*The Knowing

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God can be articulated to the intellect but he cannot be constructed. Nor can anything be constructed to house Him.

For God to need things manufactured for Him is an oxymoron and out of character for Him. For the Maker to be in need of somebody to make something for Him is nonsense. God cannot be manufactured but he can be articulated. That is why His Only Begotten became word for us. He declares The Father.

It is as we receive Word, we become like word. So much so in fact we become like Them. We become one. The Hebrew word for this is Echad (Deuteronomy 6.4), and the Greek words are Koinania (1 John 1-6) and Ekionos. This is a oneness of pluralities, a discourse.

Articulation is an invisible tool for the invisible God. His articulation is done by words. “John 1.In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.”

Words are Gods building blocks in the spirit of your mind. This word is defined as God’s Son. Why? Because not only is he the exactitude of the father, He is also the invisible embodiment of the very things of God and the delivery mechanism from Him to us. He said “I and the Father are one”. We become one with Him too.

The Son has the authority of the Father. He said “all things have been given Me in Heaven and on Earth. And because we have taken Him at His word, we become joint heir’s with Him of all things. But more importantly of His things, He has held nothing back. In this way we are authorized versions for others conversions. Not just to proclaim a name unto salvation, but the full message with all its steps unto the completion of the Gospel message all the way to Glory. There is no other mechanism to accomplish this than word, and the articulation of it. So we do. We call it the gospel.

And it’s not just that historical references or things about God are passed on through this  articulation. Oh no, much greater than this. It is His very genetics and DNA contained and passed down through the gospel. This is for our Transfiguration from a created being to a spirit being. Like it says in John 3: ye must be born again, to be born of the Spirit. And “for the time that is coming is already here when you worship the Father in Spirit and Truth” different from creation.

An elemental understanding of God is false because God is NOT made up of elements or constructs such are common to man. There are no borders or boundaries or restrictions that God is subject to, for if He were He would not be God. He is sovereign over His creation, and not subjected to it.

God is boundless in his ways unrestricted unfettered unhindered to whom belong eternal glory amen.

No one has seen God at anytime but the Son declares Him with perfect articulation. He breaks Him down in bite size pieces for our understanding. No human has seen the Son either in His natural construct of who He was before “He became flesh and dwelled among us. Paul met Him as the light brighter than the noon day sun, a site not seen with carnal eyes, as evidenced by the blinding effect that brought Paul to his knees and said “who are you Lord”.

If we see the Son as He truly is being the accumulation of all the Father has said, we see the Father too. The two are indistinguishable and inside each other, as are we who have accepted them in their original precreation composition of Spirit and Truth. We are “hidden in Christ“ and see the things hidden here are for us who are born of the spirit.

The Son said “He who has seen Me has seen the Father. He was not talking about carnally visual aspects, or a physical potrait would be the testimony of the Son. So height, hair color, weight, nationality and skin color have zero relevance with the Almighty. Those are flesh coverings and flesh He is not. Height, gender and skin color have zero relevance here. So you should know it is incumbent upon you to learn how to put those off as we show you here.

It was Peter who instructed us saying “Yes, I think it is right, as long as I am in this [f]tent, to stir you up by reminding you, 14 knowing that shortly I must [g]put off my tent, just as our Lord Jesus Christ showed me. 15 Moreover I will be careful to ensure that you always have a reminder of these things after my departure”. For this reason we spot light His Glory, for you to know what we’ve been given and what we are to become through the tools He has given us called the gospel.

When the Son came to His own His own did not receive him, because they were expecting Him to become like them and cohabitate with them in the things they had made. Hmm! But because the things made after the patterns, from Moses and David, of things only to teach about the eternal. This they forgot and became idolatrous and adulterous and missed out on the vortex to the Father, provided by those mechanisms because they sought it not by faith. They were expecting the facts.

