*Breaking Barriers to the next Platue in the Spirit

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Breaking Barriers to the next Platue. Our climbing up in the spirit.

With any private or public new title or ranking, there are steps, levels and grades awarded for new accomplishments. That before the accolades are given, the students, contestants or candidates are tried as to wether they’ve obtained the necessary growth in character to be worthy of the new position, responsibility or title.

Think of the words of Christ before His journey back to the Father. He said “Father I have accomplished the work you have given me to do. I have declared your words to those whom you have given me out of this world and they have kept them”. He knew this because the words He planted in them (and hopefully us) came back out of their mouths when they needed them to be true for themselves.

This is how we do the works of the spirit. At our Fathers behest, we call due the promises we find throughout scripture, we own them and impliment them as our own new reality. It is in this way that “we have the mind of Christ” and we are joint heirs of the things that they have.

James said to “recieve the engrafted word which is able to save your souls”. The engrafted word is the new you. It is a plug in and play. Much like you do in this age with down loading a new app. However we don’t eat those apples. We consume scripture. We consume “The Bread of Life”.

It is through a succession of hearing the words and concepts of God, recieving those words as sown into your heart and being re-scripted in your mind. Then to have that word tested in us by trial, to remain in tact? Good for you. You used it to override the fears and boogie men as misconceptions that make you feel small and vulnerable. But you are under Gods care now.

Gods Word in you survived the fire and test you went through, so you get to keep it as a permanent feature. Once you’ve past that test, the power of that obstacle is gone, it is diffused, to not have dominion, or reign over you anymore.

In this way “we are more than conquerers through Him who loves us” because we’ve made a withdrawal from His promises without diminishing the size of our savings. Which is our in-exaustable Savior.

Upon retaining and trying that word against the odds and the physical evidence. Then holding firm to the invisible word for a breakthrough in that barrier, you are cancelling it out with these tools we are showing you here today. It is like this that you impliment something new from God the Father. In this way you find His word applied is favorable and effective.

This is the place of faith, your new habitation. “For one must first believe God is (real, Isreal) and  that He rewards those who diligently seek Him”. These are the rewards, the accolades and your new features we are conveying to you.

This is the seeking and the pressing in to obtain our inheritance NOW, as spelled out in scripture. The Father has held nothing back for a future event or for another saving.

Their is only one saving from all the ills, viruses and dangers of this age and world.

This saving begins for each one when they leave their old person at the cross, and pursue new empowerments from the Father who “has given us everything that pertains to life and god-like-ness through the knowledge and understanding of Yashuah/Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 1)

It is the collection of these words, provisions and  promises that were sown into our hearts, to remain there through the test of time and the firey trials that tries us, now belongs to us. We co-own them. After you have a breakthrough in that way, you don’t have to face that obstacle with such consternation. Otherwise you will, because you did not receive that accolade from the Father and the test will be re-administered later. That is why we were called to “move on to perfection, not laying the same foundations”. (Hebrews 6)

If you remember the Parable of the seed sown on shallow ground? The enemy came along and ate them for they were not able to take root to bare fruit. Do not be counted as such. Water them and soak them. Hold them dear to your heart, for they shall bare fruit in due time, the proper time and the right time.

It is a collection of these victories of surviving the fire through these trials, these appointments given to us by our very Father, that these become the new you. “Old things pass away and all things become new” in this way. This is the process of a continuous re-newal and Heavenly aquisition.

A new strength, a new gifting and a new empowerment. The collection of these are to become a patch work for a covering or garment. Like Joseph had a coat of many colors. So do we. And it keeps getting more colorful the more we pursue.

Like Jacob was instructed by his mother to put on Esau. To his father, he looked like Esau, he smelled like Esau, and he talked like Esau. So his father rewarded Jacob like he was Esau. Jacob inherited everything. We know this because Esau cried that there was not even a morsel left for him. Esau represents your old person. The new you like Jacob gets everything. You cannot go to the Heavenly Father in your old name and character and expect to receive anything. You hung your old self to the cross as professed at baptism. Leave it there.

