* DNA, The Seed Transfer. Being Born Again

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You must be born again!

John 3.

There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, “Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him.”

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?”

Jesus answered, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ 8  The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

Nicodemus answered and said to Him, “How can these things be?”

10 Jesus answered and said to him, “Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things? 11 Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen, and you do not receive Our witness. 12 If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things? 13 No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man[b]who is in heaven.” End quote

When Nicodemus came to Jesus by night. It wasn’t a physical night. It was that there was no light in the mind of Nicodemus. His reasoning and understanding of the things of God had been eclipsed.

It is ironic that this Jesus, the one who came preaching that “The Kingdom of God is at hand”, also told Nicodemus that “unless one is born of water and spirit, you cannot see or enter The Kingdom” He was talking about.

And so it is today many Christians are looking for a king and a kingdom to come, and are just as confused as Nicodemus. After all, Christ was born King. He doesn’t need to become one later. When does His kingdom come? It doesn’t come with (carnal) observation. (Luke 17.22)

Let me ask you this, Jesus said that “the wind blows where it wishes, so is everyone born of the spirit”. Do you understand this? This is how you enter The Kingdom.

Do you believe the “Kingdom of God is at hand”? That it is within grasp? To the re- spirited mind of faith it is. It was Peter who said “in doing these things, so an entrance into the Kingdom has been supplied abundantly to you”. For some of us, this is our reality, the rule and reign of God in our lives on our behalf, and the judgment of those who reject Him. These all happen simultaneously. He is the King of kings, or King over all kings.

It is those born again that can see Gods Kingdom, and those born from above who have entered Gods Kingdom even now. But more profound is that “No one has ascended to heaven but He who descended from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven.” Meaning that Christ is in Heaven and Heaven is “in Christ”. To be “in Christ” is to be in Heaven because Heaven is in Him, and we who have faith “in Him” are “in Him” in Heaven.

If you are “in Christ”, you are no longer to associate as being a product of the fall, of your lower Adamic nature “from dust to dust” as having control over you. We now identify with the last Adam, Jesus Christ who defeated death to offer to us that gift of life. (1 Corinthians 15.45) We now consider ourselves “a new creation” being made new like Him, and joint heirs of the things of God “in Christ “. (2 Corinthians 5.18ish)

Jesus Christ never fades or gets old, but is in His eternal composition of Spirit and truth. He remains forever the same “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever”. ( Hebrews 13.8) He became flesh and dwelled among us, only to become one of us for the sole purpose of us becoming one like Him.

If you claim to be a Christian, and you acknowledge your vows at baptism, you are accountable to know what that means. You buried your old person by an act of faith (in the invisible), to be raised in newness of life through the gift of God as another act of faith (in the invisible). His Son took your sins and old self and hung it up on the cross, to give you a new life and body like His, being the one He had before “He became flesh and dwelled among us”.

Paul said to the Phillipians “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it [b]robbery to be equal with God, but [c]made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men.” And being found in appearance as a man,

Showing us that His human body was not His natural composition, and that if He was God in the flesh, that’s what the name Emmanuel means, that we too could be full of God while we experience our lowly body. After all, when God said on the 6th day of His creation, that it is duals good, that was His proclamation over the human body. This is the restoration to “that which is from the beginning “ scripture refers to.

Isaiah had this to say “on Him was laid the inequity of us all and by His stripes we are healed”. Meaning made whole and well. Restored in purpose.

The son of man Jesus, speaking of His carnality, claimed to be in Heaven and Heaven in Him as He talked to His disiples. How profound. How can that be? Well this belongs to you if you are one of His.