For this reason they were turned till “not one stone was left upon another”. This was God sifting through their ruble for the remnants. The left over rejects were ordered “not to depart from Jerusalem till you have the promise heard from Me. Upon receiving the Holy Spirit they were instructed to get out of Jerusalem.

As Christ prophesied that “on them was laid all the guilt from Righteous Abel, to Zechariah whom they murdered. This was required of that generation. The sins not appropriated at the cross was laid on them because they rejected the Only Begotten, and God’s final warning!

They saw not the Eternal value in that one. But to as many as received Him, not his carnal nature but His spiritual, to them He gave power to become His children even those who believe in his name, and continue to believe in Him even through the obstacles to the contrary they face along the way. This one pleases God.

If you are still with us, you must be of this sort, or horribly confused. Pray the Father for understanding.

Those who truely see Him as He is, see the Father in Him. This is why the Son said “He who has seen Me has seen the Father” and “From now on you have seen Him and Known Him”.

That it is us who see him as He is in His before time construct of Spirit and Truth, as touching the invisible. To this “We are being transfigured from the glory to the glory”. But to those who were fixed on the old testament teaching tools? They saw not his glory for they saw the robes and sandals only and thought He was like them. They judged the outward appearance and couldn’t see who was inside because they weren’t listening.

They thought the transformation was for Him. For Him to become like them, reduced to a singularity.

If that is so then who transforms into whom? And if “that which is flesh is flesh” and “flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom”? Why do many even today believe that the Only Begotten One must make a camio appearance to pull them out of their own destitution?

If He “has given us everything that pertains to life and god-like-ness” already? What more must He do? The answer is nothing. You see He is seated waiting for His enemies to become His footstool”. You see, He already “defeated Satan sin and death” at His first and only saving. Their is no other saving but just a fearful judgment as spoken of here in Hebrews 10,

26 For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, 27 but a certain fearful expectation of judgment, and fiery indignation which will devour the adversaries. 28 Anyone who has rejected Moses’ law dies without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. 29 Of how much worse punishment, do you suppose, will he be thought worthy who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, counted the blood (and cross) of the covenant by which he was sanctified a common thing, and insulted the Spirit of grace!”

There are those who were expecting a man in kingly attire on a studly horse. They we’re embarrassed by the Peasant on a donkey. The physical became a distraction and they saw him not as He is. But those of us who know Him as a contrast to the physical understood Him perfectly. Those who understood Him as Shiloh riding on the foal of a colt understood that the reign of the Jews was over. (Genesis 49.)

Those who speak of Him coming again, know Him not for He is already here in His original, pre-incarnate self. He is the “Lo I am with you always, throughout the ages even to the End”. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He did change when He became flesh and dwelled among us, because in Him dwelled the fullness of the Godhead body”. And if you expect Him to appear again in bodily form, how can He be to us now the “behold I stand at the door and knock. To those who open up to Me, I will come in and feed them”. Hopefully you are open and willing for He is “at hand”. Amen!

This is why He does not receive his testimony from man for he knows what’s in man. More carnal fabrications for fascinations and excuses.

But “we speak what we hear and testify to what we’ve seen”, for we have eyes and ears of a different nature. We “endure as seeing him who is invisible”.

He who was “born a King”, need not appear as a king just so you can believe. The Son did not come here to become anything, but to prove who he already was.

John the Apostle was explicit, that we know him who is from the beginning. He put on His man momentarily, then put it off. This is proof that he is unchangeable in character and in nature and construction.

But there is a coming one who is not yet, whose coming is according to the working of Satan “with all lying signs and wonders” and duplicates. He is making a simulation of the invisible for he walked among the coals of fire. The coming one is the becoming one who is not yet but must be for a short time then go into perdition with all who fear him and obey his emmisaries.

He takes on the appearance of a Christ and the promises of a savior. But any carnal representation as such are counterfeits. He would love for you to think Jesus needs to come again, because he knows that all who reject the Saving of God that has already happened, will gather to the one that’s coming later. This is the end time gathering of those who want to be saved in a different way to protect their earthly status and carnal expectations of Heaven on earth.

