Why Were Adam and Eve Naked?

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Adam and Eve from the beginning being made in the image of God, was because they had sovereignty over choices but had not made any yet. This is what it means that they were naked. They had no coverage’s or protections that they put on or subscribed to yet so they could see. It wasn’t until they were challenged with an insult and a threat that they saw that they hadn’t made a choice yet. They had not chosen a coverage, provision or protection and felt naked and ashamed.

As the serpent said “has God really said?” Then looking at their naked and bare exterior they could not defend themselves against the accusation. But for those of us who have, “the accuser of the brethren have been cast down“.

You see us made in Gods image infers a will to exercise sovereignty and sovereignty is understood by choices and choices are seen by selections and expressions. These can be words from opinions, or preferences as seen by what they wear, eat, participate in and what they believe. This way they cloth their minds.

We generally think that being naked means you have no external clothes on. However we are instructed to be clothed and renewed in the spirit of the mind showing us where we were truly naked. This is how we put on Christ. And because Christ is the word of God, we can understand that for us to “be clothed in Christ” we must adopt and put on the very words He has spoken as our choices, our products and personal likeness of God by our selecting and choosing. This is why we are told “choose you this day“.

If one can choose they can be an individual and self made in a sense that they chose it and adopted it as their own on their own. This is what makes one a Christian and Christlike. Not just because you believe what you are told by your leaders, Christian leaders or other wise. This is why we are to “test all things, hold on to what is good”“. Essentially. It was the Berean’s“who “tested these things to see if they are true”. Not they are true in the sense that you can make water into wine, But that the silent witness we call the Holy Spirit confirms it for you. The Holy Spirit is the only one qualified to help you choose correctly. Even as 1 John says that “you have an Unction from the Holy One and you know all things (as all professing believes do). Not that you know all things all the time, but you know what you need to know when you need to know it”. Yes we have this trust in our Heavenly Father who has us completely covered

However today we have collective consciences that coalesce around figure heads, leaders and their party’s and constituents for mass mobilization, one against another. This essentially works off the science that there is strength in numbers, but underneath is really nothing more than the Hegelian dialectic of controlling the masses between two polarized belief systems. This puts those who otherwise neglect their obligation to God to be subservient to another type, being re-purposed to be part of a collective conscientiousness. This is really what every political party is. That is what the word “party” means, to be a part of.

Yes, everything is a play off words, and if people knew more accurately the meaning of the of words they align to , they would see how they have shackled themselves from becoming their own self sovereign as God has so freely given each one of us.

There are consequences to what we do and  what we don’t do, to what we accept to what we allow. And to accept as your own another’s set of beliefs, may actually hold you in contempt to God and His gift to you of your own individual sovereignty. In so doing that collection of minds, consciences and souls will be judged as such, as one body, be it a body of beliefs or a political body. A body infers that you are one and  inseparable.

Essentially that is what the body of Christ is. However with Him we don’t loose our personal sovereignty, we gain it. It is the gift of godliness according to the gospel. A banded together collection of co-sovereigns, of those of us you have retrieved what Adam lost on our behalf, to put that off and to put on the gift of godliness  that Christ retrieved for us for the taking. But that is your choice. We do this one revelation at a time until we are complete in Him who is head over all principalities and powers. A collection of co-sovereigns, of those who have taken all things to the counsel of God for a witness and affirm that God is good, God is supreme, and that God is right. This is what righteousness means. And it was not so much that we submitted, we did that too but not by mandate. It was as we tried things the pundits  of the day had said, realizing it changes everyday we looked for a more sure source.

So when it comes to choosing the best between two sides in a political party, each having their own (bad) news agencies, to tow the part line to “save the world”? Scripture says that Christ already did that (John 3.17)

This is The Good News, the Gospel. The Gospel means “Good News”.

Remember when Christ was on trial and they asked Him “so you are a king?’ Christ replied “truly I am King however My kingdom is not from here or I would send angels to fight”. Showing us that there is a demarcation line between worldly things and Heavenly. And if you understood the sovereignty and completeness of God, His Son and their works, that they are seated Eternal in the Heavens waiting for their enemies to become their footstool”. Meaning they are not getting back up to fight. That the end of creation and the victory is assured. It is because Gods words in the garden come true, and the the harvest is over when there are the full number of co-sovereigns called the Elect have been harvested. We know this because scripture says that “Behold the Lord cometh in His saints to be glorified on the earth”. This is referring to those who have the gospel completed in themselves of those who are dressed like Christ, empowered like Him and look like Him.

Yes, Yes we know, you are thinking; blasphemy. But what if we showed you some one who was mistaken as being the Christ of the Cross, and this was done by someone who knew Him best among the disciples, now grown up to be New Testament prophets and bearers of the gospel, who was also seen at the last supper with his head in the bosom of our Savior and model.

It was John who new Christ best, however after John had collected everything for “The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ” And in Johns final account it goes like this; Now I, John, [a]saw and heard these things. And when I heard and saw, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel who showed me these things. 9 Then he said to me, “See that you do not do that. [b]For I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren the prophets, and of those who keep the words of this book. Worship God.”

So when Christ comes to be glorified in His saints” does this surprise you? Does this offend you? Can you receive it too? Are we not called “The Body of Christ”? “Know ye not that we shall judge angels”? Isn’t the purpose of the gospel given for us to press in to attain to all the fulness of God”? Till we all (the full number) attain to the fulness of Christ”?

Maybe it is because you have your priorities mixed up because if the Elect do not come into fruition, if the wheat and the tares do not grow up together, then the purpose of creation and the purpose of the gospel has failed and we have been found liars and false witnesses, But that is not gonna happen.

The gospel of God is at hand for those willing to receive it, but then it will be taken away in that fashion. Like with Noah the Ark was sealed and the storms intensified. We beg you please; enter into the Ark of the Covenant, with is Gods covenant and testament with us. Then learn to “enter your chambers my people”. Like the Ark of the Covenant is to be safely clothed in Christ, so to is our chamber, which is also The Wedding Chamber where we are all one in Christ and see the things here that are eternally ours simply because He said so. Who? God and His Son whom we call Word and His Blessed Holy Spirit, The Comforter, other parent so that we are not left orphans, the one who leads us into all truth, the one whom Christ said  that would take what is mine and make it pallet able for you.