The Zionist Jews and The Seat of Satan

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Global Currency

The United States is the number one debtor nation in the world, and the United States currency is the main global currency.  U.S money states, “In God We Trust.” Which God does she trust? The God of Mammon. Scripture says, “You cannot serve God and Mammon.” Money is, “the God of this age.” It is, “the root of all evil” and the place where Satan’s seat is. Satan carries out his exploits worldwide with this money.

The U.S. lost her sovereignty when the constitutional mandate for Congress to coin and regulate money was usurped in order to establish the Federal Reserve Act and empower a private group of people to regulate her money. The U.S., being saturated with debt, now imposes this debt based system upon the nations of the world.

You see nations only have to borrow money if they have zero assets and no trade. Currency, rightfully used, only represents the assets owned. It is a lie that countries need to borrow money to play in the game of world trade.

If an individual in Africa, for example, took bags of diamonds into the   U.S. to sell, they would get money. However, for countries to sell over their own borders they have to borrow the cash to negotiate the trades. This is oxymoronic. But this is the way Global currencies work. This is how the people of the world are shackled to debt. This is what a fiat currency is. 

Why do we have to get permission and go into debt to print our own money to conduct the transaction of trade and selling assets? The answer is you shouldn’t. At least not in God Almighty’s economy but only in Satan’s.  Why then can we not just forgo the currency transaction and go back to trading assets for assets? Because that would offend the money brokers who profit off of all trading. Here is their power structure

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913


The United States Congress was responsible for coining and regulating currency as outlined by its’ Constitution. This responsibility was usurped when Congress was forced to vote on the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 during a Christmas session before they could go home for the holidays, without having proper time to read it. It was slated to be a government run program, but little did Congress know they had just empowered a small group of people with whom the U.S. would be forever indebted. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution was abridged, outlining that Congress is, “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.” The yearly stipend the United States pays to this private group today is nearly 6 billion dollars.

Bretton Woods Act of 1944

Later, through the Bretton Woods Act of 1944, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank were created to provide consistent money for the nations of the world by being attached to the Federal Reserve’s currency called the U.S. dollar. At this time the U.S. dollar was backed by gold to give it value.

With President Nixon in 1971 the gold standard was removed from the U.S. currency in an effort to infuse all these other nations with the debt based U.S. dollar shackling them with growing debt. Just look at the global debt clocks around the world to see all the nation’s growing debt.

Creating Currency

Global currencies are controlled by a private group of people who own the Federal Reserve, the IMF and World Bank, and are backed up by nothing but debt and paper. Burnable paper creating debt to consume the consumers. This current system must return to an asset based currency or the users will be consumed by total debt. This is the plan of this private group.

It works like this. A country’s leader asks the world bankers for a trillion dollars. The bankers say, “Do you have the paper and ink to print it?” They say, “Yes.” “Do you have the printers and the workforce”? They say, “Yes.” “Do you have the buildings and distributing methods?” The answer is yes. These bankers then say, “Okay, but you owe us compounding interest for it.” In other words, the bankers gave that country something they already had, something they didn’t have to borrow. Paper, ink, printers, workforce, the buildings and the distribution means. The bankers get ongoing, growing dividends of the currency that was just created out of thin air. Who gave them permission? 

Enforcement of the Global Currency

To impose this power on other nations they use the U.S. military.  This is the strong arm which this private group uses to force other governments to comply with their money schemes, or become further extorted, impoverished and war torn. Their tools are sanctions, tariffs, trade barriers, terrorism and acts of covert undeclared war. This is criminal to do but nonetheless the U.S. has her agencies. Just look at the Office of Foreign Assets Control (O.F.A.C.) and see what they do to nations that do not comply.


This group defames the nation’s non-compliant leaders labeling them dictators, dictators that need overthrown. These countries have valuable resources but now cannot sell them on the world market to feed their people because of these tactics. This creates terrible unrest as people flee these impoverished regions. The immigration imbalances further stifle other economies.

In this way the U.S. citizens are implicit in these crimes against God and humanity. They accuse others of weapons of mass destruction, then wipe them out with weapons of mass destruction, and show their hypocrisy. 

The FEDS threaten these “dictators” with a million percent inflation or comply and they use the U.S. military as the enforcer. Who can withstand this? This is the same blindness and nationalist dominance that happened to the German citizens under Hitler. Nationalist meaning Nazi. Do you get it? Who appointed the United States as the global lawgiver and enforcer?

This is the same blindness and nationalist dominance that happened to the German citizens under Hitler. Nazi means Nationalist and Socialist.  Nationalism is the right wing, and Socialism is the left in the U.S. today.  Who appointed the United States as the global lawgiver and enforcer? This position is usurped from the King of kings by the god of this age through money, and we know who the chief usurper is.

