Part 1 The Bride, Christ’s comforter/ helper, mother of His children.

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Part 1 The Parakleet. Christ’s comforter/ helper, mother of His children.

We know them who said “let Us make man in our image and likeness”. Then they, the plurality of God, proceeded to make them male and female. They did that because They wanted us to know Them that way, male and female.

When we get to Christ’s discourse about the heavenly family in John 14-16 we draw upon this truth from the creation account first. Genesis 3 said of man “God made man in His likeness, male and female made He them in His image”. Meaning, we can call God “They” and “Them”, and we can call Adam and Eve, “they” and  “them” too because man projects God through the two. This is what marriages portray, “the two become one”.

God has all the male and female attributes in Himself. They originated from Him. God is the original that a man and his bride were pattered after. Creation reflects this in a man in women who are wed saying “for this reason a man shall leave home and cleave to His Bride. 

Here are some words you need to understand from the Greek to understand the Bride of Christ and Mother of those born again.

In the book of John, Christ said that He would not leave us orphans, that He would send “another (replacement) comforter and helper” like Adam had a comforter and helper. Someone like Christ but not Him. She has to be in all respects complimentary to Him. Unless you think there are 3 men ruling from Heaven, then God would only be male and His statement about Adam and Eve would be false but they are not. Like all scripture, Adam and Eve portray invisible things of God .

This other helper like Adam had Eve. Not Himself but one like Him, meaning bone of His bone and Flesh of His flesh, in composition and design similar to Him of non-matter before creation spirit and truth. That He would send this “comforter”, whom “the world can neither see or know, but you will know for she will be with you and in you”. Some of us call Her “The Unction of God”. 1 John 2.20

Here we have the hierarchy of the family of God and the parents of those who are “in Christ” and born of them. If we look at the Son of God and His Bride in the Greek, it takes on a fuller meaning. The English translators committed a huge blunder.

This is the first part in a series that deal with these obscurities in the English translations from the Greek and Hebrew scriptures. Here is the Bride of Christ, Heavenly Jerusalem, our Heavenly Mother. Galatians 4.26

Para-klete is the Greek word we get “comforter” from. Para means “over arching” like a parachute. Klete comes from klesia which is plural and means “the called out ones” . Klete is singular over klesia. The Holy Spirit is also referred to as the Paraklesia. Klesia and Klete have the same origins in the Greek.

Klesia means the called. Ek means out. Ek-klesia means “the called out ones”. This is what the translators call “church” which today is commonly thought of as buildings of men’s devising. But it is the Holy Spirit and the other Parent so that you are not left orphans, She is our Mother and Comforter, another Parent so that you are not orphans, called the Para-klete over Her brood the Elect, of those who are “the called” who are “in Christ”.

This comforter/helper comes from the Greek word “parakleetos” which is from the word “parakleesis” meaning comfort, consolation and exhortation. The “parakleetos’ is the one that brings comfort, consolation, and exhortation. It is the actions of the parakleetos that brings comfort to the “ekleesia”. We have the giver, the gift and the receiver of the gift. We have the Motherer of the Eklesia/church.