The Sons purpose was to expire all the parables and attach the Elects affection on  what they represent. He proved this when he went to the father and said father I have completed the work you have given me to do I have given Those whom you’ve given me out of this world I have given them your word and they have kept it. The verbal articulation was completed in us. We call this salvation. In him dwells the fullness of the godhead body and because we have received His word and His Spirit, of his fullness we have received because Word is where it comes from, because Word came from the mouth of God, coupled with His breath. Not oxygen but the spirit of God we call the gift of life, the comforter and helper.

So we too can say that we all are collectively one in the father. This is true koinania, the genetic information we need to be like them is cryptically embedded in scripture for us to become the gift that is given.

The coming one is a becoming one as though he is not yet but must be and is there for disqualified as being eternal.

It is as we take all the concepts of God displayed in the law and the prophets and more clearly seen in the Son and expire them in the heavens being the regions of our mind the access is through the heart the very place of God.

The gospel message has its fulfilled purpose in us and need not take us any further. As Peter stated receiving the end of your faith the salvation of your soul of God’s work completed in you before your departure.

The salvation of the soul is to be restored to its proper purpose of full interaction with God. The soul, mind and heart is the only invisible element you have. It’s the only Eternal access point you have to the father and without this restoration there is no eternity.

As a seed in the dirt seems insurmountable and unimportant to the plant, for it sees no light and lives in dirt so too is the man of the Earth. But if it contains the genetics of the Living God sown in our hearts through the gospel being watered by the Holy Spirit it becomes enamored with another element. It’s sites and focuses are no longer in the shell, so too with the metamorphosis of a butterfly from a caterpillar. The two are constructs of different elements and feature in contrast to one another.

One crawls on the dirt the other flies in the air. So to those who have sown the words of God in their heart and water with it the Holy Spirit, this becomes the thing that is said. Which is word. Gods Word. The very genetics of God, sown in our heart. In this way we become Godly.

There is no such thing as life and an afterlife. It is those who in their carnal body being ignorant of the things of God are The Walking Dead, hoping for something later. They are dead to the things of God that are Ubiquitous and piercing all time and matter, without distorting them. If this were not so the Son would not of said “let the dead bury their dead”. And John the Apostle would not of said ” those who have the Son has life those who have not the Son have not life”. Those who have not the Son have the contrast. And the contrast will be taken out of the way for the Eternal to remain.

And it is also true that the dust returns to the Dust. Those who do not acquire the spirit acquire nothing. Those are fixed on a carnal fulfillment of the scriptures hope in vain. For this reason they are said to be poor blind and naked. Not knowing the riches in Christ they are poor not seeing the kingdom of God at hand. They are blind not putting on the cloaking of Christ they are naked.

Anything made of time and matter will be dissolved. That’s why those who hold onto a construct and a hope of God becoming a feature subject to time and matter, specifically the second coming, their hopes will be tarnished. Those who put on Christ now, put on the very words He spoke, and become the things that He has said.

The son said “father I have finished the work that you’ve given me to do I have given them your word and they have kept it”.  Nothing else needs to be said. This Son is the final say so. We just need to repeat it to be true for us. We are those who reverberate and echo the things that He said to be like Him.

We who have received the Son in this way as an embodiment of the concepts and attributes of God, are the offspring of God. It is us who speak the words to confirm who we are by where we have been and where we go, the very place we stay.

Christ said “no one has descended from heaven but he who descended from Heaven, that is the son of man who is in heaven” (speaking of Himself) So we too can take these words and expire them and fulfill them in ourselves in the same way. That just as He was and just as He is, so are we in the world. Because He was not a man in the world. He was himself in a human body, being the word the very exact expression of the Father as are we. And “no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again” and we see. And “no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born above” and so we were. “We are a kind of first fruits of his creation” being born of word and spirit of his kind of non-elemental spirit and Truth.

