacle that the feasts taught us about. None of the provisions did you have to sign up for or pay for. Just profess Him as your only “provider”,lest you find yourself at the end of yourself being “poor blind and naked”. Think of Adam and the apple. Get it? Apple? Is that the right kind of being made wise in Gods eyes?? The God of this age Satan thinks so, because in doing so he can minimize your time with the Father.

Especially when it comes to our new selves, God has provided to us in scripture, to have and to hold till death do you part” because we’ve re-conned it so anyway. This is why we are told, “in your patience posses ye your soul.” So that you can hone in on what is your role and goal is in the grand scheme of things of what is really important from an Eternal standpoint. And that is? The salvation of your souls. For your invisible part to be fitted with “everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who calls us to His Glory” by His very words we employ. And being blessed with “every spiritual blessing in Heavenly places “in Christ”, who is our new heritage. This is the only you, you get to keep and the things that are written on your heart (your core and not the one that goes thump thump), if you haven’t sold yourself out through subduction to services from the god of this age and Satan, by placing yourself under other providers provisions (think of a tent and tabernacle here) by what you subscribe to, where you sign off to be subject to others and subdued by using your God given personal sovereignty to another all with your own cognitions. Satan knows that he distributes the wrath of God on willing participants when he has you blindly submit. You have been warned!

Who is your covering and what contending over lapses of multiple coverage’s do you have? This is what spiritual adultery is. This is what idolatry is. To depend on false powers of Gods of this age that come to nothing.

Any form of authorization you give to any provider of ANY sort puts you in subjugation as inferior and having to perform and serve that form of writ. Why are there more sick and dying? And with each subjugation you submit to, your covering from God becomes smaller and smaller and you become more and more exposed. Because the more you get bound up by their submission forms, the blinder you get to see who provides for whom.

You may say about some, well it didn’t cost me anything. Not in money, but your soul is subjugated to terms and conditions which has spyware for manipulation and profit benefits for them. “You can not serve God and money, for you will love the one and serve the other”. That is pretty black and white.

That is what they want because they know that as they plant these”conditions of service” and sowing them all together, to provide a full covering of “services”, that in so doing they come between you and God Himself. That’s why they call it “the internet of things” because this is the net of their harvest of the things they’ve subdued from God with your permission because when God made you in His image,, He gave you your own sovereignty to grow into to be like Him. And you go and squander that unspeakable gift submitting (like bowing) yourself to the things that you think are your protection. But what you don’t know is that God’s Word and Holy Spirit are the only providers that are interested in the salvation of your souls. To be whole for your own benefit. For “God has given us everything that pertains to life and Godliness…

And you may think of us like Agrippa said to Paul: you are beside yourself! Your much learning is driving you mad!”

But the true Savior, saving and safe place becomes more and more distant as you invest yourself elsewhere. Then you become numb and unresponsive to the inner unction and motivator of The Holy Spirit. And be more and more subject to the harms, distractions and ills of this age because you sought other forms of protections that in reality exposes you to the very things they say they will save you from. You will know them by their fruits”? That is how it works.

That is why the healers and savings and saviors are huge businesses in our day. And the health, wealth and safety plans keep getting more and more expensive. Like the giants of old they are gobbling up peoples savings with their insatiable appetites.   And like a snowball rolling down hill that becomes bigger and bigger, is indicative of their lust for more and your lack of resistance to the lies. If you can see yourself being sucked into these lies, for this we have a remedy called “repent” which really means just to turn and go the other way towards God. To start whittling away to dissolve their interest in you by coming out of them. You can be sure it’s a soul trap…. You will be met by the warmest most reassuring loving God who is standing with His hand extended to reverse the draw on your soul even now but not for long. Remember Noah and the Ark, and Sodom and Gomorrah. They were living life normal until the door was closed.

So now, how do we put this in context for our lives?

Well simply put, to posses our souls is to first remove the debris and the inroads sown into us by the enemy Satan, described as “the god of this age”, showing us that he has been given control over certain factors as a tool of the True God to exercise our resolve. And for God to “separate the wheat from the tares”. of those who don’t respond. There are those who succumb, and those who rise up to challenge and break the yokes of bondage. For every service they offer, there are scriptures and promises of God that work better because they are Gods plug-in-and-play remedies. Just as simply as people are put under subjective agreements, terms and conditions, so too they break the chain by opting out as an act of repentance. And it is incumbent upon each one of us to exercise our God given sovereignty to rise up (insinuating a resurrection) to them like those in Daniel and say “no more”. And, “get behind me!”. And break free from the tools you agreed to for them to operate on your behalf. Whenever you accept these services, if you read THERE ARE NO TERMINATION DATES whereby they expire their sovereignty over the appointed matter. In essence they are Eternal!!!

