Jacob and Esau, our inner and outer man

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Jacob and Esau picture for us the struggle of our inner and outer person and who governs our thinking. They are twins but opposites, like the man in the mirror. One fueling the lower carnal nature, the other dependant upon the inner unctions of the spirit for personal development.

The two can be in opposition and carry contrasts in identification. One led by selfishness and fear, the other by faith. One believes the things that a written in scripture, the other one wants “just the facts please” it “what’s in it for me?”

And because Esau means red because he was “red and hairy all over”. The name Esua comes from Edom and has the same root word in the Hebrew language as the word earth and the name Adam born of the dust, you know which ones are carnal. Adam and Edom.

This is why and how Esau lost his birthright. He chose to keep his lower nature fed at the cost of loosing his godlike inheritance. At a moment of being  faint, he chose to give away something he couldn’t see, being his inheritance, for something that would bring him temporary and immediate gradification. He did this at the expense of another, instead of applying his own God given ability, he said “feed me”. The writer of Hebrews says “lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for one morsel of food sold his birthright” so you know this was a big deal.

Esau was the first out of the womb by rule to be firstborn, but Jacob grabbed a hold of his heal to pull himself out in front to show who was the leader. This was a prophecy of what would follow in their lives.

The account goes like this “29 Now Jacob cooked a stew; and Esau came in from the field, and he was weary. 30 And Esau said to Jacob, “Please feed me with that same (repetitive) red stew, for I am weary.” Therefore his name was called [g]Edom.” Meaning red, an indication of his earthen, carnal composition.

Yes Esau was red and hairy at birth, and to maintain his lower nature he craved the same red stew showing what he fortified as being his original composition of the flesh, even as Adam was made from red clay, Esau identified with Adams birth of the (red) dust, of the earth and  appetites of repetitive cravings of carnage to feed his flesh, of the same things over and over of “the same red stew”.

Esua remained underdeveloped by holding onto old patterns and ways of thinking, trying to preserve his old self. In a spiritual sense he failed to transform.

Scripture instructs us to “put off our old man and put on the new person in the likeness of Christ”. Esua didn’t do that. He was only concerned with his carnal  and not the spirit. The spirit is our true heritage for those born of the spirit (John 3.3).

God is not interested in saving your kingdom, but saving you for His. For this He is a jealous God. He wants us with Him now in this way. This is our Jacob, the true heir of the things in Christ, our second born or twin..

The writer of Hebrews explains it this way saying ‘Let us move on to perfection, not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God” showing us what the red pottage is and what we need to make a break from, being the repetitions that are common with those who feel stagnant in their progression in the faith and just playing church without real change and power. Even as John said of Christ that “to as many as received Him, to them He gave power to become His offspring”.

That is us who are empowered for transition who are called pilgrims and sojourner for this reason. We are being developed like Him as evidenced by our growing Testimony of Jesus Christ.

Note: If you find yourself NOT growing in the knowledge of God and His provisions for your use now for growth in god-li-ness in this present age, and you do the same things over and over without change? Then this is for you.

We were not left helpless. Even as Jesus said “I will never leave you forsaken”. Do you feel like an orphan? He said he wouldn’t do that. John 16. We are being parented.

We are called to move on to perfection, indicating that we are empowered for a constant progression with a Heavenly destination before our physical death, becoming stronger and growing in the faith. For us to not do so, equates to the same thing Esau did. He craved the same red pottage of doing things over and over, without lasting results.

So then, what should be our focus, and how do we feed ourselves to accomplish this perfection? Well the answer is fairly simple, if you correctly understand the two nature’s. We need to go no further than back to the beginning. You see that is where the carnal nature was empowered, implimented and passed on to all first born of flesh and the need to be born again. Yes we get a do over.

Paul had finally concluded in Romans 7 where he separated his old man from his new man, the older from the younger with these words ”

22 For I delight in the law of God according to the inward man. 23 But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my carnal nature24 O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death25 I thank God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!

So then, with my mind (inner man) I myself serve the law of God, but with (the outer man called) the flesh the law of sin.” These are his twins at odds with each other.

This is generally associated with law because the laws of doing good kills us over and over with guilt as often as you set out to engage with it. But there is even a greater principle than the law of guilt to be understood because the law was added hundreds of years later for preservation and instruction purposes only. We have “the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that has set us free from the law of sin and death, because what the law could not do Christ did for us.

Sin abounded in all born according to the flesh so we must go back to the original sin. The place of beginnings. To reverse this thinking style we adopt by carnal birth, and our need to be made new. Even as Paul exorted us saying “be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind”. This is where the new person is. It’s a new way of thinking. And it is the outer person that is in continuel decay, but the spiritual person is brand new every day and never is in decline but forever new.

It was in the beginning that Adam felt a new emotion. Meaning Adam had a new source of motivation that previously hadn’t existed. That is what emotion means, an internal motivator. You see when Adam sinned against God he felt fear. He took on the contrast of faith on his own, and the need for each person to be redeemed, or renewed.

Fear became the filter by which he would interpretate his reality. Excuses became his line of defense to protect himself, instead of ownership for change. And if you think about it, God says “I change not” showing us that we must. Good thing He has given power to become his offspring to as many as receive and strive. Even as Jesus said in His day “the kingdom is preached and all are entering” and another text says “and the violent take it by force” showing us that it is no easy task to receive our inheritance in Christ.