This is how debt and nation slavery is implemented. They use these tactics like gang thugs who extort mom and pop businesses for cash or be terrorized. Who controls the global money rules the world.  You know these faceless people by their logos on their corporate pawns. One is the pyramid with the all seeing eye as seen on the dollar bill. You see it with corporations, in government buildings, places of worship, and Hollywood in the city of angels,  fallen angels spewing out human garbage. The eye logo is deeply embedded. Look at the logos, trademarks and stages that are re-pleat with the eye showing their master. This symbol is seen scattered about society to implant the illusion of control over their subject actors and politicians. 

Zionist Jews

And who controls the U.S. in this state of harlotry? Those who control her currency. The Zionist Jews who control the U.S. through debt/slavery money. In this way she serves the god of this age; Mammon and Satan.

These Zionist are the same money changers whose tables Christ overturned in the temple of old. In this way the U.S. is being extorted. Currently her yearly debt payment to these people is about 600 billion a year, and the world debt is said to be $184 trillion and growing. The nations of the world owe it mot to each other, butto these thugs. That is what these peoples bank holdings look like. Not to mention the agencies and corporations they have gobbled up since their inception from the interest payments they have already received. They also use their money to bribe dignitaries and stir up insurrections to promote their agenda world wide.

United States Debt

The U.S. debt has reached a critical point. Much like a patient on a death bed bleeding out multiple holes as the doctors just pump more blood in to sustain life instead of stopping the bleeding, so, too, the money brokers use a scheme to artificially inflate the economy with what they call “quantitative easing.” It is just a cash infusion of their own money given back into the economy to give the illusion that everything is okay. They really do not want to be paid back. They want the debt to increase until they have total power and control of all assets and resources. They honestly believe the world is theirs and with the help of the U.S. it is becoming so. It will continue to become theirs unless people wake up to the gods of this age and cast off their shackles. They will fulfill Mystery Babylon and the Beast from scripture. This is why the scriptures call to “Come out of her My people” is so prevalent today. Not to move out, but to not take part in her sins, and take a stand against her ways.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated for printing Silver Certificates, a currency backed by gold without Zionist logos. The Silver Certificate should have ushered in the demise of the Federal Reserve which was John F Kennedy’s plan. Instead, our president was murdered for intending to do that. Please note the Silver Certificates  do not bear the all seeing eye and is much different than currency of that time or today.

Silver certificate (United States)

$5 Series 1899 silver certificate depicting Running Antelope


J.F.K. tried to warn us as about these thugs as seen in his speech below:

The symbol of the Zionist pyramid is created with man-made stones with the all-seeing eye hovering just above, and is their trademark of defiance. 

Babylon is rising. The pit of hell is opened up and the men of renown talked about in scripture from the days of Noah are known again in our day. Babylon is fallen and become a snare, a trap and a pit for every unclean and hated bird and not so mysterious Babylon is their home. Look at the political arena. The Zionist extortionists known as the satanic beast in scripture carry  about the Harlot where they want her to go.

When God’s Israelite’s were instructed;  “If thou wilt make Me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.” (Exodus 20.25) God specifically does not require or even want mere man to make something for Him.

That is why the modern Zionist Jews’ symbol of the pyramid, built by Freemasons, is polluted. The name “Zion” has been stolen from God and is now satanic. It is made completely of man’s devising of smooth stones, and called by one of God’s names — Zion.

Because of this we refer to the scripture that says, “We know those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.” This is who Satan is identified with in the Book of Revelation.  The  spirit in the Beast is Satan and that Beast carries about the Harlot. The US is largely under the influence of Satan in this way.

The Freemasons — meaning bricklayers who build with hewn stone —  that associate with the pyramid to support the all seeing “eye in the sky” now being manifest in the World Wide Web (www). With eyes on you, they seek to captivate and control mankind by whatever means necessary. This Zionist impersonation of Mt. Zion of God is blasphemous, it is a ubiquitous entity. Through this entity people feel a godlike mastery, but with it they give up their God given sovereignty. They exchange it for the sovereignty of another when they accept the Terms and Conditions required in order to access the www.

World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is the all seeing eye. It is fully developed, hijacked and implemented by its institutions. The voluntary acceptance of the Terms and Conditions to the various apps is not only required, it is addictive, and is a soft sell form of the implant/chip which some companies have already begun using.
When currency abuse increases and cyber cash reaches its demise, and people fear for their life, it will be one small step from handing over your cell phone, credit cards, health card and ID cards to receive an implant which is not capable of being stolen — an implant inserted into the body. This is why there is a global push for free cell phones; to register everyone in the cyber sphere. Almost 70% of the world population has cell phones already. With the push to register all people by facial scans these chips will contain all personal history and information forming the completion of cyber citizenry. With all the eyes and ears connected to the Web tracking you even now, everyone will be trapped . For now you are still in the soft sell era, but the realization will come when you can question things, such as, an Apple with a bite out of it? Hmm, what does that imply? You can’t say you didn’t know. 

The Kingdom of God is always at hand. You don’t need to be under another government.

Revelation 3.9 Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.