Maybe this seems innocuous to you, but what if these terms and conditions are the soft sell to their greater plan of abusing the power you and everyone else gave them by their own submission? If you read the NOT so fine print, they come right out and say that they “reserve the right to change these terms and conditions” anytime they want, And IT IS UP TO YOU to go back and check their updates as often as necessary to make sure that they remain innocuous. That if you don’t then you have zero recourse for rectification and they provide no directions to terminate the relationship if they take advantage of you.

And you say, they haven’t yet and they won’t. Well if you look at the internet as a web, carefully woven overlapping their cross hairs through your various devices on humanity like a net? They have a lot of people pretty well sown up. It is a trap to softly convince everyone that they are safe, until your power to respond is gone and the time to respond was before there was a problem. (It is coming) Think about it! When they do this, they will do it to everybody.

For this reason the mandate went out to “come out of her My people lest you partake of her sins and receive of her judgments for God has remembered her”.

And we say, it is not an “if they do” but “when they do”. Because in truth the internet is a net of capture. Jesus Christ told the disciples “drop your nets and I will make you fishers of men”. For each thing that God has, there is a counterfeit from the enemy for your souls. And as long as he can keep you detained, entertained and maintained, occupied and attached here? Then he can keep you from your salvation, which is your recovery process of your souls that you are suppose to cooperate with the Almighty God on, to become restored images of those who own themselves. That is what it means to be remade into Gods image. Remember those of whom He had said, they were poor blind and naked!! ….. Because they didn’t understand these things. And if you don’t? “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

God should be your ONLY form of dedication, submission, subjection and cooperation. All others are subjective to that one, not the other way around. That “every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father.

Meaning when you allocate your time, energy and funds for your day, week or month or whatever, where is God in your line up. Because if He is last, He is likely not there, and you blame Him for things not going as you planned. Then we ask, who serves whom?? Maybe He’s your genie in a bottle? No, you are on your own. But because everything seams to work just fine with those providers, maybe you think that is from God? To this we say, yes, that is your god, and you got what you paid for because “you cannot serve God and money”.  It is because of your contract that you subjected yourself to their promises.  And they will eat you up like fire. When they pull the noose on the net, you won’t be able to get out quick enough. THIS IS THE TRAP. That Mystery Babylon has fallen

Yes there is an invisible harvest taking place and make sure you are being harvested as being a pleasing product to the Father. He has sown His Son into this age, and is expecting His look alikes. Meaning if Christ did not tolerate something, then neither should we. This is also what we learn of through the various pictures of others in scripture. And whereas they had to face literal death in scripture, for the most part we don’t die all at once. But we do have to agree to loose things here to obtain things which are there, which is our trade off of earthen things, in exchange for pieces of Eternity with our new name on it. Even as John the revelator wrote to those who overcome before their body dies “And to them I will give to them a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except those who receive it.” ’

So “in your patience posses ye your soul”? Lets start by recovering it first because you have likely been being bound up your whole life and may not know it. (Parable of the dead and bound coming forth)

And because parables are given to make visible invisible bandages, bondage’s and entrapment’s, we are to learn how to unwrap ourselves from the bondage of this age that deceptively make you feel godlike with the instruments they offer you. And much like with Adam and Eve, the moment they started accepting coverage’s and provisions from another, in our case others (meaning plural), to the degree you have, you have become blinded or dead to the provisions from God for “supposed” temporary empowerment’s from other sources of provisions. And let there be no doubt that the words source, sorcery and out-sourcing have more in common then simply spelling and pronunciation. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

If this comes to you as offensive, then this is NOT for you. You have your providers. Let THEM take care of you. But in the end, we will see who is better off. Those who save themselves in this age, or those who accept the saving from God as seen in His promises, cryptically interwoven throughout scripture,  scattered about for our discovery, consumption, absorption and implementation so that when the storms in this life increase and you have the need, then you too can say like Danial and company, that “we have no need to answer you in these matters”. We don’t need to convince or explain anything to anybody but just say “get behind me Satan for you are not mindful of the things of God but the things of men”. If you haven’t done that already. But you don’t need to keep doing that,, if you’ve learned to see him hanging limp and dead at the cross where he was defeated. This too is part of your salvation package you need to learn to implement.

Thank God. Amen!