So for those of us who know the preincarnate Christ, we know that “in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead body”. Meaning that the Creator, Ruler God was in Him in His totality. That everything that was and is Gods, was in the spirit of the mind of the man Jesus, looking through His eyes, speaking through His mouth of things the carnal senses are in a total eclipse to, like Nicodemaus. For everyone who is yet carnal, looking for a visual Kingdom of God to appear. Their minds are  eclipsed and closed off to Gods current reality “at and”. Of His things and belongings just outside of human reach, but fully accessable to the re-spirited mind of faith. “God is Spirit and God is truth and seeketh such”. Such are we. And, ye must be born again”. We are that too and are a composite as He is. “We are Begotten by the word of truth to be a kind of firstfruits of His creation”.

The Eclipse of man from God is the insensitivity to His Holy Spirit.

In the beginning God had breathed in Adam and he became a living being. When he sinned, The Breath of life called the Holy Spirit, departed from him. This was Adams death. He was left only to the promptings of his carnal appetites but spiritually dead. But scripture says “we have an unction from the Holy One and know all things.” (1 John ) So we have an advantage.

“That which is flesh is flesh and that which is Spirit is Spirit, You must be born again.” This is the restoration to you of the inner dwelling of Gods Holy Spirit. Our prompter, teacher and motivator, to wherever the Spirit takes us.

For those who already have been born from above, like the wind, we blow where we wish in and out of “The Kingdom of God at hand” at will. How else would we be qualified to expound on the things that belong to God unless He has given us access?

As scripture said “in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead body, and you are complete in Him who is head over all.” Everything that is Christ’s is gifted to us. You need to learn how to receive it by faith. This is your invisible response to the invisible God that pleases Him.

Even as the son of man Jesus claimed to be in Heaven, so can we. More importantly Heaven with all its persons, furnitings, attributes and benefits are in us, as they were in the man named Jesus. We have full reign as joint heirs of the things of God made known to us through His Holy writ. “For all the promises of God are yes and amen “in Him”. Are you in Him”.

If this seams far fetched, you must be born again because this is The Gospel. This is the Good News, the salvation of your soul. Your body returns to dust when you are done with it. (1 Corinthians 15)

The Genetic Transfer Needs To Take Place to be Born Again

A birth takes place with a transfer of DNA. And because God is invisible, we shouldn’t expect a visible event to take place for this type of birth to take place, because it takes place in the spirit of your mind. You adopt a co-pilot, the Holy Spirit. The breath of God that departed from Adam when he disbelieved God, is restored to us and then you begin the incubation prossess of pondering God’s word and adopting it. Even as James said “we are begotten by the word of truth to be a kind of firstfruits of His creating”. Of making us new.

The mind is the place of our transformation. This is our Galgatha, meaning skull and the our transfiguration.

The seed and DNA of God Almighty engrafted in us is our proof that we are His. Just as we identify with our carnal parents with eye, hair color, stature and behaviors, so too we take on similarities of our parents. And because in the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God, His words become our key features. We then participate in the work of God called the gospel, being the reiteration of who they are.

Here is where and how the New Birth, and Growth takes place. It is called Koinania.

In the Epistle of 1st John he says of Jesus Christ;  That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, concerning the Word of life— the life was manifested, and we have seen, and bear witness, and declare to you that eternal life which was with the Father and was manifested (broken down and made clear) to us . that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. And these things we write to you that [a]your joy may be full.”

The word translated as “fellowship” comes from the Greek word “koinania” and is used in the Greek culture as “intercourse” meaning a transfer of DNA, a genetic substance. That if the translators had been more cognizant of this, they would have translated it as such. Our words and our discourse is our intercourse and transference of the DNA of God for eternal living. Hence “that which we’ve heard and seen we have declared to you” for this genetic transition to take place, one new understanding and revelation at a time, untill Christ is fully formed in you.

So let us read this again.

“that which we have seen and heard we declare to you, that you also may have intercourse with us; and truly our intercourse (transferance of DNA) is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” 

This can be further clarified with Adam and Eve. That Adam knew his wife Eve and she bore a son. This type of knowing, transfers genetic information called DNA. We learn that DNA is a strand of information of a species. That kind begats according to kind through sharing DNA. To be born of God means to receive His DNA. His strands of information.

