The Phoenix Rising?

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The call for Eagles. “Wherever the carcass is, the Eagles will be gathered” were the words of Christ. But Eagles don’t eat dead carcass, vultures do. In this case the eagles avenge the vultures. The carcass is their trap.

Revelation 19.17 Then I heard a voice say “Come and gather together for the [h]supper of the great God, 18 that you may eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, [i]free and slave, both small and great.”

The Phoenix Rising is an occultic doctrine from Satan, for the implimentation of his plan to rule the world. But mark this word! God will NOT let His creation Glorify another. As much as Satan salivates for his moment. And he and all demonic entities come together to fight against God and His people. They only do what God had predetermined according to His infinite wisdom, what needed to be done for the perfecting of the saints and the extraction of those who are His, be they strong or feable.

This is the reason scripture says  that “these days will be cut short for the sake of His Elect”. Not as though they needed to be saved from those days. These days are not about our saving but about our maturation.

All our saving tools were given to us at the cross where we leave our sin and brokeness to press on to perfection, so that’s not so much what this time is about.

The cutting short the time has to do with our maturation and the completion of the gospel in ud. This is for us being fully cognizant of who we are through Christ, and what we are to do in that day “when the Lord comes to be Glorified in His Saints”. Amen!

With God performing His final touches in us the Elect. For this reason “the first shall be last, but the last will be first” because we are the finishing touches.

It is also the time that “greater works shall you do because I go to the Father”. It is us who are prodigals who have come to our God given senses, whom the Father sees and said; cloth this one with the finest robedy and prepare the feast! Our food is this age, and the vultures? Are for to see the contrast we are assigned to judge. Even as the Apostle Paul said, know ye not yet shall judge angels? How much more things of this life” where we hone our skills.

So you see the darkened powers relegated to earth are given permission to deceive those who dwell therein, that “have not the seal of God on their foreheads”. Meaning, imprinted on their minds. For this we have scripture.

This is how it works. This is the plan of the vultures we see in the Phoenix. This is our training from our Fathers discloser on these topics. We feast on this.

What then is the Phoenix?

The mythical phoenix spirit animal is said to be the keeper of the fire in all of creation. It signifies transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. (So you can see a born again of a different spirit than ours). As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal.” The renewal is as it eats its old self to become newer, stronger and better.”

To “rise from the ashes” is as it eats its old self. This is what Satan and his minions are doing in our day, as evidenced by the mega corporate earnings who gobble up other corporations and the planned disappearance of the middle class. This is their plan of the death of those corporations, businesses and organiztions that would not cooperate with them usurping country constitutions, violating people’s God given rights and civil laws to impliment unconditional mandates.

Yes like all usurpers, they disregard constitutional authority to impliment their plan of the subduction of humanity. These they are eating up. This is the “wherever the carcass is the Eagles will be gathered”. The Eagles are learning about the vultures in the context of the rising Phoenix. It’s rearing it’s ugly head.

This imagery has special significance to the United States money masters, which is a global cartel. There is the symbol of a bird on the back of the dollar bill with eiry implications. It’s not an Eagle as many suppose. The imagery they use is a Phoenix.

You see here with the design and implimentation of the dollar bill, something was planted. That’s why it’s written in Latin “E PLURIBUS UNUM” And means “Out of the many come the one”, meaning the New World Order, that has been spoken of by all presidents on the modern era, as well as many other popular figures.

Meaning there are hidden messages there with an intended harvest. What many believe to be an eagle on the back of the dollar, it is not. What many believe to be noble, it is not. It is a Phoenix bird, and this is the meaning.

That after obsconding with the bulk of the wealth from all that use this trade mechanism, called money and mammon that has control over all the currencies of the earth. It is through the newly created 5 plus trillion U.S. dollars, then to turn and flood their cohorts with this newly created money out of thin air, compounded by nearly a factor of ten through fractional reserve banking policies. Because of this nearly 50 trillion dollars has been newly printed out of thin air, backed by nothing but another I.O.U, shackled to the citizens of the U.S. as a dead body because they can’t put the picture together that they are being eaten up.

This money or Mammon, is used to promote the rise of the Phoenix by distributing this wealth world wide to all who cooperate with the demise of governments and population to come together to form “The New World Order”, a concept the vultures have been salivating over for years. Which is the full implimentation of the final take over of planet earth from the Creator God and its residence.

But this is the trap God has laid out for them and they are blinded by their lust to take control of the world in this way. That all the rogue entities of fallen angels who were bound in the earth to be released at the end of the age (Revelation 20.2), having a newly found freedom of a gravitation free, expanse free, ubiquitous spirit realm, similar to what they enjoyed with the creator before God created the earth and expanses and their subsequent judgment and detainment to sheol in the earth.

It is now that through the Cern-unos, Shivah hole in the earth that these fallen entities are re-birthed for such a time as this. The “Hedron Collider” is the cover. It is a portion devise from the pit of Hell.

And it is through the serpant seed of Cain that this is carried out.

From the Cain and Able account we get Cainables or caniblism. Scripture says; The Life of the body is in the blood, and these entities live off of human blood and adrenachrome, showing that they are like their father Cain. It is his brothers blood that cry’s out from the ground even in our day. (Genesis 4)

And of all the money they’ve obsconded with? A very small portion goes back to the lower class in the form of PPP, or payment protection plan. It is those people who were out out of work during this reset, who did it gladly because they were paid, showing who their master is. Showing who Lord’s it over them and who they serve, being the god of this age of money and Mammon.  It is the bailouts, or PPP’d that were given to calm them down, to take away their fight or delay their transfiguration, to make them weak, implicit and complacent as the debt sky rockets out of site. This they cannot see not understand the ramifications. Abject slavitude for the world and population reduction to a number suitable to sustain them.