Similarly as Isaac rewarded Jacob, God the Father rewards us as if we are the Only Begotten because we put on what He has of Himself for our shared inheritance. We talk like Christ, we are a sweet savor like Christ and sound like Him because His name is the word of God, the word we employ as we show you here.

What the Father has, the Son has. And what the Son has, we have as joint heirs, meaning co-owners even now. This is what it means to be “in Christ” is to be seen by the Father with the very words of The Son. This is why our progeny said “ask the Father anything in My name and He will do it”. Who also said “up till now you have asked for nothing in My name. Ask that your joy may be full. (John 16)

As we see at the cross where Christ’s garments were taken off of Him and divided among the guards. We know that His body was broken for us, but also His outer attire was taken from Him for our retrieval as well. Those guards were not able to keep them. They parted them out for cash, but we get them back free. They were meant for us. Thats because the gospel gives us “every spiritual blessing from the Heavenly places”. Ephesians 1.

We can understand that the apostles and the prophets had obstacles to try to discredit and steal the concepts that were stitched into their hearts and grafted into their minds to become superior to what they were before the moment of that trial.

Same as us. As scripture said “do not think it strange concerning the firery trial which is to try you, but rejoice to the extent that as you participate in these trials (it is for you) to participate in the glory that follows”. And we don’t mean it follows some 2000+ years later. That doesn’t give you any hope of empowerment and leaves you a beggar at the cross. God didn’t give that burden to you. He gave that to His only Begotten in exchange for you to have His self in your stead. Some refer to this as a “trans-substantiation”. We just call it a trade off, old for new.

This is our upgrade for our opporating system of life in the spirit. These are our app upgrades and the terms and conditions are The New Covenant, also known as The Will and Covenant of our inheritance.

You see the Savior knew the disciples kept the Fathers words because He heard them use those words as if they were their own. An Heir is a co-owner and participates in the Kingdom “to the degree that they have obtained”, they learn to employ.

And this doesn’t come easy. That’s the reason for the test. To examine such a one for a trustworthiness to be able to keep the new empowerment. And because God the Father accomplished all His works through His word, we are given that model for us to understand our empowerment to do the same thing. That is why the Son said “if you say to this mountain, be thou moved into the sea, it shall be done for you, to nudge us on for greater expectations of greater works for greater results and greater rewards. This is what pleases the Father. We take Him at His word, and speak them like they never wear out, because they don’t. To God be the Glory.

Stagnation in growth comes from avoiding growth and the testings. But with these testings is certain resistance. You must press in. You must persist and persevere.

Think of it like this. With H2O, there are platforms of resistance as the temperature rises or falls.

For H2O to transfigure  into ice, or ice into water, it takes more than one degree. In other words, we know that 32 degrees is the base point, however ice will not really melt untill it is above 32 degrees and water will not freeze untill it is below 32. 32 is not the transition point. It is the barrier. The transition takes more than one degree to perform the transition. It is the same way with water and steam There is a greater resistance then a make up change.

With each transformation or transfiguration into another element there is greater resistance. Therefore to break the barrier (or pass the test) to transform to another form, like ice to water, or water to steam (or carnal thinking to godly understanding). There is more resistance and it takes more heat, momentum and patience to pass through the barrier.

Think of it like poking a hole through a piece of plastic with your finger. The pressure has to be consistent and pass beyond the contact point long enough to break the barrier to make it to the other side. That once you’ve penetrated, the barrier is punctured. Now you can now pass back and forth at will without the barrier because of the break through. This is how our trials of faith work.

Also of Christ’s temptation in the wilderness where He shows you how to do it.

Kind of like traveling to a new place. The first time is the hardest. But once you know the way, you can come and go without thinking about it.

So too with our testings in the spirit with our mind and of our resolve. With the aquisition of each new empowerment from the Father, He has it tested with a pressure of resistance, for you to break a barrier for a new empowerment. The Words from Christ are “do not fear little flock, meaning the elect, it is the Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. It is even now in this way that “the Kingdom of God is at hand as being attainable before your carnal experience expires.

