Original sin, diseases and viruses

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Original sin\disease
Adam and Eve in the beginning opened up their soul to a negative influence. In this way they became infected in their mind and distracted from the Holy Spirit.
The word Influenza and Influence not only sound familiar, but are associated with the Italian word with the same spelling.
Today however there was an influence\influenza flu of another sort. This idea conveys that something was ­out, and got in. That the protective cortex lining on human cells has been violated. The spirit of Satan came along with a friendly alternative. In the same way that a product is packaged in an enticing way to allure away, so too some things that are bad for us, appeal to us in an enticing way, generally as a copycat or a counterfeit. This is how Satan operates. However promising and assuring these things are presented thems to you, there is always a side effect. In the case of cures for sicknesses, we live on a time where sicknesses, deseases and illnesses are at an all time high with insurance pharmakia and doctor bills climbing exponentially.
Jesus Christ said you will know them by their fruits? Their fruits in this case are negative side effects. Once you start down that slippery slope of accepting a counterfeit, like a drug, the side effects multiply compounding the problem and requiring more drugs. The best way to get rid of the side effects, is to get rid of the initial infection or influence. In doing so all other side effects will fade, especially if you trade them with a promise of God from scripture. These are the remedies for the Elect. In this way, the god of this age comes as has nothing in us. He blows right on by as though we don’t exist to him because ga can’t see his deposit.
So here’s where it gets a little tricky. The word infection is obvious to most. Meaning that something that was out, got in.
Many times when the natural filters of the body have been bypassed by injections into the blood stream, the body is defenseless. Something snuck in.
In laboratories they use a word called transfect. This word has the same effect as infect, however even that word is packaged in a friendly way. It is a controlled influence in a seemingly innocuous way. An inoculation. Sounds harmless. That’s the goal.
The word transfect broken down. Trans means parallel transition meaning equal particles commingle. However and infection is to have an effect from something that was out and dangerous that comes in and causes a disturbance. This is what vaccines do.
The problem with this, is in reality, what is the difference between an infection and a transfection? Well simply put, a transfection is the act of pharmaceutical scientist where they purposely inject things into genetic cellular structures. It is on that cellular genetic structure level that the genetics are mutated or infected. They purposely transfect foreign DNA or RNA into people to mutate them.
In one process they use a term called “coinfecting”, meaning coining or replicating, an innocuously presented cell that carries in it disrupter Genes. Coinfecting is the process of mass producing these cells after they have them perfected. They then cluster them together with other disrupters and call them vaccines.
By introducing them into the body in this way is a violation to the body because it was introduced deceptively by bypassing all the natural entry points . A prick into the blood stream is not natural. Once there, having made it in past all the guards, there is little defense for the body to fight these anti-bodies. Thinking they belong there because they were granted access, (or were they). They commingle as though they belong. Then once these transfected cells interact with other cells, and exchange information, they deposit a Trojan horse. A disruptive instigator. These impersonators go about converting other cells to be like them. When it is all said and done, and the genetic purity has been polluted in this way, the host is now on an endless destructive battle inside themselves. The mutant cellular replication that takes place is slowly stealing the body from the original owner, or soul.

If God in the beginning said things were good, and double stamping that good on the sixth day after he made man that it was very good, what gives these bastards the right to make them un-good, to bastardize Gene cells?

Well if we look at the story of Noah in the flood, that Noah was “the only righteous in his generation” meaning he had the only clean, unperturbed set of genes, meaning DNA. This was the reason for God’s reset called the flood because “mankind had corrupted themselves upon the face of the Earth.

The “corrupted themselves” and corrupting other people and other things is what we see today. Transgenic mutations of all sorts. They are polluted and genetically modified away from their God given sequencing and intended purpose for the purposes of another, to house another inhabitant. To be shared with a fallen angel.

It is the fallen angels that are in essence multiplying themselves in these modifications because God made specific gene combinations and gave each one a soul. If the combinations are changed, so is the owner. God did not allocate a soul to that combination. And because of this they are inhabitable by another, Satan.

As the parable said “Lord did you not sow good seed into the world? How then does it have weeds. The Lord said, an enemy has done this.  Let them grow and in harvest time we will cluster the bad vine to burn, but the good will be gather to my barn.
What started off in the garden of Eden when Satan came across posing a new potential truth, and Adam and Eve entertained that, they became spiritually infected. This has now grown into this huge blunder for humanity. These manmade infections are the need for vaccines, which are just compounding more infections.
We have replaced the original sin that caused man’s departure from God told by a parabolic story of the garden of Eden, and turned that sin and created an alternate sin perverting creation itself called “viruses”, so that all who are empty and void of knowing God and His original purpose, now have a new purpose in this new session of a new focus and a new savior called a vaccine, everybody has a role to play in this saving planet Earth.
In this way not only has Adams original sin been replaced for another sin, a savior has been replaced with another act of saving called “The Vaccine”. One saving of humanity replaces the other, however this one is a lie.
There is only one Savior and saving event, the cross. Even as Moses mimicked the cross with a snake on a pole, and instructed all who were sick to go there, we understand stand that we go to the cross for our healing. And however true it is that modern medicine uses the same symbol of the pole and the serpant, it is the counterfeit that never saves or cures, but creates lifelong customers to line there pockets and keep humanity in servitude to them.
Jesus Christ said, it is not what goes in a human that affects the human but what comes out of them, this is what makes them dirty. For whatever a person eats goes into the stomach and is therefore processed, however what comes out of the man does not.
And this shows for us that our bodies are perfectly capable of taking care of impurities and processing these things in a God given fashion, however these bastards avoid and completely bypass all the safety features our creator has built into us and they’d inject this substances infect and transfect humans by injections.
You see our creator made the body with certain openings and orifices. As long as the body introduces things into the be body in normal ways, it can deal with the assorted dangers. That is why some things are called anti-bodies. There are against your body.
If God wanted us to insert things directly into the blood line, he would have given us an orphus to do so but he did not.
And that brings us to today. However bad many of the pharmaceuticals have been for people, and just a side note pharmacy comes from pharmakeia and means witchcraft in the Greek., To now move towards a massive presentation of poking and pricking drugs in people for an immediate supposed more dynamic effect is really just bastardizing the genome more and more severely.
And whereas the scripture warns us that even Satan appears as a minister of light, or righteousness, it is no wonder that his agencies do the same thing.
We have entities like The World Health Organization, and The Center of Disease and  are antControl. These are inhumane antichrist entity’s with the appearance of benevolence.J C
Jesus Christ says “you will know them by their fruits”.  It is these bastards that are multiplying the amount of people dependant, or hooked on drugs, and multiplying the amount of drugs each person takes. They are on their way to presenting vaccines for this new virus as being multiple injections.
Warning, if these bastards get their way, they will pervert the gene supply of every human and species on Earth infecting them together, to totally destroyed their god-given function purpose and definitions. Sounds like The Days of Noah” Christ warned us about.