Adam was told “by your sweat shall you work the earth with a curse. To the blood suckers, your sweat does not satisfy their cravings for life. And “the life of the body is in the blood”, but your hard earned savings are in their institutions, and do you know what? They are going to have you branded like cattle if you want to access the money you call yours, that are in savings in banks. These instruments belong to them. This money is a measurement of the Almighty God whose reward for them is His wrath. He will settle this debt. For He has said “fill up then the measure of your father’s guilt”. God has them marked and measured and their days are short.

This is what a fiat currency is, it is debt.

How this newly created money pertains to the Phoenix is that, the bulk of this newly created money goes to their new infrastructure and cohorts who carry out the plan. That’s why money is called Mammon “the god of this age” in competition with the Creator God.

Christ said “you cannot serve God and Mammon”. The “in God we trust” on the U.S. dollar was not in reference to the Creator God, but what scripture referred to as “Mammon, meaning money and the god of this age”. Money is a major tool for Satan, to impose slavitude over the masses, and impliment this new world order.

The Phoenix Doctrine and it’s appearant coming to be, coinsides with the end of this age and the harvest. The Bible says “The wheat and the tares mature together”.

The intended harvest is the obsconding and theft of the collection of all the profits, earnings and savings associated with their planting of the dollar bill. To then transform the global banking system into a new currency to participate in the new society. But every one must give certain permissions for them to do that thereby insulting the Creator God and bringing on themselves damnation. Why? Because for each step Satan gets your permission by not resisting and by accepting terms and conditions without even reading them. They all say that by accepting them, you agree to let them collect ALL your information to do what they want. But worse than that is they say that they have the right to change and alter these terms and conditions anytime they want, without notifying you of the change, and your continued use of their services implies your consent. And because this is standard lingo, it is possible for the one at the top, with the permissions granted even over all corporations and governments, to steal everything by holding on to all savings and earnings. Most money is online and imaginary anyway. Just zeros on the internet. Get it? Internet? A trap?

Their intention is to brand the people who cooperate (like cattle) with a special I.D mark, with them agreeing to a new way of doing things, of which currency is only one tether of their shackling to unsuspecting souls who say “just trust our officials” showing who their god is. That “no one may buy or sell” lest you do so. But more so, you will not have their permissions for anything, unless you succomb. And because there are supposed pestilences, plagues and viruses associated with their coop, people will need to be up to date with their inoculations to use their new system. That “no man may buy or sell lest they take the mark of the beast”. Rightly named for so it eats people. It determines who eats, who has access to nesessary provisions, and who does not.

The Son of God warned it would be as in the days of Noah, that Noah was the only righteous generation. In today’s vernacular that means “only clean genes”. Gene is the root word for genome. Generation means collection of gene combinations. And that’s what their vaccines do. They disrupt Gods object of creation, humans Vaccines they are not, that’s a lie. Their hand are poisoned with strange genes, markers and miniscule robots that will lie dormant for the collective activation.

And for those who don’t go with the status quo?

Well, this is “the cancel culture” of those who do not comply and do not subscribe, and take no vaccinations and are not branded or labelled, and have no trust in their currency. And it’s correctly called currency like electricity because of the coming shock value. Many who are hoarding these trade mechanisms are “treasuring up for themselves wrath in the day of wrath and the revelation of the righteous Judgment of God who renders to each one according to their doings (Romans 1.18ish)

Gods Creation will not glorify another.

But we have the promises of God, a much greater and safer place to be. Amen!


Do you realize that if you had a few trillion dollars and a continent, you could fully build and equipt a new country. Think of some of the seamingly insignificant countries. If a trillion was given to them they would be poverty free immediately. But somebody has to be shackled with that debt. And the United States is.

The newly created money is financing the new world shakeling. The U.S. as we know it, will be gobbled up and disappear during this transition, and the New World Order will become fully empowered. At least that’s what they think. But the Creator God has another plan, and it is not a backup plan. He laid the trap.

But, there is another symbolic bird with greater significance, the Eagle. Jesus Christ said “where ever the carcass is, the Eagles shall be Gathered”, as if in flight in full view of what is going on. You see, eagles don’t eat roadkill, nor do they scavenge carcasses, vultures do. That’s why the Phoenix is a foul and unclean bird that has fallen into the trap. We know who we are because we have oversite and understanding of their devious plans.

The eagles symbolize those “seated in the Heavenlies, far above all powers and principalities” because we have oversite.

You see this is why the scripture says that Babylon has fallen and has become a snare and a trap for every unclean and hateful bird”. So you know how the creator views this project. But it does serve a purpose, the gathering of the fullness of times, the harvest. The wheat and the tares mature together? But the command was given by the Creator God “first bind the tares together in bundles to burn”.

As for us the Elect? Our call is “20 “Rejoice over her, O heaven, and you [j]holy apostles and prophets, for God has avenged you on her!” We have been anxiously awaiting this moment. This is our inauguration.

The Kingdom of God is at hand, and more importantly is that all others have an extinction.