We know even in English that “para” means over. Like parachute, paratroop, and so on. So also with the Greek. But who is the “parakleetos” over? The Kleesia. And who are they? Well “kleesia” means the called, the invited, the saints, and is where the word “Ekkleesia” comes from. This is the word  translated into “church”. So the “para” is over the church, meaning not the building or earthly hierarchy but the heavenly called ones. Those who hear the voice from heaven. Where 2 or more are gathered in His name, underneath Her.
Like the old testament picture when the Tabernacle of meeting with the Holy of Holies, all the priests with all the articles assembled on the feast day
the cloud over shadowed them, as described in Exodus 40. 34 Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. 36 And when the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward in all their journeys: 37 but if the cloud were not taken up, then they journeyed not till the day that it was taken up. 38 For the cloud of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day, and fire was on it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel, throughout all their journeys. This is a picture of the work and function of God’s Holy Spirit.
It is here that you have to remember that what God taught them in picture form, He teaches us through words called scripture
and the city in the old testament, for His name is on Her, He has Her covered, they are wed, they are one.
The para is over those gathered to the eternal truths found “in Christ” for the “called out” are the called “in Christ” Like one of the plural in the man Jesus said,”Oh how I would’ve gathered you as a Hen gathers Her chicks, but you were not willing. So also today.
She is in Him as are we and we are under Her care, comfort and tutelage. She is the other comforter/helper/help mate, wife and bride. When the body of Christ comes together in the physical, the prophets apostles evangelists and teachers, meaning the ekklisia, or church as we say in English, this is when we practice these truths collectively. Just as earthly Jerusalem was a tutor by mirroring the eternal, to bring us to Christ so also is the earthly Church. It too is temporary having the same purpose as Jerusalem did, to bring all into the full stature of the son of God, but when what is mature has come that which is in part will be done away with. When faith has come. When the eternal is obtained by faith.
Here is the break down from Strong’s Greek concordance for your verification
#3874+  parakleesis, meaning helper and comforter,the other parent.
#3870= para, over
#2821= kleesis, and means an invitation, and the invited are the called, from 2564
#2564= kaleo, meaning to call
#1577 ekklesia , are the called, from #2564
In English the helper/comforter/other parent like Christ but not Christ, is over the church. Christ is over Her. She is hidden
in Christ as are we. The church is not the bride of Christ, the Holy Spirit is. There is nothing on earth or time and matter that is of the right design and composition to qualify being the bride but Her. It is not 3 men in heaven ruling mankind.
So we have the caller calling an invitation,calling to a people to be gathered to the place of the calling under the Holy Spirit, the Parakleet. This is the family structure of the spirit. This is partially spelled out in 1 Corinthians in the topic of “coverings”. We will discuss this topic more later. And as all born from the flesh from Adam and Eve die. The replacement for Adam and Eve are Christ and His comforter, helper, Holy Spirit, the parents of the new creation. And we are this kind if indeed His spirit dwells in us. As Paul also said in Galatians 4.26 “the Jerusalem above is free, which is the mother of us all” And She is the city/bride/wife of Christ/comforter/another helper/Holy Spirit the two come together under the New Covenant to be one for the propagation of the species for the procreation of the new creation of those born of Word/ Jesus and Spirit/ helper.
John 3.29 He who has the Bride (the helper, another comforter, parent so we are not orphans) is the Bridegroom”. (past tense) If They were not united, or wed, there would be no offspring and we would still be dead in our sins, but now they are and so are we. If you are this kind. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the Children of God. As many as are not led by Her are not born of Her and Him. They are not His. For the world cannot know Her or see Her. God’s things are spiritually discerned. And this birth too is not a time dimensional truth started with Pentecost, For even Isaac was born of the Spirit. way before the time of Jesus. (Gal 4.29). Pentecost just showed in the physical the eternal realities like the man Jesus did. As we always say, scripture is to make visible the invisble things of God. Any other uses divide the fold of God.
The Bridegroom Has the Bride, The King is in the City on the throne even now! Like He was before He came in the flesh to show us the way. Hebrews 13.8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever. He never was not King. He was born King in the man Jesus the ever lasting Father and king of Kings but not of “earthly” Jerusalem. That also was for demonstrative purposes only. For His kingdom is not of this world, and not of this age of the 6 days of creating.
The Bride is Heavenly Jerusalem come down from Heaven of the Father to us as we , the called, are assembled together in our upper room, being the one on our shoulders, of the spirit of our mind, anywhere 2 or more are gathered in His Name.
She is as eternal as Her King, in the kingdom “finished from the foundations of the world”. He always has been as with Her also.
This is the Kingdom of God which is always at Hand!

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