Recieving information is knowledge. This information is found in His word and received in  (the womb of ) the spirit of your mind. Your mind is where God’s DNA gets reassembled in you, one revelation at a time. We are renewed in the spirit of our mind and become a mature product of God through a series of these transactions.

As Paul said “the gospel I preach to you, I did not get it by man, or by man’s institutions, but by revelation of Jesus Christ. And in keeping with Gods law of “kind begats according to kind”, this kind can only take place by the spirit because “that which is flesh is flesh, that which is Spirit is Spirit, you must be born again”. This is why the man Jesus Christ said “I will not leave you orphans, I will send you my helper”. Our teacher, comforter and other parent. The incubator within.

If this seems out of context, we need to go no further than Paul who said to those in Galatia; 19 My little children, for whom I labor in birth again (to be born again) until Christ is formed in you”.  Paul’s labor is in the Gospel for birthing new believers.”

Who also said “But now after you have known God, or rather are known by God, (having His Word and DNA down in your heart) how is it that you turn again to the weak and beggarly elements, to which you desire again to be in bondage?” In other words, why do you put your faith and trust in your carnal instruments. That’s what Adam and Eve did. That’s what the Jews of old did “for seeing with their eyes they see not and hearing with their ears they here not, for it is with the heart one must hear and see to understand (and know) the word of God”.

The Gospel is the conduit of Gods words. Gods words are information about Himself. His information, being a formation from within Him coming to you to make you new, that comes from Him called “His Only Begotten Son”. The only one with the DNA is called The Word of God, being the information and genetics of God the Father. His name is Jesus Christ.

Let’s read John 1.1 with this in mind.

“In the beginning was God’s DNA, The DNA was with God and the DNA was God. He is the DNA that was in the beginning with God.”

God’s Son carries the DNA called “The Word of God, God transfers His genetics into your heart through His Word.

Jesus said “if you abide in Me and My words abide in you, Me and the Father will come to you and make our home in you”. Meaning, in your carnal body during your existence on earth, you too can be full of the Godhead body to enjoy what they enjoy all the time, and fulfill the saying that “you are complete in Him who is head over all principalities and powers”. And that “in you dwell the fullness of the God Head body” too. And that you can be joint heirs of the words Jesus said to Nicodemus that “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man [b]who is in heaven” and complete in the Father. Same thing.

You see the man Jesus had the fullness of God showing us it is possible for us to do so now in our human body, to possess as well. As He is so are we in this world? Yes, not as He was when he had His man, but now how He is without it. Evan as Paul said of Jesus in Phillipians ” coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man”. The Eternal became a temporary, for the temporary can become eternal.

We can say this because Jesus was referring to His human body when He called Himself ‘the son of man”, a by-product of Adam, but He was also the Son of God having two sets of genetics. That they can live collectively at the same time and live a dual life as described in Romans that “the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law if sin and death”. Christ said “whoever believes in Me HAS past from death to life”.

The writer of Hebrews puts it like this “14 Inasmuch then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood (DNA), He Himself likewise shared in the same, that through death He would destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15 and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage”.  Being the fear and threat of dying and experiencing the pain of death. This is what the gospel offers. That every act you take to preserve and protect yourself from the fear of death and dying are actions you take in vain, because you don’t believe or receive (like in a womb) the words of God to be saved. This is the saving of God offered through the Gospel ( good news) of His Son who came into the world to save everyone who goes to the cross to receive eternal undying life. There is no other with an empty grave to make this claim. Only one man has come back from the dead and holds an exclusive patent on life after death, Jesus.

This is why Paul said that “we have this treasure in human vessels that the Glory and the Excellency may be of God and not ourselves”. We make the distinction.

This is how we see The Kingdom of God at hand, and enter The Kingdom of God at Hand.

The Kingdom of God is at hand.