PT 1. Leaving Babylon, Vaccine and The Chip

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In March of 2020 The United States government has declared war on the Corona-virus.

The United States previously declared war on terrorism. What a terrorist is, is ambiguous. A terrorist can be anyone they want, in any country they want at anytime they want. They can attack and make war at will and none can stop them.

The book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ references the beast saying “who can make war with him?” You know who the beast is by looking at the entity the rest of the nation’s fear, and there is a country that rules by military power with threats of sanctions and economic turmoil to all that resist, so you can identify the beast in our day. The modern day beast is aligned to Babylon of old. Ancient Babylon is known by its pyramids, so you will see this logo on their currency and incorporated into the various corporations that are akin to it. The spirit of the , beast, or the life source of the beast is the currency.

As electricity is the current of energy and life for it’s various inventions, so too money supplies life to anti-Christ entities. This is why our Lord said “you cannot serve God and money”. So we have to ask ourselves where do we get our life source, God, or money? Be careful for you will be tested on this later.

The U.S. government on March 21st announced that their global military ruling elite that was previously aimed at terrorism around the world, is now re-deployed to internal affairs by allocating the department of defense, national guard, coast guard and Homeland security in concerted efforts at home. Those who were warring with terrorist outside have redeployed their efforts on the enemy within. These would be seen as dissidents within their borders.

The enemies called terrorist are secondary and the new Boogeyman is now defined as a virus. They have declared war on an invisible virus. Not an army with similar weapons, but a puny little virus blown out of proportion to instill fear. Fear is their main motivator.

Kind of like the Boogeyman at the end of the yellow brick road. When they got to the end and pulled back the curtain to see the monster, their stood a puny, feeble little man to afraid to look you in the eye. So too this enemy has no real substance. It is the negative current of fear that empowers this monster, but we have faith. No, God did not make a mistake by making the virus. Humans did that. And don’t let them bypass your God given protection to poke you in your vains with a supposed cure. The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is the cure. He is the Savior of the world. Not by an end time event. No, that is an illusion. “All that call upon the Lord shall be saved, for with the heart one believes and with the mouth one confesses faith in Christ unto salvation”. This is the only vaccination you need. In truth we are all carriers of viruses. That is what “Herd Immunity” really means. You have the virus, but you have no symptoms. You are immune.

So that virus is resident in U. S. Citezines, so any citezines could, by their definition, be called an enemy. Now those who vilified anyone abroad they wanted to, by calling them terrorist, whether they were or not. Now they vilify U.S. citezines by claiming they are infected with the virus, whether they are or not thereby making nationalized citezines the enemy. The general public are defined as those who have the virus, and those who refuse the vaccine, as though that’s the savior of the world.

Most symptoms from a sniffle to a cough are catagorized as Covid so the enemy is subjected to their opinion. They can arbitrarily call anyone an enemy to scare others to be poked with a vaccine They may start out suggesting the virus comes with a temperature, but by propogating fear, they will seek to test everyone. Everybody cough’s so and anybody can be an enemy to be removed from society.

And now in addition to beefing up agencies of internal governmental control over the public, they activate one million military reserves from Army, Navy and Air Force, to fight this enemy within. Would that be the virus? No, but those who are accused of being infected with it.

In other words, U.S. citezines they say are infected, will be their new target as the new enemies.

That’s brilliant. What a great way to silence the opposition of those who resist the implimentation of the coming New World Order and global, digital citezines with digital I.D.s and digital wallets, whose business is carried out with the www.eye in the sky, whose local implementation is conveyed thru 5g which has the ability to deliver messages or burn your eyes in their sockets. This is a totalitarianism which is akin to the Mark of the Beast, and something Hitler would be proud of. After all, his programs were stolen and shuffled into secret places in the U.S. being implimented today.

It is there that they were refined and re-presented with a shiney new package of fighting for humanity. They designed an invisible enemy with an invisible savior called The Vaccine. This is eriley reminecint, not to Him who was and is and is to come “The Almighty God”, but the counterfeit “who is not, but yet is, and must go to damnation”. It is and is not because in truth neither the virus or the vaccine are real, but take take form in the fear driven mind that is void of the living God. In this way fear empowers Satan’s plan.

Just as in the beginning Adam and Eve subscribed to the views of the competition of God and forfieted their God given sovereignty to have dominion, and gave that to Satan. Today they’ve traded the fear of God for the fear of a bug.

The fall of mankind has reached it’s lowest common denominator of being afraid for their life because of a supposed microscopic virus.

You know who the enemy is because they have “The Cure”. They have The Solution. One they can inject into your blood stream. The saving of humanity is in the expectation of “The Vaccine”.

Their gospel is that after each person receives the vaccine, everyone can have their life back. So the fearful hunker down and hide from this Boogeyman waiting to be saved. For this there is a saving, yes there is a savior, but it is not the Savior in scripture. No, it is a counterfeit saving “with all lying signs and wonders if possible to decieve the elect”. But we know there is only one Savior and one saving, The Cross. “God sent His Son into the world not to condemn it but to save it”. John 3.17

For true believers Satan was defanged at the cross. Do not be afraid of their threats for their planned destruction will only consume themselves. It is a trap. Even as scripture says “Satan is coming down to you with great wrath because he knows his time is short. And “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!” Revelation 18. From this they shall not escape.

And I heard the call “come out of her my people lest you take part in her sins and receive of her judgments for her sins have reached up to God in the heavens and God has remembered her.”

These are the words from an Angel in The Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is a call for those who know God, to withdraw from the Gospel of this age, the one who has solicited all efforts to fight their new enemy called a virus.

But the voice of God says “Do not be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled by their presentations. Let the Lord of Hosts be your dread and let Him your fear. He will be for you a sanctuary and your defense”.

And when they say to you listen to the media, to the pundits of today, to modern day prophets and soothsayers, to forcasters and prognosticators, to the mediums and wizards. Shouldn’t a people seek their God? Why do they seek the dead on behalf of the living? They are dead because you will know them by their works and they are defined by their assorted services. Isaiah 8