We testify of what we hear and speak of what we seen because of the place that we have been. So that makes us a visitor while we are here. We are the constituents of another Nation/Kingdom. We who are visitors from their called ambassadors. For who can be an ambassador from a country they’ve never had residence in. You could only be an ambassador and a representative of something that you are a part of otherwise you would just be a spokesperson.

This is what happens to those who speak of another coming Kingdom because the “Kingdom of God being at hand”. They quite obviously have not been to the place they are forecasting into the future. The term “at hand” has no relevance to them.

Like a baby bird in the nest who prefers a soft pre-chewed worm, so too a carnal believer is hooked on parables. This is the same as preferring the old wine for it is better, they reject the new.

Those who pay ties at the temple pay for building projects and give in to sacrifices. These are slow to receive the invisible for the visible. The things they did are of no Eternal value. If it does not serve as a crossover Point into the eternal it amounts to nothing but idolotry. For our Christ has entered into the heavens now not to Tabernacle made by hands but a tabernacle made by God, Eternal on the Heavens. That is the place of our homage, the place of our affections, and where our sacrifices and our givings go.

As God said through Isaiah “why do you trample My courts with your feasts and your sacrifices? Who has required this of you?” It is to receive God as He is and offered him the sacrifice of praise that is acceptable to him. The acceptable sacrifice is to present a mirror image of His Son back to Him, a sweet smelling savor.

If you appear at the altar to leave a gift and know not the Gift Giver, the Giver becomes a taker and you leave empty-handed.

To some people He appears as a thief, for even what they think they have shall be taken. And those who have an expectation of a future Jesus have nothing. If you knew the Gift Giver and the things He possessed you would receive immediately the things that you asked for. For this reason the son said to the disciples until now you have asked for nothing in My name ask for your joy to be full. Up till that point they were with of man named Jesus and they approached the man Jesus to ask the Father for things. Because their misconceptions of the Son, was they were denied access.

But we know the Gift Giver and we know the gift. All the gifts are in Gods Christ. All Things become new in Christ. You just need to figure out what All Things Are. They are Eternal.

You may look at some and think they are poor but they possess all things in this way. You may be “poor, blind and naked”. Poor, because you don’t have the riches of Christ. Blind, because you cannot see His Kingdom at hand. Naked, because you have not put on the loins of your mind the things He has said. You remain in your catatonic Adamic state of being of being naked of the things of God and driven by fear and shame.

For this reason John the Apostle said “love not the world nor the things of the world for those who love the world, the love of the father is not in them. But we love God.

There are those things that were with God from the beginning. These things are his. Everything else will be burned. (2 Peter 3.10)

If you really knew the Gift Giver in truth, you would not have to ask because the things have already been given. You would just thank Him instead. “We have been given everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of him who calls us to glory and virtue”. To share his virtue we are the called. We who know the Gift Giver in this way being the recipients and now ourselves gift-givers. As it is written “those who reject you rejects Me and those who receives you received Me”. We are His stewards and the conduit of the things that are His. We are the conveyors and the purveyors of the water that doesn’t cost money we are recipients of the Living Water and become Wells of Living Water as our Leader said “those who believe in Me, out of their being will spout out rivers of living waters”.  Who also said like effervescent water “shaken up, slapped down on the table, uncorked and spouting out”, so too will be those filled with Gods Holy  Spirit.

Christ approached the woman in Samaria at the well and asked for water. Had she known the gift-giver she would have asked Him for water. She said “I know the Christ when he comes he shall tell us all things”. In response Jesus said I whom you are seeking, I am He. That was His  explanation of what people expect at a 2nd coming. She was filled enough to go tell the whole city. “This is the Christ”, not that He is going to be when He comes again.

In our age there are many still waiting. God does not repeat Himself. But fortunately we do. We call it the Gospel. This is the gospel and the good news. In this way, “The Kingdom of God is at hand”. Amen and Amen!