It is not the same red pottage like with Esau. It is one revelation after another of new things, stacked on top of each other like the stones Jacob stacked on top of each other and said “this is the city of God”. This is God’s kingdom. So you see it was “at hand” even in Jacobs day.

This realization had come through great consternation. No same red pottage here but a continuous pressing in to the fresh things of God. Everything gets changed.

For even Jesus sweated great drops of blood during His consternation. Are you pressing in? Are you violently taking the Kingdom by force? Or are you stuck in the status quo?

Question: Do you find yourself reinforcing the old patterns of going to church, to find yourself hungry toward the weeks end and looking forward to the next service for someone to feed you? Maybe you feel spiritually faint? That is your Esau. Your dedication of that sort is red pottage and God wants you to go to the source yourself. Him.

To be paralyzed in fear is the bad seed sown in humanity that keeps people occupied from faith in the Creator, the lover of our souls. As long as fear bears fruit in your life, you are out of control and unmanageable for the greater purposes of faith. Like someone flailing and drowning in water. The life guard is instructed to knock them out to bring them in so you don’t both drown. Because those who fear ,have not been made perfect in love. They are still motivated by fear and fear involves torment. The fear must be neutralized to save the victim. Then they can be saved. Until then, they are stagnant and just kept alive. Fortunately there is a savior for this.

God has given us delivery us from that if,,, we agree not to be motivated for self preservation and by the fears of this age, which are many. With each fear there is a promise for you in the gospel to use to overide that fear and rescript your mind with verses in scripture. That is the new you, imaged like God’s Son who “in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was God. You must become word too to do the works of the Father.

Even as Paul prayed for the eyes of your understanding to be opened. Not that you would see something physical.  This is our eureka, your ahhah! moment and eye opening experience. Even as Paul said “the gospel I preach to you did not come by man (or his carnal institutions for higher education) but it came by revelation of Jesus Christ.

Meaning, Jesus pulls back the darkened lining of our understanding for us to grasp things invisible. After all, isn’t that what God and His Son are, invisible? Even as Paul said about Christ to Timothy “whom no man has seen or can see”. And with God’s Sons own words “My Kingdom is not from here”. What’s here is red pottage. That’s the anchor that holds us down. That is our old self, our Easua.

But the most agregious form of fear, and the mother of all fear is “The End of the World” and all it entails. To focus on that keeps us looking for another day with another saving, when scripture is clear that “today us the day of salvation”. Today is the day when you appropriate the saving principles found in scripture, that we are expected to reiterate for their implimentation on our behalf.

We are judged by our every word, and God cherishes the moments we go to Him and He gives us something of His.

As with the testimony of Mary when Martha said to Jesus “tell her to help me”. With Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning, she had this Testimony. According to Jesus, Mary chose the good part that shall not be taken”. In other words what Jesus was giving her in verbage, she would never loose. 

This is not “the same red pottage” that Esau craved. Mary’s reward endured. Like James said of those who “look into the perfect law of liberty, and walking away they forget what manner of person they are”.  For them God’s word has no personal relevance. To turn from walking by faith of the things God has said about you and think; nah, that can’t be. Returning to our old self we gain nothing. God’s word did not take root. We have to let the old habits die.

Even as with the parrable of the seed sown in a field. Those sown on hard ground took no root, and when the testing had come, and they do, the word did not sink in so the hearer had no change, but remained in their old self. Their own Esau, their old, unchanged person.

If you think about it, the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, says what the book is for. An unvailing of sorts, a Heavenly sort, Heavenly Jerusalem, the culmination and climax of the book and all Revelation. But many never make it to that conclusion. They like the fear and judgment of the book, not looking for the prize, being “The City of God” like Jacob said, they focus on the retribution.

The sad thing is that the New Covenant Gospel began with “The Kingdom of God is at Hand”. Meaning it was opened for business. Come claim your new citezineship, your new you, your Jacob.

Did you ever hear that the Kingdom invitation was detracted? That it was closed? Or that maybe it was taken away to be opened again in a future time? That “The Kingdom prepared from the foundations of the world” us closed for renovations? Prepared means completed, ready and inhabitable, being of an eternal, unchangeable, Glorious sort.

Examine the scriptures. There is no other saving. There is no 3rd covenant. The blood covenant of Christ is in force, even for those like Jacob who received it by faith before the cross happened. The curse is reversed and all are entering. Well maybe it’s slowing down in our day.

All the better reason for us to confirm our reservation and “sit down in the Heavenlies in Christ Jesus”. Now the kingdom is preached and all are pressing in. That “ the violent take it by force”? Here is your call, your rapture “ come up hither”.

You see this is an endictment against modern men and religion. That they would choose to focus on, and embellish all the bad in the world, to motivate people by that fear, without using the same words Jesus used. And He instructed the disciples to go door to door saying “The Kingdom of God is Now, and Today is the day of salvation”. Today you can be saved from all the ills if the world through the saving works of Christ at the cross, who took on our curse to give us His blessing, who took on every fearful motivator, to prompt us to Glory. God’s Glory and our inheritance. Even as Paul said “the gospel is with Eternal Glory, even now.

However, many close their eyes and plug their ears. Choosing to feed their lower nature of fear, they give up their inheritance by eating the same red pottage. This is the sin of Esau. He disregarded his rightful inheritance for something less permanent. God does things once, Esau needed the same thing over and over. He just couldn’t get it.

The Kingdom of God is at hand. Really. Unless scripture is incorrect.