The Day of our Lord

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The Day of our Lord is that coveted time for most believers. It is taught as that place that after all the dust settles from the sqirmishes of this age have been settled, and all the powers that be have been measured and judged, and that the seats of the elect have been fulfilled, that all rogue powers have met their demise, and all others have been measured, meeted and rewarded accordingly. This being Gods last and final reset, we can then enjoy the time unhindered in the place wherein only righteous dwells. But is this true?

Some use the venaculure of “Christs second coming” to refer to this time. But we know that there is His last coming for His comings are many.  This time is known as “The Day Christ comes to be Glorified in (and with) His Saints” as God’s final prossesion and proof that God made man in His image and likeness as He declared from the beginning, the purpose of creation itself, for each one of us to realize own and actualize the empowerment given at the cross, then with the further trials and testings, for each one of us to lay ahold of the prize, each one in their own order over time for the number to be fulfilled.

Having clarified the end of ALL things, let’s discuss what things will look like in that coming age because it takes on features we can define with modern day concepts. However, because Christ said that “it is with the heart that we need to see and hear to understand the things of God”. And scripture also says “For as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts”. That Gods things are immensely different than what’s carnally common. We are talking about the place wherein only righteousness dwells.

We see a picture of this with Heavenly Jerusalem come down of God from Heaven, whose adornments are the righteous acts of the saints. We understand this city whose foundation are the apostles and whose gates are the prophets, 12 in each category as being a structure you should be familiar with “Today if you hear His voice”. Then of those who built upon this foundation. For no other foundation can be laid but that Which Christ (The Chief Cornerstone) laid, and let everyone be careful how they build upon that platform for it will be tried by fire. Then each ones praise will come from God. This is the place in the Spirit rightly called, Heavenly Jerusalem, the Mother of those born from above of the God. (John 3)

We see inside those around the throne of thousands upon thousands and ten times those thousands of those who worship the lamb of God who gives light to Gods Kingdom. We see those dressed in robes which are really not clothing as many suppose but “the righteous acts of the saints”.

We also see the account that there is no longer the need for a sun and a moon as many suppose because the lamb of God is our illumination. That because God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, there are no shadows, discrepancies, ambiguities, uncertainties or un-answered questions here. That “we walk in the light as He is (that) light”. It is here that all things make sense. There is therefore no need for a sun or a moon, or for that matter, the Earth or the Heavens that pertains to the 6 days of creation, because we are talking about the immovable, unshakeable eternal. As eternal as the one scripture defines as the Son of God, “the same yesterday, today and forever”.  You don’t think He’s seated in the heavens in a temporary apartment waiting to come back here and live do you?

What we just defined pertains to God in the Spirit in His realm with His securities, pleasures and goods, for “flesh and blood does not inherit the kingdom” but the re-spirited mind of faith does. And that’s our point. Like Paul said “who shall say, let us go into the Heavens to bring Christ down? Or, who shall descend into the deep, that is to bring Christ back up? But no the word is in your heart and your mind that you may hear it and do it”. To do what? To be so emphatically connected and linked to that one that you quit looking forward to something or someplace or another time to be fully enveloped in the love of our Almighty Father, for “what shall separate us from the Love of God in Christ His Son? Neither height, depth, powers , principalities or any other created thing” can do so and that “we are (already even now) more than conquerors through Him who has loved us”.

As Peter concludes “therefore since all these things shall be resolved, what manner of persons shall you be in all Holy conduct”?

It is here that we can conclude that this new creation is unlike the creation made for humanity in their human condition. And the truth be told, is that this “New Creation” is a creation because of its design and features but it is NOT a creation of something being made.

You see there is a creation and a Kingdom made, having already been made and in existence, from the foundations of the world. Meaning that the creation we are referring to is the original that the creation common to humans, is patterned after, however by way of contrasts and likenesses.

So the original is not being made in the sense that it is not yet. It is however being made in the sense that you don’t know it. We who do, know it as “The Kingdom prepared from before the foundations and beginnings of the world”.

It is because this building takes place not on earth, or in the physical but in the spirit of your mind, that makes it hard for many to receive. We cannot show you pictures of this place because “eye has not seen nor ear heard the things that God has prepared for those who love Him. But God does reveal (unveil and make known) them to you by His Spirit, ya, even the deep things of God”. And it is more than just making them known by mental picture to think about, but as invisible realities that coexist, however was is totally blind and ignorant of the other. That is why Paul had prayed that you may know with the eyes of your understanding looking inward and not out.

And if you remember the Samaritan lady at the well inquiring about these things, Christ told her ” assuredly and truly I say to you that, the Day that is Coming is now here when you will neither worship the Father in Sameria or Jerusalem (on earth). For the Father is Spirit and Truth and seeks such to worship Him”. Having you taken your spot here?

The Son of God hereby shatters any concept of creation as we know it in a human sense. That any expectation of any future victory or another coming savior, needs to be extinguished before you can fully enjoy the spoils of our victory of the cross. For there in the payment was rendered “paid in full”. And Christs final words at the cross “it is finished”. Our safe passage home is secured, for everyone willing to take God at His word and return home.

And this is the purpose of The New and final Covenant of God signed NOT with ink as are all others. But this covenant, and Will and Testament is signed by the blood of the death paid by His Son for more than just a redemption available to all creation. No, His blood is the very ink on that Will and Testament, assuring us that the inheritance has already been made available to all who return to God the Father in Spirit and Truth to claim our inheritance defined by that one and only, eternal, unchangeable, already dispensable inheritance of “everything that pertains to life and Godliness” spelled out in that Will and Testament reserved for the saints, but NOT for some supposed time in the future other than it is a realization you wake up to, to find out that Gods been standing here arms wide open the whole time been.

Flat out! Irrefutably, The Kingdom prepared from the foundations of the world, is one and the same as Christ’s first words upon NOT His inauguration but His first revealing. He went into the temple and read from the scribing of Isaiah about the setting the slaves free, the healing the lame and blind and announcing “The acceptable year of our Lord”. He then said “today these words are fulfilled in your hearing”. And from that moment on He went about teaching that “The Kingdom of God is at hand”. Meaning, open for the heirs. And you know what? This Kingdom call is still the main point of scripture even today. And even from before Christ announced it the prophets said “today is the day of salvation. So do not harden your hearts (in unbelief) as those who did in the wilderness where they saw My works and would not enter in”. God the Father also saying “That’s why I was grieved in My heart and swore they would never enter My Rest because they would not enter it by faith, but the works were finished from the foundations of the world”.

So the big elephant in the room here is, are you willing to set aside your carnal expectation of seeing the Kingdom of God in order to enter into the Rest of God. As scripture says “and on the seventh day God rested from His works (of any further creating in this realm) and in this day they shall not enter, although the works were finished from the foundations of the world”.

You see, God is all Glorious, full complete and absolute utter perfection. This kind of creation can not be made and cannot be duplicated. It can only be realized or rejected or destroyed. In this way “The Kingdom of God is at hand”. Welcome Home.