Don’t think for a minute that these viruses are natural mutations. The only way that pig genes and mad cow genes and bat genes get put inside of human genes is for somebody to do it and it’s not God. These are entities of Satan doing so because they know and understand something that we don’t. And it is this, if God in the beginning created everything, and in the creation account it says that however God did not cause any of the trees to grow yet because there was not a man to till the ground, he was showing for us that every genetic combination for every tree in every branch and leaf from day one to Day none was meticulously delayed out. That in the same way each person and their genetic print that would ever live was laid out from the very beginning meaning that there was a soul associated with his combinations. however if these combinations are altered, we have to ask ourselves did God allocate a soul to that combination? And if the answer to that is no, and you believe that, then you can understand why these entities want to alter your it is because they know that there is no soul allocated to that geneticit is because they know that there is no soul allocated to that genetic address. And by doing this. They create an open address for an entity of their choosing, and they’re entities come right out of the pit of Hell from which they have been held spellbound waiting for this endtime event to happen. Even as it says of mystery Babylon that she becomes a Fowler’s snare and a trap for every unclean and hateful bird, these things are coming home to roost for their one last time deception of humanity whereby they intermingle themselves.

The book of Daniel talks about the seed of clay and the seed of iron commingling but not being able to mix.Jesus Christ spoke of the wheat and the tears maturing together.
In scripture, and the book of the revelation of Jesus Christ, it refers to a Time when humanity and its distress would be offered a chipped. That whoever took this chip would be beyond God’s salvation oh, and the reason why is because that genetic mutation was not allocated to humanity and therefore is governed by the God of this age who has its own master plan, a counterfeit disease the counterfeit original sin the counterfeit inoculation vaccine, a counterfeit saving and savior..
So however much hoopla that is worked up over this Boogeyman, in the need to make war against it and fight against it in military eyes are self against it and focus on it, it is like a bad bad dream. If we get back to the simple things of letting our bodies deal with these sicknesses themselves, and not allow them to stick anything in US, especially a new savior or saving device, and have faith in the saving of the cross of Jesus Christ where buy scripture says that on him was laid the iniquity, or sickness of us all, and by his stripes we are healed. If we allowed the spirit in the mind to be healed 2 enforce not a cortex around a gene but around our thinking and not let the enemy get in to persuade us for those savings in devices, and seek our alliance in our safety on the almighty God, this is the only cure in the thing that honors God.
God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world, that through him the world would be saved,.it is an insult to God In His only begotten son to seek a saving of another sort, however the choice is yours.
The book of Daniel refers to a time times and a dividing of times. This is the dividing of times, you must choose your saving oh, you must select your savior. You must acknowledge the correction, the sin of unbelief.
Who is it then that gets victory over this world who overcomes the world? who overcomes the ill effects of all that’s in the world? He who believes that God sent his son into the world to save the world,
In the book of Daniel, there is the account of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego that were commanded to bow down and worship an image, and if they failed to follow the king’s edict they would be thrown into the fiery fire in consumed.
There’s coming a time in the near future when we will be presented with a similar edict by the rulers of this age. You will be told that because of the immensity of this infection oh, that they created,that in order to save humanity you will have to take their injection, that if you do not you will suffer the consequences,.you have to look at it in the same way that Shadrach Meshach and Abednego did and be willing to face the fire that they threaten you with. But we have this promise, just as Shadrach Meshach and Abednego were thrown into the fire, that those that threw them in saw them in there in a fourth one with them whose image was the son of God and they were all dancing? SO2 we have this hope in this promise in this glorious expectation of knowing this flame cannot hurt us. As a matter of fact in the account in the book of Daniel, it was those who stoked the fire loaded the fire and handled the dissidents, it was them that were burned by their own fire, and as such you will know and expect and see with your own eyes these entities smolder in the flames of hell.
In closing, scripture says that the Life source is in the blood. And so if the blood is tainted the Life source is Disturbed.Because the things that are in the blood have already made it past the various filters of liver kidneys stomach and such the blood does not look for certain entities or carriers. Fortunately for us there’s another BloodSource that purifies us and that is the blood that was spilt at the cross to be the cure in the covering the propitiation for the whole world 1st John 2:1 that we who are in the body of Christ have another delivery mechanism