Vaccines, gene insertions and tainting the gene pools.

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Part 1, As in The Days of Noah. Jesus Christ warned of a coming time when it would be “As in the days of Noah”.

It says of Noah that he “was the only righteous in his generation”. Or better yet, he had the only clean genome. All others were tainted. They were mixed and modified to pervert them from their God given purposes. This includes all forms of life, plant animal and human. Everything was subject to be a GMO, a genetically modified organizm. Everything but the things in the Ark with Noah.

That brings us to our time. Our bodies are made with specific safety features with specific ports for certain uses. However these have all been bypassed by means of injections for manmade vaccines. But you see, the Creator left no entry points directly into the blood stream so you have to question by whose authority do they do that with? Not God’s.

Scripture says “the life source is in the blood”. We have filters to protect what has access to main components like the brain and the heart and such, but these have all been bombarded with modern medicine and vaccines. This is why pharmacy comes from the Greek word “phamacia” and means “whichcraft”, not a craft of God’s devising

Today’s witch doctors (not all doctors) have perfected ways to get into the blood stream, but moreso, after they get into the blood stream, they can target important organs and incert foriegn/alien dna. Among their tools is a prossess called “transfection” described in the following video at the bottom of this article. We would naturally call them infections, but because it is done on purpose they use the term “transfection”. They both accomplish the same thing, a perversion.

This is the tip of the iceberg. This is an ability of every vaccine they inject into humans. To appear friendly to your natural genes, being disguised as a baby’s cell (that is where they harvest them from ) but having alien DNA inside. Like swine, and bat and bird flu.

You get the picture. God doesn’t do this because that was the purpose of the flood. To erase all un-natural gene modifications. Christ said “it will be like in the days of Noah”? Those days are here.

Even the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, warned us specifically, not to take the mark of The Beast. It is a genetically altering injection that changes your composition. You become a sequencing and creation of another.

God thought out all his sequencing from the beginning and allocated to them souls. The alterations done by the mark makes you a distortion from your original design. You have to ask yourself, are their souls allocated to these alterations?

Escentially God owns the patents on those made in His image. It is the “gene transfecting” that makes you a creation of another. Those who agree to these modifications used their last ounce of personal Sovereignty to accept the mark, to become a slave to The Internet of Things.

You become subject to a collective conscienceness but not God’s. You turn into a cog in the machinations of the www.eye in the sky.