This is the reason you are here, for obtaining the gift of godliness, meaning God-like-ness of having what He has before the expiration of your body.

Hence “think it not strange concerning the firery trial which is to test you as though some strange thing has happened to you. But rejoice to the extent, that as you are a partaker of the sufferings, so shall you participate (and  co-own) in the glory that follows”. Meaning; what follows the break through with the excess pressure to go through the barriers, gives you new empowerments right now in this age.

Such is the way of our faith. Our faith is the application of the words God has stitched into us to be more like Him. This is how we do the works of the Son who did the works of the Father, to show us how to do it. This is what it means to follow Christ. And to do what Jesus did.

But do not cower in fear here because He set you up for success. He never gives us a task He hasn’t given us the tools for.

As the Son says to the Father concerning us “Father they have kept your word”. He knew this because up till then and during the test, clean through to the other side of breaking the test barrier, your resolve to stand firm in a promise and repeat it under pressure and press in, He brought you through to a new place with Him. You own something new from Him and of Him that is in yourself that is invisible. No one can take this from you.

This is the new you. You can’t see it, you can’t show it to anybody physically, you can’t take it off and hang it in the closet. But you always have it to put on when it seems fitting. This is what it means to put on Christ. (Ephesians 6.10+)

And as He said “in that day ask whatever you desire and it shall be done for you”. This is that day “in That Day. This is “The Day of The Lord. This is “The Acceptable Year of our Lord”. This is “The Kingdom of God at hand. This is your time of fulfillment.

There is no other allocation of god-like-ness than now. “Today is the day of Salvation”. Today is the time for the aquisition of all the Father has bestowed upon us.

Let us remind you of the days of Noah. To board that ship you had to do so before the rains came. And of the foolish virgins who went to the world to buy wedding attire, then when the doors were closed they were left outside saying “Lord, Lord, open up to us”. He then replied “I do not know you from where you are from” because of the barriers between them they never crossed, because they refuse to pass the tests to press through. How about you?

Paul showed us a persistence in Acts 27 with the voyage through that storm, that they lost everything and the vessel but the lives and souls of the people. So that shows you what you can apply Gods word to. Your souls, your invisible parts. That is why we are instructed “in your patience (and your perseverance) to possess ye your soul.”

For this you are not alone. You have the unction of the Holy Spirit we call “the still, soft voice”. For God has said “I will never leave you or forsake you”.  And “Lo I am with you always, even through out the ages”. This includes the testings and trials. So know this, you are set up for success. These are your skirmishes for your empowerments. Your transferring from here to there, from reliance NOT in the flesh but the spirit. For these tests? It is just you and God. And the reward? God. God-like-ness. Him and all He has is the gift to you. For you to have a new self like His self. This is why it is said “think it not strange concerning the firery trial that is to try you as though some strange thing has happened. But rejoice to the extent that as you participate in the fiery trials, so too you (recieve the empowerment to) participate in the glory that follows”.

For this reason we are a plurality of those Glory’s. God is the Father of Glory’s and He has brought us through to Himself. Glory to God our Father. 

As the Father spoke through Isaiah saying “So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me [c]void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

Why? Because His word goes back to Him with us in it. We go back to the Father We fill that void. We are His desired accomplishment.

When Christ told the disciples while drinking wine at the last supper “I desire to drink this new with you in the Kingdom”. This is the new wine and this is The New Kingdom, which is all of Gods things now. In the “invisible, eternal, immortal, the only wise God”.

Not that it is new in the sense of never having been before. It is just new for you because you just realized it, but it is forever.

And we are His desire and we are complete in Him who is head over all principalities and powers”. This is our empowerment. In this way “old things have passed away and all things become new, and all things are from God. (2 Corinthians 5)

But you have to persevere through the barrier. This is the new you. In this way…

The Kingdom if God, is still, at hand. Use these tools to climb out of the crud of this age and clamour up the things that are said for this is your Jacobs ladder, the access to the city and house of our God. Amen!